Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, April 26, 2013

RIP Emma

Well, I heard yesterday that Emma passed away. Emma was Kim Hedges' service dog. Emma was OK. She was sweet, but she was a butt-sniffer. I caught Emma poking her nose in several visitor's behinds. She tried to do it to me once, but I smacked her and told her to get away from me when she tried. I hate that! When I was at the dog park in Bozeman, and there were big dogs running around, I always kept my eyes wide open for what they were doing, because several of them were habitual butt-sniffers. Minnie only does it to people who kneel down to her level. Emma and Brandie did it whenever anyone turned their back to them. Karen's dogs Brutus and Misty rarely did it. Neither did Vegas. Sometimes Ziggy was in there, but I've only seen Ziggy poke his nose in either Deb's or Mike's butt. Never anyone else's. I still kept my eye on him though. LOL! I didn't want to take any chances.

I hate it when dogs do that. I know it's their nature to greet each other like that, but on humans, it looks like rape to me! You know what's funny? If I know a dog is behind me, and he is sniffing, and I know he's there, and I am watching him, it doesn't bother me half as much. What I truly HATE is when I am not looking and some dog sneaks up behind me and pokes it's nose in my behind. That makes me physically angry. That's when I am more likely to back-kick the dog, or yell at it to get away from me. That's what I did with Emma. I was holding a package of inkjet printer paper in my hand, and I swung it at her, and I think it got her in the nose too. LOL! Actually I did not mean for it to make contact, I just waved it at her to make her back away from me quickly.

Well, before Christmas, I heard about Emma having been diagnosed with cancer and the vets gave her 6 months to live. About a month ago, I was chatting with my sis on Skype, and she told me Emma was actually slowing down. It was kinda sad. I thought about getting Kim a sympathy card, and both me and my sis sign it. I never did though. I didn't think Emma would really suffer because Kim is an asshole. Karma always strikes those who do bad, and Kim did bad to me and Anna. I bet she still denies that she said anything bad about us. But GOD knows she did. Somehow now I don't doubt it at all. But I did not want this to happen! I wanted karma to hit Kim, not Emma! Well, I am sure Kim will get another dog, but I don't know. She already has 2 cats. Now, that apartment complex has a limit to the number of pets one can keep. They didn't used to, and there was several people who had more than 2 pets. Kim being one of them. Now, they have new rules set in place and you cannot have more than 2 pets. Not sure if service animals count though. If so, Kim may have to wait for one of her cats to die.

Well, my sis said since she heard about Emma's death, she put a note on Kim's door saying if she needs someone to talk to, she can come visit her. I told my sis that was nice of her to do that. I hope those people realize what a good person Anna is. It's me who is the asshole. LOL! Anna is willing to sit down and chat with Kim, even though we still hate her guts! Well, she did say shit about us. And it wouldn't be so bad, except that she would not even admit she said the shit. She tried to say someone else said it, not her. That's something I never would do if I care about someone, or want to make friends with them. Especially since I learned my lesson! If I offend someone, and they did nothing really bad to deserve it, I admit it and apologize. I don't try to put up someone else as the offender. I did that once, and I felt terrible after I did it. I only do not apologize if I know I am right, and the other person deserved what I said about them. I still have not apologized to Andy. LOL! Andy DiStinky! I don't give a shit if he is pissed off. His attacks on me did nothing but give me more power! LOL! His smell made me sick, but still I got more power over him now.

Speaking of which, Andy is such a fucking idiot! My sis told me one day she was driving, and heading out of the complex. Well Andy purposefully rode his bike out in front of her as she was about to drive out. She almost hit him with her car! She opened the window and yelled out at him, calling him an idiot and a dumbass, and saying if she had hit him it would have been all his fault. And it would have been! Andy bought a car, but he cannot drive it anymore. In fact, the police told him years ago he's not supposed to be driving a car because he has seizures. If he has one while driving, he could kill someone. But he went and bought a car anyway. Stupid idiot! I bet after Andy gets hit by a car no scavenging animals will touch him, since he stinks so bad. I remember back in Olympia, a skunk got killed by a car about a half mile from our home, and it laid on the side of the road for almost 2 years before it finally disintegrated away. No scavengers would touch it. That is what I picture road-killed Andy DiSanti to be like. LOL!

