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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fat Vs. Smoking Vs. Alcoholics

Which would you rather be? Fat? A smoker? Or an alcoholic? The reason I ask this is yesterday, I came across someone on one of my videos, and I was very nice to this person. I accepted his comment because it was the most creative comment I've gotten in a long time! Then he told me that he got it from BORAT. LOL! I guess I should have given Borat the credit. Serves me right for not going to see the movie. But he told me my chin hangs down like the sleeves on a wizard! LOL! I thought that was kinda cute, so I kept it. I was probably a lot nicer to him than I should have been, but I liked his comment so much. When I didn't know he got it from Borat, I thought "this dude's fairly clever!" I shoulda known! Today's kids are not that creative! Well, I tried to be nice to him, I figured someone that smart and creative would be able to learn to do a little more research into the subject of obesity. But like all fat-haters (and all haters, for that matter), his mind is not open to new ideas. I was nice to him on this other video, as well as my own, but he just kept slamming on me. In the end, I told him that at least he can't say in this case that the fat person was nasty to him, which blows the common stereotype that all fat people are hostile, as this other guy in the video mentioned. Fact is, it's people like this kid that make fat people so jaded that they are so hostile to every new person they see. Really! Why be nice to someone who is just going to turn around and treat you with hostility for no reason other than you are fat?

Well, the reason this interests me is purely psychological. I always wondered if people like this kid feel the same way about smokers and alcoholics as they do about fat people. I always hear the same gripes from fat-haters. They always say "fat people stink" or "fat people are unhealthy" or "fat people are killing themselves" or "fat people are disgusting" or "fat people are fat because they choose to be" and my most favorite one of all: "fat people are causing our healthcare costs to go up". Blah-blah-blah! Last I heard, it was smokers who are the ones causing healthcare costs to go up. Not fat people. But back to basics. I always wondered how people like this kid feel about smokers and alcoholics. Those people hurt others much more, through their own doings, than all the fat people in the world. You can actually kill other people with second-hand smoke. Even if the other person does not smoke. Alcoholics are much worse. Alcoholics, when they become drunk, are probably the most hostile people on the planet. MUCH worse than any fat person, or smoker, I've ever seen. In fact, I think they might be right up there with drug users. But everybody feels the same way about drug-users!

Anyway, all the things that fat-haters bitch about fat people, can also be applied to smokers and alcoholics. I've never been around a smoker or an alcoholic that smelled like a bed of roses to me! They too are not the healthiest of people, and I would say from the studies that they are also killing themselves too. I don't know about disgusting. I guess that depends on how you look at it. And surely, smokers and alcoholics CHOSE their lifestyle. Most smokers begin when they are teenagers, and a lot of the time they do it over peer pressure (which is an indicator of weak willpower--another thing fat-haters gripe about). They could have done like me and just ignored the peer pressure. But that's me! I can take people or leave them, I don't care. Sometimes, it's fun being a loner. I remember in high school, there was this little prissy young lady named Danielle. I didn't like her at all. She thought too highly of herself and it was definitely undeserved. Well, she asked me one day if I smoked and I said NO! She asked me why and I said because I think cigarette smoke is disgusting. She then proceeded to tell her friend, who was sitting in front of me at the time, and they both started making fun of me for not smoking. That's peer pressure. But I didn't care. I was stronger than that even as a teenager! I didn't like Danielle nor her friend either to begin with, so it didn't matter to me that they were mocking and making fun of me. A weaker person though, who probably would have cared what those two thought, would have begun smoking right away, and that would have been bad for that person's future. But not me. In fact, it wasn't until 3 years later that I even tried smoking, and it was under my ma's supervision. I only took one puff and that was all I could stand.

So anyway, with the analysis of smokers and alcoholics vs. what people think of fat people, I often wonder how fat haters feel about smokers and alcoholics. Of course people often believe that fat people are all going to die early. Well, I've about reached middle age, and I ain't dead yet! I don't even feel unhealthy. There is no guarantee I'm going to die early. I may live to be in my 90s. Maybe even in my 100s. The only one who can decide that though is GOD. Not the fat haters. And I'll tell you something else. I'd be willing to bet my life on the fact that most of these people who have bitched about me being fat are smokers and/or alcoholics themselves, and even have been pushed into their bad habits through peer pressure. I get vegan fanatics making fun of me all the time. It does not mean I am ever going to go vegan. A weaker person, maybe. But if I can battle off peer pressure as a teenager, I can surely fight peer pressure from fanatical vegans! But then again, I'm not like most people. I know the only people who matter in this world are the ones who accept me the way I am. I don't need to succumb to peer pressure to feel accepted. Just a headsup on how things like that can (or cannot) affect a person's life. If I die, at least I die happy and not with the taste of mushrooms and broccoli in my mouth! YUK!!!! The very thought of that makes me sick!

But anyway, there's the comparison. I'd be interested to know how these people, who complain so much about fat people, feel about other kinds of people who are slowly killing themselves. Because one of the biggest gripes I hear is that fat people are unhealthy. And honestly, is that really even a good reason to hate someone you don't even know? Do you pick all your friends based on how healthy they are? I've seen a lot of thin people who have fallen victim to heart attacks and strokes. Yet thin people think those are strictly fat peoples' diseases. But for the fat-haters, what if you have a thin friend who has a heart attack and dies? Say that person was your very best friend, and you did everything together. Do you grieve for that friend, or do you all of a sudden hate that person because they died of a heart attack? I can understand regret, but I doubt that a person should hate another person just because that person was not as healthy. But what if the friend survives the heart attack? Does the other person suddenly stop being friends with that friend because that friend was not as healthy? I don't know about them, but if it was me, I'd just try to be there for my friend. I may not have many friends, but those I have I value sincerely. And I will always be there for them, through thick and thin.

Really though for me, the only reason I don't have many friends is because I am always trying to find common grounds with other people, and I can't because I am NOT a common person! People have said I am crazy and screwy and all that good stuff, and I always say "Thank you!" LOL! I've seen other peoples' idea of what is "normal" and that's just not me. I can be like other people in some ways, but mostly, I enjoy just being an individual. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chat With Timmy

One of my Facebook buddies posted this on her page, it's the chat with Tim Farriss that took place on the inxs.com website back in 2008. I used to have this published on my MySpace blog, but when I deleted that site, I forgot I had it on there and I accidentally deleted it, along with the transcript for the chat with Jon and Andrew. Unfortunately, I cannot recover those. Though if anyone else has those transcripts, please let me know! As you can see, I was among the first ones that Timmy answered. It was the one thing I wanted to know from him. Although I can tell you that to date, Timmy has not released Fish In Space. I am still waiting!! *hint....hint....hint* I actually submitted several questions, but I'm glad he answered this one, as it's the one I really wanted to know. My name shows up as tkgschihuahuas. I bolded Timmy's words. You can see why I love this guy so much looking at his words! He's so fricken funny!!!

