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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Change

Well, as anyone who has been reading this blog since the end of last year knows, I will be moving to Montana. Looks like again it is inevitable! My ma and I talked about it last night and something has suddenly come up for her, and she's going to have to quit her job here. I feel bad, I know she loves this job, and she really does not want to leave it. And I really don't want to leave this area! I love it here! But the only way I can really stay here is if I win the lotto or something! And that is not likely to happen! I've never had that kind of luck before. But anyway, so it looks like we will be moving officially in May. In some ways, I cannot wait. And in some ways, I still say I don't want to go! Anna was telling me how she had to deal with nosebleeds for the first month in Montana!! UGH!! I have enough trouble here with my sinuses! I don't need them to get worse! But I have to adjust.

Anna said she already found a place for us to stay temporarily while we look for a place. But there are a few problems. The house sounds wonderful and it's close to the university. The woman has cats however, and a big dog, a mutt! I don't like mutts. This mutt is half golden retriever, which is double bad news! They're hyper dogs. And Anna said when she visited the house, the dog attacked another dog, a black labrador. That has me worried. I would have to see how it interacts with little dogs before I commit to this agreement. The dog gets along good with the cats this person has, but I don't know if it will be able to tell the difference between a chihuahua and a cat! The cat thing also worries me. Not everyone is conciencious about fleas on their pets as I am. And cats are big contributors of fleas in an environment! That's one of many reasons I do not like cats in my house. But I can tolerate it for a couple months. IF they don't have fleas! I should have Anna tell this woman to give me a call and I can ask her all I need to ask her.

Well, this move will mean all kinds of new changes in my life. I've never moved out of state on my own before! I haven't lived in a different state since I was a kid, that was when we lived in California temporarily. I was a young child and it was easier then for me to adjust to it. I don't know how I will adjust to this move. I don't know how long it will take to adjust to this move. I've also never before lived that far away from the family! At least when we moved to California, we still had family with us. But in Montana, we have nobody! I am in a way also trying to talk Anna into moving someplace closer by. Like Salem, OR perhaps. Ma lived there before and she liked it. I would like it better than Montana, because of the atmosphere is more like it is here, instead of being so dry like it is in Montana. Anna said it's so dry there, she has to constantly keep putting lotion on her hands and stuff. That would SUCK having to keep doing that day in and day out! Plus Salem has Willamete University, which Anna can continue her studies at. But Anna has already found a place that says they can give her a job in Montana. I'm not sure I can find exactly the same thing in Salem now. I could try though. At least I can go to Salem, check out some apartment buildings and rental homes, and perhaps check out some agencies that can give Anna a job for the summer. I can do that in one weekend, and still be able to come home. Salem is not as far away as Montana.

Well, one thing about living in Montana, it will be an adventure. It will be a totally different experience. I just hope I don't get discouraged while attempting to adjust to this change. I'm kinda on pins and needles for 2 different reasons. After ma told me that I need to consider moving to Montana sooner than I expected, I was in shock! So much so, I couldn't even take my nap! I suddenly felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Odessa could tell I was upset too. LOL! When I tried to take a nap yesterday, she huddled right over me and did not move. But once ma told me she had to quit her job here in town, there was little doubt in my mind that it's time to make our move. We had to get out of here.

Well, on the lighter side, I have now another group of 'fans'. Yeah, fans like the delusional mods were fans. LOL! The vegans have begun attacking me on Facebook. I happened to find out by way of one of my new friends, who tagged me in a comment. I'm sure she meant no harm, and I am still her friend. But I saw the comments being made about me by people I don't even know. They were so hysterical! In a weird way. These people were accusing me of trying to push my beliefs on them, and all that kind of jazz. It was funny hearing them say things like that, because in no way at all am I trying to push my beliefs on vegans. In fact, if more vegan/vegetarians would be like me, the world would be a more peaceful place and they would not have the savage reputation they have now. I don't push my beliefs on people. And I don't threaten anyone with violence, or call them names, just because they do not agree with me. Yet, a lot of vegans do all of that. These people (on the Facebook page) were such dumbasses, most of them didn't even watch the whole video before commenting. If they would have, they would have heard my disclaimer that I am in no way trying to convert them from their beliefs, and I always say "If you want to go vegan, then go vegan." I always leave the choice open to them, and I discussed and corrected what I know is not true. Yet they stand in castigation over me. Their problem is that of most vegans all over the world. They take everything out of context and twist it around to take on a meaning of their own. One of my new friends and I got into a discussion about this, and even she said that she enjoys my videos because I DO NOT try to push my beliefs on her. And I never will. In fact, I have praised her to the hilt for being a vegan and keeping with that choice in her life because it's done so well for her. And I mean it. I wouldn't tell her I am happy for her if I didn't mean it.


mikessa said...

Well, what I was saying earlier, is that you ought to get a job here, accumulate some cash, and buy yourself a little trailer home so you can move back to the coast in a few years. Thats what I'm gonna do, but I wanna stay in Bozeman. I like Bozeman. But I would suggest probably moving to the Oregon coast, that would be my first choice. I love Ocean Shores, but they have nothing there. And i promised your not gonna stay in Montana very long, 2-3 years at the most.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Ma and I both wish you would reconsider and move to Salem, go to Wilamette University, and continue your education there. Oregon can't be worse than Montana, and Salem doesn't get that cold in winter.

mikessa said...

I dont know, I mean this is all so sudden. I got everything all worked up here.