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Sunday, October 22, 2017

What Is WGHOW?

Not WGTOW, but WGHOW. That is Woman Going Her Own Way. It's similar to MGTOW, but it's women who do not want to get married and have kids. I saw a video last night about a guy discussing WGTOW, and there was a forum about it. It's full of psychos! They are basically feminists gone crazy! Or as I like to call them, "feminazis". They want to kill all men, and kill any kids they may have that are born male. UGH! That is NOT what WGHOW is! That's not even what MGTOW is all about!! MGTOW men are complete jerks, but I've never heard one say they want to kill women or female children!!!

I don't want to kill men. I don't want to see all men killed either. And I don't want to kill male babies! I love men! I just don't want to get married. The only man I ever would have married is now dead. I've been sad about his death ever since it happened. That is precisely why I totally separate myself from this so-called "WGTOW". Instead, I call myself a "WGHOW". I'm a woman who loves men, but does not love the idea of getting married or having kids. I just like to be by myself. Only the company of immediate family reaches my favor. I'd be a happy girl with just my mom and sis living close by and maybe have male friends on the side.

Sometimes I do regret not having kids. Sometimes I look into the future and think "How is my legacy going to be carried on?" I worked so hard on what I have done. How can I do all that work only to have it just thrown out the window when I die? But then there are times I think about my own personal feelings about having kids, and I am glad I never had kids. One thing is, I can't take that high-pitched screeching kids are always doing. And babies creep me out! I once met a woman who said she's never seen anyone so creeped out by a baby before, when I refused to give her kid the attention he wanted from me. But I am not fond of children. Especially children too young to talk. Because I don't know what they want! I don't understand them when they try to talk. Dogs, at least, I can figure it out just by knowing what a dog typically wants. And my dogs are generally not that loud when they need something. Nothing like the crying of a baby!

I don't like kids very much, but I am not one to tell people they should not have kids. Although when I see someone who is pregnant and has 3 kids tagging along after them, my first thoughts are "hasn't this woman ever heard of birth control?!" LOL! I never say it, but I sure as hell think it! I actually have seen this before. Many times! I would wonder why someone would want more than 2 kids. If I'd ever had kids myself, I would have stopped at 2! Or I would hope to! Depending on how active my hubby would have been. I'd never have wanted more than that!

Well, that's what separates me from WGTOW. I don't even like MGTOW men!!! Most of the ones I've met are assholes. They revel at the idea that they don't have to be gentlemen but that women will love them anyway. Well, not this woman. I wouldn't even make friends with a MGTOW man. For one thing, they are nothing more than radicals. Instead of talking about what is positive about women, all I ever hear from MGTOWs is what is wrong with modern women. Well, not ALL women are as they describe. Another thing I always hear from them is that fat women are all ugly feminists. Well, in part, I have to agree with that. But not all fat women are interested in becoming feminists. I know I am not. But I also know there is a stigma that MGTOW men are going to hold me to that all fat women are such because we always go to McDonald's and chow down on burgers every day. I may be fat, but that does not mean I go to McDonald's or Burger King every day! In fact, in the past year, I've only been to Burger King one time. I've been to McDonald's zero times. LOL! I just don't go out to eat often. I prefer cooking my own dinner as long as I am capable.

I watched a video by Red Pill Philosophy, and he described his encounter with two women he saw on the beach. He described them as "there was a big, fat woman who was hideous, and she was walking with a thin woman who was eh kinda cute..." then he goes on to describe how he tried to strike up a conversation with the thin woman and she looked at him and said "Do you want me to punch you in the face?!" It shocked him, so he said. LMAO! I saw that and I am sitting here thinking "There HAS to be more to the story than that!" He must have been shit-talking the thin woman's fat friend to her! Or maybe she was angry that he did not at least say "pardon me" to the fat woman. A gentleman would have. Whether he thought the fat girl was "attractive" or not. LOL! See, that kind of attitude I don't like either in MGTOW men. They think women, who do not wear a size one or two, don't deserve politeness. I'd even wager the fat girl was not even as "hideous" as he made her out to be. There are some very attractive fat girls out there! Not necessarily obese, like me. But "thick" women can be beautiful, and especially if they have a bubbly attitude.

Yes, I still believe we should revert back to the days of chivalry, kill all the feminazis, and take things back to the old days, when everyone had good manners and kept their hands to themselves! Until that happens, I am remaining a WGHOW girl.

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