Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Personal Pet Peeves

Here is a list of my personal pet peeves. This week I've encountered some that are completely unbearable!

1. Eastern USA baptists churches. They are more like a cult! I swear they have the same idealisms!! One family seems to have become infamous, because the mother, Shirley Phelps, is so sick and twisted, she pickets everything, even soldiers who died in the war and being buried, she calls it "worshipping the dead" and says everyone who attends that funeral is Hellbound. I'm glad my church isn't like that, and I found out that not all baptists are like that. Just the ones on the eastern half of the US. While in my church, we sing about GOD's love and compassion, they sing about GOD's hate and wrath. They stand on corners, holding picket signs that say "GOD hates fags", and "GOD hates America" and they scream and shout to random people "GOD hates you!" and "Sinners will all go to Hell!" Their ideas are over 2000 years old. They seem to have forgotten that is why GOD sent Jesus here, to die for our sins so that people who commit a sin can be forgiven. And the fact that they use the word "fag" still in reference to gay people, shows how ancient their ideas are. They believe they are perfect, and that no one in their circle of friends and relatives in their church will be going to Hell. They have no right to judge anyone! Only GOD has that right. They can't even preach HIS word right! And I cannot get over how immature this Shirley Phelps is! When I saw her smug, pathetic little grin on a video, I just wanted to slap her HARD!! Don't believe me? Here's one of many videos with her. She is the woman, and don't be fooled by that big grin. Behind it is an evil person, and she's not grinning because she's happy! She's grinning because she's a smug little pussy-ass bitch.

I actually got some pleasure out of seeing her and her stupid cult get their butts kicked by Anonymous! And I don't usually agree with everything Anonymous does. Small wonder Phelps is the way she is, you should see her father. And the worst part is the kids are already showing as much hate as their mom does. They are also getting victimized for it, they have no friends in school, and I saw in one video where someone threw a cup at one of their children (a 7-year old boy) while they were standing out protesting a fallen soldier's funeral. The teenage girls laugh about it, but it's a kind of laugh that says they are more hurting inside. A young teenage girl spoke out against the Westboro Baptist Church because she said there is so much hypocrisy (I agree with her), and her family disowned her because she said that. They don't care, they'll disown their own kids, and be happy when any of their kids die even the 'good' ones, and other such horrible things. Want to see more videos of Phelps in action and hear what other evils she relishes? Go to Youtube and search for "Crazy religious lady" or search her name.

2. People who talk about these mongrel dogs as if they are purebreeds. I see it all the time! I see people getting online and say "My (insert first two syllables of one breed here)poo (or "doodle") is the best dog in the world, and I want to meet other owners of [afore mentioned mixed breed] and see if their dog acts the same as mine!" Your dog is a MUTT!!! There is NO definite character for mutts. Not even if they are mixed with the same breeds. You might find one who acts like your dog, but it's not likely. Case in point, when I was a kid, 2 neighbors of ours had sheltie/beagle mixes. Must have been acquired from the same BYB, but anyway, there they were. One was sweet and lovable, but she was a wanderer. The owners could not get their dog to stay in their yard even with a fence around it. The other one was more cautious of people, and prefered to stay in his yard, even when he was outside their fenced-in back yard. Mixed breeds have no distinctive personalities, and it really irks me when people talk about them like they do! If they want a dog that is going to have a distinctive personality, get a pure breed dog, then you know what you are getting!

3. This royal wedding going on. Who gives a shit if some wimpy, mousey man is marrying some stuck-up, fugly, skanky whore?! I sure don't!!

4. When you try to help someone and they absolutely refuse it, or throw it back in your face, while at the same time playing the martyr! Example: my ma is back to being friends with Nancy. Nancy is a wonderful person, so don't get me wrong on this. But she was working on a job where they treated her like shit. Finally, the man gets in her face one day, about a month ago, and tells her to get out, she's fired. Nancy felt very threatened by this person. But, now she's got no job, no money and no food. Her last paycheck is all gone now, she could not even get a birthday gift for her granddaughter, and she has no one to lend her money. Well, ma tried to give Nancy some helpful advice. I told ma to tell Nancy about a temp agency that always managed to keep me busy! Anna too! But no, Nancy does not want to go with them. She has a thing that she only wants to go with temp agencies that will put her on jobs where they will treat her like shit. She loves playing the 'woe is me' role. Ma recommended Nancy get on welfare and foodstamps, and she said Nancy kicked like a steer when she recommended that! Ma gave her the option, do you want to eat or don't you? Nancy said she doesn't want to go about it that way. OK then! So ma is through giving Nancy advice. Now, Nancy has asked ma to lend her $60 to cover her rent, and ma cannot give it. She doesn't have it. Nancy might lose her house, and everything. I feel bad for her, but if she won't take ma's advice, what can she do? Ma told me about a refrigerator that she sold to Nancy several years ago, and Nancy was supposed to pay $125 to ma for it, but she never did. She doesn't even have that house or that refrigerator anymore. Nancy is a good person, too good! But she has never been known for intelligence! She's very set in her ways, and again, she likes people to feel sorry for her. She likes that feeling so much, she will go to any lengths to get that. I'm the kind that likes to do things for myself. I only play the "woe is me" part for my videos, and only because people think it's funny.

Well, those are my personal pet peeves.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ma Is Pissed!

I knew she would be! She's angry because I bought that ticket to the INXS concert in Woodinville. Well, I got another application for a damn apartment, but to be honest, just looking at the kind of people they say will get rejected, I can honestly tell you I don't think I am going to get accepted! For one thing, I've never had a rental under my name before. I always put the rental agreements under my sis's name. She's older! They also state that I cannot have lived with a family member for the last 2 years. I've been living with my sis. I think that's a dumb reason not to accept someone into their apartments! I may have read it wrong, I dunno. I need to contact this place and ask them to set me straight on this! Moving to Bozeman is looking less and less possible right now! But I have no choice! If I could though, I would pack up what I can and just move myself into one of these new apartments out here in Ocean Shores. There's some that they were going to turn into condos once, but now they are allowing people to rent them as apartments. I wouldn't mind moving in there, I was going to anyways when they were selling them as condos. It's either that, or seek a roommate and share the expenses. Until Anna can get established in Bozeman, or where ever the Hell she plans to move to once she graduates.

I would like to have moved to Westport, but the decent apartments there will allow you to have cats, but no dogs. That too sucks!! I don't want no fricken cat!!! Cats are the most useless animals on the planet! I don't know why humans domesticated them! You can't really eat them. You can't ride them. They don't herd sheep or cattle. They don't show you they are happy when you come home from work. They're USELESS!!! Not saying they're not cute, I'm just saying they are worthless animals. There isn't anything a cat can do that a dog cannot. I've even heard a dog say "meow", and sounded just like a cat. A cat can climb trees, and most dogs cannot. But if I want a pet that will climb trees, I would get a monkey! Monkeys are so much better at climbing trees than cats are, and are so much more graceful! There's nothing a cat can do that a dog cannot, but there is plenty a dog can do, that a cat cannot. If it weren't for dogs, we would not have civilizations. We would still be living in caves, and have almost no technology. That's how important dogs are to humankind. Dogs and horses were actually the original building blocks of our societies. Just as vegans see no real point in humans eating meat, I see no real point in having a cat as a pet.

Speaking of vegans, I must say, they are at it again! LOL! I've closed the book on the subject of veganism, but they keep wanting to go on and on and on with it. Like I told you, some of these vegans are simply annoying! I must say one good thing about them, when it comes to persistence, they are the champions of the World. Too bad none of them are very persuasive. I saw a video put out by jpmetz on YouTube. She's one of the uber-popular people of YouTube, she has tons of subscribers (though I admit I am not one of them), but those who are subscribed to her seem to love her. Well, in this video, she talks about eating meat. We've been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years and we always lived just fine! Of course the fanatical vegans hate her for that video, because she sits there and munches on a turkey leg and talks about eating meat being good for us. She says everything in a sort of sarcastic way. Anyway, I favorited the video. I just like her attitude on there, and I love how the fanatical vegans shit talk her. But she says "Screw you if you don't agree with me!" LOL!! Well, I learned today that some other fanatical vegans have posted my videos to their Facebook pages. I said fine! Let them do it, that's what the videos are there for! I got like 4 personal responses today. Two of the people were very nice, one was a dumbass, and I informed him that he's been blocked. The other, I'm kinda unsure about. I got some bad vibes from her message, but she was not really all that hateful. One of the nice people was the one that informed me that my videos were receiving a lot of negative responses. I told her they are just fanatical vegans, and I never listen to the fanatics. I still say how I live my life is nobody's business but mine, and what I eat is nobody's business but mine.

