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Friday, November 28, 2008

An Old Breed

Well, I want to discuss an old breed that has been extinct since the 1960s. The last of their kind has died out, never to be seen again. It is called the comedy team. We all remember them. Well, those of us who grew up watching old movies as I have. It's a very sad end to something that was so successful in the 1930s and 1940s. A very sad end!! Most of the old comedy teams are now passed away, since Bob Hope's death in 2003. I always did like Bob Hope. I still do in fact. I still remember writing to him, asking if he'd like to exchange pics. He gladly complied. He gave me a pic of himself, complete with autograph, and I sent him my pic. I actually wrote to him a few times before stopping. One letter he sent me, where he said I was cute, was unfortunately lost in a flood in 2000. But the thing I wanted most from him was his autographed pic, which I kept in my old photo album. The letter faced nothing but the fury of jealous rages by the kids in my school at that time, so I got to a point where I just didn't take it to school anymore. I kept it in a box, and unfortunately it and everything in that box was destroyed in the flood that struck our house. After Hope died in 2003, I started thinking about that letter and wishing I had kept it in a safer place like I did his picture. I even used to write to Red Skelton, he told me I was very sweet and he enjoyed hearing from me. I still have that letter. He never did send me an autographed pic like Bob Hope did, but his autograph is on that letter. Red Skelton was funny!! To say the least!! He too passed away in 1997. I used to have one of his old radio shows recorded on audio cassette, and unfortunately that too was destroyed in the flood!!!

Ma recently introduced me to a site that has all kinds of old radio talk shows, and I've been going crazy downloading them!! She recorded some for me that has Lucille Ball, Gayle Gordon, and some other guy who played her husband (not Desi Arnaz). It's funny, I got to hear it, but it isn't the same as I Love Lucy. It's supposed to be the radio version of I Love Lucy from the early 1940s. They are funny, but it's not the same. I personally can't even imagine I Love Lucy without Desi Arnaz!! Some of the funniest things ever said on that program were said by Arnaz in Spanish!! Reminds me so much of my father when he used to yell at us in Spanish!! The funniest things were when Arnaz combined both Spanish and English words in the same sentence. LOL!!!

Well, here's a pretty little-known fact, Bob Hope was actually briefly a part of a comedy team, with Bing Crosby. Most of their movies though were them being On The Road To somewhere. They were traveling to Morocco, Utopia, Singapore and Zanzibar. I love Bob Hope, but Bing Crosby never appealed to me at all, except for his singing. I've only seen On The Road to Morocco, which I thought was cute.

Sing a song of Singapore.

My most favorite comedy team of all were the Marx Brothers. I could sit here and write a novel covering my years of being a Marx Brothers fan! I've been a fan since about 1983. That was actually the year I discovered Harpo Marx. He made me become a Marx Brothers fan. I still remember the first night I saw him, it was on a program that came on back then called You Bet Your Life, hosted by Groucho Marx. It was in September of 1983, I have the whole story in a mini-diary. I was just a kid back then, but I had actually begun to wise up at that age! I was watching the show with my ma and pa, it was after I had a shower and washed my hair, ma was sitting on the sofa and I was sitting on the coffee table while ma was brushing my hair (I had looooong hair back then too! That was the only way she could brush it all). I was both reading a magazine and watching the television at the same time. And when I saw Harpo approaching the stage, blending in with the guests who were walking out, he had such a big smile on his face and was so cute, it made me squeal "oh he's soooooo CUTE!!!!!" That moment led to a fascination for all the Marx Brothers that has lasted to this day. From that night on, I became a faithful tuner to You Bet Your Life. My interest in the Marx Brothers were also what paved the way for me in gaining interest in all old comedy teams and movie stars, including Bob Hope. The Marx Brothers were one of the best comedy teams that ever lived! And Harpo was cute like no one else was. That was actually only a costume, outside the costume he was actually bald. They were always billed as Harpo, Groucho, Chico and Zeppo. And here's another odd tidbit, there was a 5th brother named Gummo, who was never in the movies. He prefered to live his life a traveling salesman. He was called Gummo (real name was Milton) because of the gum shoes he used to wear that were actually quite popular back then. Apparently they were the "Doc Martins" of the 1920s and 1930s. Chico was an actual 'ladie's man'. More so actually than Harpo. In the beginning, his name was actually spelled "Chicko" because he used to chase the chicks (girls) backstage. But they changed it to plain "Chico" and he developed the Italian accent he always used in their films. His real name was Leonard, and he passed away in 1961. Harpo's name was the most obvious, because he played the harp! He taught himself to do that too! Much like how Garry Beers taught himself to play the bass guitar. Like Garry, Harpo was also very talented!! But here is another little-known fact, Harpo's real name from birth was Adolf, which he had changed later on to Arthur during WW2 because of his hatred for Adolf Hitler. Even out of costume, Harpo was a handsome man!! He married the woman of his dreams, Susan Fleming, one of the most beautiful women in movies at that time, and they stayed married until Harpo passed in 1964. Susan herself passed in 2001. I remember e-mailing their son Bill, who is still around, and used to have his own website. He wrote back to me too, quite faithfully. Now, he is a jazz musician.

Marx Brothers prior to Duck Soup.

The Marx Brothers after Duck Soup.

Next to Harpo, Groucho is one of the most popular of the Marx Brothers. I guess Harpo was simply cuter and funnier than Groucho Marx was!! Everyone thinks Groucho got his name from the fact that he always insulted everyone, like Oscar the grouch on Sesame Street. But that is not so. Groucho actually named himself that after these so-called "grouch-bags" that he used to carry. The story was he went off on his own as a child and hopped a train to another part of the country. All he had with him was this grouch-bag that had all his clothes and sandwiches tucked in. That's how he got the name. His real name was Julius, and he was one of the younger Marx Brothers. He passed away at the ripe old age of 87 in 1977. He too was quite a handsome man if you could look past his over sized moustache and eyebrows. He did have all that lovely, black, wavy hair!!!! I'd have fallen in love with him if only I had been old enough!!! Of course he didn't have that kind of hair when he passed on. The last and youngest of the Marx Brothers was Zeppo, whose real name was Herbert. He only made the first 5 pictures with his brothers, but he did help produce some others of theirs. Even though in his movie appearances, he seemed like a sweet, innocent man who would never hurt a flea, he was actually a very tough man! And he did do some professional fighting in his career. He was the only one of the brothers who always went on stage without any major make-up. He too was a very handsome man! He had nice muscles anyway. After 1933's Duck Soup, Zeppo decided he didn't want to act in movies anymore, so he quit. He had always acted as the agent for his brothers, and when he quit, they had to move on to a different studio and use a different agent. Zeppo passed away in 1979.

Check out those muscles on Zeppo (second from left)!!!

My second most favorite comedy team is the 3 Stooges. They went through some dramatic changes, much like the Marx Brothers, only considerably more dramatic. They started off with Moe, Larry and Curly. Curly was the fat guy we all remember who was always acting more nutty than the other guys. He always "whooped" and "nyuked" and even barked and growled. LOL! My favorite little thing he did was when he growled. Sometimes I find myself mimicking his growling when I get ticked off. But that's only because I'd been watching them too much! When he was younger, Curly was too quite a nice-looking man. I have no pics, but I've seen some pics of him before he became a stooge. Moe was the serious one, always smacking the others first. You know they actually did smack each other, it wasn't just sound effects. Curly was on for a long time. I think until about 1949 or 1948? Then he was taken over by another man named Shemp. Shemp was only on for a few years. He suddenly got a major heart attack and died in 1955, actually right in the middle of filming one of their short episodes. After that, another stooge took his place named Curly Joe, who was not the same as the original Curly. It was at that point, they slowed down in filming their TV shorts, and started doing movies. One of my favorites was Snow White and the Three Stooges.

