Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

At War!

Well, it's happened. Russia is now at war with the Ukraine. We all saw it coming. Kamala Harris is a lousy excuse of a negotiator!!! Russia has been laughing at us since Biden has been president, because he's weak! And so dumb, he can't even do communism right! Now are all you Biden supporters happy? Next thing we know Biden is going to be sending our own troops to fight in this Russian war! Then we will be living through world war 3!! If you don't mind my saying so, I'm very sick of war.

Now, say what you want about Trump, you may not like him, you may think he's a liar, you may even say he's nothing but an overstuffed Cheetos puff! But NONE of this shit happened when Trump was president. Russia left the Ukraine alone. Putin was afraid of Trump because Trump is not afraid to speak his mind. And he does it like a bull running through a china shop!!! Even the most hardcore, Trump-hating leftist idiot should be impressed with the way Trump handled Putin. Biden can't do that. He can't do shit. Whereas Trump came after Putin like a raging bull, Biden is more like the most subordinate, apologetic little girl wetting her pants as he tries to talk to Putin. Trump was like a honey badger, Biden is more like a mouse.

The things the left hates Trump for, are all things they wish Biden would do. But they couldn't be more wrong. I knew Biden wasn't going to do shit for this country! After all, he hated this country. I remember telling that to Garry Beers when he mentioned that Biden will do good for this country. I wonder what he thinks now? As for Timmy, I'm shocked he doesn't support freedom of choice. I hate to say this, but I lost respect for Timmy when I heard that. I cannot help it. I was upset when I heard that. I'd like to say I'll always love Timmy no matter what. But hearing he's not a supporter of freedom, it was so perturbing! I just can't stand by him for this. I love my freedom (the main reason I never got married or had kids). Anyone who is all for taking my freedom away from me is no one I should favor. Sorry Tim.

Not that I think he cares! LOL! But so far, Michael and Jon are the only members of INXS not to disappoint me lately. I'm not happy!

Anyway, I knew this was coming, and I knew Biden would send our troops there, because he likes the Ukraine. They gave millions of dollars to Biden's children, so he's going to stand up for the Ukraine. Instead, Biden is here worrying about diversity and inclusion. Did anyone besides me feel disgusted when Biden said he wants to put a black liberal woman in charge of the supreme court??? UGH!!! I don't mind a black woman, but he wants her to be a liberal!!!! This whole country will be up to our ears in libtard shit!!! And then Biden hires the worst kind of person to look over one of the nuclear energy dumps, a gender-fluid person who has a fetish for men who think they're dogs; Sam Brinton. Ugh! Can you imagine what it would be like to hire someone who is "gender fluid"?? Especially at a nuclear waste dump??? That's a dangerous job! Not exactly the kind of job one should be playing and fooling around in. Mr. Brinton would be more concerned with what pronouns someone is using to describe him, rather than nuclear safety. I know I love dogs, but I don't favor anyone who acts like a dog. I used to know kids like that in middle school and high school, and I found them to be very creepy. Nothing like real dogs! I know I love dogs, but hearing people barking at you is just ghoulish!!! I used to look at them like they were nuts! Or just ignore them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

This Week's Asshat

Take a look at the dumbass of the week.

This is P. Worth Thompson. I think his name says it all. He ain't worth P! I see that face and I believe I am looking at pure evil. There is nothing behind those soulless eyes! Nothing but empty space. I'll tell you right now, if I saw this coming at me on the street, I'd turn and walk away, or run to the other side of the road as fast as I can! Those are the eyes of a serial killer!

Anyway, I first saw this hack on Jon Farriss's page. He was supposedly a fan of Jon's. Not anymore. This all started with Jon posting how he cannot wait to join Trump's new social media platform. I haven't joined yet either. But I will. I can only get it on my tablet, and I haven't opened up my tablet in a few days. I don't understand why Trump doesn't just release it as a website. But oh well! Well, all the damn leftards on his page are saying how upset they are at Jon for even talking about joining Trump's website. A lot say they're leaving. But really only a few have. As for little mister P. Worth Thompson, he not only announced he's leaving, but he also called Jon an "asshat". This was the first post I read from this guy.

Well, I love Jon. He's my most favorite drummer man in the world! I even tease him a little in my stories. Being the youngest in my family, I like to poke a bit at another last born person. hehe! I didn't like this jerk calling Jon names like that. Although I truly do not believe Jon cares. I'm just like a mama bear. I am unable to post from my usual account on Facebook now, so I am using my alternate account...

He saw this, and probably looked at my bio in my profile and said this...

One of his little retarded leftist friends also liked this comment of his. But that's OK. I've used this line many times myself. hehe! One of my best lines on YouTube. Can't expect anything different from leftists. This was my response...