I'll tell you, I will bend my way of thinking and give up my dietary choices once the vegans....
1) pay my bills
2) pay for my groceries
3) Tell me why my Vegas lived, while his brother died
4) Tell me why my Groucho died
5) Tell me what the Hell is so special about keeping cats as pets

Once I get vegans doing all that, then and ONLY then, will I allow them to tell me how to live my life. You know, they say animals are self-aware. I still totally disagree with that. Omnivores are the smartest group of animals there are. Look at all the animals that are considered most intelligent, most, if not all, of them are omnivorous. Yet, I see dead raccoons on the road all the time! I'm seeing them now more often than I see squirrels. If animals are so smart, and so self-aware, don't you think by now raccoons would have learned that cars are dangerous? I don't even see as many dead rabbits as I see raccoons. And cattle. Cattle are among some of the stupidest animals on the planet. They are totally not self-aware! Someone on that video thread said she grew up on a cattle farm, and said cattle are so dumb, they will actually allow themselves to get shocked by their electric fence several times a day. I believe it too! LOL! Cattle are incredibly dumb animals. But regardless of that, a prey animal is a prey animal. And besides that, they taste GOOD!!!!!!

Well, honestly, I have bigger problems to think about than some fanatical vegan shitheads hating on my videos. They are the LEAST of my concern now. I may have to make a rough decision that is going to get me in a Hell of a lot of hot water!!! I can feel it now! It may not even work out. That kinda scares the Hell out of me! A lot of it will depend on if I can get ahold of someone at that apartment complex in Bozeman. Sure hope I can! As for the INXS concert, well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day or Panther Day?

Everybody is somebody. Somebody is everybody. LOL! Starting off with a little philosophy there. I love it! Well, yesterday a lot of people went to see this movie "African 'Cats'", and I heard about some of those people on the Craigslist pet forum. I didn't go to see it! I'm not going to spend my money going to see a stupid movie like that! Not that I don't like Samuel L. Jackson. I just hate panthers. The previews even sucked! I told the curious that I wasn't ever going to see that movie, because I knew I would not like it. Well, one person, who calls herself rusticdiamond, I think she's a newbie on that forum (I've never seen her before), posted a thread that she asked who's idea it was to say lions are related to cats, because she said they don't look like cats. I agreed with her. I don't think lions look like cats at all. I always said they remind me more of collie dogs. I look at a collie moving, and I swear it's just like a lion's movement. I added "I still think lions are ugly anyway. Not saying that collies are ugly dogs, I'm just saying I don't like lions." Well, after I wrote that someone who calls herself kittenmittons said she's never heard anyone say lions are ugly before. She was cool about it, and I get that all the time. I just told her they are ugly to me. I added that I hate tigers too, and in fact the only large felines I like are snow leopards.

In another thread, there was a discussion about tattoos. Someone posted a picture of some tattoos that had something to do with animal rights and liberations. One of the tattoos said "Eye Hate God". Well, one poster said she didn't like that tattoo, even though in the panther thread, she was the one who admitted to being an atheist. My comment to her about that tattoo was "Doesn't that say something about these ARAs? It tells me that they are very disturbed people to say they hate GOD." Kittenmittons had no idea what ARA means, so I told her. I told her that they are all nuts, drawing back on the memories on both my and Katrina's lives and families being threatened by ARAs and fanatical vegans. I was kinda posting on 2 threads at the same time, the tattoo thread and the panther thread. Kittenmittons at least was cool about me not liking lions and tigers, so I was cool with her. She asked me at one point what my favorite animals are, and I told her. I said I like virtually any animals except large felines and spiders. Both for different reasons. I'm terrified of spiders, I'm disgusted by panthers. In the meantime, on the tattoo thread, I was also talking to her more in depth about ARA groups and fanatics thereof.

Kittenmittons and one other person, called herself Seabiscuit, were shocked that I said panthers are disgusting. Again, I get that all the time. As long as they were cool with that, I was cool with them. And they did understand that I have a right to my own opinion. They were curious as to why I thought panthers are disgusting. I cannot really answer that, because in my eyes, they just are. I think it's all that flabby skin on their butt and belly that flaps when they move. Reminds me of a person who spent their entire lives being fat, and then lost the weight too fast, and now has all that extra flesh flapping around. I know if I lose weight, that's what might happen. LOL! I dread it, because it'd look disgusting!

Well, just then, rusticdiamond comes back and sees my posts against lions and other panthers, and she gives me an attitude, saying things to the effect of "You have no taste" and "lions have WAY more charisma than a collie dog!" and "tigers are cute and beautiful animals" and "Lions have charisma where most people are corrupt!" Basically she was pissed off because I don't think panthers are 'pretty', and she was just being a total douchebag. I said to her "Maybe you are the one with no taste." I went on to tell her that I am not going to see "charisma" in an ugly animal just because she sees it. I'm not going to say I like lions just because she likes them. I told her IAGH (it ain't gonna happen) because I am my own person with my own mind. Then rusticdiamond went to the post where I said panthers in general are disgusting, and started yelling and bitching about that. She said things to the effect of "That doesn't even make sense", and "you don't like them just because they are big?" and the remark that most interested me was when she said "Are you this bigoted about people too?" Right then I knew rusticdiamond must be one of those ARA fanatics! Any time you see someone equating how another feels about animals to how they feel about people, you know you're dealing with a fanatic!! I just said "OH boy! Now the truth comes out! I get the feeling you are one of those ARA fanatics I mentioned below. Well, this will be my last post to you, because I want NOTHING to do with fanatics! Unless they're INXS fanatics!" And that was it. That would be the last post I ever make to rusticdiamond.

Ironically, back in the tattoo thread, Kittenmittons made a comment about how bad PETA is, and she had no idea other animal rights groups were like that. I answered "Oh yes, I see it all the time! The fanatics all have the same idea that if you don't live your life the way they want you to, they threaten to kill you and your whole family!" I felt that if I had gone any further with rusticdiamond, that kind of attitude would come from her very soon! Or something similar. She was PISSED!! LOL! All because I do not like lions and tigers. People like that make hating panthers so much easier, and every argument they give me because I hate panthers, only makes me hate them even more! I said it before and I will say it again, I think people who try to defend panthers like that are imbecilic! What has a panther ever done for them? I think I can blindly answer that... NOTHING!!! I've never heard of any panthers doing anyone any favors, or defending them from anything. So what is the point in people like rusticdiamond getting so pissed off because I hate panthers? No particular reason. I think it only shows how insecure rusticdiamond really is. People get angry when they have no control. Especially apprehensive and irrational people. And I refuse to be controlled. Therefore people like that feel the need to argue with me in an attempt to get me to feel the way they do about something. It's bad that people are like that in general, but that's human nature I guess.

Poor Little Me!!

LOL! I once Googled my name and there was a site devoted to me where someone had posted a picture of me (that apparently had been taken down before I got there) and it had that caption under it. I think I know who that was the work of, but I'll get into that some other time. Anyway, I did it. I shouldn't have, but I did it. I bought my ticket for INXS's next concert in July. And I must have been out of my fricken mind!!!! I knew I was not supposed to do that! But I did it anyway :( Normally, you would not see me with a frown on my face after just having bought INXS tickets. I'm usually glad to be going. But this time, I keep asking myself "WHY in the vast universe did I buy those damn tickets!?!?!" I knew I wasn't supposed to! I should be saving my damn money for the damn move to Bozeman!!! Why did I buy tickets for the concert to INXS?????? Yeah, poor little me, or stupid little me, take your choice!! Now either one would suit me well. I had no business buying that ticket!

