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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fags or Nazis?

Hmm, which do you think sounds better? Some time ago, a loyal friend said I should stop using the word "fags" when referring to radicals. Well, juggling the phrase around for a while, even though I am not referring to gays when I mention the word "fags", the only other word I can come up with to describe the way radicals behave is the word "nazi", and few people get offended by that word. I guess because everyone hates nazis. I don't know though if  I can get used to using the word nazi. Surely enough, it does describe the attitude I've seen in radicals. But how does this sound...

Catfags to catnazis - a person who argues with you because you don't like cats.

Yatesfags to Yatesnazis - a person who argues with you because you don't like Paula Yates.

Pantherfags to panthernazis - a person who argues with you because you don't like panthers (or, what they like to call, big "cats").

I don't know if I can get used to that. LOL! I've been calling them fags for so long. Well, ever since I read some of Encyclopedia Dramatica. I personally do not care which one the radicals prefer, but I would wonder what my loyal friends would think. No matter how many times I explain it, people still think when I say "fags" that I am referring to gay people. Not my fault! It was society that put that word on gays. I've never called gays "fags", not even when I was a kid. For some reason, I thought that was an ugly word, and not all gay people are ugly. Some are, but not all. When I say "ugly", I don't mean in looks either. I mean ugly in character. Like that guy spkenn36 on YouTube. He was gay, he admitted that. But he was also an ugly, hateful person. Not just to me, but to everyone. I saw how he interacted with others. It was not pretty.

I also think "retarded" is an ugly word. I don't use it. I remember the delusional mods used to call all of us who loved INXS "tards". I assumed that was the shortened version of "retards". OK I admit I have used the word "retarded" and "tard" before. Mostly to get at today's childrens' levels. They call me "retarded", so why not return the compliment? Anyways, that was my attitude back then. Well, what I call a "fag" is indeed reminiscent of what defines a nazi. I'm not sure what the kids today refer to when they call someone "retarded", but most of the time what it means is someone who is slow. Only recently has it taken on the meaning of someone who is mentally disabled. Funny how words switch meanings with the generations. I personally go for the original meanings. They may be outdated, but they were the actions that gave those words the meanings in the first place. It's people today that have made those words to mean something they were not intended to mean. One example is the word "idiot". I think I read somewhere it was derived from the Latin word "idium", or something to that effect, which means "different". So, when someone says I'm an idiot, I say "thanks!"

The same with the word "fag". Originally it did not refer to gays. Still in some countries, it refers to a stick that is used to light a fire, or a cigarette. It's only modern society that made that word refer to gay people. Now, the word "nigger" is different. I don't use it at all, because I think it's an ugly word. But, it is a real word, and yes, it does mean "black". Several animals with "black" in their name will have "niger" appear in their scientific name. That's the Latin word for "black". But that's one word I just never use. I even feel uncomfortable typing it. I feel uncomfortable when other people type it!! Even if they are black (African-American).

Well anyways, to make my friends happy, I might start referring to radicals as "nazis", simply because that's what they remind me of. I don't want to get in the good graces of the radicals. In fact, I don't care if they don't like me calling them "fags" or not. But I don't want to make my friends uncomfortable. So, I've been thinking of calling the radicals "nazis". I'm still debating whether I want to go to this INXS gathering. But I feel like if I don't, then it's going to let my friend down. But I must have a dog with me. I don't want to go without one. It'll give me a deterrence away from the radicals that might be attending. Then at least, I still won't have to look at them.

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