One of these days, I'll find the video of him attacking my sis and put it up on YouTube with the title "Psycho Warthog Attacks Camera" and put in the description "Thank your lucky stars this is not smellevision! The odor emitting from this warthog would knock you out worse than it's hands would!" hehehe!

Monday, April 22, 2013

People Getting More Rude Online

I know this is true. People are bolder online than they are in real life. According to this article, most of the friendships started online end pretty quickly. A lot of people don't like what I say about them in my blogs, but the thing is I gripe and make fun of everything in my blogs, including myself. My blogs are my place to rant. That's why I seem bolder on my blogs than I am in real life. Though if something really matters to me, and I would think to the other person, I have no qualms about saying it to the person's face. But if it's something I believe the person would say a big "so what" to, I generally tend to keep it to myself and talk about how I feel about that subject on this blog. That is IF it has anything to do with the other person. If it's just something like how I feel about panthers, I just give my opinion of that anyways. Anyone says "so what" or "who cares", I just say "fuck them!" LOL! I keep that attitude on Facebook. I see people posting a picture of a panther, I am going to say "EWWW!!" and tell them I hate panthers in no uncertain terms. They have a right to post the picture, and likewise I have a right to comment on it. So there it goes. :)

Well, Trisha is telling me I now have to write this cat book. I wish I didn't have to! Let someone else do it. I have to write it in a totally unbiased view. I cannot say things like "cats are disgusting, useless creatures that are not worthy of love", or "if you like cats, you are going to Hell because they are Satan's tools". LOL! I cannot say things like that in this book. I have to write this book as if I am running a breeding facility and give people the good points of owning a cat, and any negative feelings have to be completely justifiable and explained, and cannot be based on my own personal opinions. In short, I have to write this book as if I LOVE cats. That alone is going to be hard. I cannot even say cat people are crazy. LOL! No insults allowed according to my supervisor.

I remember I faced this problem back in 1997 when I first wrote that St. Helens story. The story depicts Candi as a young woman, who has the hots for David Johnston. So, in order to get the feel for the story, I had to get to know David Johnston. I mean, better than I already did. hehehe! Not only that, I also had to get to love him (in a way). I had to put myself in Candi's place. I always thought it would be better to make her a sort of groupie of his, so that is what I did. In the original story, which was completed in May of 1997, I first had Candi not like him in the beginning and later on learn to like him. But I didn't like that. So I redid the story, and made her a volcanologist groupie. That worked very well. I was afraid the love-hate relationship I delineated before would have made Mr. Johnston seem like an evil person, and I know he was not. I did have them become friends.

But anyway, that's it. I have to write this book, as I am the group's animal expert. I'm still going through the dog book! I'm finding I made quite a few mistakes in this book! Well, in all fairness, most of what is in that book now was compiled back in 2000, and a little more carelessly done. So I should have known I would have to redo it. Alls I need now is to find a payment platform. Then I am on my way!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Hate Deleting Friends!

I really HATE deleting friends on Facebook. It's one thing different when they delete me, I can get over it very quickly. But when I delete someone from my Facebook friends, I feel terrible. I deleted someone that I really did not want to delete! She was a very nice person, and I don't have any animosity whatsoever towards her. She is also a vegan, and she said if anyone of her friends is not a vegan and has no intention of being a vegan, then she said to remove themselves from her friends list now. So I did. I have no intention of becoming a vegan anytime in the forseeable future. It's just not for me. I'm not interested. I like a lot of fruits, but I don't like enough vegetables to make a meal of them. And I hate mushrooms! I remember when I was like 4 or 5 years old, seeing mushrooms in food used to make me cry. LOL! Yeah, I was a silly kid!