True. I don't personally care if he thinks I'm not worthy. I never care what leftists think. But I love to have fun with them! I love to prod at them and make them go absolutely crazy. Of course, looking at this guy's profile picture, I think GOD beat me to it. He looks crazy to me! And he's a leftist, and leftists are always crazy! This is how I knew he had looked at my profile.

LOL! This is what it says on my profile for this account...

From this, he deciphered my whole life. Keep in mind, this is my alternate Facebook account. I don't say much on it. I'm certainly not going to show where I went to school on here. This is what it says on his profile...

OK so I was the one who added "And complete asshat" to his profile! LMAO!!! Look at that description! Not only is this guy crazier than a loon, he's a narcissist too. But then again, ALL leftists are narcissists. And if he's an acolyte for Austrian schools, you couldn't pay me to go there! "World traveler" ugh! Doesn't mean shit either! I have no desire to travel the world. There's no place like the good ol' USA! And I have been around this country. I plan to travel some more in the coming years! Going to attend some bird expos and exotic animal expos. That's MY fun!

Anyway, this was my response to his last comment...

Yeah, he wishes he could be right about what I do in my life. Too bad he's way off! Because he scrambled around for info about me and couldn't find it. I'm happy, I'm comfortable, I got what I want, so, no dreams were sacrificed. Too bad P. Worth Thompson! In fact, the only dream of mine that has not been fulfilled is becoming a delivery driver for DoorDash. But even that is coming soon.

This was his response...

Oh! No wonder this idiot hates Trump so much. In leftist ideology, he's just like Trump; hates the poor. He hates the poor so much, he extorts it to people he disagrees with! That's what he's saying when he says "Go collect your SSI check". LMAO!!! This was my response...

I've met the guys several times, yes I do think Jon is a real charmer! I loved that guy! And my respect for him after reading that he supports freedom, has escalated three-fold! And no, I really don't care what this idiot-jerk thinks of me. Remember, I said I stopped caring what the fans think of me now. I meant it too. Except for the few I truly consider friends.

This was his response...

Definitely NOT Jon! Jon is PLENTY smart! He's smart enough not to listen to the mainstream media. He's smart enough not to follow the herd. All the things the leftists do now, are all things Hitler did when he was in charge. We didn't experience any of this from Trump's administration. And yet, he's the one the leftists liken to Hitler! That's how we all know the leftists listen to the media only. Well, one woman on this thread claims she doesn't listen to the media, and said she didn't even have cable. But you know what? I've heard that so many times from leftists. Personally, I think the leftists who say they don't watch the mainstream media, are lying!!! How else is it they repeat the same talking points as the media passes out?

Anyway, this was my last response to him...

Well, there it is! He thinks Jon is "willfully ignorant", I think P Worth Thompson is dumb. From this point, like Katrina says, I dropped the mic. I won't be responding to any more of his silly, petty little posts. I got what I wanted. I had my fun. Besides, I got sick of seeing his ugly face! After all this back and forth with him, this is what he looks like to me...

I looked through his pictures, I see no evidence of him having a family of his own, not even a dog! If he has no wife and no dog, then he isn't a real man. He's ugly enough he probably keeps about 50 cats in his house, and probably smells like a litter box! He may even be covered in fleas! For all I care about him, he can go suck on those cats and enjoy it!

**********************************EDIT TO ADD******************************

I looked in on my Facebook notifications, and I notice P. Worth Thompson is still foaming at the mouth about me. But I've already made up my mind I am done with this guy. So, I didn't even look to see what he wrote. LOL!! But let him go on, and on, and on, and on, however long he wants to.

In other news, I found out Timmy does not support freedom like Jon does. Damn it!! That's a damn greek tragedy!! Timmy has been disappointing me all the way! I'm thinking now it probably should be Jon I love instead of Tim!!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

I Have Been Had!

Remember some months ago I posted about The Finch Farm, and how I was going to get some birds from there. Well, I was wrong! This morning I went to their website, only to find out that the website is now down. A few months back, I looked at some of the comments on their website left by the customers who have ordered from them. Most were happy comments. But one comment stood out. It was by a woman who placed an order for a bird, and signed on one day to check the status of her order, only to find out there was no record of her order. She exclaimed there's something fishy going on. Since then, I wondered if they'd done the same thing to my order. So, I looked on my profile there to see if my order was listed, and it wasn't.

I ordered some shaft-tailed whydah birds, and paid $300 for them, plus shipping. They took no time taking the money from my credit card, but here it is, almost a year later and I have not received any word about the birds I ordered. And now, their website is down! If you go to the website, this is all you'll see now...

Apparently, the website has been down like this for several months now. I just haven't been on the internet in a while. Supposedly, they are understaffed now because of Covid. But they were open last year at this time! Not only that, but Google now also lists the store as being closed permanently.

