Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Good Chihuahua Owner

Oh wow! I remember some years back, Dustingrey got on a video I was on in YouTube and said that little dogs were for "fags and cunts". This led to me asking him what made him say that, which led him into massive butt-hurt, and stalking me for a year before I finally blocked him on YouTube. Now, not that I haven't seen it before, but a lot of really big people own chihuahuas. I think it brings out their tender side. There is a man, and even I wouldn't try to cross him, his name is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and he owns a Chihuahua. I would just LOVE to see Dustingrey call this guy a fag or a cunt. Anyway, the end result would be fun to watch. The Rock is a big dude!! Dustingrey, when I saw him, was an ugly, skinny, non-muscled mess. Looked like a cross between a chicken and a goat. Of course I have not seen him in years, unless he's been posting on my videos under another name (I wouldn't put it past him). But I would certainly not be foolish enough to call this dude a fag or a cunt if I wanted to stay out of the emergency room.

Look at those muscles! Look at that sweet baby of his!! Actually he is NOT the first big guy I've ever seen who owns a Chihuahua. I used to know a biker guy who had a Chihuahua, and he had muscles like this guy. Again, I would not have called that guy a fag or a cunt! I don't think it makes a person look weak to own a small dog. In fact, just the opposite. It makes the guy look very sure of himself. What I think makes people look weak are those who think owning big dogs makes them look tougher. Those people are totally insecure. I know there are those who simply prefer bigger dogs, and that is fine. But it's those who think a person who owns a littler dog has such because they are a weaker person and that owning a big dog makes them seem like a better, tougher individual, those are the people I don't like. Those are the people that are very insecure, and the only reason they own big dogs is for some kind of status symbol. That disgusts me. They don't love their dog. What they love is the feeling that owning a big dog makes them feel tougher, and that they can conquer the world. I feel sorry for those dogs.

But a guy like The Rock, I love this picture! If a guy like that can own a Chihuahua, it tells me that he does not give a shit about the stereotypes going around these days. He only cares that he loves his dog, and that his dog loves him.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Manager Flew The Coup

Well, I hate to say this, but I think our manager here flew the coup! I've been looking for them for days now, and I haven't seen hide nor hair of them. I needed to turn my rent checks in to them, and I also needed to talk to them about why I am only able to pay a smaller portion of the rent for this camper. But they were not around, and so I had to do what I didn't want to do. But I guess everyone else here does. I had to send my rent checks to the head office in Sequim. I told that manager I didn't know what else to do since we don't seem to have a manager in this park anymore. Anyway I haven't seen them in quite a few days. A lot of people want to know what happened. Our maintenance guy Paul was here yesterday looking for the manager, and they were not in. So Paul just up and left. Today, I went to seek out the manager again, and there was a woman waiting to look at an available trailer, and she asked me if the manager is in. I just told her the manager has not been here in days. I don't know what happened.

Now that we don't have a manager anymore, I wonder what is going to happen? Who is going to maintain this park? This really kinda sucks. What if there is a problem? You know, this is why I really miss Carolyn. At least she was always here. If she wasn't here, she eventually would be back the next day. If there was a problem, Carolyn took care of it right away. But this manager disappears for days, and I have no idea where they went to. She's not even the friendliest manager I've ever known. When I spoke to her, she seemed rather stand-offish. And I really wish she would not disappear for days, or weeks, without getting someone else to fill in for her. I don't know what happened to her or her husband. If they did go off on some kind of vacation, I wish they would not even think to do something like that until after the beginning of the month, when the rent is due.

Ya know, my ma does not want me to say anything bad about this manager, but I cannot help it! I've been needing to talk to them for the past few days, and they have not been here. I had no choice but to send my rent check to the head office, with a note explaining why my payment for this trailer is lower than usual. I'm kinda hoping that the manager sees this post on this blog and responds. Maybe it will make her a better manager. I had to tell the main office that they just left, and now we have no manager in this park. Maybe the dirty dozen mob will forward this blog post to the manager of this park like they did to the apartment complex back in Bozeman. I hope so! I don't know if it'll do them any good though, this manager is never here. Or is rarely here!

Subject Change*************************************

Well, I had a wonderful birthday. And it continues still. I got a gift card from a friend on Facebook. It's good at Target, so I said when my sis gives me my bday gift from her, I will go to the Target store in Port Townsend and pick out something. It has to be something worth no more than $10, and it cannot be something edible. Well, that's a rule I made up myself. It CAN be edible, but I don't want it to be. hehehe! I don't like getting anything as a gift that won't last me a long time. That way, a year from now, I can look at that gift and say "My friend from Facebook gave me this in 2013". Who knows? Maybe there will be a story accumulated behind it. From there, I plan to capture the ferry to Seattle and ride the Great Wheel. I also intend on making a movie about it too. My ma gave me a Walmart gift card worth $20, and I used it to buy this awesome clock for my bedroom. I just LOVE it!!!! It's very plain to look at, but it is an awesome clock! It's radio controlled. So I don't have to set the time on it myself. It does it automatically. My pa came here and we did the town a bit. Kathy wasn't here. She's in Arizona with her daughter. Kathy apparently does not like Port Angeles.

I cannot say I am sorry Stephanie moved away. I don't get along too well with Kathy's kids. I'd like to think of them as family, but I cannot. Anna is friends with Stephanie on Facebook, but I am not, and there is a reason for that. I don't allow anyone on my Facebook that I do not trust. And I don't trust Kathy's kids. Anna reminded me of when we were younger and she took a course in hair-dressing at the local vocational school. She said the main reason she quit that class was because there was someone in that class that was a friend of Jennifer's, who is Kathy's other daughter, Stephanie's sister. Well, this friend would constantly tell Jennifer what Anna was doing in that class, and Jennifer in turn would tell our pa. Next thing Anna knows, our pa would give her long lectures, or yell at her, and Anna eventually got sick of that, and quit the class. It jogged my memory a bit as to why I am not friends with either Stephanie or Jennifer on Facebook. I barely tolerate Kathy on there! I only accepted her because I like to hear from time to time what my father is up to. If there was a way I could just friend my pa, and drop Kathy, believe me I would!!

I am glad Kathy is not my mother!! I thought Kathy was a good person, but she got pissed off at me because Anna chose to stay in Montana, while I wanted to move back here! And Kathy carries a grudge!! She's like a little girl who gets mad at her parents when she gets yelled at, and gives the parents the silent treatment. She also threatened to leave my pa if I ever came and stayed at their place again. Does that sound like something a real mother would do?? Even a step-mother?? Not to me! Doesn't even sound like something someone would do who is supposed to love my father! And the reason she said that. She never even heard my side of the story. She just heard my father's side and thought that was the be-all, end-all to the story. But even my pa doesn't know why I did what I did while I spent that weekend with him. I never told him. So he couldn't very well tell Kathy. But Kathy believes him. Kathy can be a sweet person sometimes. I even told my own ma she's a good person. Oh BOY!!! But she can be sweet at chosen periods. It could be old age causing her to act like an ass sometimes. Or it could be the breast cancer she had to battle recently. I could be more understanding, and it would be easier if I knew what Kathy's problem was. I love Kathy, but sometimes I find it hard to like her.