Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Forgiveness Does Not Mean...

Just because I say I forgive someone does not mean that I have to like them. There's been several people I have forgiven that I still do not like. Like Tess O'brien for example. And I read someone say they'd like to go to Australia and meet her! UGH! Take me please GOD!!! LOL! I hope I NEVER meet Tess O'brien! If I did, I'd probably punch her in the mouth. I wouldn't even care if the kid is watching. I'd just tell the child, "This is what could happen to people who spread rumors without getting facts." LMAO! And Katrina says "Yeh, then watch yourself get carted off to jail!" LOL! I think someone would have to be rather sick in the head to want to meet Tess O'brien. But whatever! There are those who listen to her that I know are sick in the head. I call them the blind-sheep libtard SJWs. SJWs never get facts before they spread anything. They just love to spread negativity no matter what it's about.

Well, she's a great example of someone I have forgiven, but still do not like. In fact, I have her blocked on Facebook. Though Katrina thinks maybe she's changed. I said I doubt it. A hippopotamus (like Tess) cannot change it's color. Shoot! I just insulted the hippos! Sorry to all the hippos out there! But anyways, you get the picture. I don't think I'll ever learn to like Tess. I prefer friends who, if they are going to spread shit behind my back, that they learn ALL the facts first. I seriously don't mind being talked about, but someone who would talk about me without getting all the facts, well that makes them no better than the delusional mods in my eyes. No wait! The delusional mods were different. They would twist words and sentences around to give them a totally different meaning. Of course I believe Tess has also done that. By telling one of my friends I was "glad that she was depressed" and that I "wanted her to harm herself". Which I NEVER said, and would NEVER want anyone to do. But even after she claimed all that about me, though she does not know me hardly at all (we were only friends on Facebook for a couple months), I still forgive her. Not because I want to make friends with her again. That won't EVER happen again! LOL! But because I want to just leave it all out of my life. Someone once told me that holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your mind rent-free. I don't even want Tess in my house, let alone in my head! LOL! So that is why I choose to forgive her.

Anyway, I recently heard my sis tell me that Andy (from the old complex in Bozeman) is now down with terminal throat cancer. When I heard that, it actually shocked me! And no, I was not happy about it! Even though this man is a bum, a dickwad, a dumbass, and a butt-wipe, and he was always cruel to me and my sis and our dogs, I still do not think even he deserves cancer. And I have long-since forgiven Andy for all that. After losing my own father to cancer last year, it made me see the seriousness of the disease. To me, cancer is like the world's worst serial killer. It needs to be captured and given the death sentence. And I feel bad for any of it's victims. Even Andy! Though there is an air of doubt that this is indeed true, because Andy has been known to lie to get sympathy. I seriously hope it's not true. I hate to think of anyone getting cancer anymore. It's terrible. And I remember a few years ago, I said I hope the next person that dies in that building is Andy. I DIDN'T MEAN THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking he'd charge someone and throw himself into a wall, or blow his top and drop dead that way, or slip quietly into a seizure and not wake up. Not that I think the seizure is any less serious. But at least it's not painful. But not with cancer! Cancer sucks!!

The term "Cancer sucks" has become such a cliche with me! I think I need to begin a "cancer sucks" campaign. Perhaps raise some money for cancer research, and to help those who cannot afford the treatment. Like those types that the doctors do not have a sure cure for, like the type my dad had. Only 2 places in the USA are actually working on a cure for the type he had, and his insurance would not pay for the treatment because it is not FDA approved. Yet! But the type my father had is a death-sentence. The cure is still only in the experimental stage. Maybe I can push to have it approved by the FDA. The problem is, merkel-cell carcinoma is such a quick killer, I think the patients who are stricken with it simply don't last long enough to get the full treatment. I know it killed my father in just a matter of months. This was a man who was so healthy, a horse would envy him. He was healthy one minute, and gone the next. The type he had is also so rare, that might also be why so few places are working on a cure for it. Literally, only one in a million people get that kind of cancer. And when they do, they are as good as dead. That's not right, IMO.

It would be such a nice thing if one day we can hear someone say "Hey, I have cancer" and we can answer "Oh. Well no problem, that's an easy, quick fix!" and get them cured right away. Like with flu. 200 years ago, things like the flu, measles, cholera, small pox, they were ALL killers that had no cure. Look at them now. We can cure them with close monitoring and drugs. And we even have ways to avoid them altogether. It'd be great if we could say the same thing about cancer. Here's where I should put in something like MLK's "I have a dream" speech. Because I do have a dream. A dream that someday, we can look cancer straight in the face and laugh.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Michael On My Mind

I miss him a lot! At this time of year, I am constantly thinking of him. Well, this year I am celebrating his life in style! My biggest achievement is finally finishing this INXS compilation story. I got my proof copy today, and I approved it. So, once that is posted, it will be ready to distribute. But to be honest, I am a wee bit nervous. This book was made by a fan for the fans. I'm still not a friend of the fans. Been let down one too many times by them to be that. But hey! That's fine. Not being a friend of the fans is what actually makes me a happier person! I don't have to try and impress anyone. I don't have to be what they want me to be to keep them happy. Plus, I've got the libtards and SJWs ignored. So all is cool!