I think I had this fear of mushrooms, I heard so many of them are poisonous, some can kill in a matter of minutes. But I remember an incident when I was about 4 or 5 years old, and my family ordered a pizza, and the one thing I remember was that it had mushrooms in it, and the sight of that made me cry and scream. For many years I would never eat pizza because of it. In fact, I don't remember even tasting a pizza until I was about 12 years old. Now of course I love pizza! As long as it doesn't have any mushrooms in it. I like my pizza plain, with nothing but cheese and pepperoni or canadian bacon in it. No pineapple!!! No peppers, olives, anchovies, etc. Nothing! Just plain old cheese and pepperoni or canadian bacon. One of the things the members of Anonymous love to do is order pizzas and have them sent to the houses of people they are trolling. I say, if they are going to troll me then go for it! As long as they pay for it. I cannot have more than one in this house though, and only a medium-size. LOL! Nothing bigger will fit in my fridge. But that would be food for the week. hehehe!

OK enough of the joking around. Just as I suspected, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are picketing the funerals of the people killed in the Boston marathon. Seriously, those people make me sick!!! Don't they have anything better to do?? Seriously, watching those people I can understand sometimes why a lot of people these days are turning to atheism. They give religion a bad name for everyone! They think the world revolves around them. They think the internet was created solely for their church to use. They even went so far as to claim freedom of speech was invented 200 years ago entirely for their church to use. I don't think anything was invented for them, I don't see them out there inventing anything useful for themselves. Just their misuse of things invented by other people that had absolutely NO inspiration from the Westboro Baptist Church whatsoever. They even think they are the only people that GOD loves. No, they call it hate, and they thrive on it. Hating is supposed to be bad for the soul. So why would GOD hate anyone? The WBC calls it HIS "perfect hatred". Even their kids are hated by the parents. That's not right!

The worst thing is that everyone measures all christians up to the WBC! They say the WBC is just christians being christians. While I can think of many christians that are as judgemental as the WBC, not all of us are that bad!! I am surely not. I don't think so. I do hate some people, but I am trying to work on that! But I don't think I am as bad as the WBC! If I was, I would have picketed the apartment complex in Bozeman for letting that psycho warthog Andy live there, when really he belongs in Hell. But in all reality, my hatred is not from being a christian, in fact it is quite the opposite. My hatred comes strictly from being human. At least I think I am human. Believe me I would not be offended if someone said I am an animal! LOL!

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Biggest Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves. LOL! Some only cause minor irritations in our lives. Others can be as outright annoying as hearing someone scratch their fingernails along the length of a chalkboard. One of my biggest pet peeves is slow people. I remember back in Bozeman, there was this woman named Karen (NOT my friend Karen whom I met at the dog park daily) this was another woman, Karen Schuller, who didn't talk to anyone, except maybe a very few people when she was in a decent mood. I didn't like this woman at all. She always gave me bad looks and she didn't even know me. The worst thing about her was that she was such a slow walker. My friend named Karen told me Schuller has arthritis in her leg, so she cannot walk fast. So OK, I can excuse that. But it was the way she acted around me. One day, my dogs and I were coming back from my putting them out for their morning routine of going potty. When we got off the elevator, there was Schuller, getting a drink of water from the fountain. What she was doing out there with the water fountain I will never know. LORD knows she never goes to visit anyone. And she's a feline-tard so she doesn't have dogs to put out.

Well, as me and my dogs were heading out the elevator, Schuller began to walk and she walked in such a way that I could not get at a decent angle to get around her and get into my apartment. I didn't want to be out there with her!! She was creepy the way she would just give me weird looks and not say a single word. Who knows what exactly went through her mind? With feline-tards you can never tell. I just wanted to get myself and my babies into the apartment. Thankfully she got her molasses ass out of my way so I could get in, and I did. My friend Karen told me that Schuller is like that because she wants to avoid the drama in that building. Well, if that were actually true, I would say I couldn't blame her for that. But I soon found that to be completely untrue. The biggest contradictor to that theory? Schuller was friends with Kim Hedges, the most drama-prone person in that whole building. Kim creates more drama than anyone else I ever met living in that complex. So, this bull about Schuller just wanting to "avoid the drama in that building" was nothing but a lie. I think really Schuller is just obnoxious and unfriendly. She obviously just thinks her shit doesn't stink. I found out my friend Karen befriended Schuller on Facebook, so I had the opportunity to block Schuller. Not that I believe she cares, but at least I don't have to look at her ugly face.

