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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Think I Found It!

LOL! I got to tell you, I think I've found a worse group than the MH and His Life Fan Page. The group is another Michael Hutchence group run by a chick named Yvette Dowdy on Facebook. What makes her group worse is that she boasts about giving everyone the right to speak their mind. So, I thought "OK. I'm well-known all across facebook by now for giving my opinions in no uncertain terms." So, I joined her little group. I knew this should be interesting. I got a little uncomfortable when I saw a post Yvette made on that group saying something to the effect of "If you leave this group, then please unfriend me as you leave" and on and on and on. I thought about saying something in response to that, but then I thought I would be over-reacting. So, I left it alone. But it did make me feel uncomfortable that she'd say something like that. She also talked about banning someone on her other group (which I never asked to be a part of, but she added me anyways), a group called "Empowering Women", which makes her sound like a radical. A feminist radical. I hate feminists!!

I always hated feminists. Anyways, everything about this Yvette chick made me uncomfortable, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Just because that is my nature to give everyone a chance. LOL!! I tried communicating with her, but she never responded, or ever even seemed to acknowledge my posts to her. That also made me a bit uneasy. I began to wonder if this Yvette chick only asked to become my friend just for the numbers. Or just because she wanted every INXS fan at her command. It was just plain weird! When I make a friend on Facebook, it's never just for the numbers. I get involved in their Facebook existence as much as I can. When they're happy, I am happy. When they feel sad, I feel sad. I try to cheer with them, or comfort them when I can. That's why it was so tough having 400 friends! LOL! Too many for me to keep up with.

I was not the only one who noticed these inconsistencies about Yvette. Many other of my friends did too, and the friends I have left are people I trust completely. If they were also seeing what I was seeing, then there was definitely something wrong with this chick. Yvette claims she's met Michael before, but personally, I think she's lying. I highly doubt she's gotten within arm's reach of Michael. No radicals I believe have ever met Michael. Michael was all about peace and love, and it shines through. If she ever did get close to Michael, I'm sure, with her radical attitude, Michael would have ordered his security guards to take her away. That's something she wouldn't tell anyone.

Well, I was on her group for a while. Today though she posted this picture of Michael with Boner. Boner from U2. It was a pic from 1994, and Boner looked fat then, and I said so. Yvette says to me "Don't you think that's kindof rude?" It's the first real conversation we've ever had. I said "Well, it's true." Yvette then retorts with "And you look like a supermodel. Right?" I looked back up at what I had just stated and asked her "Did I say he's ugly?" I mean really! A person can be fat and attractive too. And they can be skinny and ugly. But apparently in Yvette's eyes, being fat is the equivalent of being ugly. Which is another weird fact about her, seeing as she herself is fat, and definitely does not look like a supermodel. Not even a plus-sized one. Well, Yvette never answered my question, just blocked me from the group, which is fine! But it proves that no matter how many times she states it, she does not allow anyone to speak their mind.

Well, the MH and His Life Fan Page was at least a little bit better. I did not get kicked out of that group after the first time I spoke honestly about what I felt. But Maria and Karin are assholes, and even Yvette has stated that too. But they are probably less assholes than Yvette is. Like one of my friends said, Yvette is a shady character! My advice, stay away from her!! I think she "collects" INXS fans so she can control them.