Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Receiving List

Well, we had a nice Christmas. I had some left-over turkey that I froze from Thanksgiving. Thank GOD I found another good use for it! I made turkey gravy with it, with packaged gravy and the turkey I had already cut into pieces. I cooked it and spread it over mashed taters, and it was good!!! A rare treat as we really do not eat turkey that much. I must say this year has not been a total disappointment. Christmas was fine!! In between this Christmas and the last one, a few good things happened, though not much. The best thing was when Eva had her 9th child! OMG! They are now officially going to need a bigger house! Anyway, when my father came over, he brought some good things, the best being my new coat. I love it! Anna has one like it. It's very warm and toasty when you put it on. He also gave me a nightgown, but I exchanged it. The material in the nightie had no stretch at all, and I don't like that kind of material. It was big enough for sure, but without the stretch I like in the material, I feel so confined! I got stuck getting these 2-piece PJs made from fleece. Hey! They keep me warm and toasty! It's cold here and I haven't even felt it! Except in my feet and hands.

Anna gave me a wonderful food processor that I have been eyeballing for a while. It even has a setting for bread dough! I like that! I used to have another food processor a long time ago, and back then I heard you could knead bread dough in it. And I did a few times. But the last time I tried it, it burned out the machine. So, I am hoping this won't happen with this one! It's a big food processor, probably has lots of power! I cannot wait to begin using it!

Well, my ma gave me a Walmart gift card, which I will be using next week. Katrina gave me a Sears gift card, which I will also be using next week. And Eva gave me another gift card from a store I never heard of before. Thanks a lot Eva! LOL! I don't think we have that store here. Well anyway, it was a good holiday. And I am happy. Which reminds me, I need to give my father a call! So, hope all my readers had a merry holiday! Thank you all for your interest in my blog! :) Whether or not you commented.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

Do you believe in Santa Claus? I do. I always do. Not as in him being a real live person, but I do believe there is a Santa Claus. Although I did meet a Santa Claus in a Walgreens once! Nice guy. But as far as Santa being a real person, no I do not believe in that Santa. The Santa Claus that I believe in is a metaphor of himself. I believe in the Christmas spirit. I believe in the spirit of giving. I sent out a few Christmas cards this year, all to people I have known either in life, or on the internet. It's fun to send out cards. More fun to send them and not expect to get anything in return. Nothing except maybe that person's friendship. Though I did get a lot of responses, nothing like what I got last year! There were some people I got cards from that I never would have expected. At the same time, some of my friends who usually send me cards every year, I have yet to hear from. But I'm OK with that. That there is part of the spirit of Christmas. :) But I want to know, do you believe in Santa Claus as a person, or as in the Christmas spirit? I just finally got my Christmas spirit back this year, I thought it was gone forever! I haven't felt it in years. This year was the first year I've had it in too many years to count back! If someone asks you if you believe in Santa Claus, do you feel uncomfortable when you say yes? Or do you just say no to be accepted? Don't feel bad saying yes. I know a lot of older people who do believe in him.

Christmas I don't think is all just about giving and receiving gifts. I always thought it was about being with family and friends and feeling joy and happiness. My father came over today, I don't get to see him that much. That to me was a big occasion. The funny thing is, I used to despise my father! If any of you had ever read my story "Hutchess, A Picture Diary", you'd know the kind of person my father was and how much we couldn't stand each other, and why. And that was only 12 years ago! But since we moved here, he's changed considerably. He thinks less about self-importance and more about empathy. Believe me, he has CHANGED!!

Well, today we finally told him about our imminent moving to Montana. Last time we tried to tell him, he began to throw a fit. But this time he was more understanding. Though the chances of us seeing him again once we do move there are very slim. We may never see him or ma again. We will be many miles away from all of our family. Even the friends I've gotten to know. Katrina keeps urging us not to move, but we have to. Dad finally realizes that he cannot keep holding us back here. We have to move on.