INXS.com Transcript: Chat with Tim Farriss
Friday January 25th, 2008 06:00:08 PM EST

INXS.com Tim Farriss Transcript: Chat with January 25 (US/UK, January 26 Australia), 2008

What is a Moderated Chat?: A moderated chat is a question and answer session. You will submit a question to the moderator, and the moderator will review the questions as they are submitted. When you submit your question you will NOT see it appear in the chat window unless it has been selected by the moderator/artist to be answered. Then the moderator and Tim will select questions they wish to answer. Tim will try to answer as many questions as possible. Please try and keep your question(s) short and to the point, this will make it easier for the artist(s) to answer.

hpyvlyrox: Where is your favorite fishing spot?

TIM FARRISS ooh, I have many--the Great Barrier Reef, Far Northwestern Australia, Port Stephens...and Sydney Harbor, cause it's a great place. I'm looking at it right now.

cancon: Is there any truth to the rumour about a INXS concert in Peru in march 2008.

TIM FARRISS In Peru? In March? Highly unlikely. Everyone is busy writing music and relaxing, so no immediate touring plans. We do love playing Peru, though.

tkgschihuahuas: Do you ever plan to release Fish In Space?

TIM FARRISS Yes! I do, in fact, I was just watching that and nearly died laughing. I look so young, I don't dare release it. Just kidding. In fact, I may release it through the INXS.com website, stay tuned...

ali_: Did the Band members see Split Enz live in the Seventies ? Did they influence you guys in any way?

TIM FARRISS We did see them live, they inspired us in some ways, andwe even discussed wearing costumes! But we opted for not wearing costumes.... An incredible band that came from the South Pacific. They're kiwis! We love them, good mates.

magenta: Hi Tim What bands do you listen to nowdays?

TIM FARRISS I listen to all kinds, right now I'm going through all of my written stuff from the last 20 years and getting through the weight of it. I like Kelly Clarkson, PinkÖmainstream music is good, though there arenít as many long-term rock bands with longevity. Hotel Costez I like, I don't like mindless dance crap.

stacybeavigdis: What is your absolutely favorite band to see live? And how many times have you seen them?

TIM FARRISS ooh, I couldn't choose one, but I did see the Beatles play one song live back in the day and I loved it. The most enjoyable band was Pink Floyd. They invited us to a show--it was the most incredible production, out of this world. Me, Michael Hutchence, Doug Morris and Chris Murphy got to see Prince on the 1999 tour at Radio City Music Hall. He was amazing. I've seen him 4 or 5 times. Then there's the Clash, who I've seen 7 times...

wonderment: have you ever seen Flight of the condors on hbo?

TIM FARRISS Absolutely--number#1 fan! ìYou me in the mood, if that's what you're into.î Once again, bloody kiwis. They inspire me. Kirk and I used to have it off doing musical comedy, still do.

fairlight: Do you keep all the gifts that fans give you?

TIM FARRISS Yes. Well, depending. If it's a foam-filled orange donkey that's poorly stitched together, generally those will be charity bound. Small things, yes. But we're impossible to buy for. No one has ever given me the same key ring twice! I get the most use out of those and switchblade knives. Very handy for cutting hay.

partytyme: have you ever had a wordrobe misshap that you would care to share

TIM FARRISS using crutches onstage has been difficult at times. I've had two pair of Harley Davidson boots, and one time I put two Right foot boots on, and fell down on stage! I wonder if anyone noticed...

cary: How is fatherhood these days now that your boys are all grown up?

TIM FARRISS It's a lot easier! But, I have to say, I miss the days when they were really really little, because I was on the road a lot with the band, and it's hard to get that time back. After the teenage years, they start coming back to you, and now they're my best mates.

sassykathy: So if I am visiting Sydney for the first time, what are the "must-sees", in your opinion?

TIM FARRISS Oh, um, how long have you got? I think the Opera House is a must. Cocktails and canapes at the Intercontinental, the Harbor Cruise, Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Manly Beach, catch the Sydney Harbor Ferry from Quay, have a swim at the Sth. Styme. An iconic Sydney Beach. Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is great. Also a must: visit the beach on the Southside, Bondi.

tazmatic: What is your fav INXS song that you love to play?

TIM FARRISS Ummm, it changes all the time. Some of them we haven't played for a while. I have different reasons for playing different songs, musicianship versus emotional songs vs fan favorites. My partial list...Devil Inside, I'm Just A Man, Suicide Blonde, The Stairs, Original Sin.

irmmbrmh97: How did you enjoy working with Godley & Creme on the "This Time" video?

TIM FARRISS Good guys! Nice guys...I remember having many humorous conversations with them. I think the video is groundbreaking. We've been so lucky in our career to work with a variety of talented people

inxsobsession: How many guitars to you have and which is your favorite??

TIM FARRISS Ahhh, my favorite is my 1956 Fender Strat in totally original condition. I love my 72 Fender telecaster, and I love so many of my guitars, they ones that were made for me, and my Tokoi Telecaster. I have about 55 guitars. Many are rotting away and should be played by someone who deserves it and can't afford a guitar.

inxs02: Did you have guitar lessons growing up?

TIM FARRISS yes, classical only, from the time that I was 8 (Which I loved). I had a classical guitar teacher in Perth, he was Italian, Mr. Federicci.

smorgan: Can't wait for a new album. What plans does INXS have to record again?

TIM FARRISS We haven't had real time to write it as a group. Once you do an album you have to tour, and we're not sure when we want to do that. We do want to make music again in the not-too-distant future. Soon as we can.

stacybeavigdis: I'm a red ale girl... What's your favorite beer?

TIM FARRISS Gee, that's a hard one. Kangaroo Belly Beers (has extra hops!).

njy_1976: Do You ever accidentally catch yourself singing Soup and Salad Bar onstage?

TIM FARRISS Sometimes...either way, it's better than 'oasis' (guess the song, win a case of Kangaroo Belly!).

bustindustin82: Being a rock star it must be hard to get good home cooking. What are you favorite foods to eat?

TIM FARRISS I love fish, seafood...I almost live on it. Especially Barramundi, oysters, watermelon, seedless grapes, and I'm fond of NZ Lamb, oh, AND natural sorbets, particularly with berries.

pumpkin: Who's a better guitar player in your opinion, Robert Johnson or Freddie King?

TIM FARRISS One thing is, it's not who's better, it's who you like more. Technically, Steve Vai is great, but does nothing for me, but Dave Gilmore brings me to tears. I'd probably say I'm a bigger fan of Robert Johnson.