I wasn't even going to! The sale started at 10AM this morning, and I woke up a little later than that. I figured all the good seats would be gone. So I said to myself, "Well, it's just as well. I need to save my money for the move anyway." Later on, about Noon, I got a little curious if there were any good seats left. So I looked. Once I found out I could get nearly front-row seats on Timmy's side, there was no stopping me!!! It was like a drug! I had to have it! You might even say I blacked out. By the time the lights came back on, I was out $95. Then I was like "Ohhh SHIT!!!!!" Why oh why did I do that???? Talk about things that are total bottomless money-sucking vacuums; cars, rental homes and INXS top the list. All I can say is, this had better be one hell of a concert!! I'd better not see that damn Nikka Costa there!! I hate her!! She sucks dirty tiger balls!! I know there won't be any of my meeting with the guys, although I would love to again. Actually, I would love to do a video interview with the guys myself! But I have the feeling Timmy is going to look at me with disgust. LOL! If he does hate me (because of the things I said on here about Kirk) I don't really want to know it! That's why I don't actively go out and meet celebs. I don't want to know what they think of me, because I am such a shy and quiet person. Although I have met several celebs in my day, most of them was when I was a kid. You can get away easily with being quiet and shy when you're a little kid! But if you're an adult and like that, people tend to think you're psychotic. And I just don't want to know the person whose pic I admired in magazines thinks I'm psychotic. LOL!

The one I would really LOVE to meet up with again would be Andrew. I love Andrew!! He reminds me so much of a big, cuddly teddy bear!! And the last time I met him, I was so engrossed on how hot it was in my surroundings, I'm afraid I didn't appear very friendly to him! I've been kicking myself about that meeting ever since! I just shoved my book at him and told him to sign. It shouldn't have gone like that!! But it was like 200 degrees in that room!! I was sweltering! I just wanted to get out of there. I'm sure he doesn't remember it, but I do. And I have felt like shit about it since then. That was back in 2006. Well, regardless of such, I will be bringing my video camera, and making a video of the concert. So, stay tuned to my YouTube channel! I'm going to do it like I do all my videos, in the form of a movie. Except it'll be just me, the dogs, and INXS. Yes, I may have to bring my dogs with me. Unless Anna will agree to babysit them while I am away. I think I am going to title it "Timmyfan and INXS in Woodinville". Or then I may come up with something more creative. But then I should let people know I will be at an INXS concert there. The concert is apparently being held in a winery. I hate wine, so I don't think I'll be sticking around to try any. I can imagine the setting to this concert will be like that of a bar scene, with a bunch of inebriated and rowdy fans all around me. I might be the only sober one there. I'm not as worried about the concert it's self as I am about all those drunken fans driving home, or wherever they will be staying. That's going to be the thing to worry about. I have to try and make it back to Montana somehow the next day.

I am still, in some ways, not looking foreward to moving to Bozeman. And after 3 nosebleeds yesterday, triggered by the cold, dry air, wild ragweeds in the backyard, and already faltering sinus allergies, I'm not quite sure anymore if I do want to move to Bozeman. But now, I can't back out. Due to circumstances beyond my control, this cannot be undone now. The proverbial wheels are already in motion, and cannot be stopped. If I just keep thinking about the good of moving to Bozeman, I will get through. At least there, I will be close to shopping and malls. I heard the Gallatin Mall is quite impressive. But this may be my very last chance of getting to see INXS before they retire. LORD knows they won't come to Montana! Timmy didn't even know the state exists! No hope of them going there for a gig. So, I have to come back here to see them. But I am dearly going to miss Ocean Shores!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Atheism True?

Well, last night I went on a Youtube frenzy, watching videos and all left and right. I came across a video by theAmazingAtheist, and well, as his name implies he is an atheist. He is constantly being picked on by another user who calls himself Shockofgod. Shockofgod openly admits he used to be an atheist, but not anymore. He admitted the one thing that converted him was that he was asked by a priest if he can prove that atheism is accurate and correct. He couldn't so BOOM! He became a christian. I have nothing against Shockofgod, he's one of my YouTube buddies in fact. But there is a flaw in that question, which he now asks all kinds of atheists if they can prove it.

TheAmazingAtheist is a guy, I have no ties to him. But he is quite a smart fellow. He said something that I've been waiting to hear someone say all along to Shockofgod's question about proving atheism is true and accurate. TheAmazingAtheist said no, you cannot prove atheism is true. That's not the question. He said that the burden of proof does not fall on atheists, it falls on christians. I finally told Shockofgod last night that atheism cannot be proven, just like GOD's existance really cannot be proven, because both are intangible entities. Both beliefs are based on nothing more than pure FAITH. Both are different levels and varieties of faith, but it's still faith. It can't be seen, you cannot take a picture or video of it. It's like saying can you prove love exists? No, I can't prove it exists, because you can't really take a picture of it. It's something that you just know is there. I cannot prove GOD exists, and I generally don't try to. I get people all the time saying "GOD is a fake!" But I don't let it take away my beliefs, because I happen to believe GOD is NOT a fake. I have actually felt HIS presence before. I cannot explain it to a non-believer, it is impossible. I can only tell how I became a believer.

I became a firm believer in GOD when I was bullied, by people I thought were friends, to a point where I felt I had to lie to get them to like me again. Made me feel ugly inside! That feeling did not go away until I said a prayer to GOD, asking HIM to forgive me for that lie and feeling the way I did about those former 'friends'. I was not even a believer in GOD then, and it was my very last resort, but it was the one that worked the best! I was amazed that even though I had alienated GOD for so many years before then, HE still listened to me and answered my prayer. I felt that burden literally lift right off my shoulders. For 6 months before I carried that feeling around, I had horrible belly cramps, I was sad and miserable all the time, crying a lot, I'd lost so much weight, I got down to a 95-pound weakling! I basically retreated to my room and stayed there. I was a mess! Then I said that prayer and everything changed. And I'll tell you, I haven't felt that way since then! Well, except for a time just after Groucho died, but that was for a totally different reason! Anyway, that was why I became a believer in GOD. Within minutes after saying that prayer, I was all better! I lost that dreadful feeling in my belly, I was eating again, smiling, socializing, I came out of my room, I was happy again. I was me again! Atheists will say that wasn't GOD's doing, but I said it was. It had to be. It could not have been anything else! Because it happened immediately after I said that prayer, whereas for 6 months previously, nothing else worked! I tried everything from diuretics to lighting candles, to talking to friends. No one knew what was wrong with me. They could not help. But GOD did. So I am a firm believer now, and no one can make me think otherwise.

Yes, all that because of a little lie. But to me, any little lie is a big lie! That's why I don't like lying, and I don't like liars. Now, I don't believe in Hell. LOL! I use the word a lot, but I don't believe in a big, firey pit where you're thrown in to be burned and tortured for all eternity. I think when someone speaks of Hell, I more envision your soul just being sent back to Earth to try again in another body. The world nowadays is an even bigger Hell than any biblical description I've ever heard! Anyway, I like Shockofgod, but sometimes he is so annoying! He talks and talks about how atheists have to prove atheism is true and accurate, and that there is plenty of proof that GOD exists, yet he never provides any proof himself of how GOD exists, except to keep asking atheists if they can prove atheism is accurate and correct. In order to hear his proof that GOD exists, you have to visit his website, and I have been there before. His site has all kinds of anime (crapime) pics up, a bunch of frames, jumbled links everywhere, but nowhere can I find the link with his proof of the existance of GOD. I want to hear his side of the story! His website is very hard to understand and navigate. And I am not a fan of radio talk shows anyway. I'd like to see him do a video on YouTube about what he thinks makes the existance of GOD accurate and correct.

Well, on another note, I found out INXS is coming to WA state in July. Tickets are actually going on sale today! They will be playing at some winery in Woodinville. I want to go, but I can't because in July, I will most likely be in Bozeman still getting settled!! But it may be my one and only chance to see INXS perform again before they retire. I've gotta get a ticket!!!! I miss Timmy so much I am willing to risk it!! He is looking so handsome now too!! I'll just have to pack my dogs in the car and get my fat ass back to WA state and see these guys!!! :Os

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If You Would Become Famous

If you could become famous, would you rather it be for something you are good at, or something you are not so good at? The reason I ask this, I seem to be getting famous among vegans and vegetarians. The problem is, I have nothing to do with the subject, except for an occasional rant about PETA. IF I am going to become famous at all, I'd rather it be for the things I love to do, like drawing and writing cute stories. Of course I know the vegans are just using my image to promote veganism in a way that says "Do you want to look like this fat chick? If not, then go veg today." I wouldn't be the best rep even if I was vegan! I just look like this naturally. The only thing going vegan would do for me is pale up my skin, and I don't want that. I'm happy being a sub-hispanic with darker tones.

