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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

RIP Tom Petty

Oh man, this is sad! I'll surely miss him. Tom Petty died yesterday. I would have wrote about it yesterday, but the deal with the stepmom overshadowed this. Family always takes precedence. I did not like Tom Petty at the same level I love INXS or Roxette, but I did like him. Not always so much his music, though I do have a couple songs by him on my MP3 player, I mostly enjoyed his music videos. A couple years ago, I made a collection of my favorite music videos on DVD, and I have a couple of his videos on there. None of which are listed in my MP3 player. I got them though because I actually like the videos better than the songs. LOL! But he was a good singer. I liked his style.

What is even weirder is I remember back in 1995, I had a dream that I married him. LOL! I was never even the least bit attracted to him in that way! I don't know why, of all the rockstars that I liked, I dreamed of marrying Tom Petty! I liked him, but never that much! But anyway, it is a sad week. First a friend dies, and now Tom Petty. My childhood is gone! I guess I am an old woman. Next thing I'll probably hear Per Gessle is dead. UGH!! I don't want that to happen! He is the last remnant of my childhood still going on today!! Don't lose him!! If he goes, I'll probably be just as devastated as I was when I heard Michael died. And so far, NO OTHER CELEB DEATH has put me in that same level of depression. Not even Tom Petty. Not even Chris Cornell. LOL! Though Katrina was very sad when she found out about Chris Cornell.

Yep, I've seen a lot of celebrities come and go, but none affected me like the death of Michael Hutchence did. Sometimes, I still cry about him. Though not every day. I don't let it take over my daily life. But sometimes, when I am sitting at home and I hear or see something that reminds me of him, or I hear a particular song, or I am watching the INXS movie, or even I think about that night that I first heard he had passed, I'll start to well up. I still miss Michael a lot. I really do. It's sad now that Tom Petty is gone too. I'll miss him. I really will. RIP man! Enjoy rocking in Heaven.

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