The original Stooges.

With Shemp.

Curly Joe DeRita.

Laurel and Hardy also did a lot of shorts like the Three Stooges. I liked them because Laurel was the calm, more serious guy, while Hardy was the skinny, whimpering buffoon. Especially when Laurel smacked him. It was funny. I've seen some of their shorts and thought they were out of this World!! But I haven't seen any since I was about 12 years old. I don't know what happened. Have they been banned? Or is it just that no TV stations play many old movies and shorts anymore? It's been so long since I watched a Laurel and Hardy episode I almost forgot all about them. But I do remember it was Hardy's whimpering that made the shows so hysterical!

"Take a card!"

The last team I want to discuss is Abbott and Costello. We all know Abbott was the tall, straight guy and Costello was the short, dumpy, comical man. Abbott used to smack him a lot too. It seems all comedy teams made their success by slapping each other a lot! It all got started I think with the Keystone Cops. I think Abbott and Costello also did a lot of talk radio, comic-style. I've heard some of their shows. Costello was famous for his "Hey Babbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!" which I can say has been characterized a lot in cartoons as well. Even the cartoons that mimicked them were as funny as the original people. His long calling of his buddy Abbott was usually followed by some kind of complaint. Listening to his whiny, squeaky voice up against Abbott's voice which sounded more like he belonged on a news program forecasting the weather is what made this comedy team so hilarious!!! I know Costello died in 1959 of a heart attack. I even read the story of how he actually died. He had a heart attack and was hospitalized. Just when it looked like he was going to recover, he wanted to have a cherry ice cream soda. So one was given to him. He took one sip and said "That was the best cherry soda I ever tasted!" Then layed down, closed his eyes and died right then. Boy! When I go, I hope too it's with the sweet, soothing taste of a cherry ice cream soda in my mouth!!! I'd like that!!

"Hey Babbat! This article is almost over!"

Well, those are the biggest comedy teams I can remember, but we don't have these teams anymore. The closest things we have now to resembling the old fashioned comedy teams is TV sitcoms that present families in them. Or music videos. Not quite the same thing. The old fashioned comedy teams are now an extinct breed. Just like many extinct species, may never be seen again. It's a sad fact. I guess nobody these days wants to team up with the same people and make movies like they used to anymore. Which is a dirty shame!! Shoot! Even music videos are becoming extinct!! Unless you're a serious night-owl like me. But during the day, all MTV does is reality programs. I think MTV and VH1 has everything backwards! They should do the music videos during the day and broadcast the reality shows at night. That's why their channels were set up, to do music videos, seems they have got away from that now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week's Worth of Ideas

Been quite a week, and it all started on Sunday. My landlord is moving to California, and she asked if we'd be interested in her dinette set. I told her I've been going crazy trying to find a good dinette set that would fit in this house!! Our dining room is not very big at all, so it's been damn-near impossible to find a good dining set that would fit. I hope it isn't like one of those bistro-type sets where the chairs are as tall as I am!! I HATE THOSE!!!!! I cannot for the life of me figure out why they are made that way now!!! How is a woman who is only 5-feet tall supposed to get up on those things without struggling and straining?? I haven't seen the set yet, and I asked the landlord what it's like. All she said was it's made of metal and wood. But I need a dinette set. I already said yes to it, sight-unseen. Hope it's not a mistake. Cuz if the chairs are taller than I am I'm screwed!!!!

Well, anyway, it'll be nice to finally have a dinette set. Some more good came out of this week. I got to visit Cathy and we were discussing a new idea for a story. We got the jist of the story, we need to think how we are going to work this in. It's all about this character Brittney, a character that Cathy created back in 1999, based on her own daughter who was also born that year. I've used this character in a few of my own stories. One of which is based on what happened to Groucho. It was a venting story, but it came out pretty good. It may even become available on the site. One of the methods I use to get over something is to write about it, and writing that story helped me a little bit in getting over the loss of Groucho. It helped me cope with it. I'm still not 100% over Groucho, but writing that story has lessened the pain. It's titled "Brittney's New Pet", look for it! Yeah, she got a new pet, but she has a very hard time finding the right one. Kinda embodies the personal conflict I went though to love Vegas as much as I did Groucho. That's a whole other story in it's self, but I am glad that I conquered that endeavor. The thing with Vegas was he came along too soon after I lost Groucho. I was still in the process of grieving when he was born to Odessa, so it was kinda tough to love Vegas that much at first. But with some kind and gentle words from a very wise woman I met thereafter, I've grown very attached to Vegas now.

Well, that was one struggle in my life. A lot of my stories are based on a lot of personal experiences I've had. Some good, some bad. Shoot! I even characterized the dirty dozen mob (including mcgillicutty) and am in the middle of writing a story with them in it. LOL!! I didn't use their real names though, and in this story they are outside the computer. I cannot wait till that story is finished! Sometimes I even surprise myself with these stories! But that story is mostly based on the association I used to have with them, and the battle that turned everything upside-down a couple of years ago. So far it's good, and funny!! I don't have a title for it yet, but I will be putting that story on the site once it's complete. Sometimes it takes years to finish a story, sometimes I can complete it in a few weeks. The ones that take a long time to finish are the best stories though, because they are very thouroughly thought out and carefully put together. Those I rush through I tend to leave some things out of and don't realize it until the story is done (then I have to do it all over again!) But one of the biggest subject lines in my stories are based on personal experiences. It is always those that keeps the readers interested! It sure works with these blogs!! I get (on average) 30 views per day, which isn't too bad, and most of those are repeat visitors. Many of them I've known in my past. My biggest bookmarkers are from the Rockband forum, the Lovehammers forum, and most recently the Pluba and BBC forums. hehe! I've accumulated more than 3000 viewers just in the past 6 months. Again, not bad!! People say they hate crazies like me, but they are obviously intrigued in some way because they keep coming back.

Hey!! Nothing wrong with being crazy, in a fun-loving way like me!! I actually like it when people tell me I'm crazy. I'm an artist, I'm not supposed to be 'normal'!!! If that ever happens, that will be the day I'd have to retire my paintbrushes and my modeling clay!! And I could no longer write stories. That would totally SUCK!!!!! Well, no artist I've ever heard of is what people today would consider "normal". Even modern celebrities (artists in their own way) are coming out of the closet with their 'not-so-normal' minds. Check out that post I made about what they name their children for further proof. So it is us 'crazies' that actually make the World go round. If everybody was what others refer to as 'normal', this World would be a pretty dang dull place!!! No entertainment of any kind, anywhere!!! That's why I like my friends to be a little bit on the nutty side! They are the people who have the most fun, and are the most fun to be with. Believe me, nothing is nuttier than when me and Cathy get together! LOL!!! We may be nutty together, but we sure do have fun doing what we do. At least we never hurt anyone! What chaffs my ass is when people are crazy themselves and they don't even realize it. Then those same people point fingers at people like me and tell everyone that we are the only crazy ones. Like the people of the delusional fans forum.