Well, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Not sure if I will be back before New Year's Day. I never know when I am going to blog, I just do it when I get an idea of what I want to say online.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Peace, Love and Good Will

How many people are actually thinking about this at this time of the year? I do but only when I am in a good mood. I have just finally developed the Christmas spirit. I thought I lost it years ago. Moving here though has changed my attitude on a lot of things. I hated people when I first moved here, now I have cooled down. Yesterday's sermon in church was about love. We are supposedly to keep a month-long refridgerator diary (so they called it), and this week's subject is love. So I thought instead of keeping it on the fridge, I'd talk about love here.

What do I love? I love my family and friends. I love lemurs and wiggly little puppies. I love walks through the woods or up the mountains. I love a nice view of the ocean. I love the sound of the rain on the roof, or in my case, on the window. I love INXS, especially Tim Farriss. Though I wish I could say I love their new album, but let's not get into that. I love it when I, and my co-workers, complete a new book and put it up on the UMG Productions site. I love going to the marina here and looking for crabs and sand eels on the beach. I love long drives, though it is coming back after dark that gets me in a bad mood. I love sweet desserts. I also love a nice, juicy steak. I love my kitchen, period! I love my Metazoica project. I am very proud of it! I love jotting down little changes in my Facebook status every now and then. Though I wish I didn't have to keep refreshing it every week! I love having fun with the trolls on YouTube, since I don't go into forums anymore. Even if I did, I'd probably get kicked out with the kind of fun I enjoy having with trolls. hehe! I love having good dreams at night, though mine are getting fewer and fewer. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail, though this year, I didn't get as many as I did last year. Last year, I got so many I could not find a place for all of them! I even got one from a friend who was living with relatives in Nairobi in Kenya. She sent me a real authentic Kenyan-style Christmas card! I put all last year's cards in a box though, but I still have them. This year, I got a card from another friend who is staying in Okinawa in Japan. She sent me a real, Japanese-style card, and it is COOL!!

One thing is wrong though, I haven't yet heard from Giddeon's mommy. Usually by now I would have. Giddeon was one of my Groucho's babies, and he went to live with a family in Utah, and usually I hear from them every year, with new pics of Giddeon. But I haven't this year. Of course I was supposed to e-mail her and I didn't. I've been so awfully busy! I had all kinds of problems go on this past year. I kept saying at the beginning of this year, "I've got to write these people, I've got to!" But things kept happening, and I just couldn't. By the time things cooled down a bit this year, I was thinking by then "Is it too late to write to them?" I still have this person's new e-mail address. I'd like to see Giddeon again. He's all I have left of Groucho. There was another family that got Groucho's other pup, but every time I bring up Ray-Ray to them (that was what they named the puppy), I never hear back from them, and I am starting to get a wee-bit worried! I wonder if they even still have Ray-Ray! Part of the policy contract they signed stated that if they didn't want him anymore, that they return him to me. But they kept making out for a while there that they did still have him. But I am not sure! If they did still have him, they would not mind talking about him whenever I ask. I just hope nothing bad has happened to him! I should have kept him, but I didn't need another male back then, and I had no idea Groucho would die on me so soon! I thought she'd at least have one more litter, and then I was going to retire her.

Well, this month has been very busy, in more ways than one. Which is why I haven't blogged much this month. I've been battling computer problems. This computer overheats too quickly now, I think I need to discuss replacing this computer's cooling system! I've been trying to work on a book, but everytime I do, I hear the computer's fan going too fast, and then I have to stop what I am working on, shut down the computer and let it cool. If I don't shut it down and the fan starts to go crazy, the computer has begun shutting it's self down. When it does that, I lose everything! I have to save my work quickly. Everytime I add something to this new book, I have to save it very quickly. Or risk losing it without warning. This book is an illustrated dictionary of mammals. I started to create something like it back in 1991, but I never finished it. I only got as far as the first few pages, and only a couple of entries. This time I am doing it different! I am doing it by computer (the first one was done by hand). But it gives me an opportunity to use all the pics of mammals I have collected over the years without doing a "Walker's Mammals of the World" type deal. I don't want to put that much detail in this book! But I want it to have enough, and all in alphabetical order, so anyone looking can find what they want to know. I'm working on it, but because I keep having to shut down this computer, it's a slow process!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Never-Ending Debate

