Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Perfect Pig

LOL!! Oh GOD Yvette, why don't you give up?! Before you get kicked off of Facebook again, you're going to lose all the people you want to collect as friends. She's probably still bashing me, but I don't care. I said to one of my friends she can disrespect me all she wants to, I don't care. She'd just better not say the wrong thing! There are indeed places I draw the line at. Actually not many, but a few things I will not tolerate. And if I ever find out she has said any of them, she'd better make sure she's got a lot of good back-up! Trust me, she's not even begun to see how easily I can ruin her life! I won't mention what those things are someone can say about me that I will not tolerate, but there are clues back in the past blog posts I've made on this site. Everybody has their breaking point, even me. Don't push me beyond that point or you will see the wolverine in me come out.

I still say to everyone, stay away from Yvette! She is indeed no good! What she did to me, she's been doing to everyone. Oh I guess there's still a few people she has not attacked, but she attacks for almost no reason, or for petty little reasons. Things that don't offend anyone else on the planet offends her with a passion. I still say she's lying when she said she's met Michael before. Michael would not want anything to do with her! Neither would Timmy. Neither would any of the guys. Yvette is purely evil. There is definitely something wrong with her! Don't join her groups either! She was never a part of my group! Actually at first, I did think about inviting her, but I decided against it, mostly because the fact that she is a possible feminazi. Feminists are radicals and I don't want any radicals in my group! I was pissed off enough when I found out that Matt Burney was still in my group. Apparently he was only in there for a minute though, because I did not see his name on the member's list afterwords.

As I have mentioned before, the unfortunate thing about Yvette is that she is the classic example of what INXS fans are becoming now. I've noticed over the past few months that INXS fans are getting more and more evil. You know who I blame for that? I blame all those damn Yatesfags! Any time you see radicals moving in, they dominate and take over. Next thing you know, every one else wants to become them. It's like a cult. I had people whom I thought were my friends, suddenly drop me for no reason at all. All most likely because of the influence of some stupid Yatesfag radicals. Before, when the Rockstar era was going on, it was JD who was the cause of the dividing among INXS fans. Now, it's Paula Yates. And you'd think the evil fans would be over it. Paula Yates has been dead for 16 years! No amount of radicalism is going to bring her back. She's now sleeping with the dinosaurs. I have nieces and nephews who have not been on Earth for as many years as Paula Yates has been dead! Really!! But the fags still want to kiss her ass, and they think those of us who don't are being "disrespectful".

Michael was all about peace and love, and those of us who have met him, even spent a split second with him, want to carry that tradition of his on. So no, there is no way in the world Yvette will ever be able to convince me that she's met Michael. Not a snowball's chance in Hell! And Michael would be furious with her lying. I love that man! He means the world to me! Always did, always will. Even if other 'fans' want to go on behaving in an evil way, I won't. I will continue to spread Michael's peace and love with other fans. Just be very choosy about who I spread it to. Well, after seeing what Yvette has done to another fan that I hold very close to my heart, I would say Yvette is a pig!! But ya know, pigs are intelligent. Yvette is not. So to call her a pig would be an insult to other pigs. I'm glad Michael did not live to see what INXS fans today have become. I think the shame of it alone would have killed him.

All that being said, I still do not hate Yvette. I think she's crazy and needs to come to terms with that so she can get help. But I do not hate her. I can't hate someone with a mental disorder. I think again about my Michael. Would I have turned my back on him because he had a mental disorder? I heard Michael could be sweet one minute, and totally lose it the next. He had rages for a while, after his accident. He could be so nasty and hateful sometimes, so I heard. Would I have turned my back on him? No. I couldn't. I love that man. In my eyes, he was the greatest thing since sliced bread! Even better! The greatest thing since putting peanut butter on bread! He may have been crazy, as any artist is, but I love him more than anything in this world! I would never turn my back on him. I could never do it. I'd try to help him as much as I could. On his sad days, I'd try to comfort him. On his happy days, I'd laugh with him. Just like I do with all my friends. I'd never call Michael "crazy" out of hate. I would never hatefully say "You have serious mental issues". I'd never connive him. Everything I'd do, would be out of nothing but love for him. That is how I feel. That is why I cannot turn my back on someone with a mental illness.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Fatty Phrases

I thought this would be an interesting subject. Since the world is so damn politically correct these days, it'd be nice to take a break from being so politically correct. Well hell, I am never politically correct anyways. With me, it's more like "politically CORRUPT", and I love me that way! I am fat. I admit it! Being called fat does not offend me at all. Because that is what I am. Maybe even obese. Though I am trying hard not to get too big. I've even begun losing the weight. I have this big, fat, ugly double chin I want to get rid of, which I HATE. Funny that, now that I am older, I am beginning to take a bit of interest in my appearance, where I never have before. But I recently made a video where I showcase some of my most favorite videos of all time, and I did some commentary of my own. Looking at that video now, I saw my damn double chin and it almost made me cry! I look so UGLY!!!! I want it GONE!! Then I saw pics of Twiggy Puff or whatever the fuck her name is!! And I compared her to myself. She's a fat ugly feminist, much like Yvette Dowdy. I thought to myself "I don't want to spend the rest of my days looking like her!" Besides I want to remove all this weight before I take that trip to Australia with my partner.

Well, in light of this fat ugly feminist bullshit going on today in an overly-PC world, I thought I would show off some of the comments I get as a fat chick myself that other fat chicks find offensive. Every one of them except me. Believe me when I say I've heard every fat chick on the planet object to these comments.

"You're face is so pretty if only you'd lose weight."
I get this all the time! It does not bother me at all! In fact, I like it. At least it is true. I was thin once, and I was beautiful!!

"Real men are only attracted to thin women."
There is actually a science to this. The purpose of sexual attraction is to reproduce with the healthiest females. Thus, fit and thin females. Let's face it, most fat women are reservoirs for diabetes, heart disease, and ovarian cancer. That's a known fact. These kind of women would not be stable enough to carry a baby. Diabetes can also be passed on to the baby, and can cause the baby to be born oversized or with some kind of birth defects.

"All feminists are fat and ugly."
Well! It's TRUE!!! Either way, you never see supermodels out there promoting feminism.

"If you're fat, you can't be healthy."
I hear this a lot, and I am finding it to be true. I am just now coming to terms with it. And because I am, I am a much happier person now than I was a year ago at this time.