Of course I know there are going to be some fans (again, libtards and SJWs) who might read this book and say "Hey! You can't write this about INXS!" and take everything I say in this book WAY too seriously and possibly report it to the band and the family. Though I do not think I portrayed any disrespect to the guys. I do say that these stories are FICTION, and that nothing in these stories is meant to convey the true characteristics of the band at all. But you know there is always going to be people who will find the negative even in something as innocent as the release of a story. A story that is only meant to make the fans laugh and giggle, and not meant to be taken seriously. I especially heard about fucking Rosanda! UGH!! I heard she squeals like a baby when someone uses a picture of INXS. Fuck her! I look back now and I can't even believe I used to like that woman! But since I've found out she runs and tattles on people like a schoolroom sissy, I think the kindest thing she's ever done for me was to unfriend me on Facebook! See, GOD has a plan and a purpose for everything! I guess this one former "friend's" infection was a GOD-send for me! Though at the time I did not know it! LOL! But it got people like Rosanda out of my life for good! God damn her all to Hell!

And wasn't it me they kept accusing of being "negative" and "hateful"? LMAO!!! So funny, coming from a bunch of SJWs! There isn't a more negative and hateful group of people than the INXS SJWs and libtards! They prove it every single day! I think they've been living in their little plastic bubbles for too long! They only see corruption in everyone else but not themselves. I, at least, tell it like it is. No hiding, no hypocrisies, no plastic bubbles here! I just tell it like it is! I don't demand any apologies and as well, I don't give any! And in fact, there's only one person I take my hat off to; and that's my hair-dresser! hehe!

Ya know, that's why I don't typically judge people. Because I know I am not perfect. So, I don't expect other people to be perfect either. That's one thing these people can never say I've done. I've never judged another fan. Well, at least not since I turned 36 and decided to grow up. That's why I will never understand these SJWs and libtards who judge others because we don't like the same things they do. But then again, that's what makes them libtards. Only libtards get angry at people who do not share the same interests as them. Like, I still don't like Paula Yates. The libtards hate me because I don't like her, and I don't care if Lily's feelings get hurt because I don't like her. Sorry for Lily's feelings, I know she did not choose to have Paula as a mom. But I still do not like Paula Yates at all. I never did, and I never will. Fuck her up the ass, I'll never be a fan of her's! And that just drives the libtards CRAZY!!!! They cannot control me, and that pisses them off to no end! Shoot, one libtard even accused me of being "jealous" of Paula! LMAO!!!!! That's about the funniest thing I've heard since calling lions "the king of beasts". And they are no more the "king" than I am king of the world. If I am going to envy anyone who was with Michael, it's going to be someone who he looked a lot happier with, and was a lot more attractive than Paula was, and a lot less psycho. Like Kylie and Helena. Though I think Paula was a dog-lover. And that's pretty cool. One brownie-point for Paula. But that's only one. She has yet to earn more than one in my eyes.

But ya know what? Helena is also a dog-lover too. In one of her most recent pics, I saw her with a cute little Australian shepherd puppy! As for Kylie, I don't know. She looks more like a cat-person, which is NO points in my book. If she worships demons, that does not make her look that good to me.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

What Is WGHOW?

Not WGTOW, but WGHOW. That is Woman Going Her Own Way. It's similar to MGTOW, but it's women who do not want to get married and have kids. I saw a video last night about a guy discussing WGTOW, and there was a forum about it. It's full of psychos! They are basically feminists gone crazy! Or as I like to call them, "feminazis". They want to kill all men, and kill any kids they may have that are born male. UGH! That is NOT what WGHOW is! That's not even what MGTOW is all about!! MGTOW men are complete jerks, but I've never heard one say they want to kill women or female children!!!

I don't want to kill men. I don't want to see all men killed either. And I don't want to kill male babies! I love men! I just don't want to get married. The only man I ever would have married is now dead. I've been sad about his death ever since it happened. That is precisely why I totally separate myself from this so-called "WGTOW". Instead, I call myself a "WGHOW". I'm a woman who loves men, but does not love the idea of getting married or having kids. I just like to be by myself. Only the company of immediate family reaches my favor. I'd be a happy girl with just my mom and sis living close by and maybe have male friends on the side.

Sometimes I do regret not having kids. Sometimes I look into the future and think "How is my legacy going to be carried on?" I worked so hard on what I have done. How can I do all that work only to have it just thrown out the window when I die? But then there are times I think about my own personal feelings about having kids, and I am glad I never had kids. One thing is, I can't take that high-pitched screeching kids are always doing. And babies creep me out! I once met a woman who said she's never seen anyone so creeped out by a baby before, when I refused to give her kid the attention he wanted from me. But I am not fond of children. Especially children too young to talk. Because I don't know what they want! I don't understand them when they try to talk. Dogs, at least, I can figure it out just by knowing what a dog typically wants. And my dogs are generally not that loud when they need something. Nothing like the crying of a baby!

I don't like kids very much, but I am not one to tell people they should not have kids. Although when I see someone who is pregnant and has 3 kids tagging along after them, my first thoughts are "hasn't this woman ever heard of birth control?!" LOL! I never say it, but I sure as hell think it! I actually have seen this before. Many times! I would wonder why someone would want more than 2 kids. If I'd ever had kids myself, I would have stopped at 2! Or I would hope to! Depending on how active my hubby would have been. I'd never have wanted more than that!