Well, I've been going in and out of Youtube and putting up videos of myself, and I get the nasty comments about how I look in my videos. Which I do expect! I mean, I put my videos up, I'm showing myself to the world, I can expect to get both good and bad comments. I'm not afraid of them, believe me! But what is so annoying is when an offending person leaves negative comments saying "You're fat" or "You're ugly", or some kind of comment like that, and I go to their channel, and they don't have a single video or picture of themselves anywhere on that channel! I personally think no one has a right to say anything like that to anyone unless they have the guts to show their own face on the internet. Otherwise, what's your point? You're just making yourself look like an idiot! I put my videos up on YouTube, I now have over 80 videos! So I had the guts to put my face out there. And I know I am ugly!! LOL! For me, it's commonplace. I don't care if someone says it. Disgusting now, I think that's a matter of opinion. You can't really and truthfully say I am disgusting unless you've actually met me.

One time on one of my videos I made a comment to someone that haters have got to hate, no matter what. Someone said, "Not unless everybody hates you." I told him that fortunately that hasn't happened. I admit that I do expect that too. Anyone who speaks their mind as loudly as I do should expect some persecution from haters, and I do. But at the same time, I have quite a lot of friends. I'm not "popular" and I really do not care to be! I mean, I've seen what happens when an innocent person gets in with the "popular crowd", they become arrogant and flaky, showy and stuck-up, they can suddenly go from being someone I like to someone I don't like. I don't want that to happen to me. Popular people expect too much from people they call "friends", and I like to live my life the way I always have, and have people who will always like me for who I am. Popular people never really have "friends", even though they may seem like they do. The people that they call "friends" are simply just people that they agree with all the time, and that they can throw away when that person makes the mistake of taking a different direction that the popular person doesn't like. See, I don't want that in my life, so I tend to block the "popular people" and ignore them. I've blocked a couple on Facebook that I have some mutual friends with, and I am not completely finished yet! In the end, the formerly innocent person either changes, or gets hurt by the "popular" people. And their change is never for the better. I've honestly never seen someone who started out like me; innocent, with few friends (but are very pure and true friends), that has got in with the "popular" people and remained the same as they were before. I can honestly say I have NEVER seen that happen! They always change! And they always change into something not good. First comes the change, and then comes the hurt. Don't say it can't happen to you, because I assure you it will!

I have friends who have hundreds of friends, and I'm fine with that. But they are not what I refer to as being "popular". That is, they are not the typical "popular" people I've known who are stuck-up, and think the world revolves around them. They are actually very down-to-Earth, gentle, kind, innocent people. They don't forget or reject the "little" people like me. hehe! By "little", I mean what the "popular" people consider "insignificant". There is nothing really special about me. I'm not attractive, I don't wear make-up, I'm not rich, I'm not friends with INXS, never claimed to be, although I do know the last time I met Tim, he recognized me. Doesn't mean I am friends with him though. Not unless he says so. LOL! I don't have hundreds of friends, I don't go many places outside the USA's west coast, I'm just a pure, innocent woman who just says what is on her mind. I do original videos, I don't take many pictures, I'm not that bold or gaudy like some other people are. I don't stand out much in a crowd unless you're looking for a fat, ugly old hag. I won't say I am stupid, as I know what I know. I believe what is stupid to one, may be wise to another. I only think trolls are stupid, as they never have anything intelligent to say.