Well, this week is Thanksgiving for us here in the USA. Turkey, and giving thanks, and in my case, Shilo Bars!!!! That's what this day means. I already listed things I am thankful for on this blog. I always give thanks to the good LORD for HIS many blessings. I could really go on and on and on. Then comes Christmas in line next. Yes, I still believe in Santa Clause. Santa must actually know Catsredrum. He sure does talk about her all the time. He says "Ho-ho-ho!" Then the last holiday of the season, New Year's!! And from that day I'll spend the following 8 months trying to remember that it'll be 2009 instead of 2008!! By that time, it'll be darned near 2010!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weird Celeb Baby Names

What is it with celebrities? They give their kids the strangest names these days. It seemed to start with Michael's daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily. I just call her Lily, it's easy to remember, and it's either that or Heavenly. LOL! But it's almost as if celebrities see themselves as a different race of people. I think it's basically just the typical artist craziness. It's good to see artists are coming out of the closet with their real minds, but some of these names are downright unreal. For examples:

Ashlee & Pete's son Bronx Mowgli Wentz
Gwen & Gavin's son Zuma Nesta Rock
Jason Lee's son Pilot Inspektor
John Mellencamp's daughter Speck Wildhorse
Penn Jillette's daughter Moxie CrimeFighter

Actually, Speck Wildhorse sounds like something Native American. It's not so bad, but I have to put a tie on Jason Lee's son and Penn Jillette's daughter as the 2 weirdest names listed there. Makes me want to ask "where do these people come from?" Some of those names I actually like, I think Zuma sounds pretty, but it sounds more like a girl's name. This from a woman who named a female pet mouse 'Romeo'. Well!!! She looked like a Romeo!!! She was sweet too, as pet mice go.

With those strange names popping up among celebrity children, I wouldn't be surprised if sooner or later I see someone naming their child 'Rainbow's End' or 'Made in Mesopotamia' or something like that!!!

Michael Hutchence (1/22/60 - 11/22/97)

I just realized I never said anything about Michael. That's absolutely CRIMINAL!!!! Even though I may not be a major fan of his anymore, I should still say something because I did love the man for many years before, and even quite a good number of years after he died. I am glad I got to see him live once and that I got to at least touch him as he wandered through the crowd (I was very fortunate to have an aisle seat). I even got to kiss him, hehe! Yeah, I still say I got to kiss him, even though by now everyone knows it wasn't a face-to-face kiss!! More like hand-to-face kiss. Some people count it as authentic, others don't. I do. hehe! He wasn't the first celeb I met and got to kiss though, but he was my most favorite at the time.

I still very clearly remember the night I found out he'd died. I've told that story before on here too I believe. I can actually describe each second word by word, and inch by inch, I remember it so well!! One of the few things in this life I actually do remember so well!! That was the longest 2 minutes of my life! It was so long, I could actually write a novel about what I was thinking and the different emotions I felt!! In terms of all the thoughts going through my head, that was the most emotional 2 minutes I've ever known in my life!! And years later, I didn't think I'd ever get over it. I grieved for such a long time over a man I didn't even know. Sorry Michael fans, but it made no sense to me any longer. So, I've since let go. I'm still just glad Tim is still around. I hope he'll be around for a long time. At least until I am gone.

It wasn't Michael who had me worried, he's dead. His problems are over with. It was always Tim who had me worried. I don't want to stir up bad memories for him, but I read in the INXS autobiography that Tim and Michael had a spat before he died that left Tim storming out of Michael's hotel room and for many years, he felt bad because Michael died before they had a chance to reconcile. For years that haunted Tim. I know how he felt. Though he seems to be over those feelings (at least he looked like he was when I saw him), I'm sure Michael forgives him. I don't know Michael, but I know Heaven, and I'm sure he is up there. Heaven isn't about carrying grudges, it's about love and forgiveness. And I feel Michael is up there and has forgotten all about what happened between him and Timmy and loves him again. Tim just needs to have faith in knowing this. Believe me, it helped me in dealing with my grandma's death. There are a lot of things that happened between me and her before she died and I never got to reconcile with her about. I was going to go see her that day too, and I wish to GOD I had. Funny thing, the day before she died I was thinking of going to see her, but it was a busy day, and it was late before we were done. The oddest thing happened, a little voice actually told me to go see her that afternoon. I brushed it off and asked my sis if she'd like to drive up the next day and see her at the hospital, she said yes. After that, this same little voice said to me "tomorrow will be too late." I still just brushed it off, and went on about my business. But I got a very sinking feeling, like I had just swallowed a bowling ball. I still just brushed it off. Then that night my sis and I got that dreaded call, ma was crying and told us that the hospital called and said grandma had died. When I heard the news, I suddenly got dizzy and a million things went through my head. I even thought back to that little voice I heard earlier that day, and how I brushed it off saying I would go see grandma the next day. But I never thought that would actually happen to her!! I always thought she was too strong to die, and usually she was!! She always snapped back happily after an illness. She was doing fine. I never thought she'd go that quick. The worst thing was how I knew I should have went to see her that day and I didn't say anything and just ignored my inner voice!! I had so much to tell her and I never got to. I was so upset!! I felt like she went to Heaven not knowing how much I loved her. So I know how Timmy felt about his spat with Michael. That's why faith is so important to me. That is the one thing in this World I never want to lose!! If I ever lose faith, I got nothing left.

I remember before grandma passed, I had a dream of catching what I thought was a butterfly. It turned out to be a white bat. I'd always heard that a white bat meant the death of a child, I guess it also means the death of a grandparent because that was the day grandma was taken from us.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Most Innocent Victims of Mortgage Meltdown

Thanks W. This is all your doings! People abandoning their pets because they cannot afford to keep their houses anymore and have to move to apartments that do not allow pets. This ticks me off! People get pets and treat them like they are disposable. I would never get a pet I thought that way about. One of the reasons I'd never get a cat. Apparently according to this article, people are turning in their pets to shelters. Most people are anyway. Some animals are not even turned in, they are just abandoned on the property. It's terrible. Not everyone is like me. I never go anywhere that doesn't allow me to bring my dogs. I'd never rent an apartment or go to a shelter or hotel room that would not allow me to bring my babies.

I met someone last summer on a walk that just moved here and she used to have a chihuahua. Well, she was in the flood that plagued Chehalis last Christmas, and she and her family were flooded out of their home. So, they had to stay at a hotel while they looked for another apartment. Well, the hotel didn't allow them to keep their little chihuahua dog in the hotel room so they had to keep the dog in the car and it was cold that night. The next morning the dog disappeared. Almost as if it was snuffed off the face of the earth. The woman thought what happened was it was so cold out the dog crawled under the car seat and froze to death. That would never happen to our dogs because first of all, I'd have went looking for another hotel once I found out they would not let me keep my babies in the room. I wouldn't care if I'd have froze to death myself!! I got kinda ticked off at that woman, she went and got another dog too! Want to bet sooner or later when worst comes to worst again for them, that dog too will join the ranks of these poor pets in this article? Someone like that does not deserve a pet at all.

I remember when we were looking for this apartment it was sooooo difficult. There were not very many choices. The few choices there were many of them did not allow pets, or they allowed cats but not dogs. That's one of the first questions I always ask is if they allow pets and what are the limits. If they say "No we don't allow pets" I say thank you, hang up and don't look back!! I was lucky with this place. The landlord is very understanding. I told her before we moved here that our dogs are our family. And it is still a very nice apartment!! Got a lovely ocean view. Not from my room, but you can see it from some parts of the house. The ocean is just across the road, and I go there quite often. Yep, this is my "little la-la land"!! hehe! And I love it, and I still have my babies!!

