Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend at Dad's

Well, to say the least, it was an interesting weekend. I don't get to see my father very much so, this past weekend was supposed to be a treat. I did realize one thing, dad and I don't know each other anymore. All week long, I could not wait to visit him, and I was excited to see him again, and thrilled he was going to let me stay there with my dogs. But the weekend was not what I had hoped for. He's a wonderful man, and I do love him. I let him know that. But we were not cut out to live under the same roof. We fought all the time. Calm moments were few and far between. The problem is my father likes to control people, and I don't like being controlled. It's one thing to be controlled on a job, and I do realize that is his house. But he wanted to control every little thing I did. He wanted to control what time I went to bed, what time I got up, when to put my dogs outside, and we even got into a major fight because I would not eat this scrawny, fatty steak he wanted to give me. I'm not used to being controlled for those things. I like having those basic freedoms in my life. It got so bad, he was threatening to send me home right then and there. And believe it or not, I wouldn't have minded. I was ready to go home! I tried to smooth the steak incident over by asking if I could have chicken instead. But he said no. By Monday morning, I had had enough. Dad wanted me to stay and have breakfast, but I said no. I just wanted to get out of there and get home as fast as I could!

Dad asked if he could help me in any way and I told him he could pump the gas for me at the gas station. LOL! That made him happy. I wanted to make him a little happy before I left, because I was afraid it would be the last time I might see him, ever! Because we are moving to Montana in May. I don't know if I will get to see him before I go. And I know I sure won't see him after I move there! He'll never come to visit us in Montana. He even said he's not going to help us pack up our things this time. But you know what, I didn't leave him with a sour note. I didn't want his last impression of me to be that way. I told him I love him, and I will always love him. And I do. He is my father, after all. And he did have good intentions when he invited me to his place. Its just that he and I come from two totally different worlds. After my gas was in the tank, I was ready to go home, and I made a swift beeline for Ocean Shores. I was never happier to see home than I was at that moment. When I arrived, the first thing I did was take a nap! I didn't sleep good at all when I was at dad's place. He wanted me in bed at 10 PM and I am not used to being in bed that early. I never fell asleep until about 1 AM at the earliest. So, I didn't get that much sleep. As of this day, I think I am still recovering!

When ma got home that day, I told her all about that weekend. She thought the whole thing was so petty, especially the steak incident. I told her I know it was, and I did try to smooth it over in a way where both of us could have been happy, but dad just would not have it. It was like I had to eat what he ate, or I had to leave. No sooner had I told ma that story, dad called me on the phone. The first time he called, he hung up. I could not understand why. Then I tried calling him, and all I got was a busy signal. I figured maybe he was trying to call back. Sure enough, he called again. He asked if I got home OK and I said yes. Then he apologized for being a jerk. He said he thought about his actions that weekend and realized he had acted like an old fool. hehe! I told him I accept his apology and I forgave him. I mentioned we both sort of acted like jerks. So that was the end of that.

Well, I am sick and tired of the Craigslist forums. The people on there are so snooty and judgmental! UGH! So I don't go in there that much anymore. One person, who calls herself MsCynic and I got into a big battle because I don't like cats in my house. But there is good reason why I don't. I don't like cats getting on my kitchen counters and putting their dirty feet where I prepare food. Anna had looked into staying with a roommate, and the last one she looked at for both of us, the woman had 6 cats! I couldn't live there! I thought she only had 1 or maybe 2. That I could tolerate until we found a place of our own. But NOT 6 cats!!! Well, MsCynic got all bent out of shape because I don't care to have cats in my house. I just let her have her little run until she attacked me on a totally unrelated thread. A troll had posted pups for sale, and I responded (knowing it was a troll, mind you), and MsCynic said "It's a troll you noodle!" LOL! I just said a big "DUH!!" That shut her up! hehehe!

I think out of all the people on that forum, the one that I absolutely abhore the most is this one who calls herself OCD-Aussie. I cannot stand her at all! Not even the slightest little bit. I don't think there's anyone on any forum I hate as much as I hate her. GOD forgive me for that! But she just makes me want to smack her across he face so hard! She is so judgmental! And she never posts unless it is to bitch and gripe about something or someone. She never helps anyone out! She just bitches. She claims her life is not miserable at all, but I think she's just putting up a front. It probably is very miserable, and she just doesn't want to admit it. I know I said ColliesRock was bad, but I've noticed she's at least been helpful in some threads. She's given some people some good advice. For a while I didn't like LuvMyAkita, but she too has also been helpful at least some times. But OCD-Aussie is not helpful at all! All she does is gripe. I've never seen her post on that forum unless its a thread she can bitch about. She never helps anyone, she never compliments people's pet photos, she never lets loose and has fun, she just does nothing but bitch, moan and gripe! I must say I feel very sorry for any pets or people that are imprisoned with her. She's nothing but a dirty, stinky butthole. And people wonder why I have zero respect for show breeders. People like OCD-Aussie is why!! I'm sure if she tried, she could offer up someone some great advice, but she doesn't. All she does is bitch and moan on that forum! IF she does ever offer anyone advice, she does it in such a way that is so hateful and vindictive, no one wants to hear her. Why she goes in there if it upsets her so much is beyond me! It'd be great if she would just leave the forum, and never return!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Change