There is one person on Facebook that in all logic I should block. The only problem is I like her dog. LOL! I don't like her, but I like her dog. LOL! Looks like a shih tzu. I have a few mutual friends with her, she seems to only like people who have hundreds of friends, and she's probably the most judgmental person I ever met in my life. I generally ignore her posts, except when I look at the pic of her dog, if she has it up. I have a special knack for that! LOL! I don't read some peoples' posts, but I do look at their profile pics. Usually only if they have pics of dogs on them, because there aren't many INXS fans who have dogs. Most of them have cats, and almost always tabbies. Not worth looking at really. I personally think tabbies are ugly. Tabbies are about as close to seeing a truly ugly domestic cat as I've ever seen. Except maybe those pixie bob cats and those savannah cats which I think look absolutely hiddeous! I like siamese, and ONLY siamese. Well anyway, when I see another INXS fan who has a dog, it's almost like a valuable buried treasure, so I don't block them unless they get to be too much. Even if I don't like them. I just do what I can, totally ignore their posts, and just look at their dog. hehe!

One of the reasons I don't like this person, she says everybody who she doesn't agree with is "being unreal", or is "insincere". UGH!! I think everyone on the planet is truly realistic and sincere, except her! She's one of those types that will aggressively tear down a common person in order to defend celebrities. I don't like that type of person at all! They are unrealistic! Celebrities are the last people on Earth who need protection from insults and others disliking them! They should be able to handle that stuff. People bad-mouth Timmy all the time, I don't jump in to his rescue and tell common people to shut up for saying that shit. Well, I used to! But after a chat session with Timmy, he was asked what he thought about people saying that INXS were losers for recruiting a new lead singer by way of a reality show, and Tim basically said he didn't care. So I said if he doesn't care what others say about him, why should I. But I must confess, it does hurt me a little to see anyone talking shit about Timmy. I usually just chalk it up to it's only their opinion and forget about it. What matters is that I am always a fan of his, and I think he is beautiful inside and out! Even if I don't like this new album. But that has nothing to do with INXS, unless they really are becoming a rap/RnB band!!!

Well, another season of Hell's Kitchen is over with, and Nona won! She was the last person I expected to win. I actually thought Sabrina was going to win! But she was eliminated weeks ago. I think chef Ramsay thought her attitude was too bad, she was immature and all. But that type usually wins. Not where Hell's Kitchen is concerned I guess. The two finalists were Russel and Nona, and Russel wanted so much to win. But Nona won! I'm actually glad she won and not Russel!! Russel is such a sore loser! While everyone else was cheering (even Sabrina) and congratulating Nona, Russel was downtrodden and sad and cursing because he didn't win. He didn't even have the good sportsmanship to congratulate Nona in her win! A very sad, sorry excuse for a human being!! Honestly though, I think Russel didn't stand much of a chance, I think Vinni sabotaged him. Vinni too was a sore loser, and he was still holding a grudge against Russel because he said that Russel put him under the bus when he got eliminated. Geez!! Take it like a man! Stop being a baby!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

American Southwest In For A Major Draught!!

And to think my pa and stepma wanted to move to Arizona!! They won't after they hear about this! Best to stay here where the rains are consistent. It may rain a lot, but at least we are never without water. But I heard that the American southwest is beginning a major 60-year draught. That is, a draught that is going to last 60 years! This country has not had that kind of a draught since the 12th century! I feel for those in those areas! Mostly I believe places like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, possibly Nevada and southern California, may be struck. This is kinda sad really. But it is nature. Those places may experience a major water shortage, which is not good! That's why I usually stick to the northern states, where we get a lot of rainfall. Falling rain may be a bit depressing, but it's good. I would not move from here for nothing on Earth! Though I will eventually need to move away and go to Montana. Anna will be going back at the end of this month, and going to school. I don't know how soon or how late I will be joining her there. It may be in the spring, may be in the summer. But I do know I will be moving there. I just hope this draught does not hit Montana. Though I doubt it seriously!!

I remember about 20 some-odd years ago, we had a minor draught in this state, and there was the threat of water shortage. However, we managed, and the following winter we no longer had that threat anymore. We had so much rainfall that year during the winter months, that we had some serious threat of flooding in some areas. That's Washington state for you!! One month draught, the next month flooding! LOL! Speaking of which, I heard Chehalis is under a flood threat. I sure hope Katrina and her family are OK. I heard from her this morning, and she seems OK. They do live up on top of a hill in Chehalis, and they got through the floods of 2008 unscathed. So I am sure they will make it OK.

