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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pro-Vegan, Anti-Choice

Over the past week, my vegetarian video got quite a lot of attention. Not that I mind it, really. But you know what happens when these crazy vegans get together on a video. Who sent them there, I don't really know. I can only speculate. But that is really not that important. It got so wild in there, people began spamming the comments section. I don't like spammers. So, I began deleting and blocking the people who spammed. By spamming, I mean people were posting the same comments 3 or 4 times. I had a hard time keeping up with the clean-up! I realized I could not do that anymore and keep up with my daily work. So, I eliminated the possibility of posting comments. I like interacting with my viewers, but spammers are nothing but annoying. Actually, most vegans are nothing but annoying! I try to keep an open mind, so I can hear all sides of a subject, but some of these people were crazy! I mean crazy as in absolute lunatics!! So far though, I can say my life has not been threatened yet, like some other people who had close encounters of the weird kind with vegans. I'll get to that in a minute.

These people argued that I need to do more research. The thing is, in that video they were commenting on, I was mostly referring to PETA, and all their "research". They were laughing because I mentioned something about cattle passing gas (as if I were the one who originally came up with that). No, I got that theory too from PETA. That's why their laughing at me did not bother me. I felt like they were not laughing at me, they were laughing at PETA, which I do that myself a lot of times. They were like "looking at your body condition, speaking out against veganism, makes us want to go vegan." They can go vegan if they want to. The reason I brought any of those 'ridiculous subjects' up was to mock PETA. Everyone by now knows I do not like PETArds forcing their beliefs on me, giving me their 'research statistics' which have been taken out of context, which is something PETA typically does. PETA hires people who will tell them what they want to hear, and eliminate the people who do research and tell them a mixed diet is better than a strictly vegetarian diet.

The other factor is not everyone can do well on a vegetarian, or vegan, diet. I have met several people who have tried a strictly vegan diet, and did not do too well. Of course I am happy for those who have tried it and did very well. Nobody's results are typical. Just like nobody's tastes are typical. I cannot do well without meat. One reason is one of the biggest contributors of the iron mineral in the vegan world is broccoli. You cannot pay me enough to eat broccoli!!!! I have tried it and I cannot stand it!! I tried it even with some cheese, which should drown out a lot of the flavor, I still hated it!! I can't even stand to smell it cooking. Cauliflower does not bother me, beets are borderline, celery and carrots I adore! I'll even eat lettuce, other leafy greens (as long as they're raw) and cucumbers. But broccoli, avacados, anything that has that metallic taste, I cannot stand it. I puked it back out. It may be my taste buds, but to me, broccoli and avacados have a metallic taste. I won't eat them. You cannot pay me to eat them! I could never become a vegan. Not without taking mass iron replacement supplements. My body is already sensitive to iron and B-12 deficiency. I don't know if that is genetic or not, but if I go without iron and B-12, I quickly become anemic and I more quickly than usual wind down.

There was one person who captured my attention. He came into my video to insult me, but he quickly apologized for his actions, and asked me to become his friend on Facebook. He told me he could save my life. So I invited him. I like to keep an open mind. And since he, himself said I should do more research, I took him up on his offer and invited him to become one of my facebook friends. Vegans like him have a much better chance of converting me than those who throw insults and bullshit. Though, like I said, I could never make it as a vegan. So far he has shown me a couple of interesting videos. One was of a man who is dead at 29 of a heart attack. He started a restaurant that he admitted served food that is not good for you. I say, he knowingly served unhealthy stuff, and he got what he should have got. Another was an hour-long video of a man who has been arrested many times for going overboard standing up for animal rights. While I do not agree with that, he did bring up some interesting facts. For example, the pus in milk. GROSS!!!! He said the FDA allows one eyedropful of pus in the milk taken daily. I will admit that is disgusting. But that is why milk is pasturized, to kill those bacteria. And if it's only an eye-drop-full in all the milk that is taken daily, and it's pasturized, it won't hurt anyone. It's just disgusting to think it's in there. This friend asked me to keep an open mind, so I am. I always like to stay open-minded. But when it comes to PETA, my mind is, by default, closed.

Well, I knew when I took down my discussing vegetarians video, that the nutty vegans would raid my other videos. What they seem to be forgetting, that is my channel! Sure I put my videos out there, but that is my prerogative. My videos reflect my opinions, and my opinion is PETA tells you only half-truths. Yes they are true, to an extent. But PETA is closed-minded to opposing opinions. Ask anyone who has tried to debate with Ingrid Newkirk. I've seen videos of debates with her, and she alienates anyone who presents her with facts from the other side. She interrupts people, she gets rude in all ways, she laughs them off, and you can almost see her ears closing when someone tries to talk to her with facts that blow her beliefs. That is why I don't like her or PETA, and I will not listen to them, or anyone that supports them. At least I am looking at this vegan side with an open mind (with this new friend anyway). The people who are using insults and other bullshit, I will not listen to them. Because I see them to be no different from the PETArds.