This is a catch-all term I hear a lot. Not usually by it's self though. But most fat people are offended by the term "obese". I am not! I am obese! I admit it! If you can admit something, it does not offend you so much when other people say it.

"You're fat!"
My response is always "So?" It's like "what else is new?" But I am not offended by it. It's more like I wonder if these people are really so dumb as to believe I don't already know that! LOL!

"Fat bitch!"
Well, I am fat, and I can be a bitch. So yes, I am a fat bitch. But I don't think I am any more a bitch than any other woman. And I am less of a bitch than any feminist!

Well hell, I'm probably going to get a lot of hate because of this post. But anyone can change their lifestyle. I'm working on that now as you read this. I've added a morning hour workout period to my day, and I am going to do that every day! I can even do mornings on the upcoming 90 degree days, though I cannot do afternoon or evening workouts. Too hot!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

So This Goes On...

LOL!! I'm loving this one. Yvette apparently loves to rant. She rants about everyone under the sun. I swear, I think she's one of those kinds of people that if you look crosseyed at her, she'd write a 2-page rant about you. While I am all for free speech, Yvette needs to stop acting like a martyr. Well, this was forwarded to me...

Yes I am mad because you blocked me from your group, especially after you boasted so loudly about how we were all free to speak our minds on your group. To kick someone out because you don't like what they have to say is not allowing us to speak our minds. That's one thing NO ONE can ever say about my group. I've never kicked anyone out of my group for speaking their minds. When I say "You are free to speak your mind", I mean it! Even if it's something I don't want to hear. But then again, I am not overly sensitive like you are Yvette. I heard you've been kicked off of Facebook many times before. I have never been kicked off of Facebook. That alone should tell you something.

Actually only one time I can remember I turned down someone from my group. But it was because she was not a real INXS fan. She was a known Yatesfag. My group is not to celebrate Paula Yates. It's to celebrate Michael and Timmy. Yatesfags are not welcome. There are other groups they can go to to ogle Paula Yates.

Yes I said Boner looked fat, because he did. Sorry but I am not used to seeing him look that chunky, and I am going to say it. In Michael's last video, which you also put up on your group, people often say he looked too thin. Does that also piss you off? No, of course it doesn't. Because to you, to say someone looks fat is the only offense there is. But I guess that's something you can relate to, right? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and think "I look too thin"?

I was respectful in your group. The problem is you are just too sensitive. Don't blame that on me. That is your problem. Not mine.

As for the calling Bono "Boner", I do that all the time. That was not a unique thing I did on your group. Knowing the man the way I do, most likely he'd think it's funny too.

So what if your friends believe me? This is true. And Yvette has some serious issues. But I guess she's no worse than any other fag out there. Anyone who doesn't believe me are the ones I would worry about. I've always been a good judge of character. Just because I like to give people a chance does not mean I cannot judge them correctly. And there is definitely something wrong with Yvette. Look at this post. She contradicts herself before the last sentence. She says "Oh well, it's a fun read" and then ends with "If you believe her..." which I am sure goes on to end with "you are not my friend anymore" or something to that effect. Knowing Yvette and her kind the way I do, I would not be surprised.

But ya know, I do not hate this woman. Really, I don't. I feel sorry for her. Something really, really, REALLY bad must have happened to her in the past to make her act so hatefully. I heard she griped because someone needed a wheelchair. I thought "If I had known she was like that from the beginning, I never would have accepted her as a friend!" But me being the person I am, I always have to give people a chance. Just in case I am wrong. I have been before, but definitely not about Yvette. I am not going to say to my friends though that if you are friends with Yvette, you cannot be friends with me. That's not my style! LOL! That's something people in 2nd grade say. If you are my friend, and you want to stay friends with Yvette, that's fine. But don't force me to socialize with her, because I truly think she's messed up in the head. I mean, TOO messed-up for me! LOL!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Think I Found It!

LOL! I got to tell you, I think I've found a worse group than the MH and His Life Fan Page. The group is another Michael Hutchence group run by a chick named Yvette Dowdy on Facebook. What makes her group worse is that she boasts about giving everyone the right to speak their mind. So, I thought "OK. I'm well-known all across facebook by now for giving my opinions in no uncertain terms." So, I joined her little group. I knew this should be interesting. I got a little uncomfortable when I saw a post Yvette made on that group saying something to the effect of "If you leave this group, then please unfriend me as you leave" and on and on and on. I thought about saying something in response to that, but then I thought I would be over-reacting. So, I left it alone. But it did make me feel uncomfortable that she'd say something like that. She also talked about banning someone on her other group (which I never asked to be a part of, but she added me anyways), a group called "Empowering Women", which makes her sound like a radical. A feminist radical. I hate feminists!!

I always hated feminists. Anyways, everything about this Yvette chick made me uncomfortable, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Just because that is my nature to give everyone a chance. LOL!! I tried communicating with her, but she never responded, or ever even seemed to acknowledge my posts to her. That also made me a bit uneasy. I began to wonder if this Yvette chick only asked to become my friend just for the numbers. Or just because she wanted every INXS fan at her command. It was just plain weird! When I make a friend on Facebook, it's never just for the numbers. I get involved in their Facebook existence as much as I can. When they're happy, I am happy. When they feel sad, I feel sad. I try to cheer with them, or comfort them when I can. That's why it was so tough having 400 friends! LOL! Too many for me to keep up with.

I was not the only one who noticed these inconsistencies about Yvette. Many other of my friends did too, and the friends I have left are people I trust completely. If they were also seeing what I was seeing, then there was definitely something wrong with this chick. Yvette claims she's met Michael before, but personally, I think she's lying. I highly doubt she's gotten within arm's reach of Michael. No radicals I believe have ever met Michael. Michael was all about peace and love, and it shines through. If she ever did get close to Michael, I'm sure, with her radical attitude, Michael would have ordered his security guards to take her away. That's something she wouldn't tell anyone.

Well, I was on her group for a while. Today though she posted this picture of Michael with Boner. Boner from U2. It was a pic from 1994, and Boner looked fat then, and I said so. Yvette says to me "Don't you think that's kindof rude?" It's the first real conversation we've ever had. I said "Well, it's true." Yvette then retorts with "And you look like a supermodel. Right?" I looked back up at what I had just stated and asked her "Did I say he's ugly?" I mean really! A person can be fat and attractive too. And they can be skinny and ugly. But apparently in Yvette's eyes, being fat is the equivalent of being ugly. Which is another weird fact about her, seeing as she herself is fat, and definitely does not look like a supermodel. Not even a plus-sized one. Well, Yvette never answered my question, just blocked me from the group, which is fine! But it proves that no matter how many times she states it, she does not allow anyone to speak their mind.