TIM FARRISS Hi all, I've got to go now. Thank you to all the fans that have stuck with us over the years, and for coming along to see our shows. You really all mean a lot to us... We need a few months to catch up on family, since we've worked for a few years relatively non-stop. We'll still be around--It's the little breaks that help develop our passion for the road again. God Bless and Happy Australia Day! Tim

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hitler the Vegetarian

I saw a video this morning and it was comparing Hitler to Einstein. It was another video about vegetarianism. It is a known fact that both Hitler and Einstein were vegetarians. The vegetarian community accepts the idea that Einstein was a vegetarian, but they reject the fact that Hitler was also a vegetarian. This is a common argument among vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians. So let's look. Einstein was indeed a vegetarian, but only for the last year of his life. Though he promoted the idea that a vegetarian diet is healthier than a diet that includes more meat, he himself did not follow that diet until the last year of his life, and that's hardly long enough to have any impact on who he was.

Now, Hitler was another story. He began his life favoring liver dumplings and ham sandwiches. But as he grew older, it is confirmed that he was a devoted vegetarian. The only people who say Hitler was not a vegetarian, are vegetarians. Yet they don't mind admitting that Einstein was indeed a vegetarian. They will just not tell you that he only turned vegetarian on the last year of his life.

So why is that? Why do they deny Hitler was a vegetarian and not Einstein? It's simple. Hitler was evil, and Einstein wasn't. Vegetarians want to deny Hitler was a vegetarian because he was an evil person who killed people and lacked compassion. So, it's bad publicity for their cause to tell people "Hey! Did you know Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian?" People looking at them from the other side would think "Wait a minute! If Hitler was a vegetarian, then that's not a good thing. He killed people!" But vegetarians do not tell people that. Instead, they tell people that he was a failed vegetarian. Or that he was not a vegetarian for long. And I am sorry, but I've seen enough vegans (all fanatics) who acted just like Hitler. Denying something does not make it "go away", nor does it dissipate facts. The facts are there, they happened, and there is no denying them.

If you want a long list of vegetarians/vegans who have committed crimes that have hurt people, look at ARA groups. There is one guy who is a member of some Animal Liberation Front who has killed several people. People who support those groups, like PETA, condone such acts. Just like Hitler condoned the killing of thousands of Jewish people during WW2. Also, look at some of the fanatical vegans who have commented on my videos. You can never get me to believe those people are vegans because they feel compassion, I don't care how often they say it. Actions speak louder than words. I always say that, and I always mean it because it's true. A person is NOT compassionate if they are poking fun at other people and calling them names just because said person does not follow their lifestyle. I can honestly say I have never done anything like that. Well, at least not since I was in my 20s. But that's a totally different story. 20-year olds are always going to be 20-year olds. I don't think I've ever met anyone in their 20s that did not get pissed because someone else didn't agree with them! LOL!

I think the first course of action is to remind these fanatics what the word "compassion" really means! This is what Dictionary.com says about it: "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering." Nowhere in this meaning does it say "unless the person is fat" or "unless the person disagrees with your lifestyle". And I've never heard any true vegans affix those into the meaning. So these fanatics, like MsPearlsGirl and mockmcmuffin, may be vegans, but don't try to get me to believe they are in it for "compassion". Because they're NOT. I say, don't even try to go there with me! Well, mockmcmuffin is in it because he likes to have sex with animals. LOL! MsPearlsGirl is in it for ALL the wrong reasons! She was the epitome of what a fanatical vegan is. If you look up "fanatic" in a dictionary, there would be a picture of MsPearlsGirl, probably holding a knife in her hand and the decapitated body of a non-fanatical vegan by her side and she'd be thinking "I wish I was more like you, but I'm not. I'm a retarded, obsessed wacko!" LOL! She'd be right, too! She could never get me to believe she has any degree of compassion. Not even a little bit! I'll tell you this, I practice much more compassion than MsPearlsGirl, mockmcmuffin, and all those other fanatics all put together. Because when I comment on a video, I try to make friends. I don't start off picking on other people or harassing them. Now, I'm definitely not saying I want to make friends with fanatical vegans! I'd sooner make friends with Adolph Hitler than them! But I'm just saying that my example is how a truly compassionate person works. Everyone has their own journey in life that they need to follow. I let them go their way, and I go mine. I don't interfere, and as long as they are not hurting me or my friends or family, I do not harass.

Geez, if I was really to get a dollar for every time I "used the word fanatic in some form in my posts", I would have cleaned-up with that last paragraph! LOL! But like I said, I will always call them out. But yes, judging by the actions of these uncompassionate dumbasses, I would much sooner believe Hitler was a vegetarian, than not. Because these people I mentioned act just like he did.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

UMG Productions Site Temporarily Down

I had to take the UMG Productions site down for a little while as changes are being made to the site. You can no longer download any of our e-books and I am trying to fix that now. It was not hacked into or anything, I just have to set up for the site to accept digital payments and give digital downloads from another site other than PayLoadz. I have no idea how long this will take, hopefully no longer than a week or so. But I will make an announcement once the site will be up and running again.

On another note, I managed to finish 2 stories this week! That has been unheardof since I started this project! I finished the story about the twister, and I also finished a story that is a twist on a classic. The story is called The Lemur and the Mouse. It's a twist of the story of the Lion and the Mouse. But instead, I made the main character a lemur, because lions are ugly. And I also made another twist to the story. It has a totally different ending than the story about the lion. You all might be surprised! It's not a sad ending, in fact, it's a very happy ending. I was thrilled when I wrote it how good it came out, if I do say so myself! LOL! I'm not saying that to toot my own horn either. I'm saying it because one, I have to. LOL! And two, because it is true. I don't rate my stories based on what I believe. I rate stories based on what other people have told me in the past. Remember, I used to share these stories with the general public. And I am still looking to get more opinions. I'm still looking for volunteers to read each story and rate. I mean, true ratings! Not false ratings like what Hobofart gives! What I need are random strangers to look at each story and give their absolute, most honest opinions. I was hoping to find that here. Maybe I still can.

My partner and I are working on a whole new site for the UMG Productions project, and this will allow only people who are members to download each story, and only people who have bought that story to rate each one. It's more secure than what there is now. My supervisor asked me to take off the rating system because Hobofart and his stupid cronies kept going in there and giving each story negative feedback, and he's never even read any of the stories. So, the new site will only allow members who have bought each story to rate. Thusly no more false-flagging. If Hobofart wants to downrate each story, he'll have to pay for the privilege. But he needen't worry. He's a rich little mama's boy. Or so he admitted! LOL! BTW, Hobofart, when did you move to Newark? Or did you lose your job in the other place? Well, membership is totally free. He'll just have to pay for each book before he can rate. As soon as he buys the book, he can downrate all he wants to! No one pays any attention to him anyway. I even told my supervisor all about him and his little dream-world. hehehe!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do Sane People Keep Blogs?