Well, as anyone who has been reading this blog since the end of last year knows, I will be moving to Montana. Looks like again it is inevitable! My ma and I talked about it last night and something has suddenly come up for her, and she's going to have to quit her job here. I feel bad, I know she loves this job, and she really does not want to leave it. And I really don't want to leave this area! I love it here! But the only way I can really stay here is if I win the lotto or something! And that is not likely to happen! I've never had that kind of luck before. But anyway, so it looks like we will be moving officially in May. In some ways, I cannot wait. And in some ways, I still say I don't want to go! Anna was telling me how she had to deal with nosebleeds for the first month in Montana!! UGH!! I have enough trouble here with my sinuses! I don't need them to get worse! But I have to adjust.

Anna said she already found a place for us to stay temporarily while we look for a place. But there are a few problems. The house sounds wonderful and it's close to the university. The woman has cats however, and a big dog, a mutt! I don't like mutts. This mutt is half golden retriever, which is double bad news! They're hyper dogs. And Anna said when she visited the house, the dog attacked another dog, a black labrador. That has me worried. I would have to see how it interacts with little dogs before I commit to this agreement. The dog gets along good with the cats this person has, but I don't know if it will be able to tell the difference between a chihuahua and a cat! The cat thing also worries me. Not everyone is conciencious about fleas on their pets as I am. And cats are big contributors of fleas in an environment! That's one of many reasons I do not like cats in my house. But I can tolerate it for a couple months. IF they don't have fleas! I should have Anna tell this woman to give me a call and I can ask her all I need to ask her.

Well, this move will mean all kinds of new changes in my life. I've never moved out of state on my own before! I haven't lived in a different state since I was a kid, that was when we lived in California temporarily. I was a young child and it was easier then for me to adjust to it. I don't know how I will adjust to this move. I don't know how long it will take to adjust to this move. I've also never before lived that far away from the family! At least when we moved to California, we still had family with us. But in Montana, we have nobody! I am in a way also trying to talk Anna into moving someplace closer by. Like Salem, OR perhaps. Ma lived there before and she liked it. I would like it better than Montana, because of the atmosphere is more like it is here, instead of being so dry like it is in Montana. Anna said it's so dry there, she has to constantly keep putting lotion on her hands and stuff. That would SUCK having to keep doing that day in and day out! Plus Salem has Willamete University, which Anna can continue her studies at. But Anna has already found a place that says they can give her a job in Montana. I'm not sure I can find exactly the same thing in Salem now. I could try though. At least I can go to Salem, check out some apartment buildings and rental homes, and perhaps check out some agencies that can give Anna a job for the summer. I can do that in one weekend, and still be able to come home. Salem is not as far away as Montana.

Well, one thing about living in Montana, it will be an adventure. It will be a totally different experience. I just hope I don't get discouraged while attempting to adjust to this change. I'm kinda on pins and needles for 2 different reasons. After ma told me that I need to consider moving to Montana sooner than I expected, I was in shock! So much so, I couldn't even take my nap! I suddenly felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Odessa could tell I was upset too. LOL! When I tried to take a nap yesterday, she huddled right over me and did not move. But once ma told me she had to quit her job here in town, there was little doubt in my mind that it's time to make our move. We had to get out of here.

Well, on the lighter side, I have now another group of 'fans'. Yeah, fans like the delusional mods were fans. LOL! The vegans have begun attacking me on Facebook. I happened to find out by way of one of my new friends, who tagged me in a comment. I'm sure she meant no harm, and I am still her friend. But I saw the comments being made about me by people I don't even know. They were so hysterical! In a weird way. These people were accusing me of trying to push my beliefs on them, and all that kind of jazz. It was funny hearing them say things like that, because in no way at all am I trying to push my beliefs on vegans. In fact, if more vegan/vegetarians would be like me, the world would be a more peaceful place and they would not have the savage reputation they have now. I don't push my beliefs on people. And I don't threaten anyone with violence, or call them names, just because they do not agree with me. Yet, a lot of vegans do all of that. These people (on the Facebook page) were such dumbasses, most of them didn't even watch the whole video before commenting. If they would have, they would have heard my disclaimer that I am in no way trying to convert them from their beliefs, and I always say "If you want to go vegan, then go vegan." I always leave the choice open to them, and I discussed and corrected what I know is not true. Yet they stand in castigation over me. Their problem is that of most vegans all over the world. They take everything out of context and twist it around to take on a meaning of their own. One of my new friends and I got into a discussion about this, and even she said that she enjoys my videos because I DO NOT try to push my beliefs on her. And I never will. In fact, I have praised her to the hilt for being a vegan and keeping with that choice in her life because it's done so well for her. And I mean it. I wouldn't tell her I am happy for her if I didn't mean it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fear of the Truth

Face it, people hate it when their beliefs are proven wrong. That is a fact. And no one is more in denial than hardcore vegans and vegetarians. I sometimes wonder if they are in some kind of cult, because they all seem to think and feel the same way. Not saying they are all bad, I have some vegan friends, and as people I like them as much as I like all my other friends. Just like all groups of people, some are good and some are bad. Some are just downright evil. I finally just eliminated one of the most evil people that I've ever met on YouTube, and that was MsPearlsGirl. Anyone who says they want to see someone's kids die is truly screwed up and needs to seek professional help. She wasn't just bad. She was pure evil! I know I am a little nutty, and I usually like other people who are just as crazy as I am. I even sometimes joke to my sis Eva that she needs to find other homes for some of her kids. But that's just a joke, and Eva knows it!! But MsPearlsGirl is the kind of crazy that needs to be behind bars, with the key thrown away or melted away, one or the other. She truly gives vegans a bad name, and they know it.

