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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Wonderful Friends

I've got to say, I've got the most awesome friends on the planet! I love you guys!! I totally appreciate the prayers you sent in this rough period, or well-wishings or whatever it is you believe in. I won't say what it is I needed prayers for here, but I will say the prayers were well-received and worked great!! And no, this has NOTHING to do with the damn nazis. LOL! I will see to it they are rewarded. I still have that pic of Michael I never shared. I might share it with my friends. But I want to make absolutely sure all the fags are gone. I don't want them getting their dirty paws on my pic! Well, I have them blocked on my other facebook account. Maybe I'll post the pic there.

Speaking of which, I found someone I think I am really going to like, a new friend who not only breeds and shows chihuahuas, but also loves INXS. This is the kind of show breeder I know I would enjoy meeting! So far, she's been really nice! Who knows? Maybe someday I might meet her for coffee or something. It'd be great! If I met more show breeders like this one, I might learn to like them again. Meeting other INXS fans is exciting enough (as long as they're not the nazis), but to meet someone who shows and breeds chihuahuas as well is double-exciting! We both have a chihuahua named Vegas, after the song Pretty Vegas. Mine is TG's Li'l Pretty Vegas. TG's was my kennel name, and I added "Li'l" because most of the dogs in his pedigree have the word "Li'l" in their names too. Unfortunately he was the first and last in our line. Though maybe someday I might decide to start up again. But some things have to come to an end. For one thing, I'd have to ease up on the book productions. Another thing, I'd have to get over losing Groucho. When I lost her, I lost all hope for the future of our kennel. She and Odessa both were my last chance to get our own show line started. Then Groucho died and Odessa had her one litter and was deemed unfit to breed. She was spayed. So, that became the end of our line. Vegas is now neutered too. At first I was going to show him, and use him for stud service only, but that completely fell through. I wanted nothing to do with breeding. I didn't want to go through losing Vegas too.

Well, as soon as I develop a tougher skin, I might begin again. I have a tough skin when it comes to people. Not so much when it comes to animals. I don't care as much about people as I do about dogs. I actually feel sadder when I lose a dog than I do when I lose a human friend. Well, a friend you never lose. Even in people. If you lose them, they were never your friends in the first place. Ma made up with her friend Nancy, whom she has been friends with for over 40 years. She was angry at her for a while because Nancy stole from her, but ma decided it just wasn't worth losing her over something like that. Not when they've been so close to each other for so long! I'm glad too. Those two have always been like sisters. It'd be like if Katrina and I stopped talking. She is one of those kinds of people I can tell anything to and she'd understand. Katrina is who I learned to be loyal from, she is who I learned to laugh and smile from. Katrina taught me what true friendship is all about. What can I say? I thank her for that!

Katrina is younger than me, but she is not irrational like others her age. Yes she F-bombs sometimes, but the way she carries herself, like she just doesn't care. Reminds me of that song "Hot Child In the City". She always finds something funny about everything. This is the same girl that idolizes Beavis and Butthead. LOL! We used to get online and make jokes amongst each other using Beavis and Butthead terms. Like, I would say "I need to go to the garbage dump", Katrina would say "You need to go take a dump?" LOL! We'd both laugh. She still does that too! Even though now she is pregnant with her 4th child. HA!! Her oldest looks at us like we're crazy, and he's right! LOL! Come September or October, he's going to have one potentially silly little brother or sister in the house. Katrina wants a baby girl though. She likes dressing them up. So far, she has one boy and 2 girls. I can't wait to see what this next one will be. Katrina even laughs like Butthead, got that long, drawn-out, airy laugh. Although it sounds more feminine.

Oh well, anyways, it was lovely of my friends to send prayers and well-wishes. Thank you all! Love ya to death!!
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