Well, one of my friends on YouTube is doing a podcast, and has asked me to join him in a discussion about the pros and cons of veganism. I guess he wants to do the discussion about the pros of veganism, while I do the cons. Not sure. I told him I would be happy to do the podcast with him. I know I had the option to say no. I just noted that I cannot do it right now. It'd have to take place some time after I move. Preferably after I have all moved in and settled. I'm not sure how soon I can get back on the internet there in Bozeman, but I told him sometime around late June would be a better time. I already said yes, and I am a woman of my word. I'll tell you though if Ingrid Newkirk can get on television and show her ugly beak and not be embarrassed, then I guess I can too.

This guy says we are never going to agree on veganism. I told him that is fine. I have a lot of friends that I don't agree 100% with their lifestyle, but I still like them because they are my friends. I don't have a problem with vegans. I just hate the fanatics! See my last blog post about how to tell a fanatical vegan. The world would be a better place if they just didn't exist, but they do. There are fanatics about everything from being vegan to celebrities. They put money in the pockets of the very things they are fans of. So, can't live with them, can't live without them, I guess. Now, I can never become vegan, I enjoy a steak and a chicken breast every now and then far too much for that. I'm not an everyday, shovel-it-in-by-the-pound meat eater. But I confess to really enjoying it. I also adore cheese too much! Though I do think sometimes dairy products are pointless. We are in fact the only creatures that drink the milk of another species. So I will agree that is not natural. The reason we do enjoy milk I think is because it makes us feel like children again. It gives us a kind of high because it is laced with endorphines and seratonins that make us feel good. A human child can suckle for as long as it wants. I've seen kids 10 years old still suckling from their moms! It feels good, and it strengthens the relationship between the mother and child. I think we drink cattle milk as adults as a sort of continuance of this comforting behavior.

Then there is the taste factor. There are some veggies I totally refuse to put in my mouth! I can't stand broccoli!! I hate cabbage! I absolutely abhore brussel sprouts! I'm totally disgusted by avacados! And these things all contain essential nutrients that the only other source is animal proteins. Meat tastes much better! Don't think I haven't tried to like those veggies, because I have! I would not be saying I don't like them if I haven't tried them before. I always believe in not dissing anything until you've tried it. I tried broccoli several times, and hated it each time!! I just couldn't get to like it at all. Brussel sprouts taste exactly the same as broccoli to me, and I hate them just as much. Another thing you could not pay me enough to put in my mouth is mushrooms. I hate mushrooms! They're a fungus. Like athlete's foot and ringworm. That's all I can think of when I think of eating mushrooms! I refuse to eat them. When I found out that Boca Burgers are made from mushrooms, I didn't want anything to do with them anymore. That was back when I tried becoming a vegetarian back in 1997.

Honey is said to be sweeter than sugar. You know I never believed that! I don't know if it is because I am allergic to bees, or not, but honey has always tasted bitter to me! Honey is indeed made up of vomit from a bee. A lot of people don't know that, but it is puked up nectar. Honey is another thing I cannot learn to like. I've tried and tried, but I just cannot like the stuff. Eggs, I absolutely adore!! I remember Yourofsky referred to them as "hen periods". LOL! Chickens don't cycle like we do. Well, like humans do. We bleed, an egg is produced internally, it happens once a month usually for about a week, and then it's over. With chickens, the cycle is totally different. They don't bleed, but they do produce eggs. For them, it doesn't happen once a month, but can happen at any time. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating "hen's periods". When cooked, they taste good! And they are full of beneficial vitamins and proteins, such as Choline, which cannot be found in sufficient amounts in any vegan foods. Choline is very important in brain and eye function. The best source of this nutrient is in fact beef liver.

One of the things that really makes me hate vegan fanatics is they believe just because people eat beef, chicken and pork, that we also eat human babies. Every time I hear (or see) a vegan say that, I just want to slap them! Or give them a good-ass poke in the nose! That is an antagonistically stupid remark! Eating a cow is life. Eating a human baby is cannibalism! It's stupid that they would even think of designating that eating a cow is the same as eating a human baby! Female lions don't eat their own cubs. Dogs don't eat their own pups. Why would they think a person who enjoys a mixed diet would eat their own babies?? That's the hippy morale talking. Hippies always want everything in life to have a reason that satisfies them. But like Katrina said yesterday, not everything in life can be explained.

And have you seen vegan men? They're skinny wimps!! Even the athletic ones are wimpy! Not saying that that is a crime nor nothing, but if I am going to look at any athletes competing in sports, I'd rather see a guy that has some meat on his bones. These wimpy vegan athletes look like they'd break at the slightest touch! I was on a thread on YouTube last night and someone was talking about athletic vegans. I said "I'll bet none of them weigh more than 150 pounds. Put those skinny wimps in the ring with Mike Tyson* or George Foreman and they'd be going down!" LOL! Makes me think, I remember MsPearlsGirl saying that her vegan boyfriend would not touch me if I were in a tree and he were drowning in a sea of piss. Having seen vegan men at their maximum, I wonder was that statement supposed to make me feel bad? LOL! Her boyfriend is probably a skinny wimp too. No doubt about that, in fact. My former boyfriend could probably kick his ass! I'm sure of it! He was not a vegan, and he lifted weights that weighed more than those vegan athletes! I don't want a twig who's been eating fungus and dirt all his life anyways to touch me! I'd slap him shitless if he did! Right in front of MsPearlsGirl too! Then I'd slap her shitless for giving him the idea of touching me!

*To make a correction, Mike Tyson has admitted to being a vegan for the last 2 years. Still does not change my mind about vegan athletes. 2 years is nothing. But give Tyson a few more years, and he'll turn into a skinny wimp too. I saw a picture of him from March (last month) and he's already beginning to look kinda bad. Sad, really!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Tell A Fanatical Vegan

OK, I know I said I've closed the book on this subject, but yesterday I found a video on YouTube that I had been looking for for a while. This guy brings up some very good points! So I favorited it, so I will always have it! This guy obviously did a great deal of research.

Of course if you go to that video thread, the vegans all hate this guy, because he really debunks their beliefs. But I say Hey! If Gary Yourofsky can do it, then so can this dude. He brings up a lot of interesting points. For one thing, the vegans all argue that living a vegan lifestyle will make you live longer. But this guy points out that only ONE true vegan has ever lived into his 80s and 90s. Vegans say that there are no heart attack victims that are vegans. Well, this guy found two of them that did die of heart attacks, or heart-related problems. Vegans all laugh at me because I speak out against veganism, and am fat. Well, this guy is saying veganism is not completely healthy, but is he fat? He's not what I call fat. And I know fat!

Well, one of the comments on that video thread led me to a site called adaptt.org, it happens to be a site that celebrates Gary Yourofsky, a leading spokesperson for veganism today. I glanced through it. I found a few interesting passages. Yourofsky does not like PETA. Thank GOD!! At least I know he is not following a group led by some hypocritical bipolar dumbass bitch like Ingrid Newkirk! But apparently this group who does celebrate him, adaptt.org, is almost as bad. Yourofsky just seems to be a bit more subtle than PETA by giving lectures. The thing is again, he only tells people what he wants them to hear. I found the thing about pus in milk to be nothing but a bunch of bullshit, when you really research the subject. The problem is these people he is lecturing to, most of them won't do their own research, and take his word as the gospel. But it was this passage on the site that got me most interested. This reporter said "Frankly, when I went to interview Yourofsky, I expected to meet a fanatic." That passage can be found on this page. I sat here and thought "If this person did not see Yourofsky as a fanatic, then maybe this person does not know what makes a fanatical vegan." Which is what inspired me to write this blog post. Then I read on. This person added "Afterward, not only did I find him frighteningly sane and mostly convincing, I had the rather uneasy feeling that always comes when you realize that you are a hypocrite." I thought, "If this person thinks Yourofsky is sane, there's something wrong with him!" The man confesses to have been arrested many times, the police do not usually arrest sane people unless it's for a suspended license, or some minor misdemeanor. But no sane person gets arrested more than a dozen times! Here's another interesting fact, Yourofsky confesses to having been banned from 5 countries. NO sane person ever, in the history of humankind, has ever been banned from 5 countries!! Also, sane people do not put the life of a cow, pig, chicken, goat (all animals that in the wild would be some other animals' prey anyway) before the life of a human's. So I thought I would give a headsup to what I think makes a vegan a fanatic.