Anyway, I recently made a 2-part episode debunking the myths one man, named Gary Yourofsky, told about veganism. Gary Yourofsky is one of those vegans who acts out for animal rights. If he was doing it for animals that really need help, like endangered mountain gorillas, I would be on his side. Though there is no chance that I would become vegan. But he's doing it for animals that we slaughter for food. And yes, in my research I found we truly need meat in our diet. Yourofsky has been arrested 13 times, and banned from 5 countries. I'm thinking OMG! That's nothing to be proud of!

Well, I knew that once I posted up my videos debunking Yourofsky's theories, that the vegan shit-fit-fest was going to start up again. Sure enough, it did! I knew my theories and research was going to be challenged. It didn't take long for that to happen either. I'm surprised more vegans haven't shown up and shat their pants yet! In my research, I tend to stay away from ARA groups, because I know they are going to be biased, and usually complete douchebags! And I don't listen to douchebags! There was one site that I hit to actually try to prove that veganism is the best for our health, I wanted to do a comparison. The site was stevepavlina.com and he wrote a blogpost about humans supposing to be herbivores. Here is the link: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/09/are-humans-carnivores-or-herbivores-2/. The problem I have with his blog is he is a complete douchebag! Look at how disrespectful he is to people who disagree with him in the comment section. And as far as I see, most of the commenters are just trying to disagree in a civil manner. Not calling him names nor anything. Just give thier point of view. Steve Pavlina also argues in the comments section that humans have foreward-facing eyes so we can read better. As if to say we evolved binocular vision so we can read books!

Most of the time, when I argue veganism, I tend to look at our closest living relatives, the chimpanzees. Chimps are truly omnivorous. The only purely herbivorous ape is the gorilla, and we are not in any way closely related to gorillas. But gorillas do have the trademarks of a pure herbivore. They are big, slow-moving, and have pot bellies and powerful, crushing jaws. Plus they have to eat a lot, about 60 pounds of food per day, just to get all the nutrients they need. Chimps are a whole other story. They are smaller, move faster, and do not have the size bellies that gorillas have. Only the young specimens do. Check out this article about the comparison of our diet vs. that of chimps: http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~stanford/chimphunt.html. This guy even argues that a vegetarian diet is definitely good for us, which leads me to believe he is not biased. But at the same time he knows that a mixed diet is better. Chimps are the only apes besides ourselves that hunt. But almost all apes (except gorillas) are known to take in meat in one form or another. Orangs have been known to eat eggs, and grubs. Bonobos also hunt small animals, though their meat intake is less than that of chimpanzees. For information about that, check out Walker's Mammals of the World.

There really are very few purely herbivorous primates, less than 50% of the known primate species are herbivorous. That is, they do not take in any form of animal protein at all, except maybe an occasional accident. Here is a list of purely herbivorous primates:

Family: Lemuridae
Varecia (2 species)
Lepilemur (26 species)
Hapalemur (5 species)
Prolemur (1 species)

Family: Indriidae
Indri (1 species)
Propithecus (8 species)
Avahi (9 species)

Family: Cebidae
Cacajo (2 species)
Alouatta (9 species)

Family: Cercopithecidae
Colobus (5 species)
Procolobus (10 species)
Trachypithecus (17 species)
Presbytis (11 species)
Semnopithecus (7 species)
Pygathrix (3 species)
Rhinopithecus (5 species)
Nasalis (1 species)
Simias (1 species)

Gorilla (2 species)

Total is 125 purely herbivorous primates. Really out of those, the only ones that really count are those closest to us, the gorillas. Some families aren't even listed because those families of primates have no purely herbivorous species. Those families are the Cheirogalidae, Lorisidae, Galagidae, Callithricidae, Tarsiidae, Daubentoniidae and Hylobatidae. Of course I didn't count subspecies, I figured the separate species were enough. But a total of 125 purely herbivorous primates in an order of about 350 species closest in relation to humans is enough to tell me that humans are not deer, or cattle. We were never meant to live purely herbivorous. Animals that are purely herbivorous have specialized digestive tracts and methods they use to fully digest plant matter. For example, the colobine monkeys (the monkeys listed under the family Cercopithecidae) have digestive tracts almost exactly like those of rumnents. Other herbivores, like rabbits and gorillas, reingest their own feces to get all the nutrients they need. Not that we couldn't do that, but would we? Who is going to eat their own feces?