Well, the MH and His Life Fan Page was at least a little bit better. I did not get kicked out of that group after the first time I spoke honestly about what I felt. But Maria and Karin are assholes, and even Yvette has stated that too. But they are probably less assholes than Yvette is. Like one of my friends said, Yvette is a shady character! My advice, stay away from her!! I think she "collects" INXS fans so she can control them.

INXS Archives

Anyone else know about this? INXS is having a big event at the end of the year. They've started a contest to see who has the most INXS stuff, and the winner gets VIP tickets to this event. I wonder what the event is. Well, I don't exactly know what they want, but I sent in the pic of me and all my INXS pics surrounding me that I just randomly shot one morning when I was awake at 6AM and had nothing better to do. It's just me with a bunch of my pictures of the guys pinned up on the wall behind me, and hugging my favorite pic of Timmy.

And that's it! That's my pic of (part of) my INXS collection. Of course there is more pics, videos, cds, and what is on my MP3 player. But I didn't have the space to put all that in the picture. But there I am in all my ugliness, with my collection. I sent this to INXS, just because. But no, I do not expect to win with this pic. Or at all. I know there are people out there with much bigger collections than what I have. But I thought I would give it a try. I had no idea what they were really looking for. That is, what their idea of a collection is. This is my idea of a collection. Though I wish I had caught the pics and magazines that were next to me in this pic.

I look terrible!! I had just woken up, it was very early in the morning. I hadn't even brushed my hair yet, so it's sticking out everywhere. But doesn't Timmy look good in that pic??? That's one of my favorite pics of him! I thought it was a cute touch to have me holding that pic. But no, I don't expect to win anything at all. I just sent this pic in to participate. It is a collection of sorts. But I wonder what this VIP event is? I'll probably never find out because there is little doubt in my mind that it will not come to the USA. Which is just as well, I won't be able to attend anyway.

I've been hearing for some time that INXS are thinking of turning their life story into a musical. Like the musicals you see on Broadway. I wonder if that is the special event? Maybe. Good thing I won't win. There's no way I can make it down to Australia now and see that. I can't go to Australia now at all. I'm saving that for this other special event I want to accomplish. For when I make this movie. Yes, I do still want to do that. I'm kinda juggling between that and going to this INXS gathering, which is happening the same year. It looks like I will not be moving to Coos Bay. So, if I do decide to go, I will not have such a long trip over and back. I'd like to go to this gathering, but I really want to make this movie. Of course I could make the gathering part of the movie too. I just hope I don't see any radicals. But then again, my movie needs some bad guys. LOL!

My movie cannot be all good, every good movie has to have some bad guys, and the fags are just perfect to play that role. I intend to put everything on camera. If the fags heckle me, it'll be on camera. If one of the men of INXS shows up, it'll be on camera. When the band plays, it'll be on camera. When I go up for food, it'll be on camera. I just hope there is stuff there I can eat. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian. I love chocolate, but not on strawberries or some kind of shit like that. Well, I can't have strawberry anything! And I like MILK chocolate. I can't stand dark chocolate! I am a little worried about the menu. Shoot if they just bring in KFC, I'll be a happy camper! Or BK. LOL! As long as there is some kind of American cuisine. If I am going to go to a party, I want there to be some real party food!! It's like when I go to a buffet-style restaurant. I don't go to those places to sample, I go there to EAT!! I go there to pig-out!! If I am going to pay $8 to $10 to enter the place, I'm going to get food I wouldn't normally be able to get! Fuck sampling! And fuck etiquette. Fortunately, I don't go to buffet-style restaurants very often. About once a year since I moved here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"You're Bitter"

Oh man! I get this all the time. Especially from catfags. People think just because you don't like something that you are "bitter" about that thing. Well, I guess in a way I am bitter about cats because they cause the extinction of many small mammals and birds all over the world. I am bitter about cats because they mess up peoples' brains and cause autism and schizophrenia in children. These are things that are causing a rise in things like school shootings, road rage and bullying. That is the only reason I would be bitter about cats. But mostly, just because some people don't like something does not really mean they are "bitter" about that thing. Unless that is to say that the people who do not like me only do not like me because they are bitter too. You think that could be the case? I mean, I know I am cuter than they are. LOL! So, maybe they are bitter about me. hehehe!

LOL!! OK that was my fun for this post. But there are lots of reasons someone may not like something. I don't like people. Doesn't mean I am bitter about them. Just means I do not like people. I've had too many bad experiences with people. I just prefer to stay away from them at all costs. If someone seems friendly, I may approach them and give them a chance, at a safe distance. But they are not my friends until I feel I can truly trust them. Though there have been times I've let my guard down. Usually, if I am in a new area and trying to make friends I'll let my guard down. I shouldn't, but I do. Fact of life! But once I do trust someone completely, I will be the most loyal friend that person will ever have. Or at least among the top 5. There are exceptions. Like if someone hurts someone in my family, then that person is dead to me. They no longer exist in my mind. Like when Kim H. in Bozeman talked shit about me and my sis behind our backs, and then lied to our faces about it. It bothered my sis, and I decided Kim was not the kind of person I wanted to have as a friend. I wouldn't have minded so much that she said that stuff, if she had come clean and admitted to it. But she lied about it to our faces, and I don't like that.

You think that's being bitter? Maybe it is. I was bitter because Kim did not have the guts to come out and tell me the truth. But instead blamed her rude behavior on someone else. If that's being bitter, then I don't care. I say, So be it! If I were caught being rude to someone, and they asked me if it was true, I would confess. And if I feel I was wrong, I would definitely have said "Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." That's just how I am. I would never put off my own rude behavior on someone else when I know I did wrong. Or maybe I wouldn't say sorry. LOL! Remember Roger, Dee! Don't let that happen again. But in the case of someone I truly liked, I would definitely confess and apologize if need be. Especially if I discovered the person I was targeting was truly hurt by what I said. And my sis was hurt. I was hurt too, by Kim's dishonesty. I thought she was a better person than that.

