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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Monster of Montana

Well, I've been hearing for a while about this monster, exclusive to Montana. It comes creeping out of nowhere, masked by the midnight sky, ready to strike without any hint of a warning. It can be dangerous, deadly and ferocious, and will smite you without any mercy if you are caught in it's path. You think you are safe from it, but you're not. No one is! And guess what? It came to my area today. Just yesterday, everything was fine and dandy, though I had gotten the warning of it's approach. I just brushed it off as "Ah! It can't happen here! Not now!" But it came. I woke up this morning and looked out my window, and there it was! OH NO!! And I never suspected for a second it would come today!! The monster made it's way here just today! You want to run away, but there is no place to run! No place to hide! Grab your children and get inside as fast as you can! The monster is here!! Yup. That's right. It snowed last night! I'm getting my first glimpse of Montana snow. Everyone says it's snow like you won't find anywhere else. I believe them! It's cold like I've never felt before. And the locals say today is nothing! It gets much colder as winter approaches closer. So far, we've got about 3 inches of snow. Some has already turned to slush, but it is still very cold out there!

Yesterday when I was at the dog park, everyone was saying it was going to snow tonight. I could not believe it because it was so warm outside at that time. I told them there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it could not possibly snow. Besides, where ever I move to, it never gets that cold. Ocean Shores never experienced 90 degree days until I got there! That's what I miss about Ocean Shores. 90 degree days were almost unheard of. But last year we had about 3 days of 90+ degree weather. One day it got up to 93 degrees. But always, after a day like that, the following day would be cool and cloudy. And I miss that! Well, this morning I knew I was going to get a razzing from my buddies at the dog park, and boy! They never let me hear the end of it! LOL! They kept mocking my saying "It's not cold enough to snow!" Well! It wasn't yesterday! I did get pissed though when that guy Andy started teasing me. I don't care if my buddies do it, but I don't appreciate Andy putting in his two cents, which I never did, and never would, ask him for! He's not my friend and I'm not his. He blew that himself! I almost smacked him with the dog crap scooper. Karen may be able to forgive him, but I sure as Hell won't! Not for something he started himself. If I was rude to him first, I would be different, but I never did anything to him, I was always nice to him, and he was rude to me for no reason. Not only that, but he sets my sis up and I hate that! Then he turns and growls at her. Dissing my family will get anyone on my bad side quicker than anything! And once they are there, they stay there! Takes an act of GOD to get me to feel otherwise.

Well, 3 inches of snow out there now and it's still snowing. I'm going to have to try and go shopping today because I need some things that I am almost out of. I haven't driven in the snow in a long time either! This is going to be quite an experience.

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