Well, this is my busiest month, but I finally got finished with my Christmas shopping! Thank GOD!!! I've been hinting to everyone the things that I want for Christmas this year. hehe! But if I don't get the things I want, it's OK. I don't care. As long as I get some recognition from friends and family, I'm fine! I haven't made my Christmas goodies yet though. I would like to get to work on that ASAP! But I said I am not going to make that much this year, just my brownies and peppermint meltaway cookies, which are a Christmas tradition in this family. Though I don't know how I am going to do the meltaways without a mixer!! The one that I've had now for years just finally died on me! :( I need a heavy-duty mixer and I said after Christmas I am going to get one! Like the mixers professional chefs use. I usually like to make up different kinds of cookies and decorate them and give them to friends, family and neighbors. That too has become a bit of a tradition for me, and I make a lot of new friends that way too. But this year I guess I won't make a lot. Just enough to give to friends and family.

Ya know the best Christmas I can remember was one during a year when we didn't even celebrate Christmas. My ma had become a Jehovah Witness, and she said "There will be no celebrating Christmas in this house!" I was appalled by that statement!! But that is how the Jehovah Witnesses are, they don't celebrate Christmas or birthdays, so as long as ma was in with them, I had to go along with it, but it was so different than how I was brought up! Well, Anna and I didn't like the idea of not celebrating Christmas, so what we did was we planned a little fund of our own. We saved some money and went out and bought our own Christmas presents for each other, and when Christmas morning came, we secretly met in Anna's room and gave our gifts to each other. Ma and pa never even knew we did that! Well, the next year, I told pa that we did that. But I didn't tell ma until years later when she got out of the Jehovah Witness faith. I just couldn't convert to that! Everything they believed in, I didn't believe in; and everything I believed in, they didn't belive in. That year we didn't have an official family Christmas, but I think that was the best Christmas I can remember! It was fun, even though it was just between myself and Anna. That was the year I got my little plush ringtail lemur from the WWF collection, which they don't have anymore!! I took that little plush lemur everywhere I went, even to the White House!! hehe! Years later, I had to sell that little plush lemur, and it made me angry too! Long story attached there.

Well, I don't know if I will be making any more blog posts between now and when Anna goes back to Bozeman. So I hope all my readers here has a wonderful and merry holiday season!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicole Kidman Loves Snakes!

That's news to me!! I heard it this morning on a reptile news channel that I've recently become friends with. Nicole Kidman loves snakes and wants to own some! That's a surprise because Nicole Kidman is the very last person I would have ever expected to want to own snakes! She looks too "girly" to me to even give snakes a second glance! Not saying that is a bad thing, but most "girly" girls are either afraid or disgusted by snakes. I've always been something of a tom-boy, I used to play with trucks instead of dolls. LOL! I used to go out and catch frogs and snakes instead of playing dress-up. That could explain why I don't take too much care about the way I look and have let my looks go. Now, I think I look like an ugly old hag! But still adorable in character. hehe! ;) But anyway, physical appearance aside, I am the kind of woman I would expect to own snakes. Not someone like Nicole Kidman! Nicole Kidman is a fine actress and she's quite attractive! But I think it's cool that she loves snakes!

This guy was saying on YouTube that it could be good for snake owners if she does get some. A law is still pending to ban snake ownership in all 50 states. While I agree pythons and other large constrictors should become illegal in places like Florida, up here, I should be allowed to keep whatever I want. And I like having snakes! They are fun! Bandit is such a character! I am also so grateful I don't have to get rid of them. I've decided not to join Anna in Montana yet. She's living with a roommate until her schooling starts. So I probably won't be moving until summer next year. Anyway, if Nicole Kidman does get some snakes as pets, that may discourage the senates from passing this law against owning snakes. It's funny how celebrities can get away with a lot of things that common people cannot! But they can also help set the pace as well. Once they are allowed to do something like owning snakes without persecution, eventually the rest of us will be allowed to as well. That's good! So I say if Nicole Kidman wants to own snakes, go for it sweet-cheeks!!