LOL! I remember a long time ago, when the delusional mods forum was up, a person who called herself "incognito" (it was really Vicki, ya know, the girl who had the big tattoo of the men of INXS on her arm) asked if sane people actually keep blogs. hehehe! I was probably the first person she ever "met" that kept a daily blog back then. The funny thing is, I wonder what she is saying now? Everyone keeps a blog! Big businesses keep blogs, so do a lot of news sites, television stations online, etc. etc. etc. I knew this blogging was going to become a BIG thing! That's why I started keeping them. Even Google it's self keeps a blog. Everyone uses Google. Even if "incognito" doesn't, I don't think Google would miss her! Google has many other followers! It's the biggest search engine there is. I personally think if you don't keep a blog, you're insane. Either that, or you're still in the dark ages. My sis even has a blog. She doesn't write in it much, but she still has it. I still see it there.

I don't write everything in this blog, but I do write a lot about some of the more interesting thoughts, happenings and ideas I have. Not every interesting idea though. Story ideas I tend to keep to myself for example. Or I only share them with my comrades. Only stories that are already completed and put up on the site will I share every idea with. Then there are some things I don't care to discuss anywhere. Like my medical conditions. Though I had one fanatical vegan troll ask me yesterday if I was on medications because I talk slow. I told her I never thought YouTube was some kind of verbal race or anything. My boyfriends always found my slower speech sexy. I just told her yes I am on meds, and they may have had a hand in making me talk slower. I did not tell her what kind of meds, or what they are for though, because I feel that is none of her business! Especially since she's nothing but a troll. I think she was in some way connected with this guy who calls himself "mockmcmuffin". I blocked him because he's weird! He finds Gary Yourofsky sexually attractive. And he has sex with his cat too. So he's a vegan because he finds animals sexually attractive, as well as a psycho, skinny wimp like Gary Yourofsky. Well, he can have him! He can have his cat's dick too, I don't want it! I love animals, but not that much!!! LOL! And I don't want to see him doing it either. So, I blocked him. And I blocked his little friend too, because I believe they are in some way associated. She also said she wished she had a dollar for every time I use the word "fanatic" in any form to describe the nutty vegans that get on my videos. I told her "Shoot! I wish I had a dollar for every fanatical vegan who has come to this channel to gripe!" Even if I just got a nickel for every fanatical vegan I've encountered, just on YouTube, I'd still be a rich woman!

I really do not like blocking people. Although people who practice beastiality, it gives me pleasure to block them! I don't want to see or hear about that! LOL! I can tolerate gays, but I don't tolerate any form of beastiality! As for my slow speech, I don't know how I got that, if it's just something I picked up, or if it really came from taking those meds. I can talk faster, I just choose not to, and I think it stuck in my mind from practicing it all these years. Truly, the meds may have had a hand in making me talk slower. But I think it was more learned than induced. I used to watch a lot of Lorne Greene, and he was also a slow talker too. I used to find his voice really sexy. MUCH sexier than his looks!

OK, I am not trying to convince anyone that I am more sane than anyone else, because as an artist and a writer, I am not supposed to be sane!!! And in fact, I like being a little bit crazy. Makes me feel good! But at least I don't do anything like try to kill people, or have sex with animals, or repeatedly stick my fingers in a light socket while submersed in water. LOL! I believe in living my life the way I want, but those are the places I draw the line.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Songs on my MP3 Player

I thought this would be a cool subject. One of my friends on Facebook asked what the most surprising song is on our players. Like if we were to show off our music, which songs would you be embarrassed to have one of your friends hear on your player (assuming your friends know what songs/singers you like or don't like). I actually have several songs that people I know would be shocked to know I have. Among those, Michael Jackson. I was never a big fan of Michael Jackson's. Though he used to be kinda cute when he was younger, and I don't deny he was a good singer. He has a few good songs out there. The songs of his that I have is Bad and Black or White. But I always told my friends that I don't like Michael Jackson as a person or a performer. He looked nice when he was a kid, but then he went and had all them surgeries, and then he was ugly. He danced a lot, but I guess I'm just not into his kind of dancing. But looking back now, I must say he danced a lot better than these modern kids do now.

Well, really that's just one singer that I have on my player. There are really many more than that. My MP3 player is basically a collection of songs that I loved throughout my life. Some I admittedly have not heard since I was a little kid. I have a LOT of INXS. But that should be no surprise! Each and every song on there is there because it brings back some kind of memories, whether it is a fleeting memory of the 3-story duplex we used to live in, or the memory of Anna and I having our musical playroom where we always listened to music, or the memory of that old family room we used to have and I would go back there and play music every day, even on sunny days, which is rare for me now. Sunny days I'd much rather go walking, and I don't have my MP3 player with me when I go walking. Some other highly surprising songs I have on my player are Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, I Can Feel Your Heartbeat by the Partridge Family, and some other songs from the 60s that were childish in nature. But again, each one brings back some memories. I used to love the Archies when I was growing up, and I had another friend as a child that also loved them a lot. There was a character named Veronica in the series, and this kid's name was also Veronica, so she was a big fan of the Archies, and used to collect the comic books every week as well. So the song does bring back some good memories.

I can't explain why I have a song by the Partridge Family though! LOL! I had a crush on Keith as a 5 year old child. LOL! I used to have the album, and played it constantly, and that song stuck out as one of my favorites, so I downloaded it. Some of the more surprising singers I have songs from on this MP3 player are Kenny Rogers, Faith Hill and Johnny Cash (considering I don't really care for country music). I have a couple songs by Faith Hill, only one each by Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash though. The songs are good, even though I don't really care for those people as singers. It's not them, it's just their style. I normally don't like country music. That's for old folks! LOL! Though moving here to Montana, I noticed even the teenagers listen more to country music than to rock n roll. That's one reason why I feel I don't fit in here! I only like a few songs in the country music genre. I'm mostly a rocker girl. Though I prefer old fashioned rock as opposed to the mess you hear today.

Well, before the snow hit, we went into Billings and had some last-minute fun!! I went to this pet shop in Billings that I always go to because they are the ones that carry the most unique freshwater fish. I was hoping to find more pencilfish, but no such luck! There were like 2 pencilfish in a tank mixed with neons, and they were the only 2 left. One looked healthy, and was swimming around, the other looked sicker, and stayed by the filter. The guy said they just got a load of bad pencilfish with that shipment, and they had all mostly died off. Those two were the last ones, and 7 others that were in the tank that morning had already died before we got there. He said if I wanted the last 2 pencilfish, he'd just give them to me, so I said OK. So he bagged them up and I pointed out some other fish I wanted. They had marbled hatchetfish, and I haven't seen those since I lived in Olympia!! Of course when I lived in Ocean Shores it doesn't count because I didn't have a fishtank then. So I got some of those. I started off just wanting about 5 of them (a decent-sized school), but after he gathered that many, there was only one marbled hatchetfish left. Since they are schooling fish, just one individual would not sell. So, he just gave me the 6th one. I also saw a farlowella in the same tank with the hatchetfish. I have not seen those ever before! And usually when I do, the stores want $15 or more for them! This one was selling for only $10, so I got him! I wanted some other kind of algae eater in there, besides these boring-looking chinese algae-eaters! Farlowellas are very long, thin relatives of plecostomus, they are super strange-looking, but that's what I like.