First, you may ask, what does the word "fanatic" mean? Well, this was what dictionary.com has to say about the word: "A person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics." That being said, I want you to take a look at what Yourofsky has said about people who eat meat. These are his own words quoted on this page quoted by Claudette Vaughan:

"Deep down, I truly hope that oppression, torture and murder return to each uncaring human tenfold! I hope that fathers accidentally shoot their sons on hunting excursions, while carnivores suffer heart attacks that kill them slowly. Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever. While every man entrenched in fur should suffer an anal raping so horrific that they become disemboweled. Every rodeo cowboy and matador should be gored to death, while circus abusers are trampled by elephants and mauled by tigers. And, lastly, may irony shine its esoteric head in the form of animal researchers catching debilitating diseases and painfully withering away because research dollars that could have been used to treat them was wasted on the barbaric, unscientific practice of vivisection."

I saw this and I thought "WTF??" Doesn't this wussy know the rules of karma? Anything you wish on someone else comes back to get you 3-fold! And since he has wished oppression, torture and murder on what he calls "uncaring humans" tenfold. That means that oppression, torture and murder will return to him 30-fold! And that would be for each and every human affected by this that he considers "uncaring". As much as I cannot stand Yourofsky, I don't wish that on him at all! See, that's not in my nature. I never wish ill on anyone, because it always comes back to get you! And to think, the owner of this site called Yourofsky "sane"! LOL! That is totally laughable after seeing this paragraph! Sane people do not wish oppression, torture and death on their fellow humans. I've only heard words like that come from the mouths of serial killers, and other people who really do belong behind bars!

So here is a list of what makes a vegan a fanatic. I've had to block a lot of vegans this past week on YouTube, who I feel are fanatics.

A sane vegan says "It's your life, you live your's your way, I'll live my life my way".
A fanatic says "If you don't live your life the way I want you to, I'll kill you and your whole family!"

A sane vegan says "I became a vegan for health reasons only. And if it happens to save a few animal's lives, then that's better."
A fanatic says "I became a vegan because I hate people, and animals should not be tortured for food."

A sane vegan says "I love being a vegan".
A fanatic says "If you're not a vegan, I hope you suffer when your coronary arrives." or "I hope you see your kids die."

A sane vegan will tell you what it's like to be a vegan, then let you make your own choice because that is your prerogative.
A fanatic will wish death, or torture on you if you are not a vegan.

A sane vegan will accept your decision gracefully, even if it's not the same decision they made.
A fanatic will cuss you out, call you every name in the book that they can think of, and wish death on you.

A sane vegan respects all living things, including humans.
A fanatic puts a prey animal's life before the life of a human's.

A sane vegan would never own a cat as a pet because they would have to feed the cat real meat (which would go against their beliefs that prey animals should never be killed for food), and feeding it a vegan diet is considered, by any veterinarian's standards, being cruel.

What denotes a prey animal? Prey animals are herbivores that are commonly victimized by predators. They can be identified by having pot bellies, thin legs, and eyes on the sides of their heads (carnivores have eyes that face foreward) so they can scan for predators while lowering their heads to feed. These animals include cattle, sheep, chickens, goats, pigs, all animals that would be prey for other animals in the wild anyway. Including humans who are still practicing the ancient hunter-gatherer techniques.

Other things a fanatical vegan will do:
  • Calls eating meat "murder".
  • Accuses the person eating a steak and drinking milk of being uncompassionate.
  • Compares the slaughter of animals to the holocaust against the Jews.
  • Says anyone who uncloaks thier beliefs is uneducated, misinformed, or ignorant.

I once heard someone on one of my vegan friends' facebook page say she doesn't understand why people call them fanatics, when all they are trying to be is compassionate. Well, look at my list above of what the difference is. Which category do you fall under? You can't be saying things like "I hope you suffer when your coronary arrives" or "I hope you see your kids die" and be considered compassionate. Those meanings don't go hand-in-hand. That makes you an insane fanatic.

Gary Yourofsky said in his most famous lecture that you put a child in a crib with a rabbit and an apple, if the child eats the rabbit and plays with the apple to send him an email. LOL! Well, I said to one vegan that even a lion cub of comparable age will not kill an antelope. It's brought to them prekilled by the adults of the troup. A baby lion simply does not know how to kill it's own prey. They don't learn it until they are, in a sense, teenagers. The parents teach them how to hunt. Same with humans. A 4-year old child cannot know how to hunt. But a 14-year old child can learn, if the parent wants to teach them. And maybe a 4-year old child will not kill and eat a bunny rabbit. But put a pork chop in front of the same child, and I will assure you, that child will lap it up! Maybe even before he even thinks of going for the apple!

Friday, April 15, 2011

These People Again!!!

OMG, Landover Baptist Church has outdone themselves this time!! Remember my last encounter with these people? If not, let me refresh your memory. Here's the original post on this blog, with all their gloried comments: http://www.timmyfan.com/2008/12/complaining-christians-without-cause.html. That was from December, 2008. There were a couple of nice people from there, but the majority were obnoxious, conceated people with nothing but "kill all non-Baptists" on their minds! No wonder, check this video out and look at what they are following!

I've never seen anyone with such a bad attitude in authority before!! This idiot talks about shooting down fat wiccans. (Um, excuse me. Have you looked in the mirror? You look like a whole hippopotamus sitting there). I know fat, and this dude is FAT!! Yet look at him sit there and talk about fat wiccans. My encounters with the people of Landover, well they were rotten, evil people! Most of them were anyway. They give Baptists a very bad name. I don't believe GOD would approve of them hunting down and killing other fellow humans. It may sound pitiful, but I don't even think GOD would approve of this guy dissing other fatties. Especially since he himself is fat.

And hitting someone with a hot iron poker, until such person confesses that Jesus is his savior. OK, now again, don't get me wrong, I believe Jesus was our savior. But would Jesus condone hitting someone with a hot iron poker until they confessed? I don't think so. This jackass has confessed to killing and torturing someone, and I hope the proper authorities hear about this and throw his butt in jail! Make him serve some very hard time! I said I wanted to believe this video was a joke, or some kind of pun. But remembering my last encounters with the people from this church, I don't think he is joking at all.

Religions like this one is the main reason that for a long time, I did not want anything to do with religion! And in fact, when I get my own place, I'm going to install an electric fence, to keep people like these off my property!! I don't even like Jehovah witnesses coming to my house. Anyone who I am not expecting is going to get the shock of their lives if they try to cross over! Anyway, I'd rather not have any religion forced down my throat! I believe what I believe, and no one can make me believe otherwise. The people from that church called me all kinds of names, and said I was Hellbound, and blah-blah-blah. I just sat here, laughing at them, saying "whatever!" LOL!

In another note, I notice I feel not so hot about INXS anymore. I still like Tim, but not like I did this time last year. I've been slowly cooling off on INXS for several years now. That's how it is with me. I still consider myself a fan of the band, but this happens a lot. I love something, and love it and love it and love it a lot, then eventually, it's like my love kinda wares off. It's not non-existant, it just cools off for a while. I wonder if this is old age? LOL! I remember when I was on inxs.com and this began to happen. I made an announcement and everyone was all like "How can you call yourself a fan when you don't like the band?" Well, I don't dislike INXS, I still listen to their songs. But I watched my first DVD of Rockstar: INXS, and it's like I'm having a tough time getting through it. It's not like "What did I ever see in these guys?" It's more like "Ho-hum." LOL! Well, I am sure my interest will spark up again. Like I said, this happens sometimes. It actually makes my life a lot more interesting. Like I said, this could be old age acting up. Or, it could be because I've been thinking more of my move than anything else. I just wonder what is going to be my next "big thing"? Only time will tell! But when it hits, more likely it will be my hot subject on this blog.

Hating Americans

I was thumbing through my recommended videos on YouTube last night. I do that sometimes. Different movies get recommended to me, and I often look in to see why they were recommended to me. Sometimes I find them interesting, and sometimes I don't. Well, this one video I looked in, it was kinda interesting. But the thing most interesting to me was some of the comments being made about Americans. Every time I see someone saying the things they do about us, I always think "WTF?" And who are the biggest bellyachers about Americans? None other than the British! Now, this is not in any way reflecting on my British friends, I love them! But those British who do nothing but sit their asses at their computer and gripe and fuss about Americans are starting to give me the ass!! WTF is their problem?? Don't they realize that a lot of white Americans are basically nothing but British that "evolved in isolation from the rest of them"? In other words, we are "seasoned British". LOL! That's what I like to call us. But why do they feel such hatred towards Americans? They call Americans dumb and lazy. Maybe it's because the New Yorkers are so nasty and pushy? Or maybe the British are still pissed off because they lost some of their best citizens when they sailed here to get away from King James I. But I heard he was a nut! I want to get away from Obama too! The only thing keeping me here is knowing that in at least 5 more years, he will be eligible for replacement. If he doesn't get voted out first! He aught to be ashamed of even considering putting a muslim mosque at ground zero, where 9/11 happened! That's like a slap in the face to those who died.

