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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is Atheism True?

Well, last night I went on a Youtube frenzy, watching videos and all left and right. I came across a video by theAmazingAtheist, and well, as his name implies he is an atheist. He is constantly being picked on by another user who calls himself Shockofgod. Shockofgod openly admits he used to be an atheist, but not anymore. He admitted the one thing that converted him was that he was asked by a priest if he can prove that atheism is accurate and correct. He couldn't so BOOM! He became a christian. I have nothing against Shockofgod, he's one of my YouTube buddies in fact. But there is a flaw in that question, which he now asks all kinds of atheists if they can prove it.

TheAmazingAtheist is a guy, I have no ties to him. But he is quite a smart fellow. He said something that I've been waiting to hear someone say all along to Shockofgod's question about proving atheism is true and accurate. TheAmazingAtheist said no, you cannot prove atheism is true. That's not the question. He said that the burden of proof does not fall on atheists, it falls on christians. I finally told Shockofgod last night that atheism cannot be proven, just like GOD's existance really cannot be proven, because both are intangible entities. Both beliefs are based on nothing more than pure FAITH. Both are different levels and varieties of faith, but it's still faith. It can't be seen, you cannot take a picture or video of it. It's like saying can you prove love exists? No, I can't prove it exists, because you can't really take a picture of it. It's something that you just know is there. I cannot prove GOD exists, and I generally don't try to. I get people all the time saying "GOD is a fake!" But I don't let it take away my beliefs, because I happen to believe GOD is NOT a fake. I have actually felt HIS presence before. I cannot explain it to a non-believer, it is impossible. I can only tell how I became a believer.

I became a firm believer in GOD when I was bullied, by people I thought were friends, to a point where I felt I had to lie to get them to like me again. Made me feel ugly inside! That feeling did not go away until I said a prayer to GOD, asking HIM to forgive me for that lie and feeling the way I did about those former 'friends'. I was not even a believer in GOD then, and it was my very last resort, but it was the one that worked the best! I was amazed that even though I had alienated GOD for so many years before then, HE still listened to me and answered my prayer. I felt that burden literally lift right off my shoulders. For 6 months before I carried that feeling around, I had horrible belly cramps, I was sad and miserable all the time, crying a lot, I'd lost so much weight, I got down to a 95-pound weakling! I basically retreated to my room and stayed there. I was a mess! Then I said that prayer and everything changed. And I'll tell you, I haven't felt that way since then! Well, except for a time just after Groucho died, but that was for a totally different reason! Anyway, that was why I became a believer in GOD. Within minutes after saying that prayer, I was all better! I lost that dreadful feeling in my belly, I was eating again, smiling, socializing, I came out of my room, I was happy again. I was me again! Atheists will say that wasn't GOD's doing, but I said it was. It had to be. It could not have been anything else! Because it happened immediately after I said that prayer, whereas for 6 months previously, nothing else worked! I tried everything from diuretics to lighting candles, to talking to friends. No one knew what was wrong with me. They could not help. But GOD did. So I am a firm believer now, and no one can make me think otherwise.

Yes, all that because of a little lie. But to me, any little lie is a big lie! That's why I don't like lying, and I don't like liars. Now, I don't believe in Hell. LOL! I use the word a lot, but I don't believe in a big, firey pit where you're thrown in to be burned and tortured for all eternity. I think when someone speaks of Hell, I more envision your soul just being sent back to Earth to try again in another body. The world nowadays is an even bigger Hell than any biblical description I've ever heard! Anyway, I like Shockofgod, but sometimes he is so annoying! He talks and talks about how atheists have to prove atheism is true and accurate, and that there is plenty of proof that GOD exists, yet he never provides any proof himself of how GOD exists, except to keep asking atheists if they can prove atheism is accurate and correct. In order to hear his proof that GOD exists, you have to visit his website, and I have been there before. His site has all kinds of anime (crapime) pics up, a bunch of frames, jumbled links everywhere, but nowhere can I find the link with his proof of the existance of GOD. I want to hear his side of the story! His website is very hard to understand and navigate. And I am not a fan of radio talk shows anyway. I'd like to see him do a video on YouTube about what he thinks makes the existance of GOD accurate and correct.

Well, on another note, I found out INXS is coming to WA state in July. Tickets are actually going on sale today! They will be playing at some winery in Woodinville. I want to go, but I can't because in July, I will most likely be in Bozeman still getting settled!! But it may be my one and only chance to see INXS perform again before they retire. I've gotta get a ticket!!!! I miss Timmy so much I am willing to risk it!! He is looking so handsome now too!! I'll just have to pack my dogs in the car and get my fat ass back to WA state and see these guys!!! :Os

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