Well today I still have the farlowella, all the marbled hatchetfish, and one of the pencilfish. And yes, the one remaining pencilfish is the one that I noticed looked healthier than the other. Well, at least he will keep my other well-established pencilfish company. All his other comrades died as well, soon after I got them. But he survived, just like this new little guy. And the new one is even eating good. It's a shame I lost the other one, then I could have had 3 of them, instead of just 2. 3 individuals would have made a much better school of pencilfish.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Monster of Montana

Well, I've been hearing for a while about this monster, exclusive to Montana. It comes creeping out of nowhere, masked by the midnight sky, ready to strike without any hint of a warning. It can be dangerous, deadly and ferocious, and will smite you without any mercy if you are caught in it's path. You think you are safe from it, but you're not. No one is! And guess what? It came to my area today. Just yesterday, everything was fine and dandy, though I had gotten the warning of it's approach. I just brushed it off as "Ah! It can't happen here! Not now!" But it came. I woke up this morning and looked out my window, and there it was! OH NO!! And I never suspected for a second it would come today!! The monster made it's way here just today! You want to run away, but there is no place to run! No place to hide! Grab your children and get inside as fast as you can! The monster is here!! Yup. That's right. It snowed last night! I'm getting my first glimpse of Montana snow. Everyone says it's snow like you won't find anywhere else. I believe them! It's cold like I've never felt before. And the locals say today is nothing! It gets much colder as winter approaches closer. So far, we've got about 3 inches of snow. Some has already turned to slush, but it is still very cold out there!

Yesterday when I was at the dog park, everyone was saying it was going to snow tonight. I could not believe it because it was so warm outside at that time. I told them there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it could not possibly snow. Besides, where ever I move to, it never gets that cold. Ocean Shores never experienced 90 degree days until I got there! That's what I miss about Ocean Shores. 90 degree days were almost unheard of. But last year we had about 3 days of 90+ degree weather. One day it got up to 93 degrees. But always, after a day like that, the following day would be cool and cloudy. And I miss that! Well, this morning I knew I was going to get a razzing from my buddies at the dog park, and boy! They never let me hear the end of it! LOL! They kept mocking my saying "It's not cold enough to snow!" Well! It wasn't yesterday! I did get pissed though when that guy Andy started teasing me. I don't care if my buddies do it, but I don't appreciate Andy putting in his two cents, which I never did, and never would, ask him for! He's not my friend and I'm not his. He blew that himself! I almost smacked him with the dog crap scooper. Karen may be able to forgive him, but I sure as Hell won't! Not for something he started himself. If I was rude to him first, I would be different, but I never did anything to him, I was always nice to him, and he was rude to me for no reason. Not only that, but he sets my sis up and I hate that! Then he turns and growls at her. Dissing my family will get anyone on my bad side quicker than anything! And once they are there, they stay there! Takes an act of GOD to get me to feel otherwise.

Well, 3 inches of snow out there now and it's still snowing. I'm going to have to try and go shopping today because I need some things that I am almost out of. I haven't driven in the snow in a long time either! This is going to be quite an experience.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Too Much Negativity?

I have touched up on this subject many times! I have tried to make things more positive. The thing is, my blog, and most of my videos, are designed for me to come in and rant. It is due to my ranting on my blogs that I can be a positive person in life. Over the past couple of days, I've had some people tell me that in one of my videos I say I am a positive person, and it's true. I am! I take most negatives and am able to turn them into positives. But they say my attitude on some of my videos is very negative. I just want to once again clarify that that is what my blog and videos are there for. I do all my ranting on here, because for the most part, I don't want to take it out on my friends and family. Well, some of my friends are good for ranting at. Katrina especially is a darn good listener, like me. And she always gets me laughing again if I happen to be feeling down. As you know, I like happy people. I have no trouble making friends with happy people and keeping them as friends. That's because I value those friends more than any other. You hang around positive people, you feel positive. So that's what I do. That's how I can be struck by some of the worst trolls on the internet, and still keep a smile on my face! That, combined with several other factors.

Well, I've been getting comments like that all over the place, especially from vegans who view my Vegan Myths videos. To them, I was being negative. I was not trying to be negative, I was trying to give them both sides of a debate they believe to have only one outcome. I got another one yesterday saying I am "closed-minded". The sad fact is, I've never seen anyone more closed-minded than fanatical vegans! And believe me, I've seen a lot of kinds of people! I've dealt with every kind of person imaginable, and even through all that, I've still never met anyone as closed-minded as the fanatical vegans! In another video, I actually stood up for the real vegans. One guy was dissing vegans, comparing them to nazis. I agree with all he was saying, but only in speaking about fanatical vegans. I told him there is a big difference. True vegans are in it for compassion. Fanatics are in it for egotistical reasons and nothing more. I could not believe I was actually sticking up for vegans! But ONLY for the true vegans. NOT for the fanatics. Well, anyway that's progress. After all, the true vegans are people too. Well, I have friends who are vegans. But I don't have (and don't want) friends who are fanatical vegans. If that makes me seem negative to them, then so be it!

I was looking at an old post on this blog the other day, and it had a comment by someone who came in for a while and called herself Freckle Face. I promised back then I was going to make a complete turn-around, and not act so freaky anymore. I think she's disappointed in me because I haven't seen her in years. Of course now, I only hassle trolls on YouTube here. I don't even mention show breeders by their real names when I am talking about them. I try not to fly off the handle, though sometimes it is difficult not to. Because my blogs are my venting portal. Sometimes I can see, that because I do a lot of venting here and on my videos, that I might seem negative. But believe me, I am not. These blogs make up less than 0.1% of my daily life. I don't even post enough blogs for these to make up a major part of my life. I don't normally post daily. Although for the past couple of weeks, I've posted quite a bit. More than usual, because it's actually been quite exciting around here. And yesterday I had my fun poking at TheAwokenMind. LOL! Really though, I don't make posts like that often. As for my videos, I make even less of those. It takes a lot of work to make videos. Though now that my videos are able to be monetized, I might do it more often. As soon as I can think up another subject. That's the real challenge, thinking up subjects. I've been thinking pretty heavily about what I mentioned the other night, about filming myself actually losing weight, if it's at all possible.