Anyway, back to my original subject. As for Americans being lazy, I understand that England is almost running neck-to-neck with Americans for being the nation with the fattest people. So if they think we are fat and lazy, then they are too. So both countries must be doing something wrong there. I still think it's the bulk-up hormones being injected into our beef! It can't be anything else. We have better men, I love bulky men! We have more better schools here, Anna is going to one of the very best in the country! We have better actors and actresses. We have better technology. I have yet to see England launch a rocket into space! So why the heck are they hating on Americans? Every chance they get, they hate on Americans. I see it all the time and it's crazy! There is just no need for it. It's a quiet war going on between the younger generation of the USA, and the younger generation of the UK.

I dunno, this could be the thing that is also going to mark the end of the world. People being so hostile to one another. I try to maintain a good attitude. But with everyone all around me hammering at me for all kinds of petty reasons, sometimes it's difficult to keep my cool. Anna says I should stay off YouTube. LOL! Well, my consolation is that not everyone on YouTube is bad. Yesterday I blocked someone who is not a bad person, but he was hounding me about a subject that I've completely closed the book on, and have no desire to keep on going with. Because he's going to say he's right, and I will keep believing I am right, and for the sake of my well-being I had to block him. Because I just have no interest in turning around my beliefs. If people would accept others' beliefs, then the world would be a more decent place. I always accept other peoples' opinions. I don't like to silence, or block, someone on YouTube! Well, sometimes they make it so easy by being so pushy, acting like my channel is their's and using name-calling, and those people I actually enjoy blocking. But that last one made me feel bad! I almost wrote to him on his channel, explaining why I blocked him, but I decided not to. Because if I had, I knew it would have attracted more people with his beliefs to my channel. Many are not as nice, or subtle, as he was.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Early Birthday Gifts

Well, I got a couple of early gifts for my birthday, which is actually next month. I got a Wacom Bamboo One graphics tablet, which I LOVE!!! I've been working with it a lot. I love drawing, and I love animating too. This thing is great for both! I hate drawing using a mouse. My drawings never come out as good as I would like them to when I draw them with a mouse. But this tablet is awesome for doing drawings! I am working on some animation clips (in between packing our things). The clips feature a little bit of movement, nothing fancy, just to practice a few screen tests. I've been doing the drawings in Paint Shop Pro, which I also enjoy working with. It's an old version, but still very good! It does what it's supposed to! Then I put them together using Windows Movie Maker. The finished projects I will put up on YouTube. This one is going to be a few seconds, I'm already 36 frames into it. My animation is not perfect, but I keep practicing. It will get better if I keep up the practice. Then when I begin taking REAL animation classes, I will have a little smidgen of experience that I can pull foreward with.

My second gift is something that most women would not appreciate getting, and that is a vacuum. I love it too! It's got hepa filtration, and it's powerful enough to pick up pet hair. It's just what I need! My old one, that ma gave me when we first moved here, died. I "buried" it in the back yard. But this new one is awesome!! Actually, I now have 2 vacuums! I inherited another one from ma and John when they moved out of the apartment upstairs! But that one is more like a large dirtbuster with a hose. Of course it depends on the size of the house we move into next, but I'm keeping both vacuums. One can be to clean the downstairs, and one can be for the upstairs.

Unfortunately, we did not get the condo unit in Bozeman, so, I am looking for others. I scour Craigslist every hour now! Anna looks for ads in Bozeman's newspaper. It's tough!! Everything in Bozeman is either way out of our price range, or only has one restroom, or does not allow pets! I even found one that turned out to be a scam. Anna warned me not to write to ads that only have an e-mail address! I wrote to one that sounded promising, and the guy who wrote me back turned out to be (again) from Nigeria! I wrote him back and said "Forget it. I'd rather rent from someone local!" Well, I found another one last night, but it's in Livingston! Livingston is about 20 miles away from Bozeman, and there is a big pass in between the two. But the house sounds wonderful!! We may have no choice but to take it! At least until we can find something good in Bozeman. But the guy was not even intimidated nor turned off when we mentioned we have 3 dogs! I told Anna to tell people that upfront. We'd better be honest with them from the get-go! Some ads say they only allow 1 or 2 dogs. 2 dogs maximum. But honestly, I think those landlords expect people who have dogs are going to have big dogs, like labradors or golden retrievers. These dogs are tops in property damaging! They have it down to an artform. My little chihuahuas and papillon are not destructive at all. They are well beyond their demolition days. Not that they ever were ruinous anyway! But unfortunately because of a lot of irresponsible labrador and golden retriever owners (and there are many), my dogs are considered rental vermin, making it hard to find a place. I've given up on Belgrade, because the town only allows 2 pets per household. I have one too many. That would mean I would have to get a kennel license in Belgrade. UGH!! If I was still breeding chihuahuas, I wouldn't mind it, but I'm not breeding dogs anymore! So to me, getting a kennel license would make about as much sense as a pot with no bottom.

Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. We may have to settle for whatever we can get! What ever turns out to be available when we need it. I love my dogs, and I don't want to get rid of any of them. I'd also rather have a house with more than one bathroom! That is a must! Those usually have more than 2 bedrooms. But that's OK! I can use an extra bedroom for a study/computer room. It'd be better than what I have now. LOL! I'm only kidding! I love it here! I wish I didn't have to leave, but I have to. I have no choice now, there is no turning back! But who knows? Maybe I will love our place in Bozeman so much I might never want to leave. Never know for sure until it happens.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disasters of the Decade

I was just sitting here, watching this program about the earthquake and tsunami that happened last month in Japan on the National Geographic channel. I saw previews for it last weekend, and I wanted to see it. I thought it was going to be more like a documentary, but there was very little documentation. But it did show all 6 minutes of the earthquake. It was scary! Made me think back to the time we lived in Lakewood, and there was a rather large earthquake that happened. The quake was actually centered in Aberdeen, but I felt it there too. I remember that day. I was in the kitchen fixing lunch, and Anna was going to college there and she came home that day to have lunch with me. I was about to roll out some buttermilk biscuits in the kitchen, when the quake struck. The dogs started barking, and once they felt it was a real earthquake, they all ran and hid under my old antique sofa. I was standing in a spot where I could actually look out into the back yard, and I saw what looked like waves rolling in the grass. It was a strange sight! When that quake lasted longer than about 10 seconds, I really panicked! At the end of the quake, we were both OK. Thank GOD! The poor dogs were too scared to come out again. The power was out for sure! Well, that was it. We had to find someplace to go out and eat. Anna's school closed down for the rest of that day, so I took us both to a little restaurant about 25 miles away from Lakewood, because everything in that town was out of order.

Now, I never claimed to be clairvoyant, but I remember predicting that this last decade was going to mark the end of humankind. This was in 2000, before I heard anything about Nostradamus, or the Mayan calendar. What made me think that was that several people I knew were dying, and the year 2000 I had more friends having babies than I've ever known in any one year of my life! I said in a journal posting that year that something big was coming! And I never believed in Y2K. Not ever! That was one thing I didn't fall for. Especially not how the media was saying the outcome was going to be. They were saying it was going to end with all the computers of the World going out of whack. I kept thinking "how can a date make a computer shut off?" And all kinds of computer outlets, like TigerDirect, were putting out software to prevent Y2K from affecting your computer. I just never fell for it. I thought it was ridiculous to sell software like that. It wasn't until the following year, in 2001, that I heard about Nostradamus' predictions, and another year later when I heard about the predictions on the Mayan calendar. Then back in 2008, I was sitting and reading my old journal from 2000, and I remembered reading the entry for when my stepmother's mother died. That same week, I had 2 other friends die. Neither one knew each other, and died in unrelated incidents. But that was what made me say "Something big is coming! I don't know what, but something big is coming!" I thought it was a war or something!

