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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Not Far From The Tree

My ma is in town, has been for a week now, and we've been up and down the coast looking for me a place to move to. Well, I am not here to talk about whether or not I've had success. hehehe! The fags/radicals/nazis don't need to know that!!! LOL! This isn't here for them anyways. My ma and I do a lot of talking on these long trips. My ma is a very smart chick. She's always been one who's had a good head on her shoulders, and I'll tell you, the apple did not fall far from the tree! We kindof always talk about this and that that goes on in our lives. She told me about her job, I told her about the drama between me and the fags. Hey! It keeps us busy on those long drives! Besides, it's fun to laugh at what dumbasses the radicals are. I told her about the Yatesfags, like Maria How and Matt Burney, and how they fuss because I don't like Paula Yates. Not surprisingly, my ma even said they've got to be the stupidest people on the planet to stop being friends with someone because they don't like the same things they do. And we both had a good laugh over that.

I mentioned how Maria banned me from her group because I blacked out Paula's face in a lot of pics and she didn't like it. Of course Maria had to make up something to get back at me with, so she made up this thing that I fuss at people who like Paula Yates. Of course she never did tell me when I ever fussed at anyone for liking Paula Yates. She never told me because that's one thing I never did in my life. That is what's funny! Maria was just grasping at straws. I've never yelled at the Yatesfags for liking Paula Yates. Ever! At least not for that reason. If I ever did yell at them, it was because they act like whiny little wussies and think we all have to agree with them, and then get all fanatical when we don't. That is why I yell at the fags. I say, to each their own. They say, if you don't agree with me, then I don't like you!

Well, the reason I brought up the fags at all is because my ma keeps talking about taking a trip to England. I told her to be very careful!! Those people are some of the biggest bellyachers I've ever met in my life! Not just in England, but the whole of the UK! There was that idiot Craig from Wales, I was his Facebook friend for a while, eh! Only because he made me laugh once. And I do mean once. Never again after that. So I kinda felt funny about asking him to become my friend after that. He was a writer, but he thought he was so "normal", and even quit the MH and His Life Fan Page one time because we were all "too crazy". LOL! For someone who is a self-proclaimed writer, he sure was a queen wuss! I guess it was that dumb cat of his, got to his brain too. I'm not interested in reading the works of a "writer" who is afraid of being crazy. A writer is supposed to be crazy. Ask any of them. I got friends who are well-established authors, and they will all tell you they are the first to admit they are crazy. And proud of it too! I'm double-crazy, a writer and an artist. LOL!! I admit I am crazy! Oh well he's gone. LOL! I actually knew that friendship wasn't going to last, and I knew he would not be a loyal-type friend. So, eh. I don't miss him either. But I will hand him one thing, he proved I can still judge people pretty well!

I told my ma I dread just going to Australia, because the people there are almost as bad as they are in the UK. I've still got some friends from Australia, and this is not a reflection on them, but like the Yatesfags from Australia (and yes, both Australia AND the UK are big on Yatesfags) they are indeed the biggest bellyachers outside the UK. Of course my ma has no interest in going to Australia. I told her I am going there for one reason only, she knows what it is. I told her. She doesn't understand it, but it's very important to me. I am not going there to see anybody else, but my Michael. However, if I do happen to meet Timmy there, that'll be OK too. Don't know if I'll be saying hi to him though. I'm sure he'd want to be left alone. And I don't want to make him miserable. But yes, I do dread going to Australia for fear of coming face to face with such radicals. Hell, that's why I am bringing my partner. He's strong, I'm not. LOL! Ahh piss on it! I think if I leave the radicals alone, hopefully they'll leave me alone. Like I said, I am not going there to see anyone else but Michael. Fuck the radicals!

Another subject that always comes up, politics. HA! My sis is now more into politics than I've ever seen her before. Ma likes Donald Trump! I can't stand him! I told ma how he says demeaning things about women. Oddly enough, she unfriended Johnny on Facebook for the same reason. Johnny is my stepfather's son. Both he and my ma raised him for most of his growing up years. But I don't like Hilary Clinton either. Ma says Hilary will win. I believe her now. Many people are voting for her just because she is a democrat. But what they don't know is Hilary wants to turn this into a muslim country. UGH!! The last fucking thing we need in this country is another group of religious fanatics pushing their beliefs down others' throats!! But I guess every country has to have groups like that. In the UK and Australia, it's the Yatesfags who do that. In Iraq and soon to be here in the USA, its going to be muslims! Watch for bus bombs, airplanes falling in flames and other such disasters once Clinton gets in the White House! Ma thinks what is going to happen is Clinton will become president and let in all the muslims, while Sanders becomes her vice president and turns this country into a communist country. The Dreadful Duo, I decided to call them!