Anyways, that's one of those cases I was in a new place, trying to make friends, and I let my guard down. It happens all too often. Especially when we move to a new place. Speaking of which, I've been thinking of just staying here. Though Coos Bay sounds very flowery and attractive, the rental market is just too fierce. Besides, I cannot find anything in the price range I'm allowed that will let me have a pet. Not even a bird. So, the only thing I can think of to do is wait here, possibly stay here, until I am ready to buy a house of my own. That should only take a couple of years. (Insert "OH GOD" comment here with loud sobbing). But I think I am the kind of person who would be better off owning my own home. I love pets, and most apartment owners do not like pets. I also still want to run my pet shop. I've been on pins and needles ever since I began reliving that dream in my mind again. Maybe it'll become a reality one day.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I Can't What???

There is a new trend going around Facebook now. It's a trend I thought I left behind in grammar school. I never thought I would encounter it as an adult. But I have been seeing it a lot lately. And I think I know who it was that got this trend started. Its the trend now that says "if you are friends with so-n-so, then you can't be friends with me". Seriously?!?! Come on! Just because you don't like someone does not mean that I have to not like them as well. I like to maintain loyalty to all my friends, for as long as I can. How is my being friends with someone you don't like hurting you? Just because I like them does not mean I don't like you. They have their opinions and I have mine. When that person says something bad about the other, I may acknowledge what they say, usually by clicking the "like" button, but that does not mean that I agree with what they say. Especially if the person they are talking about never did me any harm. And most times, they haven't. If I agreed, I would be clicking "like" AND commenting to them "I agree with you", or something to that effect. That's how I operate on Facebook...

I click "like" it just means I acknowledge what that person says, and I respect their right to have an opinion.

I click "like" and comment saying "I agree", it means I agree with that person.

I remember back in the days of the old inxs.com forums, Devil Doll mocked me saying something to the effect of "I agree with everyone to keep the peace on the forums. Oh god that sounds retarded just typing it!" LOL! I had to laugh at that. For one thing, I liked playing those kind of games with her. Another thing, I know that is what it looked like because I usually did only say "I agree" when I actually did agree. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't agree. But it wasn't to "keep the peace on the forum", I just say what I feel. If I didn't agree, I wouldn't be saying "I agree". LOL!! Yeah I know that may sound retarded, but it's true. I hope that makes it clear if nothing else. If I didn't agree with something someone says, I would either say "I disagree" and say why I disagree if it's something I feel passionate about, or just not say anything at all. My purpose is not to change someone else's mind. Just to let someone know how I feel and why, if I have a reason. Yeah, some things have a reason for being the way they are, and some things don't.

I have a lot of friends who are friends with people I don't like. Doesn't bother me. I don't care! I truly do not care. That's their friends. If they want to remain friends with that person, that's their business. As long as I don't have to associate with that person. Most times I am not forced to. And I always have the option to walk away, and I know that. Like recently, one of my good friends invited me to a group chat. One of the people in the group was a fag, whom I used to like, but not anymore. Not after I found out she's a fag! But I did not hold it against this friend because she's friends with the fag. Her friends are her business. Not mine. I will say watch out for that person. Especially knowing that person is a possible Yatesfag, and this friend of mine also hates Paula Yates. Like me, she believes whole-heartedly that Paula killed Michael. In truth, everyone who truly loves, knows and cares about Michael believes Paula killed him. Because she DID. Michael was a happy guy before he met her, those who knew him can definitely attest to that. Even Michael's own sis knew she was tipping off the press to their whereabouts.

But really, to say something like "if you are friends with so-n-so, then you can't be friends with me", don't you think that's kinda childish?? Even my own sis has friends that I do not like. But she's not going to stop being my sis, and I am not going to stop loving her. Those are her friends. They don't need to be mine. As long as they are good to her, that's all I care about. And apparently they are, or else I am sure they would not still be on her friends list. And this is behavior that is coming out of supposedly INXS fans. I'm beginning to not like INXS fans anymore because of this new trend. And I always thought INXS fans were the best fans. They are beginning to become the worst. Worse than Duran fans. Worse than U2 fans! Even worse than Elvis fans! And that's pretty damn bad!!! Seriously, I think Michael would be turning over in his grave if he could see what INXS fans are now becoming. And I believe I know who it was that got this started. It was that asshole Jannah. After Maria How met her and brought her into the MH and His Life Fan Page, she started to become Jannah. After Jannah came to that group, it was no longer the fun place it was when I started going in there. She turned that group into a war zone. She turned INXS fans into assholes. She needs to grow up. But unfortunately, I think she's just a teenager, or early 20-year old. I just feel sorry for her.

I wonder if Jannah was this character Mystify that used to get into the old INXSweb forums, and would constantly gripe about someone calling themself Cherry Baby. I remember that person ruined INXS fanhood back then, after the chat room went down. Any newbie who wanted to be a part of the forum would get the same greeting from Mystify, or Jannah, or whatever else she called herself on that forum; "Hello [person's name]/Cherry Baby!" I wouldn't be surprised if they are one in the same. Well, I hated her as Mystify, and I hate her as Jannah too. For the same reason. She ruined INXS fanhood! I will continue to be a fan of INXS, and keep only a few fans close to me, those that have not given in to this new trend. Michael was all about peace and love. I'll stay friends with those who still believe those wise words of his.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Wonderful Friends

I've got to say, I've got the most awesome friends on the planet! I love you guys!! I totally appreciate the prayers you sent in this rough period, or well-wishings or whatever it is you believe in. I won't say what it is I needed prayers for here, but I will say the prayers were well-received and worked great!! And no, this has NOTHING to do with the damn nazis. LOL! I will see to it they are rewarded. I still have that pic of Michael I never shared. I might share it with my friends. But I want to make absolutely sure all the fags are gone. I don't want them getting their dirty paws on my pic! Well, I have them blocked on my other facebook account. Maybe I'll post the pic there.