Well, that's what separates me from WGTOW. I don't even like MGTOW men!!! Most of the ones I've met are assholes. They revel at the idea that they don't have to be gentlemen but that women will love them anyway. Well, not this woman. I wouldn't even make friends with a MGTOW man. For one thing, they are nothing more than radicals. Instead of talking about what is positive about women, all I ever hear from MGTOWs is what is wrong with modern women. Well, not ALL women are as they describe. Another thing I always hear from them is that fat women are all ugly feminists. Well, in part, I have to agree with that. But not all fat women are interested in becoming feminists. I know I am not. But I also know there is a stigma that MGTOW men are going to hold me to that all fat women are such because we always go to McDonald's and chow down on burgers every day. I may be fat, but that does not mean I go to McDonald's or Burger King every day! In fact, in the past year, I've only been to Burger King one time. I've been to McDonald's zero times. LOL! I just don't go out to eat often. I prefer cooking my own dinner as long as I am capable.

I watched a video by Red Pill Philosophy, and he described his encounter with two women he saw on the beach. He described them as "there was a big, fat woman who was hideous, and she was walking with a thin woman who was eh kinda cute..." then he goes on to describe how he tried to strike up a conversation with the thin woman and she looked at him and said "Do you want me to punch you in the face?!" It shocked him, so he said. LMAO! I saw that and I am sitting here thinking "There HAS to be more to the story than that!" He must have been shit-talking the thin woman's fat friend to her! Or maybe she was angry that he did not at least say "pardon me" to the fat woman. A gentleman would have. Whether he thought the fat girl was "attractive" or not. LOL! See, that kind of attitude I don't like either in MGTOW men. They think women, who do not wear a size one or two, don't deserve politeness. I'd even wager the fat girl was not even as "hideous" as he made her out to be. There are some very attractive fat girls out there! Not necessarily obese, like me. But "thick" women can be beautiful, and especially if they have a bubbly attitude.

Yes, I still believe we should revert back to the days of chivalry, kill all the feminazis, and take things back to the old days, when everyone had good manners and kept their hands to themselves! Until that happens, I am remaining a WGHOW girl.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Some Questions Answered

Oh my goodness! Look at this....

Check out #4. His great grandfather was from India. That answers a LOT of questions I've had over the years about Michael. For one thing, it answers the questions about his ties to SE Asia and why his family spent so much time there. That has to be why! I wonder though, was that on his father's side or his mother's? It's still interesting! I knew though that Michael was born in Australia, but spent most of his life in Hong Kong. It also answers the question of where Michael got his good looks!

I need not tell you that I actually find Indian men very attractive!! In one of the groups I am on, someone asked what country has the best-looking men. I said I used to think it was Australia, until I got to know a few men from there who were total pansies. I don't mean gay either. I'm talking about libtards. I added "Now, I think India has some of the best-looking men". It's true! But only those from the more affluent areas. Not those who live in the slums. You should see my partner. I still call him my partner! LOL! He doesn't think he's handsome, and I saw his pic and I told him he has to be kidding me! I told him he's actually one of the cutest men I've ever seen in my life!

Another thing that caught my eyes, he said he thought Kylie's voice was terrible. LOL! I actually liked Locomotion. I'm not into bubblegum pop, but I thought it was a cute little tune. Michael did look happier with her. MUCH happier than he looked with Paula. Yeah, I still do not like Paula. LOL! I don't give a shit what the Yatesfags think. One thing though, she must have been a dog-lover, which to me is a good thing. It rubbed off on her children. All except for Lily. I don't think Lily has a dog of her own. I've seen her holding Pixie's dog though. Lily needs to get with the program! She needs to get herself a dog! I think she'd look good with a pomeranian. Or maybe even a maltese. Something fashionable like that.

Also check out #5. Poor Michael had butterfingers. That sounds like something I would do. Not on purpose. I just happen to be clumsy. And I seem to be getting worse in my old age!! UGH! Not really dropping everything (all the time). More like I can't speak anymore. I don't know why. My tongue seems to get ahead of my brain, and then winds up tied in knots.

Friday, October 20, 2017

New Computer, New Life

Thanks a lot Dad!!! I think he put a curse on me and my sis! Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because my sis and I no longer get along with Kathy and her family. But that's their fault! Not ours! I was perfectly willing to remain friendly with them, but had no idea Stephanie harbored so much hatred towards me. I mean, I knew there was a bit a friction before between me and Kathy's kids. Mostly because I am not a libtard like they are. I speak my mind and I don't give any bullshit. I don't take any either. That pisses them off because Kathy kept them in a plastic bubble all their lives, like most libtard parents do with their kids. But now, my Dad seems to have put a curse on us. So many bad things have happened to us in the months since he passed. Of course my problems began the moment he died. Of course they were no worse problems than what I had before he died. LOL! My sis's problems began when we started having these problems with Kathy and her family. If you ask me, Dad is punishing the wrong people. Punish the people who really started this whole thing! That would be Kathy and her family.

