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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Obama Won

Big deal! Now my instincts will yet again be put to the test. Am I right or am I wrong? I only hope I am wrong!! I didn't trust either of this year's presidential candidates for different reasons, so I just didn't vote for prez this year. I could not pick one over the other. I don't sincerely think Obama is going to keep all the promises he made during the campaigning season. But at least say goodbye to Bush and his BS, and hopefully the war!! I don't feel good or comfortable about this decision, but I say let the people find out for themselves. I've discovered that is the only way anyone will learn. I'm not the type to force my opinions on others, I just say what I feel and that's it. Funny thing when someone speaks their mind, the World thinks that person is trying to force their opinions down their throats. I voice my opinions on here, people can accept them or reject them, it's their choice! I don't care, and it's none of my business anyway!! I don't tell people what to think, I can debate, but I don't tell them "You shouldn't think this way or you're going to be considered a *such-n-such*!"

I am not saying anything, but I am cautious of Obama because of his associations. As with all new people, I say Obama is evil due to his associations with evil people. But let's see what happens. Maybe my instincts are wrong. Like I said, I only hope they are! Obama wants to share the wealth. As nice as that sounds (though I don't think the wealthy are going to like it) I don't know how Obama is going to do it. And honestly, I don't think the wealthy owes me anything just because I am not as wealthy as they are. They are whom they are and I am who I am. If GOD wants me to become wealthy, HE will do it HIS way. If not, then oh well! I've managed perfectly this long on a fixed income, I can go right on doing it forever if I have to. But I don't think the wealthy owe me anything, seeings I am not in any way related to anyone who is wealthy. I do have wealthy friends, and it'd be hard enough for me to ask them for any money!! Much less a stranger!! Seriously, I don't know how Obama is going to keep that promise!! But maybe he has some kind of magic trick up his sleeve. Who knows really??

I wonder if Dino Rossi won as governor? If so, that would thwart Obama's plan to "share the wealth". Obama would be all for freely sharing the wealth, whereas Rossi would be all for making the poor work for it. LOL!! Going to be a financial "tug-of-war" with the government!! It's going to be kinda funny to watch!!

The worst thing about all this, the color wars are about to get worse!! You know damn well the skinhead/neo-nazi groups are going to revolt!! If one set of them doesn't succeed in assassinating Obama, another set of them will pick it up. You know how desperate those assholes get!!! And they are all over the country, you can't really get away from them. That is where I fear FOR Obama! He's in for a major struggle with groups like that. I hope he's got some darn good body guards!!! I always hated the skinheads' philosophy that this country was made FOR white people!! That is soooooo NOT true!!!!! Whites belong in Europe, the indians were the ones this country was made for!! And as far as I know, no real indian is white!!! My great-great grandma was 100% Cherokee, and she was NOT white!!!! I saw her pics. Old as they were, I could tell she was not pale-complected. I look a lot like her. Only fatter and a bit lighter! hehe! I must be something of a throw-back. And white supremists complain that this country has too many Mexicans now. I say STOP your whining!! The Mexicans were here long before the whites were!! And now you just know they are going to target Obama. I'll bet my life on that one!! I just pray nothing bad happens!!

But anyway, he won the election. He is to be congratulated, but I am still not comfortable with this decision. But all I will say at this point is let's see what happens!

****************EDIT TO ADD*******************************
I forgot, I do have ONE wealthy relative, Eva and her husband (my BIL), with an annual income of $###### they can be considered wealthy. LOL... Sorry! My cold meds have me not thinking straight!!

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