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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ah Nutz!!!

This SUCKS!!! I've had this nasty cold for the past 2 days, and it SUCKS!! I caught it from Anna who most likely got it from school. Makes me so MAD!! I don't so much mind the sneezes and sniffles half as much as I mind the coughing. I've coughed so much today, and last night my throat is raw!!! I think it's blistered. Not only that, but this cold medicine I am taking is making me feel weak. I have to take something for the misery and something else for the cough. I hate this time of year. But there are 2 things that even now keeps me going. My Vegas and Timmy!! I lay in bed with Vegas under my arms and surround myself with my pics of Timmy.

Vegas is a pervy dog!!! He has the strange habit of waking me up by rubbing his belly on my face!!! And since he rubs his belly on my face, guess what also always winds up touching me!! That's right, his winkie. That's HIS own doing!!! NOT mine!! I don't feel good, this is no time for Vegas to be acting like a pervert and I'm his whore!!! Crazy-ass dog!!! Every time he tries that, I push him off as quickly as I can!! LOL! Yet even with his strange ways, I love him unconditionally. Always will. There is something about this little guy that just begs "love me!" I guess that is what is typical about chihuahuas. I love him to death but if he keeps popping his weiner in my face, I'm gonna whop his butt!! Then he's never getting in my bed again!

Well, I'm no different, only I wish I could lose myself in Timmy's buns!! At a time like this, I love to surround myself with my Timmy pics and look into his eyes, as well as other places as well, hehe!! Now, I need this video that is on the way. I cannot wait.

Well, it looks like the Obama supporters are about to get their wish. He's way ahead in the polls, as I knew he would be. All I will say is those people who've supported him all year are getting their wish. I only hope it isn't a mistake!!

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