Last Christmas when the power went out for a week there were some shelters set up with heat and electricity and I turned down going there because they wouldn't allow us to bring our dogs. I would have rathered staying here in the house where it was cold and didn't have electricity than to abandon my babies. We would have stayed here but Anna got cold and scared so we went to ma's. I could have stayed all week though. I made sure ma would have let us bring the dogs, thank GOD she did! Otherwise I'd have said no to staying there. I'm very conscientious about my pets, I cannot for the life of me understand why everyone else isn't the same way. I hope there never comes a time when all apartments start not allowing pets at all. But if they do, I know who to blame for that, irresponsible people! That will be the time I will start looking into buying a house. In the meantime, I enjoy living in apartments. That way if I don't like the neighbors (or the area, which there is no chance that will happen here) I can always move out. There is absolutely NO chance in Hell I'd ever leave this town. I've been desiring moving to this town for many years, a tidal wave couldn't drive me out now!! The only thing that would drive me out is if my parents died tomorrow, even then, my dogs are going with me. I'd never abandon them. I always said once my ma and pa are gone, I'm moving out of the country. I was thinking either moving to Australia or the UK. I wonder what the coolest area in Australia is? I cannot tolerate too much heat.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prank Calls

This is all about a prank call someone got. Poor guy! The telemarketer calls and asks for someone and gets the story of a man who has been murdered. I kinda wonder if this is for real? Of course we all have had calls from telemarketers, and have wanted to do something like this to them. Katrina once told me she did something similar to this, but not exactly. Someone called asking for her and she told them "Oh, she's not here right now." and proceeded to tell them that instead she was in China teaching a panda to do a waltz and won't be back for another 3 years. Whatever!! But this guy instisted on keeping that telemarketer on the line.

I've never made prank calls, I have annoyed telemarketers on the phone though. LOL!! I always go "What? What? What? I can't hear you!" It annoys the shit out of them!! LOL!! I had one telemarketer who actually got pissed and yelled at me in a real angry tone "Hello?!?! Can you hear me now?! Is Cassandra there!?!?!" I just hung up! hehe! Seems telemarketers these days have gotten smarter. Now, a recording does all the talking after you say hello. I hate that!!! I guess with years of customers pulling pranks on them, the telemarketing companies are paying us back. LOL!

I've never made a prank call myself, but I have been on the receiving end of one. I was about 17 years old then, still in high school. One night my ma went out and was going to meet up with a friend, she told me that some other friend of her's named Jim was supposed to call that night and she told me to tell him that she would be back in a couple of hours. I said OK. So I sat and watched TV for a while. When the phone rang, I expected it to be either ma or this guy Jim. So I answer and it's a man on the other side. I'm thinking this was the friend ma was telling me about (I hadn't met him before that time). I told him what ma told me to tell him. Oh my GAWD!!!! Next thing I know we are deep in conversation, at first it started off innocent enough. He sounded like a friendly enough guy. He said I sounded very pretty. I thought that was weird, but not an uncommon compliment I get over the phone. Then all of a sudden, his conversation turned a little more dark and devious. I began to get a bit uncomfortable. He started not to sound like someone ma would associate with. Finally I asked him who it was (I know, I shoulda asked that first!) he said his name is Mike (not the same guy as in the video). Next thing I know he was talking, and I heard a squishy-squeaky sound in the background, like a waterlogged squeaky toy. Then Mike started asking me "Is your's nice and wet?" Apparently that squishy sound I heard was him fiddling with his weiner!! LOL!!! I said to him I am NOT that kind of a girl!!!! And he hung up.

Well, that was my brush with the unusual. LOL!! Ma's friend Jim never did call that night, or if he did, he probably tried to call while I was on the phone with that perverted idiot, Mike!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Loved One

Apparently there is a new documentary about Michael's life. I want to see it!! Not so much for Michael, but I bet there is some awesome footage of Timmy!! I heard it is now available in Australia, where it hasn't been before. It's also available in Europe and South America. So why not North America and Canada?? What has Michael's family got against us? It's ridiculous! Apparently, according to this source, it's not an official documentary, that will be released next year. But anyway, official or not, I don't care! I want to see it anyway!!

So what happens when the official documentary is released? Will it too only be released in Europe and Australia? Nothing here in the US? That totally SUCKS!!! Well, I've spent enough time grieving over Michael, I mean I hardly know the man! I never met him, just kissed him. So, I figure my days of grieving are done with. But Timmy is still around and I can enjoy him! And Timmy, if you are reading, WHEN are you going to release Fish In Space like you told me you would in chat??? I want to see that too! I don't enjoy fishing that much, but I do soooooo want to see him! Apparently it was kindof a rock-documentary set-up, where Timmy fishes and plays music on his boat at the same time. I bet that's cute to watch. He told me he saw the video recently and laughed so hard. So if it makes him laugh, I want to see it!! More than anything! I bet his boat is awesome too!! I'm a girl who is fascinated by boats. I don't know why! Must be my love for the ocean.

I'm fascinated by a lot of strange things. My top fascinations (besides Timmy) are boats and ships, clocks, lighthouses, dragons and the unexplained. Though I am an artist, for some funny reason, I hate going to art galleries!! UGH!! I've recently entered some of my work in a gallery and I tried going through to look at other peoples' work and it just does nothing for me!! Art is funny that way. I think Bill Cosby explained it perfectly, art is like jellybeans. What is beautiful and enthralling to one person may be junk to another. I don't know why I am so fascinated by clocks. LOL! But it's such a deep fascination, every time I see one anywhere, I get so enchanted that it stops me in my tracks and I have to look!! It drives whoever I am with crazy!!! I have a lot of clocks in my home I don't even need, and I never use, but I keep them anyway. Same with lighthouses. I am up to my ears in lighthouses!!! I even have a lighthouse lamp that I adore!! I was once offered $100 from another collector for that lamp and I turned it down! LOL!

I love shows about the unexplained. With the exception of stories about UFOs. For some reason, that is not on my list of worthy conundrums. Not unless someone reports seeing the little green aliens!! That's different. But stories about UFOs themselves don't interest me. What I really am fascinated by are the stories that are rare to hear about. Like a story I recently printed in my Metazoic blog about humanoid-like footprints found in 600 million year old rocks!! That was fascinating!!! There were no vertebrates 600 million years ago, yet there was the footprints, covering a crushed trilobite as if someone stepped on it when it was alive. If they were humans, they must have been about 9-feet tall!! The foot impression was HUGE!! 30-something inches long!! No one I know has feet that big! Most recently discovered are these so-called 'rods' that fly through the air. I think they are just regular flying insects and camera tricks.

Wow! That was a dramatic subject-change!! But that is what I am all about. Thinking one minute about something, then the next instant, something else!! My mind is never on just one thing!! LOL!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I was reading an article about the high number of threats against Obama today. The number is higher than that of any other president we've ever had. I'm not at all surprised! It's like putting a black chicken or spotted chicken in a coop with a flock of white or plain chickens. Chickens, like a lot of people, tend to get nasty with those who are different from them, and they gang up and peck the newbie to death. I knew this would happen. Besides, I know how those white supremists are! I've never flocked with them, but I've seen enough of them in talk shows and documentaries to know how they tick!