On top of that, Yourofsky also equated human emotions onto animals. While there is no doubt that animals feel sadness and joy as we do, he implied that animals that have never been off a farm before, know that they are heading to slaughter. This is so not true! Animals cannot read. They have no idea what they are being put on a truck for. Animals cannot know what the word "slaughter" means. Yourofsky says animals are "self-aware". But they are not. Not in the same way humans are. You tell an animal he's stupid, and he'll just look at you and continue what he's doing. He won't care if you call him that! Because he doesn't understand what you are saying. Some animals can learn to recognize sounds, like their names, and learn to come when they hear their names. But that's after some training time. And that only goes for some animals. But no animal out there is ever going to learn to associate the word "slaughter" with "death". Or even the word "kill" with "death". I think Yourofsky watched Charlotte's Web too many times!

Not only Charlotte's Web, but also Dr. Doolittle 2! For him to use the word "speciesism" in his speech was a little too off the wall. In my video, I stated that word was made up by Eddie Murphy for the sake of comedy in Dr. Doolittle 2. It's not a real word! It's one thing to be a racist, but there is no such thing as a speciesist! Never was, and never will be. I said in the video that I hate panthers, I can't stand lions, leopards or tigers. People get arrested for being racists, but am I suddenly going to be arrested because I hate panthers? And as for us thinking our species being superior, it's natural to look after our own species. No other creature in nature is going to sacrifice it's self for another species. I said I want to see a video of one species (other than a human) purposefully sacrifice it's own life to save the life of another species. I've never seen any other animal do that except human ARAs. Though I will even sacrifice my life to save my dogs, but that's a different story. I chose to bring these dogs into my home, I chose them to be a part of my "pack". And as their pack leader, I will defend them viciously from harm. But I have no pet cows, pigs or chickens, and I will not bother to sacrifice myself for them. Thus I will not sacrifice my health for them.

As for the health benefits of becoming a vegan, opposed to maintaining a mixed diet, my grandma had an aunt, everyone affectionately called her "aunt Dump", her real name was Mary, and she ate meat every single day of her life. It wasn't all she ate, but she did have meat, veggies and bread for every single meal. She died in 1995 at the age of 102 years old! She was a healthy woman then too. In fact, for her 100th birthday, she went for a helicopter ride. It was something she wanted to do her entire life, and when she turned 100 years old, the family took her for a helicopter ride! While I will not say that there aren't some people who can survive nicely on a strictly vegetarian/vegan diet, I don't recommend everyone try it because not everyone is the same. Just as some people can spend their entire lives smoking and not get lung cancer, some people can follow a purely vegan diet and not have any ill effects. But since being a vegan almost killed my grandma, I fear it may have nearly the same ill effects on myself. I choose not to take that chance. For another former vegan's point of view, I urge you to visit this blog: http://voraciouseats.com/2010/11/19/a-vegan-no-more/. I believe I have posted this before. But I say again, check out her blog.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crossing the Line

OK, this morning, our 'friend' crossed the line. I can handle name-calling and all that good stuff. But MsPearlsGirl totally crossed the line this morning. Now, she is even beginning to make threats. Even though I know they are empty threats! I mean, what is she really going to do to me? LOL! She doesn't even seem like the type that would really carry out any threat. Evil as I do see her to be! Besides, she'll never find me. Even if she did, she'd never get through my door. And even if she did show up here, I'd just sit on her and break her back! LOL! If that doesn't work, I've got pepper spray and spider killer. If I catch her, or any stupid vegan here to carry out her threats, she'll get a heafty dose of that. :) But anyway, I find threats of any kind (empty or not) completely unacceptable and uncalled for. Again I ask, is this civil? I mean, vegans talk about how we are civilized now, and don't need to kill any living thing. Is it civilized to threaten to harm another person? Yesterday, Katrina kept urging me to block MsPearlsGirl. I said I couldn't. Because up until this morning, she didn't really do anything wrong. I know she was calling me names, and I could sense she is an evil person (like I said, I'm a damn good judge of character). Katrina sensed it too apparently! But up until this morning, MsPearlsGirl didn't do anything really wrong. She had a right to her opinion. For me to block someone just for having an opinion goes against everything I believe in. But this morning, she was making threats and being totally disrespectful to another one of my viewers, who seems to have more class as a vegan than MsPearlsGirl does. I won't stand for that. If you ask me, vegans like MsPearlsGirl are the ones that need to be totally eradicated, and leave the more classy ones here. LOL! That's a joke, BTW. I would never do a thing like that! Not even to MsPearlsGirl. Well, leave karma to come and get her. I told her to take her nonsensical droning elsewhere. Then I blocked her.

Well, now, I want to extend my deepest condolences to the people of Japan. They were first struck with a major earthquake, and now a tsunami. They had a deep double-whammy! I have a couple of friends in Japan, and I am hoping that they stay safe! We had a tsunami warning here too. Ma was here and she woke me up saying that there is a tsunami warning in this area. We live about a block from the beach, so that was a major concern! Though I know we almost never really have tsunamis here. There hasn't been one in this town in (I think) about 150 years. Japan has them all the time. I have one friend that moved there from the US. She now lives in Okinawa, which she said was not struck by either disaster. I was glad to hear that! Katrina came over yesterday to see that I was alright, and I told her I was. And we spent the day together. She helped me clean the house a bit. She too heard about the tsunami warnings for this area on Friday, and she just wanted to visit to make sure I was fine. Anna also heard about the warnings out here, and she said she wished I could come to Bozeman. LOL! A little too far for now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


hehehehe! I had to save this comment by MsPearlsGirl. Yesterday she was the first person to win a place in my new Dim-wit Hall of Fame, which is a new page I started to display the most dim-witted comments I get on YouTube from clueless people like her. Check it out! Just like a number of vegans, she is a hypocrite. She stands against killing animals for meat, but doesn't seem to mind supporting BYBs and PMs.