I don't know what I would do without my snakes, I love them so much. People look at me funny when I mention that I have snakes, which I do understand because a lot of people are afraid of them. But fear comes from misunderstanding. People also believe that all snakes are venomous, which that is not true. There are some venomous snakes, but I only dabble in colubrids. There are only 3 venomous colubrid species. Only one of which, the boomslang, is seriously deadly, and I don't have any of those. One species, the green vine snake, their venom is only dangerous to small lizards. I might get some ball pythons later on, I like them. But the big burmese pythons and stuff like that, I'll likely never get into. Leave those to the experts. I have little dogs to think about.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feeling Rather Sad Tonight

I wanted to post this. Though I am not sure if this is true or not, but I've been hearing that one of my Facebook buddies has passed away. I was thinking "Shoot! I was just getting to know her!" If it is true, it will make the second person I've known of on the internet, who has passed away in my life. I remember the same thing happened on the Pluba forum, to a woman who called herself Shih-happens. I think her real name was Christine. She died back in 2005, and one of her neighbors came into the forum and announced that she had passed away. Apparently the neighbor had known that Shih-Happens was going into the Pluba forum, and had some buddies in there. I don't really like to call internet buddies "friends", until I actually meet them, and we become friends. This friend told the forum that Shih-Happens died of cardiac arrest, and someone on the forum did say she's been suffering with heart problems all her life, so that was quite feasible. But I have no idea if it is true that this buddy, named Kelly, has really passed away. But I left a message of condolence on her facebook page anyway. I even told her I named one of my Metazoic mammals after her, an antelope. I called it Azema steini, in her honor. Well! Actually I named that animal months ago. But I am just letting her know it now, if she's there or not. The animal is not pictured on the site yet, but it will be soon. So far, nothing has been said about what she died from, and another one of my buddies looked in the obituaries for the area she was visiting, and has seen nothing.

Latest Development!

Yes, it turns out it is true. Kelly Stein has passed away. My Facebook buddy who was looking for it before finally found it. I'm going to miss her. We were just becoming good buddies. She told me she used to live in Portland, at about the time St. Helens erupted. I told her how we used to live in Toutle. Well, anyway, here is her obituary:



STEIN WITT - Kelly November 28, 2010, of Grand Island, mother of Nicholas and Aaron Witt, Evan, Oliver and Page Stein; daughter of Carole Tripi and the late Edwin Stein, Jr.; sister of Lori Sansalone and Tracy Peabody; aunt of Savannah (Paul) Getty, Kaitlin and Jenna Sansalone; niece of Charles and Karen Lenz. Friends may call Friday 7-9 PM at the KAISER FUNERAL HOME, 1950 Whitehaven Rd., Grand Island. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Saturday at 10 AM at St. Stephen's Church. Memorials may be made to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of WNY.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Having A Grand Day!!

LOL! Remember in my last blog post, I told you all about deskset24. Well, I blocked him. I figured since he blocked me from his channel, turnabout is fair play. So he hasn't been able to comment on any of my videos. Well, Katrina pumped life into an old YouTube channel she created but forgot about, so she told me. She came into one of my videos and said this to deskset24:

@deskset24 god damn i cant get over what a fucking nerd piece of shit you are. fuck you! why don't you go pop some fucking beef up your fat ass and stop being so fucking nasty you fucking twat!

That was before I told her that he's been banned from my channel. But this was funny as heck!!! Even funnier is the fact that Katrina told me that deskset banned her from his channel too. LOL! And she was just getting started. So, now Katrina and deskset24 are going around to each other on her channel. She hasn't banned him yet. She should, since he banned her. Katrina also wrote me a message on that same video she made that last comment to deskset. She told me:

tg, dont let these twats run all over you. you need to learn to give some people a good 'fuck-off'!