I love animals, but I do not believe they have the same rights as we get. It just doesn't work out that way. We look after our own species. It's that way all over nature. Each species looks out for it's own. Sure different species associate with each other, but that's a fluke. Like monkeys and deer. Monkeys do not intentionally follow deer around, nor vice-versa. But the deer like to hang around under the trees where monkeys are hanging out and feeding, because monkeys often drop green leaves that the deer cannot reach. In turn, though it is a favorable accident of nature, deer have a more advanced sense of smell and can actually smell when a predator is nearby. Thus sounding an alarm, which the monkeys have learned to recognize and sense, so they can get to safety fast. But that is the extent of their association. The deer do not sound an alarm for the monkeys. That's just how it works out. It's not being "specieist", it's life. LOL! I remember when Eddie Murphy was the first to quote that word in Dr. Doolittle 2. Good movie! I love Eddie Murphy. In that movie, it was meant to be comical. I was stunned when this man I mentioned, who had been arrested many times for overdoing animal rights activities, used that word in his speech. I was like, "My goodness! That was supposed to be for comedy! Not to be taken seriously!"

Well, the reason I choose not to follow most vegans, whether or not they associate with PETA, is because I have seen how they work. Most of them resort to childish name-calling. Take a look at some shithead comments from some of my videos here from vegan/vegetarians. This first one comes to me from someone who calls herself dstkl96. She commented on Mikessa's video about diet myths. Typical PETArd response (which she all but admitted she is). Ears closed and mouth opened, and taking things out of context:

I think its hilarious you think you are in any way qualified to speak about diets and eating right. Too funny.

But get this, at the time this comment was posted, she had no pics or videos up of herself. She could at least put up a video proving Mikessa wrong. The thing she doesn't know is Mikessa is no stranger to hard work and research. She researched literally for days to get the info she got for that video. I know Mikessa very well. Well, dstkl96 does have a degree, a BN in nutrition according to her. A degree at the University of Phoenix, which as most of us know, is a correspondence school. Not saying they are bad, but any school that has to advertise on TV is most likely not accredited. While Mikessa is now in Bozeman, MT at MSU, which is one of the top 10 universities in the country. And as far as I know, she is doing good. Like I said, she is absolutely no stranger to hard work and research. So, I think Mikessa does qualify to give her opinion on that video. Though even I don't understand why she called protein a vitamin when it's not! That was a mistake on her part.
Well, here's another shithead comment by someone I identified as a spammer, who calls himself summerturner8. He posted this comment twice, which in my eyes, is the mark of a spammer. This was on my "Diets Don't Work" video:
"Wow you are a great spokesperson for why diets DO NOT WORK! rotfl
of course comment pending approval loll omg"

Well, this was my response to him:
@summerturner8 That's right. I aught to know better than anyone. :)
"of course comment pending approval loll omg"
Of course. I can also ban people who spam, like this.... ;) (hits the block user button on summerturner8's name)