She claims to be a 36 year old vegan, who looks half my age. Yet she has no pics up to prove it. I made an announcement on my dog breeding video about the new page on this blog, and MsPearlsGirl as much as gave me permission to talk about her. So I guess all is fine. :) This was the comment she made:

"That's fine, Timmyfat. You can't get anyone to fuck you, you hideous thing. Perhaps if you had compassion, became vegan and lost a tonne of that flab, someone might just want you."

I love it that she called me "Timmyfat"!! hehehe! I think I actually mentioned that somewhere back in this blog (or on one of my videos) that I wondered how long it would take someone to come up with that! LOL! I like it, but Timmy may not. Sorry Timmy. :x Don't worry dude, she means me, not you! Oh and of course, like all uneducated individuals, she brings up sexual overtones! LOL! Cool!

Anyway, in my research yesterday, I found out a lot of people who claim to be vegans are actually closet omnivores. That is, they also consume eggs, fish, chicken, etc. in smaller quantities. The problem is that most of them are afraid to admit it because other vegans will jump them. In order to become a full-fledged vegan, that is to get all the nutrients our body needs to function through veggies and fruits only, we would have to eat a number of fruits and veggies that are actually so rare, you can't get them at any typical grocery store. Either that, or take a lot of supplement pills, which is unnatural. Again raising the question vegans have about living an "all natural" lifestyle. No, I am not putting down vegans here, this is the simple truth. This is actually part of the truth they don't want you to know! Well, I called out MsPearlsGirl. This was my response to her:

"@MsPearlsGirl LOL! I bet you can't get laid either. You're probably a fat-ass yourself, you're just hiding it. And from what I've read so far, a lot of self-proclaimed "vegans" are actually closet omnivores. No doubt in my mind you are one of those too. You're just too scared to admit it because from what I see here about you, you're a spineless person. LOL!"

I'm a good judge of character! LOL! So now I've decided since she's given me permission to talk about her, I'll have a little fun with her. LOL! From the research I've done so far, a lot of people who tell you they are a true vegan, and eat absolutely no animal products, are complete LIARS!!! They are obviously not as healthy as they make themselves out to be. A balanced diet is what is important. I'm not denying there are some people who can do good on a vegan diet, but most people cannot survive on a truly vegan diet. MsPearlsGirl is definitely one of those that is most likely a closet omnivore. Either that, or a wholly vegan diet is eating away at her brain. LOL! She's one of those that would give vegans a bad name. Here is her response to me from my last comment:
Nope, you fat miscreant blobby mass, I weigh 55kg, which is about as much as your left leg. I'm vegan, which means I don't eat nor wear any animal products. My vegan boyfriend fucks me, but he wouldn't go near you if he were drowning in a sea of piss and you were a tree. Can you walk? I bet you need one of those motorised carts that geriatrics use. Weird, considering you're 36 but look 56. 

Her spelling, and basic subject-selection skills tell me she is NOT a 36 year old like she claimed she was. I looked at this post and thought to myself "She's not 36! She's 12 years old if she's a day!" That's just judging by her writing skills! So anyway, I decided to have some fun with her. I could have a lot of fun based just on this paragraph alone!! These were my responses to her:
@MsPearlsGirl LOLOL!! Keep trying to convince me. Your actions speak louder than your words. ;)

@MsPearlsGirl <----- is a fat-ass! A fat-ass! LOL! Like me, only at least I don't hide it. ;)

@MsPearlsGirl Oh yes, and just so you know, I don't believe you are 36 at all. LIAR!! You're probably like 10 years old, and just looks 36. LIAR!! LIAR!!! You closet omnivore. hehehehe! ;P

And you want to take a guess that this "boyfriend" she spoke of is not even a boy? It's probably a girl. That could be who "Pearl" is. Am I worried that a lesbian girl thinks I'm a "fat, ugly, incompassionate miscreant"? Hell NO!! LOL! I'm honored in fact. I'm straight. I'd hate to break a lesbian's heart if I have to tell her I only like guys.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pro-Vegan, Anti-Choice

Over the past week, my vegetarian video got quite a lot of attention. Not that I mind it, really. But you know what happens when these crazy vegans get together on a video. Who sent them there, I don't really know. I can only speculate. But that is really not that important. It got so wild in there, people began spamming the comments section. I don't like spammers. So, I began deleting and blocking the people who spammed. By spamming, I mean people were posting the same comments 3 or 4 times. I had a hard time keeping up with the clean-up! I realized I could not do that anymore and keep up with my daily work. So, I eliminated the possibility of posting comments. I like interacting with my viewers, but spammers are nothing but annoying. Actually, most vegans are nothing but annoying! I try to keep an open mind, so I can hear all sides of a subject, but some of these people were crazy! I mean crazy as in absolute lunatics!! So far though, I can say my life has not been threatened yet, like some other people who had close encounters of the weird kind with vegans. I'll get to that in a minute.