If I did that, it'd mostly be to show off to those dumb fanatical vegans that a person can have a mixed diet and be beautiful too. I used to get compliments all the time when I was thinner, people saying I looked beautiful. And I used to have boyfriends coming out of my ears! The fanatical vegans however believe that you cannot be beautiful unless you are a vegan, and I think that's stupid. That's what makes them stupid! That's what makes them all seem like nazis in the minds of non-vegans, or even true vegans. Of course I've got to remember I am also a lot older now. I could not possibly look as good as I did when I was 25 years old and 100-108 pounds. And even if I don't lose the weight, I'd like to show the fat-haters that a person can be fat and healthy too. As I will prove that running up and down the stairs every time I go out.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fanatics For Everything

Well, there are definitely fanatics for everything out there. There is a difference between just loving something and being a fanatic. I love INXS. I love all music in fact. I love lemurs. I love my dogs. I love having a mixed diet. I love drawing, illustrating and animating cartoons. I love creativity. I love going on my walks every day. That is loving something. I don't care if anyone else loves those things or not. Those are the things that define my world. Put together, they are things that are unique to me, and only me. But some people love their favorite things TOO much. So much so that they will shit on anything or anyone that does not agree with them. I don't mind people loving what they love. It's when they try to force their beliefs and opinions on others is when they go too far. Those are the people I like to refer to as "fanatics". You notice I talk a lot about my encounters with vegan fanatics. Well, sometimes fanatics can be so FUNNY! Because they try sooooo hard to push their beliefs on others. But there are not only vegan fanatics, there are also religious fanatics (case in point: The Westboro Baptist Church), there's INXS fanatics (I see them all the time), and even panther fanatics. There is a difference between loving something and being a fanatic. Fanatics are nothing short of lunatics. I always laugh at them. People who just love something, as I do, do just that. They love that something, and that's the extent of it for them. I stopped pushing my opinions on others when I realized what I was becoming. And I didn't want my life to go that route. So, when I was in my early 30s, I made a complete turnaround. I used to get angry when people said they hated INXS. But no more. I haven't gotten angry at people for saying they don't like something I do for about 10 years now.

Here's an encounter I'm currently having on YouTube with a panther fanatic. He claims he's more of a dog person. But the more he posts, the more he sounds like nothing more than a cat fanatic. He calls himself TheAwokenMind. I personally think animal fanatics are idiots. Seems silly to me to fight someone over something like what their favorite animal is. I just tell people what animals are my favorites, and for me, that's the end of it. But this guy, TheAwokenMind, he not only tells what animals are his favorite (although he lied about it), he has to try and push his beliefs on me. A normal individual would have asked "Why lemurs and not panthers?" and I would have answered them, and if they were smart, they'd just let it go. But this guy is obviously not that smart. But then fanatics never are!

It started off innocently enough. He responded to a post I made on a video where a deer beat up both a dog and a cat. The cat got less than the dog because for one thing, the cat was smaller and could maneuver better than the dog could. Second of all, the dog was not facing the deer, and did not see it coming. The cat did see it coming. The deer was simply defending it's baby in the video. Both animals got licked either way. Both wound up running from the deer. Anyway, this is where it gets interesting. This was TheAwokenMind's response to someone else's post that mentioned dogs attacking snakes and bulls:

"Cats do have better reflexes than dogs, and are far more agile..
That derr was never gonna catch the cat.
I'd have ran out their and fought the deer bare handed, im not joking/lying or trying to sound tough...i'd have gone out their and attacked it."

Now, I never denied that cats do have better reflexes than dogs. I study animals all the time, I watch a lot of nature shows. This dude can barely write a good sentence! Obviously he'd lose in a battle of wits with me! LOL! Of course his grammatical errors could be there because he's beginning to get hot-headed, like any fanatic would once they are cornered with facts. This was my response to this post. Notice I keep my cool, as I am not an animal fanatic:

"Cats are agile, but they are not infallible. I've seen (and heard of) cats get killed by coyotes, wolves, dogs, hawks, eagles, even big snakes."

And it's true. In fact, my friend yesterday at the dog park and I were talking about coyotes. I told her how I don't care much for coyotes, because I've known people who have lost small dogs to coyotes. She said she's also lost a lot of cats to coyotes. It's a sad fact and it's true. I personally have never lost a pet to coyotes (I've been very lucky), but I have seen what a coyote can do to a small dog and even a cat! And back when I was in high school, I was visiting another friend and she had this black and white cat that she LOVED, his name was Shadow. Well, one day we were sitting in the living room and talking and I could see her cat sitting in the yard outside. Well, almost right in front of our eyes, we saw this red-tailed hawk take the cat in it's talons. I screamed that Shadow was being attacked, and we both ran down the stairs and out to the yard, but by the time we got to where the battle had taken place, Shadow was dead. And somewhere on YouTube, there is a video clip of a python that had killed a family cat in Florida. So no, cats are definitely not infallible.

Anyway, this was his response to my post:

"Yeah, if it's cornered.. (Really? Shadow was NOT cornered)
But if the cat is at threat and cannot win, all it needs is a tree nearby and its safe.
Show me one video here on YT or anywhere else where a domestic house cat is getting beat by another species..
You will struggle, trust me.
I know their not infallible, but everything germane to a cats physical abilities is awesome and must be applauded, even if you dont like cats.
Me, im actually a dog person, i prefer dogs because i connect with them better, but cats..wow."

He's a dog person, but as the posts go on, he keeps bragging about in the video how the cat got away and the dog "got it's ass kicked". LOL! Shadow was not cornered when attacked by a hawk. And the hawk was the same size as Shadow. There were also plenty of trees all around. Shadow just didn't see the hawk coming. And his last sentence: "but cats..wow." makes him sound much more like a cat fanatic. My dogs are smaller than most cats, and if the deer had been attacking them, they probably would have got away too. Deer cannot see in 3-dimension like we can. They don't have binocular vision. A smaller moving target would be harder for them to hit. That's why the cat got away with only a couple of swats from the deer, and the dog didn't.

Well, I began to feel a little bit of a connection to this guy. He seemed nice up to this point and he said he was a dog lover. I emphasize the words "he said". But like I always say, actions speak louder than words. This was my response to him:

"There is a video somewhere of a snake that had eaten a cat. I think there aren't more videos of cats getting licked because the cat fanatics get all crazy and ridiculous, flagging them off and calling them animal abuse. Dog people aren't like that. LOL
BTW, I love dogs too. Cats don't really impress me that much, because anything a cat can do, a lemur can do better. :) That's my real favorite animal!"

Yup! I used to be a cat lover. That was when I was a kid. It was actually lemurs that saved me from this cat-craze. I had a cat when I discovered lemurs. I saw the cat jump and I saw lemurs jump, and compared to the lemurs, the cat's jump looked pathetic! Cats can jump 3 times their body length. Lemurs can jump nearly 10 times their body length! And lemurs make it look so easy and effortless. They literally seem to glide from one point to another! Cats, not so much. When a cat jumps, they seem to put a lot more effort into it, and don't make it look as easy as lemurs do. And lemurs don't even have curved claws to help them climb! They just seem to glide up tree trunks like they are nothing, and most lemurs are about the same size as cats! Bushbabies are even better! Bushbabies are only about 7 inches long (not counting the tail), and they can leap 15 feet across without losing too much height. That's more than 20 times their own body length! They too seem to do it effortlessly. I love watching lemurs and bushbabies in action! But I don't deny cats do have their own awesome abilities. I'm just not as impressed by their abilities as I am with those of lemurs.