You know why I always come off as sounding like such a know-it-all? Because I only listen to experts, and I question EVERYTHING!!!!!! It drives everyone I speak to CRAZY! Like that song by the Gin Blossoms that says "I don't wanna take advice from fools", well neither do I. You should have seen me back in my early breeding days, when I started with chihuahuas. Remember when I spoke of Rhonda saying I am "spineless" and that was why I listened to Tanya (of Tanya's Chihuahuas)? Well, she couldn't have been more wrong. You should see Tanya's bred-by's compared to Rhonda's. Tanya had more show wins. Rhonda in fact, had NONE. If I wanted to do better in the chihuahua breed, who do you think I'm going to listen to? I'll give you a hint; not the one with no show wins to their name! LOL! Rhonda never even acted like an adult. She kept her usual childlike mentality, and that is not good when you're dealing with ANY breed!

I also question everything. Not because I totally doubt it, but because I want to make absolutely sure of something. I've been misled before, and it only leads to embarrassment and the perpetrators thinking it's funny. While I don't mind making people laugh, there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes, I have to be serious about something. Sometimes, I may go to several people about the same subject. When I am researching someone or something, like a business I intend to exploit services from, I look for reviews by other people. I read both the good and bad reviews. If the negative overwhelms the positive, or if more than one person says the same thing, then I don't buy from that person. I also look at the responses by the business. Like that company, Amy's Baking Company that was on Kitchen Nightmares a few years ago, and even on Dr. Phil. They reacted so harshly to negative reactions, instead of using them to better their business. But then again, Amy had cats. I wouldn't eat at her place anyway. I won't even go into a house that has cats living in it. You think I want a cat fag preparing my food, even in a restaurant?! Especially someone who says these cats are their "sons"! That's one "child" that will never love you back.

I think for Amy, it was those cats that made her an angrier person. That and that husband of her's. He was a very angry person. But then again, cat people are almost always libtards. Libtards are typically angry people. One thing I've discovered, that's why so many INXS fans are cat people; they're almost always libtards. Plus, another thing I've noticed about them; all the INXS fans who own cats do not believe in GOD. Tarot cards and Ouija boards are their gods. Those kinds of people are typically cat people. I love the LORD Almighty, so that is why I love my dogs. hehe! That's also why I totally believe cats are nothing but Earth-demons. In ancient Egyptian culture, the crocodile was actually a greater spirit than the cat. So was the dung beetle. What does that say? LOL! Remember this people next time some idiot on the internet tries to convince you cats are better "because the ancient Egyptians worshiped them". Total bullshit! Crocodiles are more skilled hunters and dung beetles at least would make much more useful companions.

Well anyway, I had to go out and get a new computer because my old one dropped as I was taking it to have the fan fixed. They think it's a motherboard problem now. Makes me MAD!!! I'd still like to have my old computer back, but I cannot do anything until after the holidays. I might risk it then. Don't know though. It may be worth it, it may not be worth it. Who knows? I think it's a part of this curse my father has put on me from the Heavens! So dad, if this is you, CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!! We've both had enough!!!!! Now, I want to see you do something about the ones who actually did start this! Leave me and my sis OUT OF THIS!!!!! Actually, when I sent the computer in to be repaired, I was anticipating the worst outcome. I knew it would not be able to be revived because of the drop. And maybe it is just the motherboard. Like I said, I might risk it. But not until after the holidays. I cannot do anything until then. But I do have a new laptop now, and I am loving it. Just taking a while to get used to it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dire Wolf

I am not only a member of a few INXS groups, but also a member of several dog-related groups too. I do learn a lot now. I can always use some learning. One thing I learned is someone out there thinks he has a "dire wolf". UGH!! Stupid people!! He must have been asleep all his life, because he does not seem to know that dire wolves went extinct 10,000 years ago! That is, there HAS NOT BEEN a single dire wolf on Earth for more than 10,000 years! People make me sick! This idiot was so positive he has a dire wolf, he threatened to kill someone who opposed his idea! I cannot believe some dumbass people!

More likely, what that person has, is nothing more than a husky/malamute mixed DOG. Not a wolf! And definitely NOT a dire wolf!!! You won't find anyone breeding any dire wolves anywhere! I don't care what they say. Get educated you dumb fucks!!!!! But just like all uneducated fools who go out and buy these weird mongrels because they think they're getting something special, this guy got so angry at someone trying to educate him that he threatened them with bodily harm. If I ever meet anyone who tries to tell me they have a "dire wolf", I'm going to tell them upfront, dire wolves are EXTINCT!!!! And I don't care what repercussions they threaten me with!

Hell, I am getting mean in my old age! LOL! These days, you almost have to be. These libtards who always want to believe other uneducated libtards, and threaten those who try to correct them. Shoot! I see that all the time among libtards. They will never learn, because they enjoy being libtards.

Speaking of me being mean in my old age, yesterday, I darn nearly came close to hitting someone. There is this woman I sometimes see on the bus who rides with this guy who also has a service dog, a big black labrador. I had reached my destination and I was getting off the bus with Mya. She is still in training, and I have to keep reminding her to stay away from other dogs. As a service dog in training herself, I cannot let her socialize with other dogs. So, I kept telling her to stay away from that other dog. Well, as I was saying that, I heard the woman say "oh shut up!" I was stunned! I wasn't even talking to her! Or her male companion! I almost hollared off and smacked her upside the head! That is, until I looked at her and noticed she was talking on her phone. Then I figured she must have been telling the person on the phone to shut up. Or maybe even her male companion. I don't know either of their names, but I have seen them several times before riding the bus. They are a part of the over 55 libtard club that typically rides the bus early in the day. I don't talk to them at all.

