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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Perfect Pig

LOL!! Oh GOD Yvette, why don't you give up?! Before you get kicked off of Facebook again, you're going to lose all the people you want to collect as friends. She's probably still bashing me, but I don't care. I said to one of my friends she can disrespect me all she wants to, I don't care. She'd just better not say the wrong thing! There are indeed places I draw the line at. Actually not many, but a few things I will not tolerate. And if I ever find out she has said any of them, she'd better make sure she's got a lot of good back-up! Trust me, she's not even begun to see how easily I can ruin her life! I won't mention what those things are someone can say about me that I will not tolerate, but there are clues back in the past blog posts I've made on this site. Everybody has their breaking point, even me. Don't push me beyond that point or you will see the wolverine in me come out.

I still say to everyone, stay away from Yvette! She is indeed no good! What she did to me, she's been doing to everyone. Oh I guess there's still a few people she has not attacked, but she attacks for almost no reason, or for petty little reasons. Things that don't offend anyone else on the planet offends her with a passion. I still say she's lying when she said she's met Michael before. Michael would not want anything to do with her! Neither would Timmy. Neither would any of the guys. Yvette is purely evil. There is definitely something wrong with her! Don't join her groups either! She was never a part of my group! Actually at first, I did think about inviting her, but I decided against it, mostly because the fact that she is a possible feminazi. Feminists are radicals and I don't want any radicals in my group! I was pissed off enough when I found out that Matt Burney was still in my group. Apparently he was only in there for a minute though, because I did not see his name on the member's list afterwords.

As I have mentioned before, the unfortunate thing about Yvette is that she is the classic example of what INXS fans are becoming now. I've noticed over the past few months that INXS fans are getting more and more evil. You know who I blame for that? I blame all those damn Yatesfags! Any time you see radicals moving in, they dominate and take over. Next thing you know, every one else wants to become them. It's like a cult. I had people whom I thought were my friends, suddenly drop me for no reason at all. All most likely because of the influence of some stupid Yatesfag radicals. Before, when the Rockstar era was going on, it was JD who was the cause of the dividing among INXS fans. Now, it's Paula Yates. And you'd think the evil fans would be over it. Paula Yates has been dead for 16 years! No amount of radicalism is going to bring her back. She's now sleeping with the dinosaurs. I have nieces and nephews who have not been on Earth for as many years as Paula Yates has been dead! Really!! But the fags still want to kiss her ass, and they think those of us who don't are being "disrespectful".

Michael was all about peace and love, and those of us who have met him, even spent a split second with him, want to carry that tradition of his on. So no, there is no way in the world Yvette will ever be able to convince me that she's met Michael. Not a snowball's chance in Hell! And Michael would be furious with her lying. I love that man! He means the world to me! Always did, always will. Even if other 'fans' want to go on behaving in an evil way, I won't. I will continue to spread Michael's peace and love with other fans. Just be very choosy about who I spread it to. Well, after seeing what Yvette has done to another fan that I hold very close to my heart, I would say Yvette is a pig!! But ya know, pigs are intelligent. Yvette is not. So to call her a pig would be an insult to other pigs. I'm glad Michael did not live to see what INXS fans today have become. I think the shame of it alone would have killed him.

All that being said, I still do not hate Yvette. I think she's crazy and needs to come to terms with that so she can get help. But I do not hate her. I can't hate someone with a mental disorder. I think again about my Michael. Would I have turned my back on him because he had a mental disorder? I heard Michael could be sweet one minute, and totally lose it the next. He had rages for a while, after his accident. He could be so nasty and hateful sometimes, so I heard. Would I have turned my back on him? No. I couldn't. I love that man. In my eyes, he was the greatest thing since sliced bread! Even better! The greatest thing since putting peanut butter on bread! He may have been crazy, as any artist is, but I love him more than anything in this world! I would never turn my back on him. I could never do it. I'd try to help him as much as I could. On his sad days, I'd try to comfort him. On his happy days, I'd laugh with him. Just like I do with all my friends. I'd never call Michael "crazy" out of hate. I would never hatefully say "You have serious mental issues". I'd never connive him. Everything I'd do, would be out of nothing but love for him. That is how I feel. That is why I cannot turn my back on someone with a mental illness.

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