Ma said Obama is the predecessor of the devil. Hilary is the devil herself. I didn't like Obama from the beginning, because he looked shifty. Plus, he did not say the Pledge of Allegiance properly. While the other candidates stood with their hand over their chest, Obama stood there with his hands over his crotch. Not appropriate, IMO, if you want to become president of the USA. I remember I brought that up on here before Obama made it to the White House and I got scorned. People thought I was giving in to media hype. Well, at least it was from reliable sources. Not like tabloids or other such nonsensical bullshit. But I know what I saw, and while the pledge of allegiance was being said, Obama's hand was not where it should have been! That is what I saw! That to me presented the picture of someone who does not respect this country he wants to run. So no, I never liked Obama.

I remember back in those days, I used to get in the Pluba forum, and one woman who got on there was a breeder of GSHPs. At first she did not like Obama either. Then she decided she liked them. Well one of my sis's was also on there and someone was worried about Obama becoming our president, and this GSHP breeder said that she knows how to tell a good person from a bad person, and she could tell Obama was a good person. I read that myself and I said to myself "She can eh? She's friends with people like AnkhuIGs and MarpranPWCs! Those are two people I wouldn't trust with my eyes open in a well-lit alley! Anyone who is friends with people like them you think I'm going to trust that person when they say someone is a good person??? NO WAY!!!" But it's true. I remember AnkhuIGs and MarpranPWCs were two of the worst people I've ever met online or off! They were show breeders, but they were the uber-snobby, stuck-up, judgmental, sappy, hate-now-ask-questions-later type show breeders. They would judge people before getting to know them, and until they got to know that person (if they ever would at all), they would refer to that person using child-level insults and innuendos. Anyone who thinks those two are good people, I would not trust that person at all!! So, she did not make me feel better when she said "trust me".

These days the radicals behavior is always you're either for someone or against them. There were those who voted for Obama just because he's black, or half black. Those that did not vote for him were called racists. UGH!!! That makes me sick! Now, Hilary wants to open up American borders to muslims. Those of us who oppose are also going to be called racists. Well, I am not anti-race. I'm just anti-taking-our-basic-freedoms-away. This is why I am so ficking sick of radicals!!


mikessa said...

I'm not voting for Trump because I don't trust him. If he runs this country the same way he runs his multi-million dollar businesses, this country will be in big trouble. He also uses name calling and childish tactics on others to get what he wants. Another reason is because if he becomes president, he is so likely to bend over backwards against his party and meet the democrats demands. He donates money to businesses and organizations that are owned and operated by democrats, even his children vote democrat. In other words, Trump is a RINO. This is not the kinda person we need to run our country.
The truth, even the whole damn GOP party is against him.

TimGal said...

I bet ma didn't know this!!

mikessa said...

Ma was going to vote for John McCain in the last election and he turned out to be a RINO. Face it, there are no more decent repubs anymore. That's why I joined the libertarians.

TimGal said...

Wouldn't that be the liberals? It's all in the name.

mikessa said...

Only in the name, a libertarian is more like a belief system that our founding fathers were. We believe in very little to no government control. We feel that everything should be up to the people, not the country or the states. There sometimes referred to as independents or "classic" liberals- I use the term "classic" because they are not like today's liberals who believe in total government control. Liberalism in 1775 was very different.

What seperates us from the republicans is that we are more open minded on certain subjects. We also believe that everyone has their own minds, not all libertarians think alike, but we tend to be more open to that than to think just because your a liberal or a conservative, you have to act and think a certain way.

Libertarians come in many different forms just like there are many types of people. Some are anarchists, some are devotedly religious, some are just plain conservatives like myself who prefer a more open group with more open beliefs.

Does that clear it up for you? You could also look it up on google search.

mikessa said...

Our name actually means "liberty" as it pertains to what our country was founded on. The same with the word liberal, but somehow, liberals have steered away from the liberty side and became this group of anti-freedom shits. It started back in the 60s with the hippie movement. I'm glad I was much too young to remember that.

The sad fact about libertarians is that its not considered a recognizable party, and some states don't have where a person can vote libertarian. You only hear of the two party system, never a third party. We are the third party. But lately, more and more people are joining our party after seeing how corrupt our presidential candidates are now.

Another sad fact is that only about 3 percent of the US population are libertarians. Its kinda a dying party and its not easy to spot another libertarian.

TimGal said...

I guess that's me, because I believe in that kind of system.

mikessa said...

Then I would welcome you to the Libertarian party