I heard of one person who put up a flier in a convenience store in Maine I think it was, asking for $1 from everyone in lieu of a bet for how long it will take for Obama to get assassinated! The winner (the person with the closest guess to date and time it'll happen) gets all the money collected. And at the base of the flier it said "I hope there's a winner." I heard the flier has since been taken down. Oh my! I don't like Obama either, but I don't want to see anything like this happen. As for the white supremists, I wish they would go extinct!

*************Now to change the subject******************

I've been thinking of something for some time, I really don't want to say what it is exactly, I just want to get this feeling off my chest. It's something I've always wanted to do (well, since it became popular in 2000) and it sounds like fun! The final choice is all mine, but that is the problem. Part of me says "You want to do it, go for it!" and the other part of me says "It's too much, if you do it, you won't have no fun no more!" And I'll probably fail at it anyway. But I don't want to mention what this thing is, because every time I mention something on the internet, it gets jinxed!! And in case I do decide to do this thing, I don't want that to happen. So for the past couple of days, I've been seriously thinking about it, but doing a serious mental tug-of-war with the final decision.

I just had to spill that, been on my mind for the past couple of days and I still haven't made up my mind!! But it's a lot of hard work to get where I want to. And I don't mean just like work, I'm talking get-down-and-dirty, hard sweat, all-nighter kind of work. I've done some work like that when I did the books for the website, but if I start this thing there is no getting out, and it will be like that for the rest of my life.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slide Away

I used to hear all the time about a biopic about Michael Hutchence. Well, I may not be an MH fan, as I prefer Tim over Michael, but I did want to see this movie, supposedly to be titled 'Slide Away'. I did a Google search to see if anything else about it has been mentioned. Unfortunately nothing new has been mentioned since 2006. But I for one would still like to see it. The latest article was written by someone who has a very bad attitude about INXS. He says they are a crap band and implies they have no talent. You can say a lot of things about Michael, but untalented is not one of them! The man was very talented! Even I recognize that!

I remember one of my MySpace buds did an interview with the director Nick Egan about the making of the movie. I didn't get to read it as she put it on her forum, which I am not a member of, but that was still no less than a couple years ago. I kinda wonder if she has heard anything new yet? But as for Michael being untalented and INXS being a crap band, I guess that's just a matter of opinion. I don't think Michael being kooky has anything to do with him not having talent. In fact, it's the kookiest people who have the most talent. Michael was very musically inclined. I guess though that natural talent has to be understood to be appreciated. And someone like the guy who wrote this article has no ear for natural talent. I heard Mozart dealt with the same thing! There were those who did not care for his talent, even though we today know the man was extremely talented! Musical ability is not something that everyone is born with.

Well, I left a comment, and very kindly asked the man to give his opinion of what is a 'good' band, since he obviously feels INXS is not in that category. Personally, I can't think of a modern musician who has as much natural talent as Michael had. But then that's just my own opinion (oops! I used that term again! LOL!) Michael had talent, but Tim has the looks!! Well heck ALL the men in the band are good-looking. I've never seen any other band where almost 100% of the band members were so handsome. Well, poor Kirk. He's not as attractive as the other men, but he wasn't too bad looking during the FMDH album.

Anyway, I don't know if the picture is still on, I'd like to see it, but I haven't seen any new mentions about it in a couple of years. Here is the article that someone wrote, he says it looks like it's still on, but I don't know. Nothing new in all this time. I know Johnny Depp was asked to play the part of Michael, I know he and Michael were good friends, but he turned the part down. Kindof a shame! He'd have been a great Michael!! He looks just like Michael! Maybe the producers have someone else in mind. I thought Colin Farrell would be perfect to play Timmy. I took one look at his eyes and said he IS Timmy!! Has that same dangerous look in his eyes I'm so used to seeing in Timmy!!

Job At the White House

For all those Obama fans, how would you like to work at the White House in his administration? HA! Apparently you can. There's something like 7,000 positions available, some of which would be pretty high up in the administration. You might even get to know other World leaders. There is a catch, you must be willing to give your complete life-history! I'd probably make it up until they get to the section where they ask for blogs and Facebook accounts. LOL! Obama would see all the stuff I wrote on here about him (and myself) and say "Oh Hell NO!! I don't want her! She's too damn crazy!!" hehe! He'd not only throw my app away, he might go so far as to shred my app and throw it away! LOL! Well, at least I'd keep his children happy with my vivid imagination. But they are nuts if they think I'm going to reveal to them things like how much I make per year! That's something I never tell anyone.

Anyway, here's the link to the story, along with links to the apps to fill out and send in. I myself am not at all interested, I don't want to move to Washington DC, and if staying with them would mean I'd have to get rid of my dogs (due to their child's allergies) that is a definite no-no!! I love my babies, I don't want to give them up just for 8 years of uncertainty! I'm still not even an Obama supporter. I'm only accepting him because he is the current president, he is owed that respect at least. I still feel like the end of the world is coming. Laugh if you want, but Obama winning (and McCain being the only other candidate) denotes the end is near to me. I wholeheartedly agree with Ratlady, read Revelations! If that does nothing for you, read Nostradamus. Or read the Mayan Calendar! All of which have proven correct over the years.

One thing I love about Bush being out of office, the gas prices are going down. In some parts of this state, we're already seeing gas for under $2 per gallon. I hope it keeps going down more! I want to see $1 per gallon gas again!! It'd be nice to be able to fill up my car for less than $20 again. I hope it never again goes up to $4 or $5 per gallon! That was ridiculous!! I'd rather walk to every place I ever wanted to go than pay that much for a gallon of gas again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Got It!!

I finally got my DVD for FMDH! It includes interviews and all the videos from the album. I'm so excited! And this time it WORKS!!!! Anyone else notice how in Days of Rust, Michael looks like that Lurch from The Addams Family? Timmy of course looks handsome as ever! And funny too, I love his questions to people on the street in the interview, some of them made me laugh! And so sweet of them to give tix to the fans, whether they answered correctly or not. I don't know why, but the song Full Moon, Dirty Hearts always makes me think of Titanic, the movie!! And I love Jon as the doting father in Kill the Pain.

Well, this came a bit late, as I am almost over this cold. I really needed it then, but I love it anyway. That's OK though, I had the other 2 DVDs sent to me and I got to see them when I needed to. This is what I love about ebay. I only have 24 more to go before I get my blue star. Well Hell!! It took me 7 years to get this far, I'll probably be in that category in another 7 years. I just don't buy from ebay a lot. But I am so glad I happened to search there and found this video. I love it! The interviews were simply fun! The videos were great!! Anyone else notice on the DVD (if you have it) the video for Please, You Got That was totally different from the one on the Great Video Experience. On GVE, the video done with Ray Charles was depicted. In this DVD, FMDH collection, Kirk was playing with some dinosaurs and they had animated dinosaurs running around. I don't know, this is a rare collection. Few fans have it. I was the only one who missed it when it was programmed on MTV back in '93. Or I seem to have been! That's why I am so glad I found it. I don't know what happened with the other copy sent to me, but I threw it away because it just wouldn't play. I tried it on 2 different DVD players. But this one plays good!!