Speaking of which, I found someone I think I am really going to like, a new friend who not only breeds and shows chihuahuas, but also loves INXS. This is the kind of show breeder I know I would enjoy meeting! So far, she's been really nice! Who knows? Maybe someday I might meet her for coffee or something. It'd be great! If I met more show breeders like this one, I might learn to like them again. Meeting other INXS fans is exciting enough (as long as they're not the nazis), but to meet someone who shows and breeds chihuahuas as well is double-exciting! We both have a chihuahua named Vegas, after the song Pretty Vegas. Mine is TG's Li'l Pretty Vegas. TG's was my kennel name, and I added "Li'l" because most of the dogs in his pedigree have the word "Li'l" in their names too. Unfortunately he was the first and last in our line. Though maybe someday I might decide to start up again. But some things have to come to an end. For one thing, I'd have to ease up on the book productions. Another thing, I'd have to get over losing Groucho. When I lost her, I lost all hope for the future of our kennel. She and Odessa both were my last chance to get our own show line started. Then Groucho died and Odessa had her one litter and was deemed unfit to breed. She was spayed. So, that became the end of our line. Vegas is now neutered too. At first I was going to show him, and use him for stud service only, but that completely fell through. I wanted nothing to do with breeding. I didn't want to go through losing Vegas too.

Well, as soon as I develop a tougher skin, I might begin again. I have a tough skin when it comes to people. Not so much when it comes to animals. I don't care as much about people as I do about dogs. I actually feel sadder when I lose a dog than I do when I lose a human friend. Well, a friend you never lose. Even in people. If you lose them, they were never your friends in the first place. Ma made up with her friend Nancy, whom she has been friends with for over 40 years. She was angry at her for a while because Nancy stole from her, but ma decided it just wasn't worth losing her over something like that. Not when they've been so close to each other for so long! I'm glad too. Those two have always been like sisters. It'd be like if Katrina and I stopped talking. She is one of those kinds of people I can tell anything to and she'd understand. Katrina is who I learned to be loyal from, she is who I learned to laugh and smile from. Katrina taught me what true friendship is all about. What can I say? I thank her for that!

Katrina is younger than me, but she is not irrational like others her age. Yes she F-bombs sometimes, but the way she carries herself, like she just doesn't care. Reminds me of that song "Hot Child In the City". She always finds something funny about everything. This is the same girl that idolizes Beavis and Butthead. LOL! We used to get online and make jokes amongst each other using Beavis and Butthead terms. Like, I would say "I need to go to the garbage dump", Katrina would say "You need to go take a dump?" LOL! We'd both laugh. She still does that too! Even though now she is pregnant with her 4th child. HA!! Her oldest looks at us like we're crazy, and he's right! LOL! Come September or October, he's going to have one potentially silly little brother or sister in the house. Katrina wants a baby girl though. She likes dressing them up. So far, she has one boy and 2 girls. I can't wait to see what this next one will be. Katrina even laughs like Butthead, got that long, drawn-out, airy laugh. Although it sounds more feminine.

Oh well, anyways, it was lovely of my friends to send prayers and well-wishes. Thank you all! Love ya to death!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Not Far From The Tree

My ma is in town, has been for a week now, and we've been up and down the coast looking for me a place to move to. Well, I am not here to talk about whether or not I've had success. hehehe! The fags/radicals/nazis don't need to know that!!! LOL! This isn't here for them anyways. My ma and I do a lot of talking on these long trips. My ma is a very smart chick. She's always been one who's had a good head on her shoulders, and I'll tell you, the apple did not fall far from the tree! We kindof always talk about this and that that goes on in our lives. She told me about her job, I told her about the drama between me and the fags. Hey! It keeps us busy on those long drives! Besides, it's fun to laugh at what dumbasses the radicals are. I told her about the Yatesfags, like Maria How and Matt Burney, and how they fuss because I don't like Paula Yates. Not surprisingly, my ma even said they've got to be the stupidest people on the planet to stop being friends with someone because they don't like the same things they do. And we both had a good laugh over that.

I mentioned how Maria banned me from her group because I blacked out Paula's face in a lot of pics and she didn't like it. Of course Maria had to make up something to get back at me with, so she made up this thing that I fuss at people who like Paula Yates. Of course she never did tell me when I ever fussed at anyone for liking Paula Yates. She never told me because that's one thing I never did in my life. That is what's funny! Maria was just grasping at straws. I've never yelled at the Yatesfags for liking Paula Yates. Ever! At least not for that reason. If I ever did yell at them, it was because they act like whiny little wussies and think we all have to agree with them, and then get all fanatical when we don't. That is why I yell at the fags. I say, to each their own. They say, if you don't agree with me, then I don't like you!

Well, the reason I brought up the fags at all is because my ma keeps talking about taking a trip to England. I told her to be very careful!! Those people are some of the biggest bellyachers I've ever met in my life! Not just in England, but the whole of the UK! There was that idiot Craig from Wales, I was his Facebook friend for a while, eh! Only because he made me laugh once. And I do mean once. Never again after that. So I kinda felt funny about asking him to become my friend after that. He was a writer, but he thought he was so "normal", and even quit the MH and His Life Fan Page one time because we were all "too crazy". LOL! For someone who is a self-proclaimed writer, he sure was a queen wuss! I guess it was that dumb cat of his, got to his brain too. I'm not interested in reading the works of a "writer" who is afraid of being crazy. A writer is supposed to be crazy. Ask any of them. I got friends who are well-established authors, and they will all tell you they are the first to admit they are crazy. And proud of it too! I'm double-crazy, a writer and an artist. LOL!! I admit I am crazy! Oh well he's gone. LOL! I actually knew that friendship wasn't going to last, and I knew he would not be a loyal-type friend. So, eh. I don't miss him either. But I will hand him one thing, he proved I can still judge people pretty well!

I told my ma I dread just going to Australia, because the people there are almost as bad as they are in the UK. I've still got some friends from Australia, and this is not a reflection on them, but like the Yatesfags from Australia (and yes, both Australia AND the UK are big on Yatesfags) they are indeed the biggest bellyachers outside the UK. Of course my ma has no interest in going to Australia. I told her I am going there for one reason only, she knows what it is. I told her. She doesn't understand it, but it's very important to me. I am not going there to see anybody else, but my Michael. However, if I do happen to meet Timmy there, that'll be OK too. Don't know if I'll be saying hi to him though. I'm sure he'd want to be left alone. And I don't want to make him miserable. But yes, I do dread going to Australia for fear of coming face to face with such radicals. Hell, that's why I am bringing my partner. He's strong, I'm not. LOL! Ahh piss on it! I think if I leave the radicals alone, hopefully they'll leave me alone. Like I said, I am not going there to see anyone else but Michael. Fuck the radicals!