I cannot believe this. I have been had! I'm so angry! Not so much for the loss of the money, I don't even still have that credit card anymore. What makes me mad is now, there is no other place I can go to buy shaft-tailed whydah birds! And I want some! They are a rare species to find in the trade. When I first saw the website, I thought I'd found a bird-lovers Heaven! Now, it seems like I slipped into the 7th circle of Hell. But if I think the loss of almost $400 (including shipping) was bad, some people lost way more than that! Look at this poor guy's review from the BBB website...

And he was not the only one. Lots of people placed orders to The Finch Farm and never received their birds. There are 131 reviews on the page. Most of them, not good! Especially the more recent reviews. I do see where one of The Finch Farm's representatives responded to one of the customer's complaints.

And this was the response the representative gave...

We all signed their terms and conditions when we ordered. OK, our part is done. Now, what about the jockies who are supposed to fulfill the orders?? Why haven't you guys kept your part of the bargain? And then to tell us ALL LIVE PET SALES ARE FINAL??? You are hiding behind that now to not give us our birds and not give us a refund. I never asked for a refund, all I want are my birds!! If you cannot fulfill my order, then PLEASE, be good people and give me my money back so I can go try to find the birds I want from someone else! You've protected your behinds. But have done nothing to satisfy your customers in months! Yes. There is no excuse for that! Very unprofessional and sneaky.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Agree Or Disagree With Jon

Apparently, Jon Farriss is currently under some turmoil among the fans. So what's new? Most of them are fricken liberals. I don't really know the whole story behind this, but what little I got, Jon spoke his mind against this coronavirus vaccine, and all the libtard-leftist INXS fans didn't like it. Many unfollowed him (and I bet anything I can tell you the exact names of the people who did, first and last names!) Some people are OK with Jon speaking his mind. I'm one of those. What pisses me off is the mockery my old Tim/Hutch Love group has become. I left it, when I deleted my last Facebook account, into the hands of someone I thought I could trust; Renee Que. Shortly after I left, I asked Katrina how she was getting along in the group. She informed me right then that she had been kicked out for talking about Paula.

Of course, Katrina didn't really care. She said it was no fun in there without me. But what got me was how Renee is not keeping with my original philosophy of allowing freedom of speech. Then when I joined Facebook under this new account, I joined the group to see how it's going. Not only did she change the name to something rather corny, but she also got 2 more moderators. Two of my least favorite INXS fans on the planet; Claire Aisha and Tess O'brien. I can't even mix the words "favorite" and those two goons in the same sentence. It doesn't look or feel good! Then I thought to myself "No wonder Renee has turned leftist!" This info will come in handy to know once I explain what happened.

I heard this morning from some fans that Renee actually banned them from the group for agreeing with Jon. I sat here and said to myself "I'm not at all surprised!" At least with the gruesome twosome helping moderate the group! I don't blame Renee for any of this. At least she didn't go along with the anti-TimmyHutchFan wagon when they all turned against me. For that, I am forever grateful. And it tells me she is a good person deep down inside. But remember, Renee is not exactly acting alone now. I whole-heartedly blame Claire Aisha and Tess O'brien for kicking those fans out because they agreed with Jon. And that does sound like something they would do.

I can't even believe I used to like those two finks!! I liked Claire Aisha when I first met her. But I truly believe she, and others like her, are the ones responsible for turning Australia into a communist country now. Nasty-ass-dumb shit, pig-eyed motherfucker! Now, you all know why I hate INXS fans! All but a very few. NONE of the ones I like are leftists though. I'm only a member of 2 INXS groups on Facebook now, and I really want to keep it that way. I don't post much. Mostly I just go in for the pics. Once in a while, I will leave a like here and there. But mostly, I just don't say anything to anyone in groups anymore. The horseshit they are now giving Jon is exactly the same shit I got from them after my father died, and they thought I was talking about one of their friends. A lying horse's ass of a friend!

No way! I am NOT at all surprised the fans turned on Jon for having his own opinion! I'm sure not surprised, and neither should Jon Farriss be surprised. I stopped giving any shits about the fans when they pulled this same shit on me. They took advantage of my weakness. At least the ones I was friends with knew my abilities had been weakened because of my father's death. When I saw what was written about Jon, my first reaction was 'You go, Jon! I'm there with you!' I hope Jon continues to stand his ground, and DO NOT APOLOGIZE!!!!! NEVER apologize to leftists. It's never good enough for them. I learned that at the same time too. Shoot! Rosanda even admitted to me then that an apology would not work! LOL! So, I just fucked it, and didn't waste my time! Don't waste yours either, Jon! They're not worth it.