Then I went to his channel and told him next time to only hit the reply button once, then he won't be blocked for being a spammer. LOL! I showed him! It looked like from this point on, I was going to have to assert some authority on these people who were telling me how to run my videos and my channel. A lot of these people were calling me "lady", "woman", "fat", blah-blah-blah, you name it, they threw it. LOL! As if that's going to get their point across to me! LOL! Another person, who calls herself kaipirinhaheu, probably the biggest asshole of them all. She even attacked Katrina, who came into my video, and even accused her of being me, which as my friends and family know, is ludicris. Kaipirinhaheu stated that because she could not get Katrina to agree with her on her comments, that she is obese and narrow-minded. LOL! Lots of people think Katrina is obese simply because she is friends with me. But she's not obese. At least what I call 'obese', which is someone like me. Katrina only stands 5 feet tall, and her highest weight was 108 pounds. That to her was fat, it was right after she had her second child. But normally she only weighs about 100 pounds. Kaipirinhaheu is a dumbass that just makes me want to slap her hard! I know I have the option to ban her too. But instead, after she attacked Katrina again for the second time on my channel, I told her
"I will thank you not to attack my friends under my supervision."
Katrina has a right to be there. Katrina is welcome on any of my videos. She stands by me, I stand by her. I stand by all my friends. Kaipirinhaheu is not a friend, and never will be. I'd ban her ass before I let her attack Katrina on my channel again! And for the main reason why I won't listen to most vegans/vegetarians, check out this website by this person. Not so much what she said about her experience being a vegan, but what they said and did to her after she had to stop following a vegan diet, which almost killed her. They threatened her life and the life of her family. Is that right?? I said it before, we look after ourselves. That's nature, that's life. Vegans talk about how eating meat for us is unnatural. Well, it's unnatural for us to care about other species to a point where we sacrifice ourselves. If a wild dog takes a monkey and not a deer, do you think the deer care? If a hyena takes a wildebeest and not a zebra, do you think the zebra care? Is the zebra going to throw it's self in front of a pack of hyenas and say "Here! Take me instead! Leave the wildebeests alone!" No. Why? Because we look out for our OWN. That's just the way it is. Many animal rights activists also argue that we are now civilized and don't have to follow what early humans and apes did. Well, again I ask, is it civilized to threaten to kill someone and their family? I've heard many vegans threaten people who prefer mixed diets with rape, murder, bombing, torture, etc. Is it 'civilized' to do that? I personally don't think so. But if someone can find a way to civilize those actions, let me know. Then we will revert back to apes and cavemen.
But I am keeping an open-mind to both sides. I listen to this friend on Facebook, he does have some informative videos. But there is always something to debate. It's really an on-going vicious cycle though. As I take in more information from their side (I will admit, it wasn't all there when I made that vegetarian video, but that was more addressing PETA and it's tards), I will keep researching both sides as well. Though I gotta say, the milk thing still disgusts me!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm. Interesting stuff. Vegan. I know vegans can be assholes. I know normal people can be assholes too. I don't know. I think that there is just a short fuse with some of them. I'm not by any means condoning their mean and sometimes ignorant behavior. I don't know. I know for me, when I see animals suffering like on those videos of slaughterhouses, and earthlings, and other places like that...that it didn't sit right with me. I cried for days and was so hurt that we can treat animals like that. I was never against meat eating, and I don't try to force my beliefs on anyone, but when I personally saw those videos, I knew in my heart of hearts that I could not go back to where I was before. I became vegan overnight and mourned for any and all animals that I caused suffering to. So, for me, when I hear people speak badly about animals in general, it just hits a sore spot because I've seen their suffering. What I do when my sore spot is hit is completely up to me. I can call omnivores ignorant assholes, but what good would it do? If someone did that to me when I was an omnivore, I would have merely laughed and told them to F* off. I think everyone's journey in life is unique and personal. My journey is to be vegan. I don't force it on anyone. It is my personal path that brings me the most peace and happiness. I know that vegans as a whole are opinionated and can be much too forthcoming (putting it mildly) with their beliefs, and again, I am in no way excusing their behavior, but the passion that burns inside of me is so strong that I find it hard to keep reserved when I see animals treated without a shred of dignity. I don't believe animals are the same as humans, but I do believe our universe gave them to us, and that they, like us, deserve respect. Anyhow, lol!

Yeah, the mild grossed me out too. Yuck. I like mixing my "milks" up between almond, soy, hemp and oat.

Each person is on his/her own path, and no one should make fun of or interfere with it, no matter what.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I have vegan friends too. I never force my beliefs on them. In fact, I respect their right of choice. But they aren't the fanatics who threaten to kill someone or their families. In the vegan culture, it seems the fanatics outweigh the compassionate ones 20 to 1. Though I've never been one to tell someone to F--- off! LOL! My friends tell me I need to start doing that.

Anonymous said...

I went to my first "animal rights" meeting today, lol! These people are NUTS! Believe you me, a house divided against itself cannot stand! I'm a new vegan and could not believe the dissent that exists between them! I will never go back. If I want to save animals, I guess I will do it on my own, because like I said, I don't believe in all this animosity and hatred. I actually had to leave. I even got bashed for not being "vegan" enough! :)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Not being "vegan enough"? That's really dumb! If you're a vegan, you're a vegan, there's no in-betweens. It's a shame they treated you badly. But I guess that happens with all kinds of newbies. I was looked down on when I was just beginning dog showing.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not an abolitionist either, because I love the heck out of my dog, and cannot imagine my life without him. But according to them I am enslaving him. Yikes. My dog sleeps with me, sees patients with me, eats with me. I take him to the best vet, feed him the best food, talk to him, cry with him, kiss and cuddle him, but my dog is enslaved. Right. And he is a puppy mill rescue to boot! Since you're a breeder, you'll know what he looks like. He's a 10lb tri-color King Charles, probably the cutest dog I have ever seen in my life. he has stolen my heart!

Love being vegan, but don't love some....many of the people I have to be vegan with.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I've seen King Charles spaniels before, they are ADORABLE!!! I know some vegans can really be anal-warts. Both me and one of my best friends have been threatened by vegans who are fanatics. They're the nuttiest people. And they would turn a lot of people off to veganism. As long as you know you're doing right by your dog, and the dog is healthy and happy, who cares what they think.