The problem is, I don't like cussing. I don't cuss. Katrina and deskset24 can do it because they are young, but when you reach my age, cussing does not become a daily thing every time you open your mouth! You begin to realize in your 30s how very disgusting cussing is. That's why most women don't do it at this age. So, I could never tell someone to "fuck off". I say "damn", "ass" and "shit" once in a while, but that's about all the cussing I ever do. I don't say the really nasty words like Katrina and deskset24 do!! I did when I was in my 20s and teens, but not now. I don't know why it is really when you reach your 30s, it feels uncomfortable to cuss. I admit I do need to learn to make some people back off, like Katrina says. I've always been something of a pushover. A little too nice for my own good!! I don't know how Katrina does it! She has a knack for getting people to do exactly what she wants them to do! Like now, she is playing deskset24 like a fiddle!! LOL! I don't know if he knows it or not. But I'm watching those two go back and forth with trying to come up with the most monsterous and vicious lies about each other! LOL! I think they're playing games with each other now, really. So, I have even joined the fun.

This morning, I noticed that deskset24 (of all people on YouTube), called Katrina a hypocrite piece of shit. I laughed and said to him "Look who's talking hypocrite!" He said I have no friends, and my ma and pa hates me because I killed some little girl back in 1993. LOL! I didn't really, but that's the kind of stuff he's saying. I mentioned that he was the one who said on one of my videos that he raped and murdered his own children, and that's why his girlfriend left him and decided not to marry him. Katrina, when on her lunch break, signed on and confirmed "He sure did! I saw his confession!" She added that deskset24 also admitted that he likes to have sex with pigs, cows and chickens, and that is why he stands up for their rights. LOL! I don't know if he really does, there are people out there like that. But that's the kind of things being said. So, Katrina, and myself (maybe even deskset24) are just kicking back and having fun, making up stories about each other. Evil stories. LOL! Well! Deskset24 started it all!!

He even called Katrina a homophobe because Katrina said Ingrid Newkirk is a faggot. LOL! I've heard so many teens and 20 year olds say that phrase, I don't think they just use it to refer to gay people anymore. I don't write to deskset on Katrina's page. I just write to Katrina. I said to her:

Oh Katrina look! Look who has all of a sudden decided he "cares" about minorities!! LOL! Lying, hypocritical douchebag deskset24. You hate gays, deskset, don't deny it. You told me yourself you'd like to see them bombed! hehe!
Deskset24 says he'd like to bomb everybody, not just gay people. But I've seen across YouTube where deskset24 has complained about Mexicans coming into this country and taking over. Blah-blah-blah!! I noticed he wrote to Katrina on the video where Newkirk was talking down at fat rights. And this is what he said to her:
@SuperKatrinable Everything you just said proves my point that anti-animal rights people are also anti-human. Everything you said proves my point that PETA-haters disrespect all humans.

And you hate America. I encourage anyone to mail you a bomb. That is MY right to support that political position, to make that legal.
You LOVE big government coming in and terrorizing great folks like Newkirk to steal their money and freedom. Hypocrite piece of shit.

And this was Katrina's response, get ready! She's good!!

@deskset24 and you proved my point that dickhead warthogs like you who love to have sex with pigs, sheep and goats hate everything in your path.
you hate the world. if you send me a bomb, i will just send it right back to you. and make it blow up in your big, fat, stupid, ugly face. simple karmatic economics. and it is my right to tell you to go fuck yourself. but knowing you like i do, you'll more likely go back to fucking a sheep like you did last night.

LOL! That's the kind of game these two are playing with each other! It's been this kind of thing back and forth all day long! But I am not worried about Katrina. She's a very tough little bugger! Katrina gives full meaning to the adage about dynamite coming in small packages!! Well, look at the kind of people she hangs out with! Besides me. LOL! Her husband has an accomplished black belt in karate (I guess that's good), and he teaches self-defense to others, from children to adults, even the elderly. He's even tought their oldest child karate! I can hardly wait till tomorrow, see what those two say about each other then! LOL! I'm having fun just watching!!