Well, I was basically right. It may have been for a silly reason, but I was basically correct. Look at all the disasters that have been happening. First, 9/11 happened more than a year after I made that journal entry. Then almost 2 years later, the war in Iraq. Then a year later, the tsunami in Taiwan and Sri Lanka. Then almost another year later, Hurricane Katrina. In 2008, the inauguration of Obama. In 2010, the earthquake in Haiti, and the volcano in Iceland. And now this year, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And it still continues to this day. OK, the Obama thing is just a joke on my part, but still! The rest of those caused massive deaths, and suffering, or some kind of losses. I was damn lucky we were not hit with a tsunami here. Well, I knew we wouldn't be. Ocean Shores hasn't had a major tsunami in more than 150 years. They just don't happen here very often. I think it's because of our location. They go around us, but they never strike us. Because the tip of Oregon shoots out farther than we sit here, and we're also kinda shadowed by the tip of Washington state. We would have to have a major offshore earthquake here close to town in order to be hit with a tsunami. But we did have a bit of a scare when the quake hit in Japan.

I kinda wonder what the heck is going to be next. I hope that Yellowstone doesn't explode! If it does, Anna and I will be toast! So will so many others, as Bozeman is a college town, and a lot of students go there from all over the World to attend school. It's one of the best schools in the country! I cannot wait to see it myself. Anna is signing us up to go on a dinosaur dig this next summer. I always wanted to do something like that, so I told her we're there, dude!! As long as I can bring the dogs, I'll be happy! Or at least find a reliable person to watch over them.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Power to Speciesists!

So now that I have found out that speciesism is a real thing, I carry that title with pride! I am proud to be a speciesist! Because I will forever believe that what animals I like is my own choice! No one elses'. And if I choose to keep some animals as pets, and eat others, that too is my own business. No one else's. So I carry the moniker "speciesist" with the utmost pride. It's nothing at all like being a racist! People who are Jewish, black, white, oriental, hispanic, they are still humans, our real brothers and sisters. They should have basic human rights. I also believe gorillas, chimps and orangs should also have basic human rights, because they are species of Hominids. I also think it's criminal to kill a dog or a cat, because to a lot of people, myself included, they are a part of our families. I say save baby seals from human slaughter, because they are a part of a large, complex ecosystem. And if they die, the ecosystem breaks down. And all those dumb hunters want from the babies is their skins. They don't even eat the meat and that makes me MAD!! But cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc. They are NOT our brothers and sisters! They are not even in any way remotely related to us. They are only here because we bred them for food. So I say, eat them! hehe! For that reason, I agree I deserve the title of "speciesist". But then I think the word "speciesist" should be applied to all living things that look after their own, or think their species is far greater than all others, which is just about every species of animal on the planet. Just like it isn't only white people who hate blacks that are racists. But also blacks who hate whites are also racists.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have vegan friends and I love them! But the fanatics get on my nerves! Just yesterday, I was hit by another one (a little residue) who calls herself Technowhoree. She commented on my sis's video about diet myths. This is what she had to say:

Hi TimmyGal!
I love watching all of your videos, they are simply hilarious. I just wanted to say one thing... Your anti vegetarian remarks are inconsistant with actual results when thoughtfully applyed, ofcourse. I have been vegan for six years of my life and my doctors are stunned by my health, I am also a competitive athlete. This might sound unbelieveable to such a hillbilly idiot such as yourself, but it is true. Good day. :)

At first, she sounded nice. And I thought she was trying to be congenial. That is until I got to the last sentence. Then I realized this person was yet another fanatical vegan anal wart. I got a load of this statement:
"I am also a competitive athlete."
LOL! I was thinking, "So what?! She could be the flyweight champion of the world and it wouldn't mean shit to me! She'd still be nothing but a skinny wimp whose ass my former boyfriend could easily kick." She probably looks like Kate Moss--No boobs, and probably has a schlong. I wouldn't be surprised! Anyway, I wasn't going to, but I decided to respond to her, with a little tit-for-tat:
@Technowhoree I'm glad you enjoy my videos. Thanks for watching. Oh BTW, I've been eating meat all my life, and my doctor was amazed I am the age I am, with almost no problems associated with my weight. I know that that is hard for a stupid-ass vegan such as yourself to comprehend, but keep trying. Something will jumpstart that pea-brain of yours. ;) Buh-bye! :)

And then I added:
@Technowhoree Oh yes, I forgot something....

After that, I blocked her butt from my channel. Looks like I am going to have to do that to all the vegans who I don't like from now on. There's been some that have been nice, but people like Technowhoree, I need to start blocking them. Just like I took to blocking Hobofart and his friends. I put up with him for a while, but then I started blocking him and everyone that I even thought for a second was in any way associated with him. But there is a MAJOR difference between Hobofart and the vegans. Hobofart was like the angry, jealous husbands you see on those domestic violence movies, who gets pissed because he doesn't get enough attention, and he becomes totally obsessed and follows people all around the internet, and harasses them with the intent to somehow harm them. The vegans are not like that. I don't get those same vibes from the vegans. They're more like a little kid who keeps repeating the same thing and is just simply annoying. And no matter how many times you tell that kid to shut the hell up, it just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Like a song stuck in their heads.
As for being a hillbilly, well, I'm more of a redneck, but I'll settle good with hillbilly! LOL! So I am going to wear that name with pride as well. I even changed the title of my channel. I now call myself "A Hillbilly With Fattitude". If a hillbilly is the same as a speciesist in their eyes, then I will do fine! I'm actually proud to be a speciesist hillbilly. At least I know that I, as a human, am not the only speciesist creature in the world.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Denial

Well, I had to close down the ability to post comments on all my vegetarian/vegan videos. I really hate having to do that! But I did it for a reason. Actually for 2 reasons. First of all, I did my research, and I found that a completely vegan diet is not 100% good for me. I debunked the myths that this guy, Gary Yourofsky claimed in his speech were true. I don't believe in "speciesism", and there is nothing anyone can say that will make me believe that it is anything more than a comical artifice. So as far as I am concerned, the subject is CLOSED!!! Time to move on to other subjects. The second reason is simple. Hearing the same shit, over and over and over and over again, gets OLD!! Answering with the same response gets old just as quickly! The vegans are always going to say "You are an ignorant and uneducated woman" and I'm just going to give them the same response each time, "You are just in denial!" This morning alone, I got 4 different people giving me that same comment, and each time, I gave them that response. It gets old, dull and boring after a while. Besides that, it makes me feel gauche! Repeating the same thing and reading the same thing got very vexatious!! The vegans are too cowardly to come here and read my blog, which would explain everything. So, they continue to say the same things on my videos, and it gives me a headache after a while because I'm sitting here slapping my head with my hands, thinking "GEEZ! Can't you people come up with some better responses than that??!!" No matter what I would do, I could have the best scientists and doctors on the planet say that a 100% vegan diet is not good for you, and the vegans will still say that myself and these scientists and doctors are uneducated. Because we would be telling them something they don't want to hear and don't want the public to know or take seriously.

A lot of them seem to think they are smart or funny, when they're really not. Many of them are nothing more than the high-priest of anal warts! Especially the fanatical vegans. I got a couple of them saying that they wonder why I am not embarrassed to show my videos. Well, I can answer them in one well-worded sentence: Because I know I am right! Just because a number of vegans are going to tell me I am wrong, or uneducated, does not make it so. Just because they don't agree with me does not mean I am going to throw the towel in and say "forget about what I read during my research, the vegans are always right, so I'll agree with them!" Nope. They are not always right. My studies proved some of their theories wrong. Gary Yourofsky and Ingrid Newkirk are NOT my gods. Just because they say it does not mean I am going to believe it. Yourofsky is nothing but a journalist. And if he is a journalist who works for an ARA group, I would not even take what he says as the gospel. They really do very little research. Researching what other ARAs have to say is not researching! It's only getting one side of a very complex story.