Shoot! I had better get back to doing ebay shopping again!! Did you know ebay doesn't allow you to leave negative or neutral feedback anymore? I saw that message and said to myself "So what is someone supposed to do if they have a bad experience with a seller? Just let it go and not warn anyone?" I have an online buddy who bought an item from a seller that was not as described, and she turned him in. Well the guy wrote back to her and said that if she gets her money back, he is going to sue her. Nevermind that she had plenty of proof against him! I was thinking Geez what a dumbass!! I don't believe he was going to sue this bud, I think he was just saying that, and I kept telling her so. Unfortunately it was too much for her to risk, so she dropped the charges against him. Personally, I would have called his bluff, but if she felt it was too risky, who am I to say what's right for her? That's why I don't do much business with ebay. About once every 3 months or so I look for something when I have nothing else to do. Sometimes I get lucky and find something I've always wanted, like with this DVD. Well, it's been about 3 months since my last purchase, maybe more. One time I didn't sign on to ebay for 2 years.

Well now I am not writing much anymore (not until I get the green light again from my supervisor) so I have some spare time on my hands, so I looked and found this DVD. It was a mega-find!! I need to give my friend and co-author Cathy a ring, ask if she'd like to get together and collaborate on some more story ideas. LOL!

OK, so my mind is shooting off in different directions. I do hope Cathy is alright. I hear Hoquiam has some flooding and land slides. I always have fun when I go to her place cuz we sit and talk for hours, even act out some story ideas! LOL! Two crazy young ladies just having fun. Then her oldest daughter looks at us like "What the heck is wrong with you two?!" LOL!! You'd think she'd be used to us by now, but you'd be wrong! But hey! As artists and writers, we're supposed to be nutty!! Anyone have a problem with that can kiss my behind!!

The Town of Batman

I was looking in on some bizarre news clips this morning and there was one that especially caught my attention. A small town in Turkey named Batman is suing Warner Bros. studios and the director of The Dark Knight because the name of their town was used without their permission. When I read that I thought "What???" I know Batman as a comic strip character has been around for about 70 years (since Bob Kane created him in 1938), why is this town just now deciding to sue Warner Bros?? Some people I think have nothing better to do with their lives. UGH!!!

Since when did this new trend start, suing someone for using a town name?? Though my grandma read once that if you use a real town in your stories, and a reader visits that town and does not see anything you mentioned in that story, they have every legal right to sue you. That's why most writers make up city names in their stories. But I never heard of suing someone for using the actual name in a city in their stories. Especially when it was not the writer's intent to make that name associated with that city. I'm sure the original creator of Batman had no idea the town of "Batman" even existed when he created the character. Sure is a crazy World we live in!! And many would say I'm the ring-leader! LOL! So I guess I'd better not name a character in any of my stories "Seattle" or the mayor of Seattle can sue me. Ridiculous!!! Or what about Memphis, in the movie Happy Feet? Maybe Memphis, the town in Tennessee, will sue Warner Bros/Dreamworks for using their town name in that movie.

The question is, and it was asked in this article, where have these people been for the past 70 years? Why are they chosing now to sue a company for the use of their town name? This has either got to be some kind of publicity stunt, or some kind of game these people are playing. Personally, I think it's the latter!! What kind of a dumbass would sue a company for something as stupid as that!!?? The mayor of the town claimed many people have committed suicide because of this movie. Why would they do that because of a movie? What on Earth has the success of a movie got to do with killing yourself?? Perhaps those people didn't kill themselves because of the movie. If the town in question is this dumb, maybe they did it to get away from the silly mayor of that town! And I don't mean silly as in cute or funny. I mean silly as in STUPID and crazy!!! Too crazy for me.

Well anyway, anyone who wants to read the article, here it is: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b68391_batmans_latest_archenemy_batman.html Actually, I am not quite sure of the authenticity, but either way it makes for interesting reading.

If you ask me, they should have used a bit better make-up for the Joker in this movie. They used better effects in the 1989 version of Batman. Jack Nicholson at least had a better smile. Not saying anything is wrong with Heath Ledger's smile, but they should have used something a lot better than lipstick painted in the shape of a grin on his face. It looks too low-tech. But there must be a reason, and since I haven't seen this movie yet, I wouldn't know. I'm planning on renting it as soon as it comes out on DVD, which I understand will be next month (or was it in January?) Well, either way I will be waiting on pins and needles to see what all the fuss is about. It's a shame Heath Ledger did not live to see the release of this movie! Snuffed out so young!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Truth of Modern Christianity

I do consider myself a Christian. I was raised in the Christian faith, even though I have moved away from a lot of their beliefs. For example, I believe more heavily in evolution than in creation. I was reading some of Ratlady's posts on the Pluba forum, I must say, she is an educated person, but she has some very absurdly old fashioned ideas about religion!! Sorry Ratlady, but it's so true!! A lot of the creationist ideas have been proven wrong. I just have a hard time believing in the fact that all living things appeared on the Earth at the same time when it has already been proven that the world has gone through periodic changes spanning millions of years.

This thing about gays being an abomination, I have gay friends, some of them are christians themselves. One of my buds has told me there is a movement of Christians for gay rights, and a lot of gays who are themselves christians. I think they are getting the message. But to say gays won't be accepted by GOD is almost like saying people with mental disabilities won't be accepted by GOD. Being gay does not make you evil, or unworthy of GOD's love or acceptance!! That is an old fashioned idea. Not to mention ridiculous!!

And as for going to a Judas Priest concert.....what????? That is supposed to be unchrisitian-like????? Oh my! That is very old fashioned!! I haven't noted the philosophy that rock or metal music is evil since I was 10 years old. A lot of my chrisitan friends listen to rock music. Some of those same people don't even believe in evolution. But they'd prefer to hear a good rock n roll song than that mendacious music known as "christian rock". I've been to several concerts, for MC Hammer, Roxette, INXS, even Rich Marx, and I loved them! Never once considered it feeding on evil. In fact, Tim Farriss, when he was younger, tought the bible to many of his schoolmates, including the local school bully, who reformed and later became a priest. Way to go Timmy!!!! And Timmy is the guitarist of a rock group. Again, to say rock music is of evil is old fashioned, and silly!

Good GOD I miss Timmy!! Been thinking of him a lot!! We need more concerts! But again, I hope he is enjoying stretching his legs and relaxing at home.

Anyway, I would usually never agree with some of those on Pluba, but some of Ratlady's ideas are just ridiculous!! But if that is what she believes in, let her go on. Some people I guess are just too old to accept change. My grandma hated change!! And whenever you would try to update her ideas, she'd say you're calling her a liar!! I finally got to a point where I just said the HELL with it!!!!!

Myself, I prefer to go against popular beliefs, this is why I have my own religion. I still worship the same GOD as I did when I was going to a Baptist church, a Pentecostal church, and a Jehovah witness church (my ma's idea, LONG story!!) but I have some different beliefs than I did when I was studying those faiths. Jehovah witnesses don't even believe in celebrating Christmas or birthdays. Now, Thanksgiving is different. The pilgrims didn't even believe in celebrating that every year, and they were the ones who created it. But the Jehovah witnesses believe birthdays too are bad. You can say I had some very mixed-up beliefs growing up when it comes to religion. Ma wanted me to get into the mormon faith, and I said No way!!!! If she wants to go for it, she can. I'm not getting involved in someone else's religious beliefs anymore. I'm sticking to my own. Some people call what I practice Judaism. Maybe it is, I don't know though. I'm not Jewish, never wished to be. I consider mine nothing more than a free-standing religion. I don't even have a name for it yet.