Well, suddenly we switched from talking about cats to talking about panthers, which I do not like at all. And you all know by now what I say about people who stick up for panthers. LOL! Apparently, size and strength seems more important to TheAwokenMind than it does to me. Me, I prefer animals that I can enjoy watching, either on TV, or in a zoo, or the wild. This was his response to my last post:

Well, Cats can grow to 900lbs...the Siberian Tiger?
Dont know a Lemur alive that could take one of those cats...lol
Cats dont impress you because you dont like superiority, Cats are the supreme carnivores on this planet and it's about time you respected that.
How the hell can they not impress you?!! Are you freaking insane??!!
Oh wait, you were traumatized by a cat swipe when you were five right?

More and more, this moron is sounding like a cat fanatic. LOL! Up to now, I never even mentioned my having a cat before. But just like a lot of fanatics, he tries to put words in my mouth. I don't have to respect anything that I don't want to. But in reality, I do respect the panther's place in the world, but it is no more than I respect any other animals' place in the world. He wants me to treat panthers like they are some kind of royalty, and I won't do it. I can respect their place, but I don't have to like them, and there is nothing this idiot, or any other, can say that will change my mind about that. But I'm loving how he is losing his temper! hehehe!

This was my response to him again:

"Sorry, but that is not how I pick a favorite animal. I used to have a cat, and it was about that time I discovered lemurs. I saw the cat jump and I saw lemurs jump. Compared to the lemurs, the cat's leap was pathetic. Cats can leap approximately 3 times their body length. Lemurs can leap up to 10 times their length. If that doesn't impress you, then you must be insane. :) Either that, or you're lying about not being a cat person."

I think he just lied about not being a cat person. I think it's pretty safe to say that. Well, this was his response this morning to my comment:

"You're an idiot.
And if you choose creatures on how friggin high they can leap, why dont you prefer Fleas to Lemurs?
A Flea can leap 200, yeas 200 times its own length dummy!!
I bet you dont even like Lemurs, you're just trying to diss Cats, well i just dissed your dumbass Lemur.
Go Fleas!!!!
And i'll say it again,almost any cat can kill a lemur.
Cats are successful, Lemurs are not, theirs a REASON for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Once again, he loses his temper. LOL! Oh, and get this, he says "I bet you dont even like Lemurs" BWAH!! No, I don't like lemurs. That's why I have every lemur documentary on DVD that was ever made. That's why I have all kinds of plush lemurs all over my house. That's why I have all kinds of books about Madagascar wildlife. Yah, I don't like lemurs alright! hehehe! And what's this, he likes fleas??? Oh well. Oh and I just LOVE how he tries to piss me off with comments about cats able to kill lemurs. Actually fossas (pretty close to cats) are the lemur's major predators and I have nothing against them. In fact, I think fossas are gorgeous! I love how they are able to actually persue lemurs through the trees, instead of just waiting until they come to the ground like panthers have to with monkeys. And really, more lemurs are killed by dogs than cats. So, using this guy's logic, I should be hating dogs more. But I don't. So, I gave this guy kudos for trying to piss me off. Too bad for him it didn't work. And the reason it didn't work is because I am not a fanatic, like he is. Well, this was my latest post to him, mostly meant to piss him off:

" I still love lemurs more. :) Screw you if you don't agree with me. Just gives me a better reason to hate panthers. :) hehehehe. Lemur jumps put any cat's to shame. "

I bet I succeed in pissing him off! LOL!! I'll keep you posted! :)


I did it! I made him crack his crock! LOL! This from a guy who at first said he is a dog person:

"No, humans are at the top of the food chain...dummy.
Erm, Tigers kill Crocs way more than the reverse, theirs mountains of evidence throughout history and online for that.
No, it's not even worth arguing, and you make yourself look silly bringing it up.
Watch this...and not the power in his legs....omg, id love to see him eat you...watch it."

I don't get it. In a comment before this, he said panthers are superior. Now, he's admitting humans are at the top of the food chain. There is ONE video of a tiger (it's been circulating widely) killing a crocodile. The only reason the tiger managed it is because the crocodile was smaller than the tiger (it was about 8 feet long) and it was on land. But had it been bigger, like a 15-footer, and in the water, the tiger surely would have lost the battle. On land, crocs are not in their element, like a fish out of water. In the water, if it's hungry enough, any panther would lose to a crocodile, and I've seen it happen before! Well, at least he knows now he doesn't have a prayer of converting me, so he covers his own idiocy by saying I am not worth arguing with anymore and gives up. :) So, the Timmyfan overrules again.

**************CHAPTER 3 UPDATE*********************

LOL! He's still pissed off! He's trying so hard to find corruption in my posts, but he cannot, because there is none. So what does he do? He makes some up. Well, if that makes him feel better to make up perversive fabrications, let him do it! I don't mind. Check out this latest post from him:

"I just love how your emphasis on grammatical errors seem paramount on YouTube, you even mentioned it in a previous debate on your blog regarding Veganism.

First of all, pulling people up for typo's and grammar on YouTube seems incredibly infantile and counter productive, seeing as i am not writing an essay!

But, considering that you wish to broadcast this trivial encounter on you blog, i'll assume that you don't live the most interesting life.

We both know you started it."

In answer to his first paragraph, I always say I only look for perfection from people who think they are perfect. Yes, I stand by that. As for my life being interesting, actually it is very interesting. I keep it interesting by going to new places and meeting new people. As for his last sentence, about me starting this whole argument, well, let's look back and see. About here is where it got started, when I said this:

"There is a video somewhere of a snake that had eaten a cat. I think there aren't more videos of cats getting licked because the cat fanatics get all crazy and ridiculous, flagging them off and calling them animal abuse. Dog people aren't like that. LOL
BTW, I love dogs too. Cats don't really impress me that much, because anything a cat can do, a lemur can do better. :) That's my real favorite animal!"

I see facts, and observations, and my own personal opinion. I don't see where I pushed any of my own beliefs on him. I don't see where I called him names. If he were truly a dog lover, and not a cat fanatic, he'd know I was not talking about him personally when I said cat fanatics get all crazy and ridiculous, which is true. I've known many a cat fanatic, and they all act the same way on YouTube. Not only on YT, but all over the internet, and even this woman I used to know (the one I went to LA with) was something of a cat fanatic too. If TheAwokenMind doesn't believe cat fanatics can be like that, then it's obvious he has never met any. Or hasn't met many. And remember his response to me? It went something like this:

"Well, Cats can grow to 900lbs...the Siberian Tiger?"

