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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodbye Tim Farriss!

No, I am not giving up being a Timmy fan. Never fear! I say goodbye to someone on Facebook who was pretending to be Timmy himself. Even had his e-mail address up on his info page, and everything! This is serious! But to Timmy, who may or may not be reading this, don't worry! I won't bother you. I didn't even take down the e-mail address!! I wouldn't do something like that unless he himself actually gave me permission to. But this person on Facebook, I knew he was NOT the real Timmy all along. There were several reasons that stood out why I didn't believe him. For one thing, he had a picture of Jon as his profile pic. It's so easy to mistake Timmy for Jon if you don't know what to look for. But I can tell the difference almost immediately. It's obvious this person, pretending to be Timmy, could not. But in all fairness, now that Jon and Timmy both have skin-tight hair, it makes it a little harder to tell.

I knew he was not the real Tim Farriss all along, but I figured he must have been an uberfan of Timmy's! So I thought it would be cool to have him as a Facebook buddy. So I invited him. Well, this dude was nice, but he kept saying he was the real Tim Farriss. I never believed him! But he kept maintaining he was, even to other people. There is something wrong with someone like that who maintains he is someone he's not! Especially in a group of friends. Some people actually believed him! That's why this is so wrong on so many levels! Because there are people who are blinded by the novelty of being friends with celebs. This person took advantage of that. Probably because he wanted to be noticed, and he wanted a lot of friends. Some of my friends wouldn't have it at all! Not even him as an uberfan. They were invited by this individual to be friends and they blocked his request. The only reason I invited him to become my friend was because I saw him as just a mega-mega fan.

There is apparently also a latino INXS group on Facebook that thinks they are going to become official. But they never will! One of my friends was in that group and he got threatened because he called them out, and the ringleader of that group said anyone who supports him or agrees with him will get banned from the group. Which I think is stupid!! This friend believes the ringleader is the same person who pretended to be Tim Farriss himself. He could be! I can't say myself because I haven't even visited that group, and I have no plans to! I'll stand by my friends, always! Well the Facebook account this guy called Timothy William Farriss (Timmy's full name) is no longer there. He got deleted. I knew it wasn't going to last personally because people behind the scenes were discussing reporting him, which is always a good idea! It's one thing to be a mega fan, but this chap went too far! I didn't like the fact he put Timmy's e-mail address up without his permission. That made me MAD!!!! But he did have some awesome pics on his page, but that's the only reason I went to his page, for the pics. And also to see the people who posted on there.

There was one girl among his friends, her name is Crystal, she believes anything! LOL! I was not surprised she thought he was the real Tim Farriss, she's dumb as a bucket of bricks!! LMAO! I do NOT like Crystal at all! She thinks she's the smartest person on the face of the planet and that everyone else who doesn't agree with her is stupid or is being unrealistic, but she's absolutely not. She's one of the stupidest and most gullible people I've ever seen in my life. You could go up to her and tell her you'll sell her the Golden Gate bridge for $5 and she'd actually buy it! LOL! There was another page she was on that was labeled Jon Farriss and she actually believed that page was run by him too. LOL! I only like seeing her posts because she makes me laugh at what a fool she is! I have some mutual friends with her, but that's as close as she's ever getting to me! I do NOT want her as a friend!!! She looks down on so many decent people. She thinks she's so smart, when really she seems more to me like she is just slightly bordering on the mentally incompetent line. In fact, I know people with autism and asperger's that are more intelligent (and decent) than she is! I sometimes wonder if she knows how to tie shoes.

I have to wonder about anyone who puts down decent people, or people they do not agree with. Those kind of individuals have no business being among other people. But anyway, I digress. Don't fall for the scams surrounding the band. In truth, the only band member (as I understand it) that does anything with social networks, or even the internet, is Kirk. But even with him, you've got to be careful! I had someone come in this blog a couple years ago and respond to a voiceblog I put up, saying he was Kirk. Or she. LOL! Frankly, I didn't believe it was him. Because first of all, Kirk isn't going to give 2 shits and a damn what I think of him!! I'm just one fan. I can't change the minds of his fans. Just like I really do not believe Timmy cares if I like him or not! I don't believe he gives a damn that I am one of his biggest fans or not. Doesn't matter one way or the other to him. There is really something wrong with someone who is pretending to be someone they are not. I love Timmy, but I would never pretend I was him! I never even pretended to be his wife!! I could never do that. Timmy's wife is a much better-looking woman than I am!! LOL! Speaking of which, I wonder how she is doing?? Last I heard she was diagnosed with leukemia. It'd be nice to know how she is doing now. Believe me, if I thought this Facebook account holder really was Tim Farriss, the first thing I would have asked was how his wife was doing!

Well, this is my first post on my new computer. So, if I make some punctual mistakes, you'll just have to forgive them. I'm still getting used to this keyboard, and my screen being 5 feet away from my face. I spent too long with my laptop sitting in front of me that now I am used to it. I still haven't sold my laptop yet. But believe me, I have given up trying to sell it on Craigslist! Wanna hear something funny? I got a message from someone the other day who said "You should keep your laptop, you have such a negative attitude!" I just responded with a simple "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I got sick of the scammers." I wanted to tell that person to read the ad a little better, and add that I got nothing but scammers asking me to ship this laptop to somewhere, and offering to pay me with phony PayPal accounts. After the 4th time, it gets bullshitty. I would have said that, but my guess was this person was a hit and run troll, and probably would delete my e-mail unread. So, why waste my time. Just send a little somewhat of a thank you note, and come here and talk in detail about it and what I should have said. LOL! :p


Temps de Cuisse said...

I read yr post - interesting. I was in the fan club for zillons of years {seems like} well, if u remember that there were all kinds of stuff on Tim as well as others...all of the letters, postcards, and so much more stuff. A person who poses as another is not right in some part. It would have been easy to tell if he was the real person or not ask him questions and if he is is him, would be able to answer! But anyways, nice to meet another INXS fan!!

TimGal said...

Hello Temps. Nice to meet you too. Yeah, this guy was pretty easy to point out. I thought he was simply no more than an uber-Tim-fan. But he kept saying he was Tim Farriss up until the end, and anyone who said he wasn't, he would block them and even took away the comments feature from his wall. So something smelled fishy. But I stuck around, simply because he was a fan of Timmy's.

Temps de Cuisse said...

Nice to meet u as well.... i am and always have been a huge INXS fan...esp. Timmy, Jon is not far behind. yea, some people it too far with posing as celebs! Anywho, nice to meet u.....