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Thursday, November 10, 2011

UMG Productions Site Temporarily Down

I had to take the UMG Productions site down for a little while as changes are being made to the site. You can no longer download any of our e-books and I am trying to fix that now. It was not hacked into or anything, I just have to set up for the site to accept digital payments and give digital downloads from another site other than PayLoadz. I have no idea how long this will take, hopefully no longer than a week or so. But I will make an announcement once the site will be up and running again.

On another note, I managed to finish 2 stories this week! That has been unheardof since I started this project! I finished the story about the twister, and I also finished a story that is a twist on a classic. The story is called The Lemur and the Mouse. It's a twist of the story of the Lion and the Mouse. But instead, I made the main character a lemur, because lions are ugly. And I also made another twist to the story. It has a totally different ending than the story about the lion. You all might be surprised! It's not a sad ending, in fact, it's a very happy ending. I was thrilled when I wrote it how good it came out, if I do say so myself! LOL! I'm not saying that to toot my own horn either. I'm saying it because one, I have to. LOL! And two, because it is true. I don't rate my stories based on what I believe. I rate stories based on what other people have told me in the past. Remember, I used to share these stories with the general public. And I am still looking to get more opinions. I'm still looking for volunteers to read each story and rate. I mean, true ratings! Not false ratings like what Hobofart gives! What I need are random strangers to look at each story and give their absolute, most honest opinions. I was hoping to find that here. Maybe I still can.

My partner and I are working on a whole new site for the UMG Productions project, and this will allow only people who are members to download each story, and only people who have bought that story to rate each one. It's more secure than what there is now. My supervisor asked me to take off the rating system because Hobofart and his stupid cronies kept going in there and giving each story negative feedback, and he's never even read any of the stories. So, the new site will only allow members who have bought each story to rate. Thusly no more false-flagging. If Hobofart wants to downrate each story, he'll have to pay for the privilege. But he needen't worry. He's a rich little mama's boy. Or so he admitted! LOL! BTW, Hobofart, when did you move to Newark? Or did you lose your job in the other place? Well, membership is totally free. He'll just have to pay for each book before he can rate. As soon as he buys the book, he can downrate all he wants to! No one pays any attention to him anyway. I even told my supervisor all about him and his little dream-world. hehehe!
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