Some people I believe, think that just because Mya is so young that she cannot be a service dog. She is in training. I'm training her for when she turns a year old and I have her officially trained. Then I can get one of those vests for her to wear. But that is why I have to pull Mya away from other dogs and people. I have to now start treating her like a real service dog. She's had her fun socializing with people and other dogs. Now, it's time for her to grow up and start taking her job more seriously. I have to stop letting people pet her when we are out and about. That's the hardest. Keeping Mya away from other dogs comes natural to me, especially if they are bigger dogs that I believe can hurt her. But I like letting her meet other people. So, it's not easy for me to tell someone they cannot pet her.

Anyway, after that close call, I started to become rather disturbed by my reaction to this woman I thought was telling me to shut up. I am not usually like that!! I usually never want to hurt anyone! But I am fearing I will become a bit more uncontrollable as I get older. Maybe it's the bit of loneliness I am feeling in this town without my family anywhere that is causing this. Maybe there is a part of my father's death that I still have not coped with that is making me bitter. Maybe it was living with Patti for those 3 long days that I am still dealing with that is making me angry. Maybe it was the reaction by the people I thought were my friends that is making me nastier as I get older. Maybe it's the financial stress I am going through now that is making me angrier. I don't know. All I know is, I am becoming something I don't want to become. I don't want to become a bully! I spend a lot of my time standing up against bullying! The last thing I ever wanted to become was an old bully! I don't need this in my life!!!

I think once my sis gets here, I might go back to my usual sweet self.

Monday, October 16, 2017

461 And Counting!

This is scary. I now have 461 subs! To me, it's scary. I never expected to reach this number of subscribers. It scares me! I'll probably have around 500 by the end of the year. oh LORD help me! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I adore my subscribers. But that means 461 people are watching. 461 people are hearing every word I am saying. 461 people are seeing my flaws. This is another reason I never wanted to become popular on YouTube. People begin to really watch you. You never really do know WHO is watching you too. Someone watching could be a maniac.

People not only begin really watching you, they also begin really listening too. You know how people on the internet take things out of context and make them out to be worse sounding than it really is. It happened to Joy Sparkle. She made a joke about brown babies being "poo-babies". And it was supposed to be said simply in jest to a brown person. So she said, I never actually heard it. But it caused her a lot of misery because people heard it and took it the wrong way. Now, I can safely say there is no danger of me saying something like that, I know what the limit is. But, I do tend to say whatever is on my mind. And I have been misinterpreted many times before, and I know it will happen again. And being a lone, old woman, the last thing I need is some maniac listening to people who are misrepresenting me, take it the wrong way, and come here and break into my house and cause trouble!

Being misrepresented is frustrating enough. I don't need to deal with people who want to take the next step and physically come here and cause harm to me or my baby. Well, hopefully that won't happen. So far, it hasn't. I've been lucky. The worst that has happened to me so far has been losing pointless buddies. People I probably should never have tried to make friends with in the first place anyway. But at least most of them would never show up on my doorstep. Or I would hope not. LOL! Shh!! Don't give them any ideas!!!

Speaking of which, the new MH documentary is out today! That's awesome! But as I understand it, the tabloids are already picking up on it. UGH!! Leave Michael alone and let the fans have their fun I say! There was a post on one of the groups I am on that talks about this. It's funny! What's funny about it is there are 3 comments on the post that I am unable to view. You know what that means? It means the SJWs have already latched on to the post. LMAO!!! If they are SJWs, I have them blocked. I can't see what they are saying and I won't take them off ignore to view them either, because I am sure it is something hilariously stupid. More libtard banter! LOL! This girl is not interested at all in reading what they have to say.

Ya know what is funny? I'm learning now to treat other INXS fans the way I treat any libtards. I recently got into it with a Yatesfag on another group I am on. Some dork named Wincey. WTF kind of name is Wincey anyways?! Anyway, with her reaction to me saying I still don't like Paula Yates, I saw nothing has changed among the libtards. I even said to her I don't understand all this libtard bullshit, and told her to just let other people have their opinions. She accused me of being rude and I told her to shut the fuck up. LOL! Simple as that. I'm not putting up with the Yatesfags' bullshit this time around. And the kind and friendly TimmyHutchFan, once again, is DEAD!! People didn't like that TimmyHutchFan. Well, they're going to hate this one even more. LOL! This time, I'll give them a real reason to hate me! Believe me, when I am done, they will wish the old TimmyHutchFan was back again. I'm done being nice to libtards. Even if they are INXS fans! Believe me, that won't happen anymore. Think of every adverse reaction I had before as being a kumbaya love fest.