Another subject that always comes up, politics. HA! My sis is now more into politics than I've ever seen her before. Ma likes Donald Trump! I can't stand him! I told ma how he says demeaning things about women. Oddly enough, she unfriended Johnny on Facebook for the same reason. Johnny is my stepfather's son. Both he and my ma raised him for most of his growing up years. But I don't like Hilary Clinton either. Ma says Hilary will win. I believe her now. Many people are voting for her just because she is a democrat. But what they don't know is Hilary wants to turn this into a muslim country. UGH!! The last fucking thing we need in this country is another group of religious fanatics pushing their beliefs down others' throats!! But I guess every country has to have groups like that. In the UK and Australia, it's the Yatesfags who do that. In Iraq and soon to be here in the USA, its going to be muslims! Watch for bus bombs, airplanes falling in flames and other such disasters once Clinton gets in the White House! Ma thinks what is going to happen is Clinton will become president and let in all the muslims, while Sanders becomes her vice president and turns this country into a communist country. The Dreadful Duo, I decided to call them!

Ma said Obama is the predecessor of the devil. Hilary is the devil herself. I didn't like Obama from the beginning, because he looked shifty. Plus, he did not say the Pledge of Allegiance properly. While the other candidates stood with their hand over their chest, Obama stood there with his hands over his crotch. Not appropriate, IMO, if you want to become president of the USA. I remember I brought that up on here before Obama made it to the White House and I got scorned. People thought I was giving in to media hype. Well, at least it was from reliable sources. Not like tabloids or other such nonsensical bullshit. But I know what I saw, and while the pledge of allegiance was being said, Obama's hand was not where it should have been! That is what I saw! That to me presented the picture of someone who does not respect this country he wants to run. So no, I never liked Obama.

I remember back in those days, I used to get in the Pluba forum, and one woman who got on there was a breeder of GSHPs. At first she did not like Obama either. Then she decided she liked them. Well one of my sis's was also on there and someone was worried about Obama becoming our president, and this GSHP breeder said that she knows how to tell a good person from a bad person, and she could tell Obama was a good person. I read that myself and I said to myself "She can eh? She's friends with people like AnkhuIGs and MarpranPWCs! Those are two people I wouldn't trust with my eyes open in a well-lit alley! Anyone who is friends with people like them you think I'm going to trust that person when they say someone is a good person??? NO WAY!!!" But it's true. I remember AnkhuIGs and MarpranPWCs were two of the worst people I've ever met online or off! They were show breeders, but they were the uber-snobby, stuck-up, judgmental, sappy, hate-now-ask-questions-later type show breeders. They would judge people before getting to know them, and until they got to know that person (if they ever would at all), they would refer to that person using child-level insults and innuendos. Anyone who thinks those two are good people, I would not trust that person at all!! So, she did not make me feel better when she said "trust me".

These days the radicals behavior is always you're either for someone or against them. There were those who voted for Obama just because he's black, or half black. Those that did not vote for him were called racists. UGH!!! That makes me sick! Now, Hilary wants to open up American borders to muslims. Those of us who oppose are also going to be called racists. Well, I am not anti-race. I'm just anti-taking-our-basic-freedoms-away. This is why I am so ficking sick of radicals!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mount St. Helens Active Again?

Wow! This is something. Swarms of earthquakes have been detected over the last few days under the mountain. I'm not sure whether this is cool or if it sucks. Of course I love Mount St. Helens, and it'd be cool if it were to give off some more puffs of smoke, I'd bet I could see them from here. But I would hope no one would get hurt in the process. I remember our family barely survived the mudflow from the mountain in 1980. We were living in Toutle at that time. I had just enough time to go into the house and save Midnight and her kittens. Because of that, my sis named one of the kittens Ashley. LOL! I remember it was my favorite kitten too, mostly white with black spots on the head and tail.

Well, I saved Midnight only to have my ma and pa give her away to the humane society when we got to Lakewood. I don't even know why they did that. That was MY cat! But that's how my parents were back then, they thought of animals as throw-away items. So, I want to see what happens now. It'd be cool if St. Helens blew up again. It'd be a cool sight. I'd love to go and get as close as I can to the eruption! That is, as close as I can without getting caught in the ash cloud. St. Helens I don't believe will have another eruption like the one in 1980. It's top was already blown off. So, it doesn't have that vacuum-seal effect that it had before. My sis knows more about this than I do, but I believe if it does erupt again, it won't be nearly as strong. Now is about the time they also begin to open the monument buildings. I guess they won't be doing that for a while now.

So, what happens if Mount St. Helens does erupt? The only animals that will survive in the blast zone will be the animals that live underground, like the gophers. They survived the last major eruption. But bigger animals like deer, elk and goats, will most likely all die out. But that also depends on how big the eruption is. In the last eruption, even a lot of birds died out. 57 people also died out in that eruption. Though the toll on animals will be unavoidable, let's hope that no people get caught up in this next eruption.

Most people get caught in the eruption because they just didn't believe the mountain would blow anyways. Those that did believe never thought the eruption was going to be as badass as it was. I remember back in 1980, even though I was only 6 years old, even I believed it was going to erupt. Though what I had in mind was more like it was going to totally black out the sun everywhere, not just in eastern Washington. But even at that age, I knew nature, and I just had this feeling that it would blow. Do I believe it's going to blow now? Honestly yes. It could very well blow again tomorrow. We don't know for sure though. I need to go there and get the feel again. Mount St. Helens gets earthquakes all the time, even when the mountain is seemingly quiet. Its how they feel that you can tell if the mountain is getting angry or not. I discovered that from the last eruption.

Maybe St. Helens is angry. Angry for the same reason I am; it doesn't want to see Trump become our next president!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fags or Nazis?

Hmm, which do you think sounds better? Some time ago, a loyal friend said I should stop using the word "fags" when referring to radicals. Well, juggling the phrase around for a while, even though I am not referring to gays when I mention the word "fags", the only other word I can come up with to describe the way radicals behave is the word "nazi", and few people get offended by that word. I guess because everyone hates nazis. I don't know though if  I can get used to using the word nazi. Surely enough, it does describe the attitude I've seen in radicals. But how does this sound...

Catfags to catnazis - a person who argues with you because you don't like cats.