Being very contemplative here, do you really think humans were meant to be pure vegetarians? If so, then why do vegans have to supplement their diet with artificial vitamins and minerals? Why don't vegan humans have pot bellies like other vegetarian animals? Did you know that a lot of animals that are perceived as strict vegetarians occasionally do supplement their diet with meat? Yes, it's true. Deer in Britain often eat birds. Pigs are omnivores, pure and simple. Even cattle have been observed supplementing their strictly grassy diet with the flesh of other animals. There is a species of antelope (same family as the cows) called the duiker that also feeds on birds, mice and small reptiles, on top of plants and other greens. It's not a far stretch for a vegetarian animal to turn to eating the flesh of it's planetary companions to occasionally supplement their plant-based diet. Like I said in my last post, that's LIFE!! Take it, or leave it. I remember I once watched a video from Onision, and he said that the convergence is happening, and vegetarian/vegans are going to win this battle. But I don't think they are. All their actions are going to prove is that they are just unpretentiously annoying. You will NEVER get what you want by just being annoying. All you will get in the end is a black eye, or a fat lip, or a nose bleed. In the past month, I can tell you that the level of vexation these people display is unparagoned and maniacal! But then it usually is when you have people repeat the same shit over and over, and then try to push their beliefs on you. I just want to say to the people who said I was ignorant, naive and uneducated to F-off! Katrina thinks I should use that phrase more often. I asked Katrina not to jump in again, and she's been pretty good at not getting involved. Not that I don't appreciate her doing it. She's funny in fact with some of her reactions, and she makes me laugh! But when she gets involved, it makes me feel like I cannot stick up for myself. And I know I can.

I don't mind that they all disagree with me, that does not bother me. They can hate me all they want to, that's perfectly fine! They don't need to like me. They can even sit around and call me every name in the book. Doesn't matter to me! But to constantly hear "you are ignorant and uneducated" when it is perfectly clear I know WAY more than they do, it just gets old very fast!! Then to give them the same response "you're just in denial", that too gets old, and that statement is clearly a fact! I have no intention of changing my ways. Even less now that the vegans have tried to pester me into it. Not gonna happen! My grandma's aunt ate meat every day of her life, and she lived to be over 100 years old. So that debunks the myth that vegans live longer than meat-eaters. And no, that is not only my opinion. That is a fact! So really there is no conclusive reason to go vegan, except maybe ethics. And I'm not one of those whose heart bleeds for cattle, pigs or chickens. But yes, I do love my dogs, and they love me back.

I remember some years back, I saw a video on the Pluba forum of the Chinese cutting up wild raccoon-dogs for their skins. And they would mutilate these dogs while they were still alive. The animals were even still alive after they had been skinned and then thrown into a pile of other skinned dogs. Now, that video I could not watch!! I have dogs as pets, and the way those wild dogs were treated was horrendous!! The way the people in China treat animals is horrendous!! This past week, I read about these turtle keychains, which is a completely enclosed plastic container, with a small, live turtle and colored water and beads inside. The turtle cannot get out, and it cannot breathe, and slowly suffocates to death. After the turtle is dead, then what? What would you do with the keychain?? I wouldn't want to carry around a keychain with a dead turtle inside it. And besides I think that is inhumane, simply because it is a slow, suffocating death for no other reason than human embellishment. This is why I do not buy furs, and I do not condone the sale of real furs from inedible animals like foxes and mink. At least if it's cattle leather, then I can say nothing from that cow has been wasted. The cow completely served it's purpose. But nobody eats foxes and mink! This is the only thing I completely agree with vegans on. I do not buy animal skins. Particularly not skins of animals that cannot be eaten. It just feels wrong to me to just take the skin and throw the rest of the animal away.

This is all I have to say. If you are a vegan, and you disagree with my post, that is your prerogative. If you are going to try and push your beliefs on me, I suggest you F-off and go find another target that you can more easily convert! Someone who is a total wuss. Your comment won't be accepted either, as I am not going to get into a "you said this, and I'll say that" conflict with you. If you want to discuss without throwing around the word "ignorant", and "uneducated", or any words corresponding as such, I will discuss. But I will still believe you are in denial.

OK, so I stand corrected that there is no such thing as "speciesism". It was actually first quoted in 1970. But just because I have been corrected on that issue does not mean that I now believe in it. If you're going to use that word to describe this kind of human behavior, you might as well use it to describe all other normal animal behaviors. Like how hyenas kill zebras, or lions killing antelope, or Minnie killing squirrels, etc. Why pin that label only on humans? That doesn't make sense to me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This or That?

Did you ever read the story "A Tale of Two Cities"? Well, this blog post is going to be somewhat like that. LOL! Just having a little more fun with some of the vegan viewers on YouTube, especially this one who calls himself TheAdamdeck. I have a 2-part video up now debunking some of the myths Gary Yourofsky made so clear in his speech. Now, I could never go vegan! I love chicken, milk and cheese far too much! Apparently vegetarians are different, they eat chicken, fish, milk and cheese. So if I were to convert to anything, it'd be that. But I have no interest now in converting. But I do have vegan friends, and I totally respect their point of view.

Well, TheAdamdeck believes totally in "speciesism", and so I called him a wuss. IMO, anyone who believes in that is indeed a wussy, because there is no such thing as "speciesism". I still say that, and I will always believe it. Well, TheAdamdeck believes that when we pamper dogs and eat cows, we are practicing "speciesism". That's totally dumb! That's not "speciesism". That's LIFE!! One of the first things I learned in my adult life is that life is never fair! Why was Vegas born alive, while his brother was born dead? Why do some people like cats, and not dogs? Why are some people rich, while others are poor? Or barely make it in life? Why are some animals, like rabbits, antelope and deer, always getting eaten, while other animals, like lions, wolves and bears, are not? Why can parrots learn to talk, and not finches? Why do elephants live to be 70+ years old, while mice only live a maximum of 4 years? Why are some kids bullied, while others become popular? Why do all these things happen? Because that's LIFE! Deal with it.

Take me, I love animals. I wouldn't have my dogs if I didn't. But I don't believe my dogs are equal or superior to me. They are lower life forms. They're wonderful, but they are not our equals. But to be fair, I'll give this guy a challenge. He suggests we treat cattle with the same love we give dogs. Well, show me a video of a person sleeping, and snuggling up with a cow on their bed, then we can talk about cattle and dogs being equals. Actually, that's just the way our American culture is. If you want to go to a place where cattle are treated like our equals, then move to China! I saw one vegan commenter today say that she never even kills bugs! I'm thinking "So what happens if you step on an anthill or get too close to a bee's nest and they start biting and stinging you? Do you just slowly go sit down and gradually pick them off one by one?" By that time, the ants and bees would have that person almost stung to death, or nearly eaten. I wouldn't take that chance. And there is one thing that I do not tolerate at all; cockroaches! Nothing would drive me out of a house faster than seeing a cockroach crawling along the floor! I can't stand them! They get in your food, and dump all over it, and they spread diseases. And houseflies, you know how many different kinds of diseases they carry? More than 100! You know where a housefly has likely been before it gets into your home? They look harmless for sure. But they are really filthy, disease-laiden creatures! They eat animal droppings, then when they get on your food, or kitchen counters, they puke up their last meal, and then slurp it back into their bellies. This can spread salmonella, cholera, typhoid, and whatever the animal died of that the fly last fed on. Could be anthrax for all you know! I don't like houseflies in my house either!

Then, you have bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and lice and those things are all evil!! It makes me wonder, how many vegan people actually allow all this stuff into their home, and don't want to get rid of them because they don't believe in killing animals? Yet they think nothing about killing other people. I've had my life threatened by vegans. Katrina did too, and her family was threatened by a vegan. Of course one of my friends told me that the vegans that threaten other people are what is called 'fanatics'. She said she saw vegans on Martha Stewart and thought of me. The first question out of my mouth was "Did they act like jerks?" This friend said no, they were actually very nice. I said "That's good. Most of them have the mentality of 'if you don't live your life the way I want you to, I'll bomb your house and kill your family!'" That was when this friend told me those people are the fanatics. MsPearlsGirl was definitely a fanatic! As I believe this guy TheAdamdeck is too. Well, one good thing, they would never be welcome in my home, as I am sure I wouldn't be in their's. And that is perfectly fine with me! Especially if they have lice, bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches. Those things could easily latch onto their clothes, and they would wind up bringing them in here and I can't have that!

Funny thing, "fan" is a shortened word for "fanatic". I consider myself an INXS fan, but never once have I threatened any non-INXS fans. There must be another word for what I am. LOL!

And most vegan men are wimps. I hated to say this to one of my buds, as she loves vegan men. But they are skinny wimps! I'd rather have a man with some fat and muscle than to have a twig hugging me. Even vegan men with muscles look wimpy. A man should never be wimpy, IMO. That's because plants have nothing that helps you bulk up. My former boyfriend could probably break those "muscle-bound" vegans in half on the first attempt!