But why really does a religion need a name to be official like some kind of brand or trademark? I don't think that's the way GOD would have intended his followers to work. And really every religion has different beliefs. It's all too confusing. So, I have one universal set of beliefs, and worship alone. I don't go to church, though I do read the bible and pray a lot!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Damn I hate those things!! Spiders are about the only creatures that will send me running. I am totally terrified of spiders. Put me in a room with a hungry tiger or lion any day of the week, I wouldn't be even half as scared as I would be stuck in a room with a big, black, hairy spider crawling along the walls!! Yep, spiders scare me that much!! Funny thing, I didn't used to be scared of spiders. Up until I was like 15, I always looked at spiders with great indifference. Then one night I was in my room, lying on the floor, listening to music. As I was changing cassettes, this huge black, hairy spider crawled out from behind the stereo, and I nearly had a coronary!! I let out a loud, bone-chilling screech (as Eva described it), and my sis came running in and asked what was wrong, and I told her there was a spider in the corner of my room. So she went in the room with a shoe and squashed it. Ma and pa were out that night, so they didn't know about any of this.

I don't know what happened, but after that night, I was terrified of spiders. I guess it was the way that monster just suddenly scampered out from behind my stereo that scared me. That coupled with it's size, it was pretty big! I'm a little calmer now, I don't scream anymore when I see spiders (I can't anymore! Every time I try to hit those high octave notes now, all that comes out is air!) I do have a tendency to freeze when I see one though. I get so scared I can't move. I literally become petrified with fear. It usually lasts for a few minutes. When I finally compose myself, I grab something and kill the beast!

Last night I was sitting alone out in the living room, watching TV, and I saw a huge, black spider on our sliding door. Scared me nearly to death!! I also wondered if that darned thing was there when Anna put the dogs out. That wouldn't have made her too happy!! She's as scared of spiders as I am! Only she doesn't freeze up with fear. LOL! She's the one more likely to run screaming. Then last night when I was getting ready for bed, I saw another big, black spider crawling on the wall near my bed!! I got my slipper and crushed the damn thing. I think it disintegrated! It had me scared though for the rest of the night. I kept thinking "What if I hadn't been in the room?" that thing could have landed in my bed. I kinda wondered if there was anymore in the room that I couldn't see? There is always that possibility. Made me so scared I almost couldn't sleep. Yet I found myself highly grateful for one simple fact: spiders do not travel in herds!!!

Well, not all spiders are ugly, black, brown and hairy. Some are actually quite pretty to look at. But they are still terrifying to me. But check out these jumping spider species from Laos. I found this video on MySpace.

They do look pretty, as spiders go. But I would never want to touch one! The last one looks like an ant. The cinematographer though says it is indeed a true spider. Knowing me, I'd probably mistake it for an ant, brush it off and get bitten!! LOL! I don't profess to know anything about spiders, normally I don't know one from another, but I know what is pretty, and these are indeed that.

Judge Judy

Anyone watch this program? I love it! She reminds me of me with her attitude! Boy I'd hate to stand up in her courtroom, and face her in my usual sassy way. Knowing me, we would clash horns right away, and she'd be telling me to get out of her courtroom! And I don't mean she'd just be telling me "please, get out of my courtroom." or ask me kindly to leave. I mean, she would say to me "GET THE F*** OUT OF MY COURTROOM! NOOOWWWW!!!!" Well, she'd have one thing going for her with me, I would have respect for her. It is after all her courtroom.

Well anyway, today she had a case of a child playing with a BB gun and put dents in the neighbor's car or something. Do you know the toy stores still sell BB guns?! I agree with Judge Judy on this issue, they should not even be available to children!! Any parent who would buy a BB gun for their child is irresponsible! Especially for an 8-year old!! BB guns, though I've never heard of them killing anyone, can cause great harm to a person or an animal. I remember back in 1989, there was a string of BB gun attacks by an unknown assailant out by where our grandma lived. Three people had been shot by a BB gun. One was a jogger who didn't even know he'd been hit until he got home and discovered a huge red spot on his tank top where he'd been bleeding. Another of the victims was my sis Anna, who was struck while we were waiting to be picked up from grandma's neighborhood to be taken home. We were both terrified, and when grandma heard Anna had been struck, she almost had a heart attack. She started shaking and hyperventilating.

Now, not all kids are that bad, but knowing there is a possibility that could happen, I would never give a BB gun to a child!! No child under 12 anyway. Kids that age are not focused on what could happen due to their actions. My grandma always said parents who would condone playing with BB guns aught to be horsewhipped!! I agree, throw a little tar and feathering in there too. I cannot even believe BB guns are still being sold in toy stores!! They deserve nothing more than to be outlawed!! Any parent who would get their 8-year old child a BB gun is nothing less than stupid. There is where Judge Judy and I agree as well! She said she has 8-year old grandchildren and she would disown any of her children who would buy them a BB gun.

Some of my favorite lines of Judge Judy's are "Get over it!" and "Umm is not an answer!" She always makes me laugh every time she says those lines!! That's why I always look foreword to her shows every day! Today she had a touch of laryngitis, but for some reason, she still sounded strong. My cold is draining me, I envy Judge Judy for being able to conquer her own attack of laryngitis and sit in her courtroom and keep control of the guests! She can still keep a lucid head even in her ailment!! hehehe! Me, my thoughts are a lot more obscure! LOL!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sorry Timmy....

I had to remove my last post, such a shame! But I got a message this afternoon that the pics posted are professionally taken and were copyrighted, and apparently have been posted up in other places, and the person who owns those pics was upset about them being passed around. But they were such awesome pics!!!! I miss Timmy so much. But I am NOT mcgillicutty!! I don't intentionally steal copyrighted pics belonging to other people and post them up elsewhere! I was asked to remove them, and I said no problem, and came back here and immediately took down the post. I'm thinking about getting the link that can sell me the rights to those pics. I just might too, they were awesome pics, but not right this minute. My apologies to the photographer. He never did anything bad to me. Well, either way, I wouldn't want to be accused of copyright infringements! That would put me in the same class as the dirty dozen mob and I would HATE that!!!!

Well, the disks I got from ebay were mostly good, but one, the main disk, turned out to be not so good. But I wrote to the seller and asked for a new one if they have it. The seller graciously complied and is sending me another copy. So, once again, I cannot wait. I think I am over the worst part of this cold, I think now, my cold is going through the cough and stuffy stage. But anyway, I'll be fine. Been feeding on nothing but apple and orange juice for the past week.

**************EDIT TO ADD******************
Message to the photographer: I would never have mentioned the name of the person who referred me to the pics if I'd known they were copyrighted!! Please, DON'T blame Wendy!! She didn't send me the pics, she just sent me the link. I was the one who took the pics. Don't punish her, punish me instead!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Obama Won

Big deal! Now my instincts will yet again be put to the test. Am I right or am I wrong? I only hope I am wrong!! I didn't trust either of this year's presidential candidates for different reasons, so I just didn't vote for prez this year. I could not pick one over the other. I don't sincerely think Obama is going to keep all the promises he made during the campaigning season. But at least say goodbye to Bush and his BS, and hopefully the war!! I don't feel good or comfortable about this decision, but I say let the people find out for themselves. I've discovered that is the only way anyone will learn. I'm not the type to force my opinions on others, I just say what I feel and that's it. Funny thing when someone speaks their mind, the World thinks that person is trying to force their opinions down their throats. I voice my opinions on here, people can accept them or reject them, it's their choice! I don't care, and it's none of my business anyway!! I don't tell people what to think, I can debate, but I don't tell them "You shouldn't think this way or you're going to be considered a *such-n-such*!"