Yatesfags to Yatesnazis - a person who argues with you because you don't like Paula Yates.

Pantherfags to panthernazis - a person who argues with you because you don't like panthers (or, what they like to call, big "cats").

I don't know if I can get used to that. LOL! I've been calling them fags for so long. Well, ever since I read some of Encyclopedia Dramatica. I personally do not care which one the radicals prefer, but I would wonder what my loyal friends would think. No matter how many times I explain it, people still think when I say "fags" that I am referring to gay people. Not my fault! It was society that put that word on gays. I've never called gays "fags", not even when I was a kid. For some reason, I thought that was an ugly word, and not all gay people are ugly. Some are, but not all. When I say "ugly", I don't mean in looks either. I mean ugly in character. Like that guy spkenn36 on YouTube. He was gay, he admitted that. But he was also an ugly, hateful person. Not just to me, but to everyone. I saw how he interacted with others. It was not pretty.

I also think "retarded" is an ugly word. I don't use it. I remember the delusional mods used to call all of us who loved INXS "tards". I assumed that was the shortened version of "retards". OK I admit I have used the word "retarded" and "tard" before. Mostly to get at today's childrens' levels. They call me "retarded", so why not return the compliment? Anyways, that was my attitude back then. Well, what I call a "fag" is indeed reminiscent of what defines a nazi. I'm not sure what the kids today refer to when they call someone "retarded", but most of the time what it means is someone who is slow. Only recently has it taken on the meaning of someone who is mentally disabled. Funny how words switch meanings with the generations. I personally go for the original meanings. They may be outdated, but they were the actions that gave those words the meanings in the first place. It's people today that have made those words to mean something they were not intended to mean. One example is the word "idiot". I think I read somewhere it was derived from the Latin word "idium", or something to that effect, which means "different". So, when someone says I'm an idiot, I say "thanks!"

The same with the word "fag". Originally it did not refer to gays. Still in some countries, it refers to a stick that is used to light a fire, or a cigarette. It's only modern society that made that word refer to gay people. Now, the word "nigger" is different. I don't use it at all, because I think it's an ugly word. But, it is a real word, and yes, it does mean "black". Several animals with "black" in their name will have "niger" appear in their scientific name. That's the Latin word for "black". But that's one word I just never use. I even feel uncomfortable typing it. I feel uncomfortable when other people type it!! Even if they are black (African-American).

Well anyways, to make my friends happy, I might start referring to radicals as "nazis", simply because that's what they remind me of. I don't want to get in the good graces of the radicals. In fact, I don't care if they don't like me calling them "fags" or not. But I don't want to make my friends uncomfortable. So, I've been thinking of calling the radicals "nazis". I'm still debating whether I want to go to this INXS gathering. But I feel like if I don't, then it's going to let my friend down. But I must have a dog with me. I don't want to go without one. It'll give me a deterrence away from the radicals that might be attending. Then at least, I still won't have to look at them.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

42 Things About Me

I thought this would be interesting. I'm going to be turning 42 this year, and so I thought I would make a post listing 42 interesting (and maybe shocking) brutally honest facts about myself. Some of these things I have NEVER mentioned on this blog before, or anywhere else. If you think this will be too disturbing for you and you are a radical or have some other form of weakness, you can stop reading right now. Ready? Here we go...

1) I was climbing like a monkey before I could walk.
It's true! My mom told me that before I could even walk, I was climbing up the stair banister and sliding down like a baby monkey. It scared my grandma one time when she came to visit our family and I was 6 months old. My ma told her I do that all the time.

2) I've been drawing animals that looked like animals since I was 1 year old.
My grandma kept the first drawing I ever made, at 1 year old, it was a drawing I made of a rabbit. And by the standards I go by today, it did not look good, but it does resemble a rabbit. My mom has it now still in grandma's photo album.

3) The first human I ever drew was an imaginary friend I had named Bob.
I was thinking about Bob recently!! LOL! I still remembered the original drawing I did of him when I was about 5 years old! I tried to reconstruct that drawing recently, but it came out totally different.

4) I am an introvert.
I know I have mentioned this on here before, but I am an introvert. I like being alone. I don't like people very well. I've always had trust issues with people that stem back from my childhood days. If I could communicate better with my family and close friends without it, I wouldn't even have a Facebook account.

5) When I love something or someone, I love them to death!
That's true, and NOTHING can break that bond! Except myself. Case in point: INXS. You all know I love those guys! I talk about them a lot, and think about them a lot. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them at least once.

6) I don't like talking on the phone.
This one drives my friends and family CRAZY!!!!! It takes a lot of thought from me to pick up the phone and dial a number, even if I love and trust the person I am calling. And I absolutely loathe talking on the phone!!

7) My first pet was a cat.
Yes it's true. The one animal I like the least now was my first pet as a child. That is if you don't count a fishtank we used to have. But the cat was not ours. It was a stray that just took a liking to us. I named him Pepper.

8) I used to hate dogs.
Yes, I admit it! I used to hate dogs a LOT! Up until I was about 8 years old, and got my first dog, a skye terrier we named Sir Knight. He was such a sweet puppy! While today there are some things dogs do that I still hate, I've learned to appreciate dogs now of all kinds.

9) I prefer animals over people.
I have also mentioned this on here before too, but I've always preferred animals over people. It may even be hard to believe, but this also includes the men of INXS. The reason being animals don't judge you, and animals know who the good people are. I always trust my dogs' instincts. If they don't like someone, then neither do I.

10) My absolute MOST favorite animals are birds.
I've never seen a bird I didn't like!

11) I despise children!
About as much as any person. But most especially little kids that cannot verbalize properly yet. I am most uncomfortable around kids 4 years old and younger. Though I do think they are cute at a distance.

12) I have 4 kinds of mental disorders.
I have been diagnosed with depression and social anxiety. I also have a mild case of Asperger's and a form of dyslexia.

13) I'm a germaphobe.
I refuse to touch anything that even remotely looks dirty. Or that I believe other people have been touching. I use my shirt to open public doors, and hold the railing when I climb stairs. I tend to wash my hands more than 20 times in an hour, especially if I am cooking.

14) When I see a road-killed animal, I always have to look.
Not for grotesque or morbid reasons, but I do always look when I see an animal killed on the roadway. Mostly because I like to know what animals are in the area. The most unusual kill I ever saw was in 2007 on my way to Michigan to see INXS, I saw a huge black mass lying on the side of the road that turned out to be a black bear! Then in 2009, I saw a dead spotted skunk in Ocean Shores. And I never thought spotted skunks lived there!

