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Friday, April 15, 2011

These People Again!!!

OMG, Landover Baptist Church has outdone themselves this time!! Remember my last encounter with these people? If not, let me refresh your memory. Here's the original post on this blog, with all their gloried comments: http://www.timmyfan.com/2008/12/complaining-christians-without-cause.html. That was from December, 2008. There were a couple of nice people from there, but the majority were obnoxious, conceated people with nothing but "kill all non-Baptists" on their minds! No wonder, check this video out and look at what they are following!

I've never seen anyone with such a bad attitude in authority before!! This idiot talks about shooting down fat wiccans. (Um, excuse me. Have you looked in the mirror? You look like a whole hippopotamus sitting there). I know fat, and this dude is FAT!! Yet look at him sit there and talk about fat wiccans. My encounters with the people of Landover, well they were rotten, evil people! Most of them were anyway. They give Baptists a very bad name. I don't believe GOD would approve of them hunting down and killing other fellow humans. It may sound pitiful, but I don't even think GOD would approve of this guy dissing other fatties. Especially since he himself is fat.

And hitting someone with a hot iron poker, until such person confesses that Jesus is his savior. OK, now again, don't get me wrong, I believe Jesus was our savior. But would Jesus condone hitting someone with a hot iron poker until they confessed? I don't think so. This jackass has confessed to killing and torturing someone, and I hope the proper authorities hear about this and throw his butt in jail! Make him serve some very hard time! I said I wanted to believe this video was a joke, or some kind of pun. But remembering my last encounters with the people from this church, I don't think he is joking at all.

Religions like this one is the main reason that for a long time, I did not want anything to do with religion! And in fact, when I get my own place, I'm going to install an electric fence, to keep people like these off my property!! I don't even like Jehovah witnesses coming to my house. Anyone who I am not expecting is going to get the shock of their lives if they try to cross over! Anyway, I'd rather not have any religion forced down my throat! I believe what I believe, and no one can make me believe otherwise. The people from that church called me all kinds of names, and said I was Hellbound, and blah-blah-blah. I just sat here, laughing at them, saying "whatever!" LOL!

In another note, I notice I feel not so hot about INXS anymore. I still like Tim, but not like I did this time last year. I've been slowly cooling off on INXS for several years now. That's how it is with me. I still consider myself a fan of the band, but this happens a lot. I love something, and love it and love it and love it a lot, then eventually, it's like my love kinda wares off. It's not non-existant, it just cools off for a while. I wonder if this is old age? LOL! I remember when I was on inxs.com and this began to happen. I made an announcement and everyone was all like "How can you call yourself a fan when you don't like the band?" Well, I don't dislike INXS, I still listen to their songs. But I watched my first DVD of Rockstar: INXS, and it's like I'm having a tough time getting through it. It's not like "What did I ever see in these guys?" It's more like "Ho-hum." LOL! Well, I am sure my interest will spark up again. Like I said, this happens sometimes. It actually makes my life a lot more interesting. Like I said, this could be old age acting up. Or, it could be because I've been thinking more of my move than anything else. I just wonder what is going to be my next "big thing"? Only time will tell! But when it hits, more likely it will be my hot subject on this blog.

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