I am not saying anything, but I am cautious of Obama because of his associations. As with all new people, I say Obama is evil due to his associations with evil people. But let's see what happens. Maybe my instincts are wrong. Like I said, I only hope they are! Obama wants to share the wealth. As nice as that sounds (though I don't think the wealthy are going to like it) I don't know how Obama is going to do it. And honestly, I don't think the wealthy owes me anything just because I am not as wealthy as they are. They are whom they are and I am who I am. If GOD wants me to become wealthy, HE will do it HIS way. If not, then oh well! I've managed perfectly this long on a fixed income, I can go right on doing it forever if I have to. But I don't think the wealthy owe me anything, seeings I am not in any way related to anyone who is wealthy. I do have wealthy friends, and it'd be hard enough for me to ask them for any money!! Much less a stranger!! Seriously, I don't know how Obama is going to keep that promise!! But maybe he has some kind of magic trick up his sleeve. Who knows really??

I wonder if Dino Rossi won as governor? If so, that would thwart Obama's plan to "share the wealth". Obama would be all for freely sharing the wealth, whereas Rossi would be all for making the poor work for it. LOL!! Going to be a financial "tug-of-war" with the government!! It's going to be kinda funny to watch!!

The worst thing about all this, the color wars are about to get worse!! You know damn well the skinhead/neo-nazi groups are going to revolt!! If one set of them doesn't succeed in assassinating Obama, another set of them will pick it up. You know how desperate those assholes get!!! And they are all over the country, you can't really get away from them. That is where I fear FOR Obama! He's in for a major struggle with groups like that. I hope he's got some darn good body guards!!! I always hated the skinheads' philosophy that this country was made FOR white people!! That is soooooo NOT true!!!!! Whites belong in Europe, the indians were the ones this country was made for!! And as far as I know, no real indian is white!!! My great-great grandma was 100% Cherokee, and she was NOT white!!!! I saw her pics. Old as they were, I could tell she was not pale-complected. I look a lot like her. Only fatter and a bit lighter! hehe! I must be something of a throw-back. And white supremists complain that this country has too many Mexicans now. I say STOP your whining!! The Mexicans were here long before the whites were!! And now you just know they are going to target Obama. I'll bet my life on that one!! I just pray nothing bad happens!!

But anyway, he won the election. He is to be congratulated, but I am still not comfortable with this decision. But all I will say at this point is let's see what happens!

****************EDIT TO ADD*******************************
I forgot, I do have ONE wealthy relative, Eva and her husband (my BIL), with an annual income of $###### they can be considered wealthy. LOL... Sorry! My cold meds have me not thinking straight!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ah Nutz!!!

This SUCKS!!! I've had this nasty cold for the past 2 days, and it SUCKS!! I caught it from Anna who most likely got it from school. Makes me so MAD!! I don't so much mind the sneezes and sniffles half as much as I mind the coughing. I've coughed so much today, and last night my throat is raw!!! I think it's blistered. Not only that, but this cold medicine I am taking is making me feel weak. I have to take something for the misery and something else for the cough. I hate this time of year. But there are 2 things that even now keeps me going. My Vegas and Timmy!! I lay in bed with Vegas under my arms and surround myself with my pics of Timmy.

Vegas is a pervy dog!!! He has the strange habit of waking me up by rubbing his belly on my face!!! And since he rubs his belly on my face, guess what also always winds up touching me!! That's right, his winkie. That's HIS own doing!!! NOT mine!! I don't feel good, this is no time for Vegas to be acting like a pervert and I'm his whore!!! Crazy-ass dog!!! Every time he tries that, I push him off as quickly as I can!! LOL! Yet even with his strange ways, I love him unconditionally. Always will. There is something about this little guy that just begs "love me!" I guess that is what is typical about chihuahuas. I love him to death but if he keeps popping his weiner in my face, I'm gonna whop his butt!! Then he's never getting in my bed again!

Well, I'm no different, only I wish I could lose myself in Timmy's buns!! At a time like this, I love to surround myself with my Timmy pics and look into his eyes, as well as other places as well, hehe!! Now, I need this video that is on the way. I cannot wait.

Well, it looks like the Obama supporters are about to get their wish. He's way ahead in the polls, as I knew he would be. All I will say is those people who've supported him all year are getting their wish. I only hope it isn't a mistake!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

LOL! Anyone see this program? I never miss it. Of course I have it on DVD this year. I cannot for the life of me understand why the TV networks stopped playing this, it's a classic!!! Try to find the innocence depicted in this clip in today's cartoons. You CAN'T!!!! Linus is weird sometimes, but even so, one has to admire his supreme loyalty to the great pumpkin. I've always had a bit of a picture in my mind of what the great pumpkin would look like, and if I were Linus, I wouldn't even try to wait up for him!! In fact, it'd make me run to the house as fast as I could, not look back and lock the door behind me!! But I like Linus for his loyalty anyway! hehe! That and his little bit of kookiness!!! Linus's problem is, and it's plain to see, he has mistaken Halloween for Christmas! I don't think the Great Pumpkin would be even half as adorable as Santa Claus!! You know what my favorite holiday is? President's Day! hehe! Not as commercialized as the rest of them, and it's as far away from being near the dates of any personal tragedy I can think of!! I used to hate Christmas and Thanksgiving because it was too close to the time the world lost Michael Hutchence. Then I hated Memorial Day and the 4th of July because it was too close to the time I lost my Groucho. Nothing bad happened to me on President's Day though! Of course I'm a bit back on course with Thanksgiving and Christmas now because I did not know Michael. So I felt I've grieved for him long enough. But it's going to be a LONG time before I can enjoy Memorial Day and July 4th again.

Well, surprisingly enough, this cartoon was also bad-mouthed by parents whose children started calling others names because they thought it was funny on this cartoon. I'd be concerned myself, but it's not the cartoon's job to stop children from calling others names. That job is supposed to fall onto the parent's shoulders!! If they cannot stop their kids from picking up what they see on TV, then they should not let their kids watch TV at all!! But I can say I have been watching shows like that all my life and I never called anyone names. And what about cartoons like the Simpsons?? They call each other names, most of them are FAR worse than "blockhead"! And yet parents let their kids watch that mess. And those characters are not even half as cute as the ones on the Charlie Brown cartoons!! What happened to parents today??

Well, I managed to find the Great Pumpkin on YouTube, though I left out most of the middle of this program. I mean, who gives a shit about Snoopy as the WW1 flying ace??? I sure don't!! That part of the cartoon SUCKED!!!!! Though on the documentary, it was mentioned that that was the most popular part of the cartoon. I say NO WAY!!!!! That was the most BORING part of the cartoon!!! I guess that just means I am naturally hard-wired not to like what everyone else does. But that is the only part of the cartoon I tend to fast-foreward all the way past. So here, I just didn't include it at all. But these are what I found, courtesy of YouTube, and someone called "Penguindaeler"...

And part 2 (or 3 actually)....

You wanna know about fury in a woman scorned? Wait till Obama and PETA try to take my baby away from me, you'll know what Hell on Earth looks like!!!!