If you're too kind, too many people take advantage. Some even take a mean advantage! When you treat people like shit, they at least back off. 😁 Most of them won't even say anything at all. Which to me, is cool.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Too Popular

I think I am getting too popular on YouTube. I am now up to over 450 subscribers on my channel. I never even expected to get 400 subs on YouTube, let alone over 450! It's cool, but it sucks! LOL! I know that sounds strange. But I never joined YouTube to become popular. I never wanted to become popular. I wanted to create videos, but I never wanted to create a video that became viral. There is a definite reason for that. I've seen YouTube destroy peoples' lives.

Recently, I found Joy Sparkle is no longer on YouTube. Too many trolls and haters got the best of her, and so she quit. I'm going to miss her. I can't afford to become anyone's patron on Patreon. So, if she is sticking solely to that, then I may never see her again. I actually enjoyed her videos. Even though she did talk a lot about the same subjects over and over again. If there is one thing I've learned in my years on YouTube, it's NEVER talk over and over again on the same subject. I've made videos about Onision, but I scatter them and I do not make 100+ videos about him. I've said before I did not want to turn my channel into an Onision bashing channel. That's just not my style. I may make one or two videos about Onision in a months' period, but I'd never make several in one day. I just don't do that.

Another thing I've learned never to do, NEVER talk about your personal life! Joy made the horrible mistake of constantly bringing up how sick she was. I have illnesses too. I have NEVER ONCE made a video about them. I've never even mentioned my sicknesses in any of my videos. Unless it's something minor like a cold. I may warn people that I have a cold and cannot speak too well, depending on how bad it is. But my big illnesses, I've never spoken of in my videos. I could talk about why I am so fat, but I choose not to. I prefer to just let trolls and haters think whatever they want to. It is so much easier than trying to explain anything to them. Because one thing I've learned is that no matter what, people are ALWAYS going to think what they want. You can't change it, so why fight it?

Another thing I've learned, no matter what you think, NO ONE on the internet is really your friend. That goes for YouTube, that goes for Facebook, and that goes for forums. You may find people you may like, and you might develop a friendly relationship with that person. But they are not your friend. If you meet them and they become your friend, then that's good. Then you can consider them a friend. But until that happens, they are not your friend. I've learned you can't even really say they are your enemies. You really just never know what is going through a person's mind that is online. That's why I am not too worried about what trolls and haters think of me. Not until they've actually met me and gotten to know me in person. I do warn people that I take time to warm up to people, especially strangers. I've often said I am like an animal who is brought into captivity for the first time.

Most of the time, I just ignore trolls and haters. Sometimes though they may say something that sounds rather interesting, and I will respond. But in order to really get my attention, you'd have to say something that REALLY sparks my interest. Nothing like the usual shit I've heard before. I'm more in favor of creativity. Like this one guy the other day commented on one of my videos, saying I sound like Stifler's mum, from the show American Pie. I don't watch that show, so I didn't know who Stifler's mum was. But the comment made me laugh anyway. The comments I don't respond to are the ones where the people say the usual "You're so fat, ugly, stupid, etc". That's not at all creative, just the same shit I get all the time. LOL! And more than half the time, the people who say that have no pics or videos of themselves on their channel, so chances are they're fat, ugly (and no doubt, stupid) themselves. Most of them won't admit it due to embarrassment most likely. Or they just want you to think they're better-looking than you are. I don't know what the point of that is either! LOL! Who cares?

Well, I haven't made a video in a while, my computer is still on the fix. But I just wanted to get this out there. Looks like I am becoming quite popular on YouTube, and I cannot control it. But hey, if PewDiePie can keep going, even though he is the most hated YouTuber now, then so can I.

In other news, I got another book up on UMG Productions. It's called Davy's Little White Lie, and it's about Davy and Lisa staying at the family cabin in the mountains. Davy meets a wild group of his own kind and wants to join them. There is a lot of snow in the story. I always said, if you want to make a story funny, add snow into the equation. That's definitely the case for this story. Find out what Davy lies about and why. It's a good story!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm On A Roll!

Oh boy! I've been busy this week! It's been a while since I've posted a book on UMG Productions. Well, this week, I have posted 3 of them. Though only 2 show up. I'll post them here WITH links. Here are the stories I have posted:

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: Uncle Martin is Impeached!

Yes, I finally got this story up! It is actually one of my favorite stories. It's so funny, it even makes me laugh! Even though I know how it goes. My sis Eva helped me in writing this story back when I first moved to Ocean Shores back in 2007. That was one of the first times I'd been in some turmoil, for whatever reason. Well, I saw how fair-weather friends abandoned me and my real friends stayed by me. It was a good lesson learned. Seems I am always going through some kind of turmoil! I don't care what others say, everyone hates to hear the truth! It inspired this story. Martin goes on kindof a rampage and insults the gang. Brad, who has always been on the mischievous side, took what Martin said out of context and made it sound much worse than it really was. Most of the gang followed Brad's lead. Except one. Faithful Bert remembers how good Martin has always been to him, and continues to support him. No matter what the rest of the gang said to persuade him otherwise.

Meanwhile, Tim is appointed the new leader of the gang. But is he ready to lead? No! What goes wrong under Tim's command? Everything! That's what makes this story so funny! I even bring back Group 5 in this story; a gang of gorillas (based on one of Dian Fossey's favorite groups of mountain gorillas). These gorillas have been Martin and the gang's nemeses since the early days. I actually have other stories with them in the story, plaguing Martin and the gang from 1989. But I have yet to put them on the site. Maybe some day. Though Dian Fossey herself would HATE how I've portrayed gorillas in these stories! LOL! She doesn't have to know though.