These people argued that I need to do more research. The thing is, in that video they were commenting on, I was mostly referring to PETA, and all their "research". They were laughing because I mentioned something about cattle passing gas (as if I were the one who originally came up with that). No, I got that theory too from PETA. That's why their laughing at me did not bother me. I felt like they were not laughing at me, they were laughing at PETA, which I do that myself a lot of times. They were like "looking at your body condition, speaking out against veganism, makes us want to go vegan." They can go vegan if they want to. The reason I brought any of those 'ridiculous subjects' up was to mock PETA. Everyone by now knows I do not like PETArds forcing their beliefs on me, giving me their 'research statistics' which have been taken out of context, which is something PETA typically does. PETA hires people who will tell them what they want to hear, and eliminate the people who do research and tell them a mixed diet is better than a strictly vegetarian diet.

The other factor is not everyone can do well on a vegetarian, or vegan, diet. I have met several people who have tried a strictly vegan diet, and did not do too well. Of course I am happy for those who have tried it and did very well. Nobody's results are typical. Just like nobody's tastes are typical. I cannot do well without meat. One reason is one of the biggest contributors of the iron mineral in the vegan world is broccoli. You cannot pay me enough to eat broccoli!!!! I have tried it and I cannot stand it!! I tried it even with some cheese, which should drown out a lot of the flavor, I still hated it!! I can't even stand to smell it cooking. Cauliflower does not bother me, beets are borderline, celery and carrots I adore! I'll even eat lettuce, other leafy greens (as long as they're raw) and cucumbers. But broccoli, avacados, anything that has that metallic taste, I cannot stand it. I puked it back out. It may be my taste buds, but to me, broccoli and avacados have a metallic taste. I won't eat them. You cannot pay me to eat them! I could never become a vegan. Not without taking mass iron replacement supplements. My body is already sensitive to iron and B-12 deficiency. I don't know if that is genetic or not, but if I go without iron and B-12, I quickly become anemic and I more quickly than usual wind down.

There was one person who captured my attention. He came into my video to insult me, but he quickly apologized for his actions, and asked me to become his friend on Facebook. He told me he could save my life. So I invited him. I like to keep an open mind. And since he, himself said I should do more research, I took him up on his offer and invited him to become one of my facebook friends. Vegans like him have a much better chance of converting me than those who throw insults and bullshit. Though, like I said, I could never make it as a vegan. So far he has shown me a couple of interesting videos. One was of a man who is dead at 29 of a heart attack. He started a restaurant that he admitted served food that is not good for you. I say, he knowingly served unhealthy stuff, and he got what he should have got. Another was an hour-long video of a man who has been arrested many times for going overboard standing up for animal rights. While I do not agree with that, he did bring up some interesting facts. For example, the pus in milk. GROSS!!!! He said the FDA allows one eyedropful of pus in the milk taken daily. I will admit that is disgusting. But that is why milk is pasturized, to kill those bacteria. And if it's only an eye-drop-full in all the milk that is taken daily, and it's pasturized, it won't hurt anyone. It's just disgusting to think it's in there. This friend asked me to keep an open mind, so I am. I always like to stay open-minded. But when it comes to PETA, my mind is, by default, closed.

Well, I knew when I took down my discussing vegetarians video, that the nutty vegans would raid my other videos. What they seem to be forgetting, that is my channel! Sure I put my videos out there, but that is my prerogative. My videos reflect my opinions, and my opinion is PETA tells you only half-truths. Yes they are true, to an extent. But PETA is closed-minded to opposing opinions. Ask anyone who has tried to debate with Ingrid Newkirk. I've seen videos of debates with her, and she alienates anyone who presents her with facts from the other side. She interrupts people, she gets rude in all ways, she laughs them off, and you can almost see her ears closing when someone tries to talk to her with facts that blow her beliefs. That is why I don't like her or PETA, and I will not listen to them, or anyone that supports them. At least I am looking at this vegan side with an open mind (with this new friend anyway). The people who are using insults and other bullshit, I will not listen to them. Because I see them to be no different from the PETArds.

I love animals, but I do not believe they have the same rights as we get. It just doesn't work out that way. We look after our own species. It's that way all over nature. Each species looks out for it's own. Sure different species associate with each other, but that's a fluke. Like monkeys and deer. Monkeys do not intentionally follow deer around, nor vice-versa. But the deer like to hang around under the trees where monkeys are hanging out and feeding, because monkeys often drop green leaves that the deer cannot reach. In turn, though it is a favorable accident of nature, deer have a more advanced sense of smell and can actually smell when a predator is nearby. Thus sounding an alarm, which the monkeys have learned to recognize and sense, so they can get to safety fast. But that is the extent of their association. The deer do not sound an alarm for the monkeys. That's just how it works out. It's not being "specieist", it's life. LOL! I remember when Eddie Murphy was the first to quote that word in Dr. Doolittle 2. Good movie! I love Eddie Murphy. In that movie, it was meant to be comical. I was stunned when this man I mentioned, who had been arrested many times for overdoing animal rights activities, used that word in his speech. I was like, "My goodness! That was supposed to be for comedy! Not to be taken seriously!"