Slow people piss me off! Especially when they are slow and they get in my way on purpose like I believe Schuller always did. Another pet peeve of mine is when I am in the checkout line at a store and I am ready to purchase my items. The person who is ahead of me is already done and has paid for their items, but insists on staying in that place in line, and continues to chit-chat with the checker about what they did last summer, their baby's first word, how their teenage child gets all A's on his report card and other such nonsense!! Especially when it takes the checker away from doing their job. It makes me mad!! Sometimes I just want to push the talkitive customer out of the way and tell them to get their loot and get lost! LOL! Of course I would never really do that, but I often have felt like it. I guess you can plainly tell I just don't like people in general. As I am getting older, I am finding I hate people more and more. Except those few established friends. When I was younger, I was nicer and more friendly and out-going. Now, I just want to avoid people at all costs. I am afraid of one day actually losing my control and really pushing someone out of a line at the supermarket because I get so annoyed. I don't want to do that, but I am scared one day I will. Like when my mind gets too messed up for me to know what I am doing.

Well, GOD willing that never actually happens. But I do get urges. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I wanted to punch Patti in the face that night she had me blocked in the kitchen and would not let me go to my room. I came awful close to doing it. But I thank GOD I still had some amount of self-control. Patti was not something that was worth going to jail for. She was a fine example of another pet peeve of mine, I hate people who are too controlling. That's always been a pet peeve, and one of my biggest! Someone asks me to do something, or not to do something, I will do it, or won't according to what they ask of me. Like not too long ago, I posted something about real men love curvy women on my Facebook wall. Well one of my friends asked me to take it down because it hurt her feelings. I don't want to hurt any of my friends, so I did just what she asked me. She asked me in a nice way, so I accepted, and now I don't post things like that anymore. But if someone had come to me saying "How dare you post that picture! Take that down off your wall, or I will delete you from my friends!" then I would have just told them good bye, and don't let the door hit you where the LORD split you! Thus I would have left the post up. Those are the kind of people I call "pushy" and "controlling". Those are among my biggest pet peeves. Believe me, I am not that anxious to have many friends. I don't need pushy people in my life, online or offline!

Another example of someone who is too controlling was a woman back in Bozeman named Helga. A tall scandinavian woman with a bad attitude. She hates animals, and I think she was autistic. My sis and I were talking about her just the other day on Skype. Helga was one of the people in that complex that thought she owned the place, and thought she could control what others do there. I remember the last time Anna and I went to Billings, when we came back, we put the dogs in the dog park. Well, Helga was out by the gazebo nearby reading or something. She shouted something to us and had a look on her face like "Are you going to do as I say?!" I have no idea what she shouted at us, but Anna looked at me and asked "What did she say?" I said "I don't know, and I don't care either!" I think Helga heard me say that (lolz), and shouted whatever it was again. I still did not hear her. Which I guess was a good thing too, no doubt being some kind of asinine demand from her. I just basically told Helga to fuck off, and continued with my dogs. Whatever it was Helga wanted, apparently it was not important enough for her to come and say it to our faces. Not that it would have mattered anyway. I don't listen to people who think they can control someone they got no business trying to control.

Well, those are basically my pet peeves. Most, if not all, are deep-rooted around my extreme dislike of humans. Now with this Boston marathon bombing, our world is going to get scarier. Anyone else feel we are going to lose more freedoms because of this incident. Man! I was reading a blog that I wrote back in 2008, before Obama became president. I knew the world would end in 2012. OK, maybe Obama doesn't have a lot to do with it, but the coincidence is uncanny. We're losing our gun rights because of the school shooting last year at Sandy Hook Elementary. Now what is going to happen now that this bombing has taken place? People sicken me! You wonder why I like animals better? Just look at the world around us now!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Made Encyclopaedia Dramatica!!

OK, I am doing this article all over again because I spent a lot of time yesterday just looking at the site. Once I got to know the site, and things that were written about a lot of other YouTube users, as well as users of other social sites, I began to feel rather bad about writing that blog post. You should see the things written about other people on there! And I am positive more than 90% of the articles are made up of lies, innuendos and the poster's opinions. That's what people do on Encyclopedia Dramatica. In fact, that is how it got the name Dramatica! Anyone should have been able to tell that. The site was created to start drama with others somewhere. But me being me, I had to see for myself. The site was linked to Anonymous, so that there should say enough.