The next story I've completed:

Cafeteria Wreck

Eva and Katrina are the subject in this anecdotal story. Yes, this is an anecdote story. No real rhyme or reason for publishing it. Just for entertainment. I have a couple of those on the site now. But I also bring back Swen and Odel, who kindof branched off from Uncle Martin's gang in the mid 90s. Swen and Odel became a bit of a gang of two idiots. Though they are not really a "gang" so to speak. They are just a couple of buddies who went their own way. Well, in this story, Katrina and Eva are at an outdoor cafe and they are about to have dinner when Swen steals Katrina's food. Katrina wants repercussions, so they decide to race down a hill and the first one who makes it to the bottom of the hill wins, and the loser buys the winner's dinner.

Well, everything goes wrong, from their choice of racing vessels to the finish, and even the consequences of the winner. This story is pointless as a story it's self, but it will make you laugh! It does me! Took me a while to actually decide to post this story. Because for one thing, I don't want kids reading this story and trying a stunt like what the characters in this story tried. But I do state for kids NOT to try this stunt at home! For another thing, it is a stupid stunt! LOL! If I do say so myself. But heck! So are the stunts pulled on the Jackass series. So, I figured what the hell! Just post it! Someone will get a good laugh out of it!

Another story I've posted...

Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses INXS

This story won't be posted though. It is scheduled for November 17. So, you will not be able to see this story just yet. But I do have a link. The story is a compilation book, which consists of the stories INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens and One Day In November... and a previously unreleased story titled Jon's Nightmare, which is a comic story. Jon takes a leisurely nap after a night of performing, and wakes up to a strange world! Not yet available. But it is well worth the wait!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

RIP Tom Petty

Oh man, this is sad! I'll surely miss him. Tom Petty died yesterday. I would have wrote about it yesterday, but the deal with the stepmom overshadowed this. Family always takes precedence. I did not like Tom Petty at the same level I love INXS or Roxette, but I did like him. Not always so much his music, though I do have a couple songs by him on my MP3 player, I mostly enjoyed his music videos. A couple years ago, I made a collection of my favorite music videos on DVD, and I have a couple of his videos on there. None of which are listed in my MP3 player. I got them though because I actually like the videos better than the songs. LOL! But he was a good singer. I liked his style.

What is even weirder is I remember back in 1995, I had a dream that I married him. LOL! I was never even the least bit attracted to him in that way! I don't know why, of all the rockstars that I liked, I dreamed of marrying Tom Petty! I liked him, but never that much! But anyway, it is a sad week. First a friend dies, and now Tom Petty. My childhood is gone! I guess I am an old woman. Next thing I'll probably hear Per Gessle is dead. UGH!! I don't want that to happen! He is the last remnant of my childhood still going on today!! Don't lose him!! If he goes, I'll probably be just as devastated as I was when I heard Michael died. And so far, NO OTHER CELEB DEATH has put me in that same level of depression. Not even Tom Petty. Not even Chris Cornell. LOL! Though Katrina was very sad when she found out about Chris Cornell.

Yep, I've seen a lot of celebrities come and go, but none affected me like the death of Michael Hutchence did. Sometimes, I still cry about him. Though not every day. I don't let it take over my daily life. But sometimes, when I am sitting at home and I hear or see something that reminds me of him, or I hear a particular song, or I am watching the INXS movie, or even I think about that night that I first heard he had passed, I'll start to well up. I still miss Michael a lot. I really do. It's sad now that Tom Petty is gone too. I'll miss him. I really will. RIP man! Enjoy rocking in Heaven.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Something No One Will Believe!

I got an interesting PM from my mom earlier today. She told me that Kathy (my stepmom) sent her a friend request. Hmm. That's interesting. At first, I thought my mom had to have been joking with me. But no. She said there it was, plain as day. I thought Kathy was off of Facebook. I thought she left. But I guess she's back now. My mom was like "That bitch only wishes!" LOL! I could not believe it myself. Why would Kathy invite my mom to become her friend on Facebook? That doesn't make sense. It would have made more sense if she'd have come to either me or my sis.

I kindof wonder if it really was Kathy, or someone who is just using her name. I've been thinking of that. Because it wouldn't be like Kathy to ask my mom to become her friend on Facebook. That's not like Kathy at all. She has no ties to my mom. None at all. And my mom is like me, she doesn't like liberals. She and Kathy would not get along at all. So, I'm kinda wondering if it really was Kathy. Well, my mom is not crazy. Uhh, not really. LOL! She didn't accept Kathy's request. Who knows what could happen if she had accepted. This "Kathy" could possibly spam her. Who really knows? I totally believe it was possibly someone just pretending to be her. I looked for her name on Facebook, and she is not there. Of course she could have me blocked on Facebook.