Well, the reason I choose not to follow most vegans, whether or not they associate with PETA, is because I have seen how they work. Most of them resort to childish name-calling. Take a look at some shithead comments from some of my videos here from vegan/vegetarians. This first one comes to me from someone who calls herself dstkl96. She commented on Mikessa's video about diet myths. Typical PETArd response (which she all but admitted she is). Ears closed and mouth opened, and taking things out of context:

I think its hilarious you think you are in any way qualified to speak about diets and eating right. Too funny.

But get this, at the time this comment was posted, she had no pics or videos up of herself. She could at least put up a video proving Mikessa wrong. The thing she doesn't know is Mikessa is no stranger to hard work and research. She researched literally for days to get the info she got for that video. I know Mikessa very well. Well, dstkl96 does have a degree, a BN in nutrition according to her. A degree at the University of Phoenix, which as most of us know, is a correspondence school. Not saying they are bad, but any school that has to advertise on TV is most likely not accredited. While Mikessa is now in Bozeman, MT at MSU, which is one of the top 10 universities in the country. And as far as I know, she is doing good. Like I said, she is absolutely no stranger to hard work and research. So, I think Mikessa does qualify to give her opinion on that video. Though even I don't understand why she called protein a vitamin when it's not! That was a mistake on her part.
Well, here's another shithead comment by someone I identified as a spammer, who calls himself summerturner8. He posted this comment twice, which in my eyes, is the mark of a spammer. This was on my "Diets Don't Work" video:
"Wow you are a great spokesperson for why diets DO NOT WORK! rotfl
of course comment pending approval loll omg"

Well, this was my response to him:
@summerturner8 That's right. I aught to know better than anyone. :)
"of course comment pending approval loll omg"
Of course. I can also ban people who spam, like this.... ;) (hits the block user button on summerturner8's name)

Then I went to his channel and told him next time to only hit the reply button once, then he won't be blocked for being a spammer. LOL! I showed him! It looked like from this point on, I was going to have to assert some authority on these people who were telling me how to run my videos and my channel. A lot of these people were calling me "lady", "woman", "fat", blah-blah-blah, you name it, they threw it. LOL! As if that's going to get their point across to me! LOL! Another person, who calls herself kaipirinhaheu, probably the biggest asshole of them all. She even attacked Katrina, who came into my video, and even accused her of being me, which as my friends and family know, is ludicris. Kaipirinhaheu stated that because she could not get Katrina to agree with her on her comments, that she is obese and narrow-minded. LOL! Lots of people think Katrina is obese simply because she is friends with me. But she's not obese. At least what I call 'obese', which is someone like me. Katrina only stands 5 feet tall, and her highest weight was 108 pounds. That to her was fat, it was right after she had her second child. But normally she only weighs about 100 pounds. Kaipirinhaheu is a dumbass that just makes me want to slap her hard! I know I have the option to ban her too. But instead, after she attacked Katrina again for the second time on my channel, I told her
"I will thank you not to attack my friends under my supervision."
Katrina has a right to be there. Katrina is welcome on any of my videos. She stands by me, I stand by her. I stand by all my friends. Kaipirinhaheu is not a friend, and never will be. I'd ban her ass before I let her attack Katrina on my channel again! And for the main reason why I won't listen to most vegans/vegetarians, check out this website by this person. Not so much what she said about her experience being a vegan, but what they said and did to her after she had to stop following a vegan diet, which almost killed her. They threatened her life and the life of her family. Is that right?? I said it before, we look after ourselves. That's nature, that's life. Vegans talk about how eating meat for us is unnatural. Well, it's unnatural for us to care about other species to a point where we sacrifice ourselves. If a wild dog takes a monkey and not a deer, do you think the deer care? If a hyena takes a wildebeest and not a zebra, do you think the zebra care? Is the zebra going to throw it's self in front of a pack of hyenas and say "Here! Take me instead! Leave the wildebeests alone!" No. Why? Because we look out for our OWN. That's just the way it is. Many animal rights activists also argue that we are now civilized and don't have to follow what early humans and apes did. Well, again I ask, is it civilized to threaten to kill someone and their family? I've heard many vegans threaten people who prefer mixed diets with rape, murder, bombing, torture, etc. Is it 'civilized' to do that? I personally don't think so. But if someone can find a way to civilize those actions, let me know. Then we will revert back to apes and cavemen.
But I am keeping an open-mind to both sides. I listen to this friend on Facebook, he does have some informative videos. But there is always something to debate. It's really an on-going vicious cycle though. As I take in more information from their side (I will admit, it wasn't all there when I made that vegetarian video, but that was more addressing PETA and it's tards), I will keep researching both sides as well. Though I gotta say, the milk thing still disgusts me!! LOL!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodbye Tim Farriss!