True as that may be, I sense sarcasm in that quote.

"Cats dont impress you because you dont like superiority, Cats are the supreme carnivores on this planet and it's about time you respected that."

Now, I see he is trying to push his beliefs on me. Nowhere in any of my posts did I do that to him.

"Are you freaking insane??!!"

There's the name-calling. Again, nowhere in my posts did I do that to him up to this point.

"Oh wait, you were traumatized by a cat swipe when you were five right?

And again with the sarcasm. Not only that, but fabrication as I never even hinted about that. A person does not have to be traumatized to just not like something. A fear, yes. But I have no fear of cats of any kind. So tell me, who really started this argument? Doesn't look like it was me. :) I just matched his tone with the same thing in my following post.

Anyway, he continues:


Because, you were the person claiming that i thought cat's were 'infallible', never did i even insinuate that they were, i just expressed admiration for their athletic prowess.

Nor did i say that cat's were indestructible, or anything to that effect. However, you assumed that i felt that way, and you then embarked on ridiculing the exact cat ability you previously agreed with (agility).

The invective monologue on your blog is a feeble attempt to mask your sheer idiocy."

As for my "insinuating he said cats are infallible", yes he did. And I quote again:

"That derr was never gonna catch the cat."

"Show me one video here on YT or anywhere else where a domestic house cat is getting beat by another species..
You will struggle, trust me."

"Tigers kill Crocs way more than the reverse"

And some I haven't even quoted yet on this blog:

"cats have great acceleration and are rarely caught by the animals you mentioned.
A Coyote will rarely catch a cat, and the cat needs is a tree after its spotted the coyote, dog or wolf. ("Rarely" my ass! I've heard of far more cats getting killed by coyotes than even little dogs!)

Hawks and Eagles usually go for easier prey.



"i've come with solid points, you've came with nothing, no proof of cat ownage...nothing,"

"they are such a successful species and put Lemurs, Hawks, Eagles, Wolves and Coyotes to shame."

Again, I don't love animals based on what "owns" them. I like what I like and that's it. Yes, I said cats have agility. I also said I am not as impressed with their's as I am with the agility of lemurs. That's MY views. I still stand by that statement too. Should I tell him about the time I was mountain hiking and I kicked a cougar's butt? LOL! I had some minor scratches from that encounter, all of which healed well, but the cougar lost it's front teeth. I found them on the ground after he ran away. LOL! Nah! I don't think so! Anyway, I still see him as a liar and a wussy. I'd have actually had a lot more respect for this guy if he had come right out in the beginning, and said he was a cat-lover, instead of saying he "connected better with dogs", and left out the name-calling, which he still continues to do. :) hehehe!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fat By Choice?

Are people really fat by choice? Or is it just an excuse fat haters use to justify them continuing to judge and gripe about fat people? I think it's a little bit of both. Some people are fat because they choose to be, and I will admit there are people like that out there. More often than not. But I found this article that also talks about dieting and the impact it has on people who use that method to try and lose weight. Here is the article: http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/26/health/post-diet-weight-regain/. This explains why so many people go on diets and fail almost right away. It talks about how dieting makes your hormones go haywire, and that causes weight-gain. I know going on diets is what actually made me get fatter and fatter. Now, I know it's directly associated with hormones.

I am not fat because I chose to be. I eat no different now than I did when I was thinner. The difference now is that I have a much slower metabolism than I did before. For me, my weight gain is not attributed to illness. It was the cure for an underlying illness that made me gain weight. If I don't take these pills, I'm dead. And while I know the fanatical vegans would love to see that, I won't give them the satisfaction! Besides, I'm too busy to die right now! I have too many things I need to complete before GOD calls me. I'd love to get it all done, but I'd have to live to be about 200 years old! But anyway, I hear (and see) it all the time, some thin person says "You're going to die early" and griping and complaining about fat people and blah-blah-blah, and especially saying "You chose to be fat!" Perhaps I did. I chose to get that surgery, and I chose to get the cure. I could have just let the surgery go, and died from the ailment that almost claimed me before. But I couldn't. I have too much to live for. I actually think it's funny when some thin person, who has never been fat a day in it's life, says to me "Just go on a diet! Lose some weight!" I tell them it is not that easy. And for men, it is actually true that it is easier for them to lose weight than it is for women.

Well, since I have lived here, I've lost 10 pounds just in the move, and I have actually begun to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. I am also back to going to the dog park with my friends. It's better than going to the side of the building, where Jeri is still not picking up after Bella, and I don't want to step in Bella's droppings. LOL! It's actually a lot of fun using the stairs than using the elevator! Like I said, I love walking. I also like jogging, but I haven't gotten to that point just yet. It'll be a while before I can go jogging like I used to. But jogging up the stairs is a good start. And yes, I do jog up the stairs!! LOL! I'm out of breath though when I reach the top, but I don't let it stop me.

This kinda gives me something of an idea. If I really tried, in spite of the fanatical vegans, could I really lose weight even with the diet I typically follow, if I just became MUCH more active? I always thought that you don't have to change your eating habits to lose weight. At least not that much. All it takes is being active enough to burn off the calories of the food you eat. Like if you consume a 200 calorie sandwich, you have to find an activity (like climbing stairs) that is strenuous enough to burn 200 calories. I have no desire to become a vegan, I want to keep my complextion!! I just want to see (and possibly show them) that a person can eat meat, eggs and dairy, and still lose weight.

I recently got a comment from another fanatical vegan saying that a healthy diet that includes meat does not include eating double cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets from McDonald's. Well, I told him that I never said that. I never eat at McDonald's. In fact, I don't regularly eat any fast food. I prefer to do my own cooking. I enjoy it! And the McDonald's crack, no one would have ever thought to say that before the movie Supersize Me came out. Notice they rarely mention Burger King? That's because kids live what they see on TV and in movies, and Burger King was not attacked on that movie. Just McDonald's. And I never eat there anyway. But for me, eating out is very rare. I did talk in here about eating at Fuddrucker's, but I had a bison burger there (a lot less fat than beef), and it was just once. I don't go there every day. I've been here for 5 months now, and I've only eaten there once. Have so far never eaten at the local McDonald's, and only ate once at Burger King, and that was just after we moved here. So that is how often I eat at fast food places. The rest of the time, I prefer to do my own cooking and baking. So, using the logic of the fat haters, losing weight should be a snappo! Well, we will see. I'm just beginning to realize, at my age I cannot eat like a teenager anymore. I cannot even eat a whole PB sandwich anymore!!!!!! I have to make it and cut it in half. Consume one half and wrap up the other half and save for later.

What I should do is make a video of this. Like some kind of daily diary. It'll either prove or disprove the ideas the fanatical vegans have of being a thin omnivore.