15) I collect dragons.
What can I say? I love dragons!

16) I also collect lighthouses.
I love anything to do with the ocean.

17) I'm afraid of spiders more than any other living thing, besides people.
I think though I am more scared of people than I am of spiders.

18) I don't like being touched.
Though I don't mind a handshake, I don't like people touching me in any other way. Especially by strangers. Not even to hug. Though I loved being hugged by Tim Farriss. He's the only one I'd excuse. LOL!

19) I've been writing stories since I was 8 years old.
Sir Knight inspired my very first story. My first books were little 6-page booklets, folded drawing paper, stapled in the center, with words and pictures like comic books. But I remember taking them to school and all the kids loved them!

20) I first learned to draw better by tracing the work of other people.
Needless to say, my first attempts at drawing were recognizable, but not up to acceptable standards. I got a comic book when I was about 8 years old and traced some of that person's work, which eventually led to me being able to draw on my own with a little more detail.

21) My drawings got better after a dream I had.
At around 1989, I had this dream that I made a big mural on my wall of a gorilla. Then I left the room, and I came back and someone that I knew and loved, Dian Fossey, was making some adjustments to the drawing. Ever since then, I've been drawing not only gorillas better, but a lot of other things better too.

22) I love INXS, but I love Dian Fossey more!
Though for a different reason. The men of INXS are the most handsome I've ever seen! But Dian Fossey was a strong person! I admire her for laying down her life for something she believed in. If I have to go, that's the way I want to, for the sake of something I believe in! Though she burned down poacher's huts, whipped them in the genitals with stinging nettles, and killed their cattle, I still find Dian Fossey very fascinating! And I love her! Been a loyal admirer of her's since 1988! In fact, I learned a lot of what I know today about standing my ground from watching and studying her.

23) I could easily walk 10 miles a day if I wanted to.
And I have done it before! I went to the docks every day (when I had a car) and walk 4 to 5 miles. Then in the afternoon, I'd get on the treadmill and walk another 3 miles. Then again in the evening, I'd walk another 2.5 to 3 miles. All in one day!

24) I have eaten dog food before.
It was disgusting!! I don't know how dogs love it!

25) My IQ has been officially measured at 149.
I know it's hard to believe, but yes, my IQ was originally measured at 149. This was an official IQ test given by the state for a job I was applying for and almost got. I did try a couple of internet IQ tests, and they measured my IQ at 160. You'd never know it to look at me, because I am often too tired to use all my brains.

26) I do most of my best activity at night.
I am a night owl! I always seem to be more awake when the sun goes down. Though when I go walking it has to be during the day, because I am afraid of meeting "night strangers".

27) I have a knack for adding numbers, but I suck at math.
This may be a little hard to believe, but I was told on my IQ test that I have a strong leaning towards numbers, which surprised me, because I've always sucked at math. Don't worry. I can't explain it either!

28) I still have "imaginary friends" but I only talk to them through my stories.
Up until I was about 10 years old, I had imaginary friends I would talk to regularly. When I felt I got too old to have stuff like that, I began just writing about them, and only "communicated" with them (so to speak) by way of my stories. Some of those "friends" I still have to this day, and some new ones have been added over the years.

29) I've been cooking ever since I was 5 years old. None of my immediate family could cook as well as I could.
That's probably why I started cooking. My mom wasn't a good cook, my dad was not the greatest, and my grandma was not a good cook either. So, I taught myself how to cook. At 5 years old, I was already cooking things like cookies, cakes, killer cheese omelettes, bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pies.

30) I am a St. Helens survivor.
Yes, myself and my family survived the eruption of Mount St. Helens in May of 1980. I even managed to save my cat Midnight and her 3 kittens.

31) I've been studying animals since I was 5 years old.
I've always been fascinated by animals, but I really started studying animals when I was 5 years old. And I've always been more comfortable around animals than people. In 1986, I picked up a real animal book: Walker's Mammals of the World, and studied that book up and down. It became my "bible" of mammal knowledge. Today, I know about as much about animals as many zoologist scholars.

32) I see all humans as enemies until proven otherwise.
I know I have mentioned this before, but I tend to see all strangers as enemies until they have proven to me they are good friends. But as we've recently seen, even that is not always accurate.

33) I am descended from royalty.
On my mom's side, her grandma had British and European royalty going all the way back to the days of Jesus. I also found out there really was such a person as Old King Cole, and I am one of his descendants.

34) I have many top favorite animals.
Lemurs and birds are not the only animals I favor. I also love rabbits, squirrels, otters, mongooses, horses, cows, kangaroos, gorillas, foxes, elephants, giraffes, reptiles and pteropod bats.

35) The more popular an animal is, the less I like it.
I don't like cats, panthers or koalas. I think all of them are clumsy and lazy creatures.

36) I don't like condiments.
LOL! I can't stand radish, I absolutely LOATHE mustard!!! I only like ketchup on fries and sometimes hot dogs, I get ill at the thought of mayonnaise, I'm not fond of raw onions. When I get a hot dog, the only thing I'll put on it is chili. Occasionally ketchup, but only if there's no chili around or the chili has chunks of tomatoes and peppers.

37) I don't like tomatoes.
But the paradox is I like tomato products. Like soup, sauce, and ketchup.

38) Princess Diana and I are distant cousins.
Part of my royal background. I found out that Princess Diana and I are closely related. Just don't ask me what number. I am not sure.

39) My best friends, when I was a kid, were children and grandchildren of celebrities.
My mom cleaned houses in LA for many years, and used to hob-nob with celebrities, which is how I met most of them. I even played with their children and grandchildren. For example, two of my best childhood friends were a couple of boys who were the grandchildren of actor Fred MacMurray.

40) My ideal man is the cowboy type.
IMO, cowboys are the manliest men of all! When Timmy donned the cowboy outfit, it melted my heart! He looked so handsome to me! Nothing looks better to me than a man with a horse and a dog!

41) I hate walking on grass!
I avoid it at all costs if I can. I hate the thought of walking through something that animals leave their piss and droppings on.

42) I am half Mexican, but I hate spicy foods.
I can't stand anything with jalapenos or any other kind of overly-hot and spicy food.