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Friday, May 27, 2016

Fatty Phrases

I thought this would be an interesting subject. Since the world is so damn politically correct these days, it'd be nice to take a break from being so politically correct. Well hell, I am never politically correct anyways. With me, it's more like "politically CORRUPT", and I love me that way! I am fat. I admit it! Being called fat does not offend me at all. Because that is what I am. Maybe even obese. Though I am trying hard not to get too big. I've even begun losing the weight. I have this big, fat, ugly double chin I want to get rid of, which I HATE. Funny that, now that I am older, I am beginning to take a bit of interest in my appearance, where I never have before. But I recently made a video where I showcase some of my most favorite videos of all time, and I did some commentary of my own. Looking at that video now, I saw my damn double chin and it almost made me cry! I look so UGLY!!!! I want it GONE!! Then I saw pics of Twiggy Puff or whatever the fuck her name is!! And I compared her to myself. She's a fat ugly feminist, much like Yvette Dowdy. I thought to myself "I don't want to spend the rest of my days looking like her!" Besides I want to remove all this weight before I take that trip to Australia with my partner.

Well, in light of this fat ugly feminist bullshit going on today in an overly-PC world, I thought I would show off some of the comments I get as a fat chick myself that other fat chicks find offensive. Every one of them except me. Believe me when I say I've heard every fat chick on the planet object to these comments.

"You're face is so pretty if only you'd lose weight."
I get this all the time! It does not bother me at all! In fact, I like it. At least it is true. I was thin once, and I was beautiful!!

"Real men are only attracted to thin women."
There is actually a science to this. The purpose of sexual attraction is to reproduce with the healthiest females. Thus, fit and thin females. Let's face it, most fat women are reservoirs for diabetes, heart disease, and ovarian cancer. That's a known fact. These kind of women would not be stable enough to carry a baby. Diabetes can also be passed on to the baby, and can cause the baby to be born oversized or with some kind of birth defects.

"All feminists are fat and ugly."
Well! It's TRUE!!! Either way, you never see supermodels out there promoting feminism.

"If you're fat, you can't be healthy."
I hear this a lot, and I am finding it to be true. I am just now coming to terms with it. And because I am, I am a much happier person now than I was a year ago at this time.

This is a catch-all term I hear a lot. Not usually by it's self though. But most fat people are offended by the term "obese". I am not! I am obese! I admit it! If you can admit something, it does not offend you so much when other people say it.

"You're fat!"
My response is always "So?" It's like "what else is new?" But I am not offended by it. It's more like I wonder if these people are really so dumb as to believe I don't already know that! LOL!

"Fat bitch!"
Well, I am fat, and I can be a bitch. So yes, I am a fat bitch. But I don't think I am any more a bitch than any other woman. And I am less of a bitch than any feminist!

Well hell, I'm probably going to get a lot of hate because of this post. But anyone can change their lifestyle. I'm working on that now as you read this. I've added a morning hour workout period to my day, and I am going to do that every day! I can even do mornings on the upcoming 90 degree days, though I cannot do afternoon or evening workouts. Too hot!!


mikessa said...

If you wanna get rid of your "newly formed" double chin, I suggest the next time, buy yourself a package of wraps. Give yourself a full treatment and it will go away.
I say newly formed because you never had a double chin before. I did, and now its turning into a triple chin after I lost a lotta weight on my face. I have plenty of wraps and I intend to use them.

if you need help on how to use them, I will be glad to show you.

That's what happens when you lose weight, you get all this sagging skin everywhere. its so gross.

TimGal said...

That's why for years, I was afraid to lose weight. I'll try the wraps when I lose 100 pounds. I'll need them then.