I asked my sis if she also got a request. She said no. I never even got a request. I wouldn't accept either. Kathy lost all my respect when she brought Stephanie into a conversation that should have been kept between Kathy and my mom. I really do not like to feel that way about Kathy, as she did help me a great deal in getting into this apartment. I am grateful for that. But Kathy is older than my mom, and my mom would never have made my sis or I speak for her. It was a really bitch move for Kathy to do that, instead of talking it out with my mom for herself as an adult would. I prefer to hang with people who are self-sufficient. I don't see how what my mom said to Kathy was so offensive, but if she had a problem with what my mom wrote, she could have confronted her herself. That's what mature adults are supposed to do.

My sis was like "She'd better not try to contact us!" I said "She can contact me all she wants to. But I am not interested in associating with that family any more!" It's because of this total lack of respect for Kathy now. And this isn't the first time Kathy, or someone in her family, has done shit like that. Part of the reason I didn't want to stay in Lakewood was because of them. Same with my sis. She never has forgiven them for causing her to quit beauty school. One of Jennifer's friends was in that class, and she would report stuff back to Jennifer. To which Jennifer, being the dumbass that she is, would in turn report it back to dad. Then dad would call my sis, yelling or griping about what he heard. My sis finally got sick of it and had to quit beauty class. It's a shame too, because that is the one thing she is especially talented in. She'd have made a great beautician. Jennifer never once thought for a second that if my sis wanted dad to know about all this stuff, she would have told him herself. Dad did not need to know about everything that my sis said and did in that class! But that is the one thing I always hated about Kathy and her family; they ALWAYS did shit like that! They would blab whatever they could to my dad, or in front of my dad. They didn't care whether or not we wanted dad to know this stuff.

That kind of stuff happened all the time! Kathy and Stephanie both have done it to me, and Jennifer did it to my sis. Then those phonies would turn around and say how sweet my sis is. Neither I nor my sis were ever asked by them what or why we were doing what we did. Thank GOD Kathy and her family don't know my real big secrets. That's something they will NEVER get out of me! It'd be all over town the next day! That's why I have always had problems treating them like family. Family does not do the things they have done. My sis and I have both always been treated like nothing but outsiders by them. Neither Stephanie nor Jennifer really knew me either. All they knew about me was negative bullshit my father wanted them to know. They apparently never heard about the good things I have done through the years. If there was something negative going on in the family, Kathy and her family blamed me for it. While simultaneously saying my sis was an angel. Really, my sis could be just as evil as me, if not more so. Dad just never embellished that stuff.

Really, I barely knew Kathy's children. Before going to Arizona to visit them, I hadn't seen Stephanie for about 10 years. And I hadn't seen Jennifer since I don't know when. Probably about 25 years. They sure as hell did not know me. And I did not know them. And really, since I've gotten old, I try not to judge people I don't know. I told my sis Kathy does not deserve us. She needs to go back to her demon daughters and leave us alone. My business with her and her family is done. My dad's gone so, I don't have to have anything more to do with them. I still love my dad, and on his behalf, I am sorry it has come to this. But I do not want anything more to do with Kathy, Stephanie or Jennifer. They are nothing but strangers to me now. Since my dad died, my mind has been put on reset. 😁

Sunday, October 1, 2017

No More Ebooks

Starting at the beginning of next year, I will no longer have ebooks available on UMG Productions. That means all ways of buying ebooks on the site will be gone. I will only have paperbacks available. That also means I will have to take down my INXS stories. But that's OK! I am currently working on the compilation book of our INXS stories. I finally finished the bonus story, Jon's Nightmare. And I will have that one up, hopefully by November 22. I had to start taking my books to church to work on them there. At least I have plenty of time to work on them there. And I've also gained a few buddies who were fascinated with my drawings. I just tell them I write and illustrate for my stories, which are available on my site.

Well, my ebook provider is changing their policies, and I never sell enough books to make it worthwhile to maintain an account with them. So, I feel the best course of action is just to eliminate all ebooks from the UMG Productions website. In the next year, there's going to be a lot of changes being made. I'm even considering having a new logo made. The one I have now is fine, but I think it needs a little less detail. My partner says most company logos have simple colors, and only 1-3 different colors. Not usually so detailed. But I can use a picture of all our characters as a cover pic. I will also work on that. Hopefully in January, you will see an all-new website.

I did think about making my stories available through Kindle, Nook and all those others, but they would have to be published in EPUB format. And since most of our stories have illustrations, they cannot effectively be published in EPUB. So, I figure the best thing to do is just to eliminate all ebooks from the website. I sell more paperbacks anyways. I started the ebook idea back in 2006, hoping to get a leg-up on this "going green" craze that was starting. But it seems most people would rather have physical copies of each book. So, that is what I am going with. Oh well. I've had to change ebook platforms twice now. I thought I had a forever winner with Sellfy. That is, until they changed to a paid subscription platform. It sucks! It's not worth it for the kind of ebooks I create. So, I figure the best thing is to just eliminate ebooks altogether.

In other news, I heard about Anna May, one of my old INXS buddies. She was still friends with my mom. She also was subscribed to me on YouTube. I still have her last message (I think). Well, I heard she died. That is so sad!!!! I PM'd my mom and told her. My mom said she really liked Anna May. She had just been thinking of her yesterday too. She felt bad. On behalf of both of us, I want to extend my condolences to Anna May's family. May she RIP in Heaven. I'm sure Michael will look after her.