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Monday, August 29, 2022

The Cat That Changed My Mind

 Over the past year, I've been working on a project. It's to give myself an idea of what running a pet store breeding facility is like. I got rabbits, rats, mice, Roborovski and chinese hamsters. Some were easy to sell and others were not so easy. Though the pet store is going to be more of a labor of love for me, I wanted to see how well a pet store would do in this town. But people here in OR are not interested in pet stores. Especially not one that sells livestock. I'm going to try in Spokane and see how well it does. Spokane is very close to Idaho, where conservatives live. Those kinds of people are more conservative and love strolling around in pet stores. But I fear something like that just wouldn't work here in Tillamook.

Oh well! But one thing having different kinds of animals has taught me; that is how to love all animals. I've always been good with animals. Being gentle, speaking softly, and petting them has always worked for me. But as I have displayed here several times, one animal I always seem to gripe about is cats. Well, more like cat-people. I always just tell them I hate cats because it's kinda fun to annoy them, watch them get all crazy and stuff. I never really hated kitty cats. That was my first pet as a child. I've had several in the past. And I do like a few breeds. I just can't stand gray tabbies. And I loathe any felines bigger than 20 pounds!! With an extreme burning passion. However deep inside, there's always been a small place in my heart for kitty cats.

Then along came Tux. I met her yesterday. She actually came up to me! She followed me into my apartment after bringing Mya in from going potty. And already, I am attached to her. She is the sweetest cat I ever met, next to my old siamese cat, Amadeus. Tux actually gets in my lap and licks me. A cat like that is very hard to come by. I thought Tux was just a stray cat that runs around here, as there are several of those. Peaches started out that way. Now, someone adopted her. I still have quite a bit of knowledge about cats that I obtained back in my days of breeding persians. Which never got off the ground.

Well, eventually we will have to see if Tux belongs to someone and must give her back. I said to my sis if the owner comes looking for her, we will give her back. But if no one claims her, she's ours. I don't mind telling you, when Tux's owner claims her, I'm going to be bawling like a baby. Before Tux, I didn't think cats had this kind of capacity to love. I mean, she is SOOOO loving!! She's more like a puppy than a kitten. She's about 5 months old (at the most), and mostly black with white from her chin down to her belly, and white paws. She's really cute! She looks quite similar to this...

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm still more of a dog-lover. Mya is still the best thing that ever happened to me, and she is still my #1 baby. However, I seem to also have gained the ability to love and accept a kitty cat too. And this came because I got all these little critters, and I love them and take care of them every day. Don't worry. I have no plans to change in the foreseeable future. And I think I want to keep up the facade that I hate cats. On Quora especially, it's FUN!!! It's the most fun I've ever had with cat people!

Another thing about Tux, she can teach me things other people complain that I didn't like about cats see if they are true or false. I remember a few years back a teenager on YouTube, who inherited her grandmother's dog, griped that the dog always tries to steal her food, and that her cats never do that. I told her that it was her fault because she didn't care to train the dog not to do that. My dogs never tried to steal my food before. I told her a cat is just as likely to steal her food as the dog is, trained or not. She said it wasn't true. Well, I found out this morning who was being truthful, thanks to Tux. My sis put out a smoothie she made for breakfast. She left it in her room for a minute to get something out of the kitchen. When she got back, Tux had licked up some of her smoothie. She was PISSED! So, I think that debunks the myth that cats never try to steal peoples' food. With a cat it's worse cuz you can't even put your food or drink in a high place to keep it away from them. Cats can also climb.

Another thing that happened this past summer, my sis finally moved back home. But it was kindof by accident. Or was it? She was about to begin a job back in Bozeman, MT with her former client, who literally asked for her back. My sis didn't secure an apartment before moving there, so she had to move in with her client. Long story short: sis got tired and wanted a vacation so she went to Spokane. I had an accident and busted my foot. I asked sis if she could come and stay with me for a while until my foot healed. She told me she had to think about it so she did. She decided to come and she came. She had to call her client and let her know that she won't be back for a while.

Well her client's doctor went to interview the client one day and my sis was not there, and the client told the doctor that my sis had been living there. So, sis got fired from that job. First they said she abandoned the job, and then they said my sis cannot live there because she is not related to the client. Which I have to say, I think is DUMB!!! So my sis lost that job. Barely a week later, my sis got a call from a new apartment complex in Bozeman that she had applied to move in to. If only they had called her a week sooner, my sis could be living there right now. But my sis had to turn it down.

Was it just a matter of fate? Or divine intervention? My sis moved in with me right then. One main reason she stayed here is I promised to get her to Spokane, which is where she's always wanted to live at. So, as of this moment, we're working on it.

I think it was divine intervention. Because both mom and dad wanted the both of us living together again. Dad is probably the one cranking the cables up there to keep us together. He made it happen. I believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason I broke my foot is most likely because Dad wanted my sis here with me, and sis can move to Spokane into her own home. I have other plans with sis, but I won't reveal them here.

***********************************UPDATE (1:10 PM)************************************

Tux's real owner has been found. Her real name is Venom, the owner is this kinda dyky-looking woman who lives upstairs. My sis was putting Mya out when they ran into each other. My sis asked her if she was looking for a cat and she said yes, and described the cat. My sis said it sounded like the one we found yesterday. Well, this woman stood at the door with an attitude. I was just like "I'm so glad we found her owner!" I knew she had to have one. She was really too sweet to be a stray.

The woman showed no hint of gratitude. She just stood at the door yelling "Why would you take her?!" and "You heard me crying for my cat!" which I did not. We went out last night trying to locate the owner. Believe me, if I really had heard her crying, calling and looking for the cat, I'd have given her to her. She left here, so loudly positive we heard her crying for the cat. I kept telling her I heard nothing. We even put a facebook ad up in the Tillamook community page yesterday, in hopes the owner would see it. The woman left with her cat, threatening to sik the manager on us. I told her "Call the manager!" and I said it in a tone like "I dare you to!" Come down here with an attitude and not even say "thank you". Besides, what the hell does she think the manager is going to do? He can't do anything!

I can't really blame her for being upset. But she should at least be grateful! I mean, I did contemplate taking the cat to a nearby shelter. But I didn't think that would be right. She was just too sweet, I knew she must have an owner somewhere! To be honest, she's too sweet for a name like 'Venom'! I like 'Tux' better. Well, I am happy the owner was reunited with Tux. I just wish it was someone nicer. Oh well, just another Karen from Portland. What do you expect?