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Friday, February 23, 2018

Interesting St. Bernard Mixed Dogs I've Seen On the Internet

Well, again today, I'm posting some interesting dog breed mixes. Today's breed is the St. Bernard. When I was in 5th grade, my parents bought a puppy from a local pet store that was half st. bernard and half collie. She was named Dolly. And she was a doll! But had a bad attitude, which is why she did not last long in our house. My mom loved her, but a woman who was staying with us back then spoiled her rotten. She started snarling at everyone and attacking. If it hadn't been for that, my mom says we'd have kept her. Anyway, St. bernards can create some interesting mixed breeds. Here are some of them...

A st. bernard-husky mixed dog.

This puppy is half st. bernard, half german shepherd and half labrador.

A st. bernard-redtick coonhound mix.

A st. bernard-standard poodle mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-australian shepherd mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-rottweiler mixed dog.

A st. bernard-great pyrenees mixed dog.

A st. bernard-catahoula leopard dog mix.

A st. bernard-pembroke corgi mixed dog.

A st. bernard-akita mixed dog.

A st. bernard-american bulldog mixed dog.

A st. bernard-anatolian shepherd mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-basenji mixed dog.

A st. bernard-basset hound mixed dog.

A st. bernard-beagle mixed dog.

A st. bernard-bernese mountain dog mix.

A st. bernard-border collie mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-borzoi mixed dog.

A st. bernard-boxer mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-chow chow mixed dog.

A st. bernard-american cocker mixed dog.

These puppies are half st. bernard and half doberman. Notice the mama lying with them.

A st. bernard-english mastiff mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-english setter mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-white swiss shepherd mixed dog.

A st. bernard-golden retriever mixed dog.

A st. bernard-great dane mixed dog.

A st. bernard-greater swiss mountain dog mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-leonberger mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-alaskan malamute mixed dog.

A st. bernard-newfoundland mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-American staffordshire terrier mixed dog.

A st. bernard-shar pei mixed puppy.

A st. bernard-german shepherd mixed dog.

A st. bernard-labrador mixed dog.

A st. bernard-collie mixed dog. This is what Dolly would have looked like!

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