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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mount St. Helens Active Again?

Wow! This is something. Swarms of earthquakes have been detected over the last few days under the mountain. I'm not sure whether this is cool or if it sucks. Of course I love Mount St. Helens, and it'd be cool if it were to give off some more puffs of smoke, I'd bet I could see them from here. But I would hope no one would get hurt in the process. I remember our family barely survived the mudflow from the mountain in 1980. We were living in Toutle at that time. I had just enough time to go into the house and save Midnight and her kittens. Because of that, my sis named one of the kittens Ashley. LOL! I remember it was my favorite kitten too, mostly white with black spots on the head and tail.

Well, I saved Midnight only to have my ma and pa give her away to the humane society when we got to Lakewood. I don't even know why they did that. That was MY cat! But that's how my parents were back then, they thought of animals as throw-away items. So, I want to see what happens now. It'd be cool if St. Helens blew up again. It'd be a cool sight. I'd love to go and get as close as I can to the eruption! That is, as close as I can without getting caught in the ash cloud. St. Helens I don't believe will have another eruption like the one in 1980. It's top was already blown off. So, it doesn't have that vacuum-seal effect that it had before. My sis knows more about this than I do, but I believe if it does erupt again, it won't be nearly as strong. Now is about the time they also begin to open the monument buildings. I guess they won't be doing that for a while now.

So, what happens if Mount St. Helens does erupt? The only animals that will survive in the blast zone will be the animals that live underground, like the gophers. They survived the last major eruption. But bigger animals like deer, elk and goats, will most likely all die out. But that also depends on how big the eruption is. In the last eruption, even a lot of birds died out. 57 people also died out in that eruption. Though the toll on animals will be unavoidable, let's hope that no people get caught up in this next eruption.

Most people get caught in the eruption because they just didn't believe the mountain would blow anyways. Those that did believe never thought the eruption was going to be as badass as it was. I remember back in 1980, even though I was only 6 years old, even I believed it was going to erupt. Though what I had in mind was more like it was going to totally black out the sun everywhere, not just in eastern Washington. But even at that age, I knew nature, and I just had this feeling that it would blow. Do I believe it's going to blow now? Honestly yes. It could very well blow again tomorrow. We don't know for sure though. I need to go there and get the feel again. Mount St. Helens gets earthquakes all the time, even when the mountain is seemingly quiet. Its how they feel that you can tell if the mountain is getting angry or not. I discovered that from the last eruption.

Maybe St. Helens is angry. Angry for the same reason I am; it doesn't want to see Trump become our next president!

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