No, I am not giving up being a Timmy fan. Never fear! I say goodbye to someone on Facebook who was pretending to be Timmy himself. Even had his e-mail address up on his info page, and everything! This is serious! But to Timmy, who may or may not be reading this, don't worry! I won't bother you. I didn't even take down the e-mail address!! I wouldn't do something like that unless he himself actually gave me permission to. But this person on Facebook, I knew he was NOT the real Timmy all along. There were several reasons that stood out why I didn't believe him. For one thing, he had a picture of Jon as his profile pic. It's so easy to mistake Timmy for Jon if you don't know what to look for. But I can tell the difference almost immediately. It's obvious this person, pretending to be Timmy, could not. But in all fairness, now that Jon and Timmy both have skin-tight hair, it makes it a little harder to tell.

I knew he was not the real Tim Farriss all along, but I figured he must have been an uberfan of Timmy's! So I thought it would be cool to have him as a Facebook buddy. So I invited him. Well, this dude was nice, but he kept saying he was the real Tim Farriss. I never believed him! But he kept maintaining he was, even to other people. There is something wrong with someone like that who maintains he is someone he's not! Especially in a group of friends. Some people actually believed him! That's why this is so wrong on so many levels! Because there are people who are blinded by the novelty of being friends with celebs. This person took advantage of that. Probably because he wanted to be noticed, and he wanted a lot of friends. Some of my friends wouldn't have it at all! Not even him as an uberfan. They were invited by this individual to be friends and they blocked his request. The only reason I invited him to become my friend was because I saw him as just a mega-mega fan.

There is apparently also a latino INXS group on Facebook that thinks they are going to become official. But they never will! One of my friends was in that group and he got threatened because he called them out, and the ringleader of that group said anyone who supports him or agrees with him will get banned from the group. Which I think is stupid!! This friend believes the ringleader is the same person who pretended to be Tim Farriss himself. He could be! I can't say myself because I haven't even visited that group, and I have no plans to! I'll stand by my friends, always! Well the Facebook account this guy called Timothy William Farriss (Timmy's full name) is no longer there. He got deleted. I knew it wasn't going to last personally because people behind the scenes were discussing reporting him, which is always a good idea! It's one thing to be a mega fan, but this chap went too far! I didn't like the fact he put Timmy's e-mail address up without his permission. That made me MAD!!!! But he did have some awesome pics on his page, but that's the only reason I went to his page, for the pics. And also to see the people who posted on there.

There was one girl among his friends, her name is Crystal, she believes anything! LOL! I was not surprised she thought he was the real Tim Farriss, she's dumb as a bucket of bricks!! LMAO! I do NOT like Crystal at all! She thinks she's the smartest person on the face of the planet and that everyone else who doesn't agree with her is stupid or is being unrealistic, but she's absolutely not. She's one of the stupidest and most gullible people I've ever seen in my life. You could go up to her and tell her you'll sell her the Golden Gate bridge for $5 and she'd actually buy it! LOL! There was another page she was on that was labeled Jon Farriss and she actually believed that page was run by him too. LOL! I only like seeing her posts because she makes me laugh at what a fool she is! I have some mutual friends with her, but that's as close as she's ever getting to me! I do NOT want her as a friend!!! She looks down on so many decent people. She thinks she's so smart, when really she seems more to me like she is just slightly bordering on the mentally incompetent line. In fact, I know people with autism and asperger's that are more intelligent (and decent) than she is! I sometimes wonder if she knows how to tie shoes.

I have to wonder about anyone who puts down decent people, or people they do not agree with. Those kind of individuals have no business being among other people. But anyway, I digress. Don't fall for the scams surrounding the band. In truth, the only band member (as I understand it) that does anything with social networks, or even the internet, is Kirk. But even with him, you've got to be careful! I had someone come in this blog a couple years ago and respond to a voiceblog I put up, saying he was Kirk. Or she. LOL! Frankly, I didn't believe it was him. Because first of all, Kirk isn't going to give 2 shits and a damn what I think of him!! I'm just one fan. I can't change the minds of his fans. Just like I really do not believe Timmy cares if I like him or not! I don't believe he gives a damn that I am one of his biggest fans or not. Doesn't matter one way or the other to him. There is really something wrong with someone who is pretending to be someone they are not. I love Timmy, but I would never pretend I was him! I never even pretended to be his wife!! I could never do that. Timmy's wife is a much better-looking woman than I am!! LOL! Speaking of which, I wonder how she is doing?? Last I heard she was diagnosed with leukemia. It'd be nice to know how she is doing now. Believe me, if I thought this Facebook account holder really was Tim Farriss, the first thing I would have asked was how his wife was doing!

Well, this is my first post on my new computer. So, if I make some punctual mistakes, you'll just have to forgive them. I'm still getting used to this keyboard, and my screen being 5 feet away from my face. I spent too long with my laptop sitting in front of me that now I am used to it. I still haven't sold my laptop yet. But believe me, I have given up trying to sell it on Craigslist! Wanna hear something funny? I got a message from someone the other day who said "You should keep your laptop, you have such a negative attitude!" I just responded with a simple "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I got sick of the scammers." I wanted to tell that person to read the ad a little better, and add that I got nothing but scammers asking me to ship this laptop to somewhere, and offering to pay me with phony PayPal accounts. After the 4th time, it gets bullshitty. I would have said that, but my guess was this person was a hit and run troll, and probably would delete my e-mail unread. So, why waste my time. Just send a little somewhat of a thank you note, and come here and talk in detail about it and what I should have said. LOL! :p