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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slide Away

I used to hear all the time about a biopic about Michael Hutchence. Well, I may not be an MH fan, as I prefer Tim over Michael, but I did want to see this movie, supposedly to be titled 'Slide Away'. I did a Google search to see if anything else about it has been mentioned. Unfortunately nothing new has been mentioned since 2006. But I for one would still like to see it. The latest article was written by someone who has a very bad attitude about INXS. He says they are a crap band and implies they have no talent. You can say a lot of things about Michael, but untalented is not one of them! The man was very talented! Even I recognize that!

I remember one of my MySpace buds did an interview with the director Nick Egan about the making of the movie. I didn't get to read it as she put it on her forum, which I am not a member of, but that was still no less than a couple years ago. I kinda wonder if she has heard anything new yet? But as for Michael being untalented and INXS being a crap band, I guess that's just a matter of opinion. I don't think Michael being kooky has anything to do with him not having talent. In fact, it's the kookiest people who have the most talent. Michael was very musically inclined. I guess though that natural talent has to be understood to be appreciated. And someone like the guy who wrote this article has no ear for natural talent. I heard Mozart dealt with the same thing! There were those who did not care for his talent, even though we today know the man was extremely talented! Musical ability is not something that everyone is born with.

Well, I left a comment, and very kindly asked the man to give his opinion of what is a 'good' band, since he obviously feels INXS is not in that category. Personally, I can't think of a modern musician who has as much natural talent as Michael had. But then that's just my own opinion (oops! I used that term again! LOL!) Michael had talent, but Tim has the looks!! Well heck ALL the men in the band are good-looking. I've never seen any other band where almost 100% of the band members were so handsome. Well, poor Kirk. He's not as attractive as the other men, but he wasn't too bad looking during the FMDH album.

Anyway, I don't know if the picture is still on, I'd like to see it, but I haven't seen any new mentions about it in a couple of years. Here is the article that someone wrote, he says it looks like it's still on, but I don't know. Nothing new in all this time. I know Johnny Depp was asked to play the part of Michael, I know he and Michael were good friends, but he turned the part down. Kindof a shame! He'd have been a great Michael!! He looks just like Michael! Maybe the producers have someone else in mind. I thought Colin Farrell would be perfect to play Timmy. I took one look at his eyes and said he IS Timmy!! Has that same dangerous look in his eyes I'm so used to seeing in Timmy!!

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