Well, I can say not everything written on the site is a lie. I found their articles about Gary Yourofsky and PETA, which I can say are mostly true, having learned quite a bit on my own about these two subjects over the years without the help of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Gary Yourofsky, though I truly HATE giving him that much credit, is one person I know of that I can honestly say is more insane than I am! I hate giving him that honor! I like to think I am the most insane person (in a cute way, of course) on the planet! Like I said before, I am an artist and a writer, I'm not supposed to be normal. I take being called "crazy" as a compliment! An artist that isn't crazy isn't an artist! Same goes for a writer.

One of the things I noticed about the site, ED has classifications of different people, like science has classifications for animals. Instead of naming families greek or latin names, their suffixes consist of the words --fags, or --tards. Some I agree with. Like calling PETA freaks "PETArds". I use that one myself. When it comes to PETA, I usually do not care about being politically correct. Why should I? PETA sure doesn't when they talk about things that bug them. So after spending most of yesterday reading articles on ED, I thought to myself "OK, so this is their game! I can go along with it!" I actually felt funny and a little bit bad about what I wrote on here, so last night, I came in here and took down both of the posts I made about the site. I figure just take it with a grain of salt. Everyone else does. Well, except Onision. He can't take anything with a grain of salt. He always has to respond to drama. And in a small way, I can see why. I mean, I don't want any of my friends and family thinking ALL the drama stated about me on the internet is true! Most of it isn't. But then I realized my REAL friends won't believe any of it. Anyone who does has no business being in my life.

People can think I am crazy, or screwy, that doesn't matter to me. I like my friends to be a little bit on the crazy side too. In a cute way. But none of us are at the level of crazy that Gary Yourofsky is! He admitted it himself that he actually wants to see people die that do not abide by his standards of living. And you all know the nazi vegan's standards of living! They think they are a "highly evolved" kind of people. Well, if they are an example of being "highly evolved", then I am glad to be primitive, and will stay this way. I may die before 50 of a heart attack, but at least I won't have the taste of tofu, fungi and other faux foods in my mouth when I go.

Well, I always wondered what would be said about me on ED if I ever made it there. Now at least I know. And really, I kinda like the attention! It's cool!! :) My sis says it's the wrong kind of attention, but even that is better than no publicity.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interest In Natural Disasters

Lately I have been running all my movies and documentaries relating to natural disasters. I have all kinds of DVDs about that stuff. Especially Mount St. Helens, the Asian tsunamis and Hurricane Katrina. I watch things like this all the time, and they do scare me, but at the same time I am fascinated by them. I was just remembering the events that led up to my interest in natural disasters, because I used to not care anything about them. That was a long time ago. Now, I am more fascinated by natural disasters than I am with modern mammals. My timeline to my interest in these phenomena is actually quite an interesting path.

My sis Anna was always fascinated by natural disasters, but it took me years to catch on to that interest. I should start by saying I have always been fascinated by animals though, but my interest in evolution also got a late start. It started in 1992. I was a kooky kid, starting to look for herself in a career. I used to laugh at the thought of evolution, and had a deep resentment for the theory because I was the model Christian. I believed solely in GOD and that HE created the Earth and the Heavens in just 7 plain days. Well, I got a job as a nanny with a couple named Patti and Chris and their 2 children, Jenna and Larissa. They treated me well while I was there, though Patti was always on edge and rather bitchy. She didn't start out that way though, just that she suffered from migraines a lot. Well, as my time progressed, I began to notice a bit more of an edginess to their behavior, but I simply thought it was because Patti's mom and dad were coming for a few weeks from Hawaii, and I figured they were getting everything (including me) prepared for their arrival, and I tried to get along the best I could.

Well, long story short, I had a series of dreams where I was mistreated and then kicked out of their house and that job. It may have messed me up psychologically, but I just knew something was going to happen, and it was going to happen before Patti's parents arrived. Sure enough, I was released from that job the day before Patti's parents were due to arrive. But frankly I didn't feel bad about being released. I was angry at the way I was released. Apparently their kids said stuff about me, some of which was true and I did confess to, but some was untrue and when I tried to give Patti and Chris my side of the story, they accused me of "making excuses". Which was not what I was trying to do. I merely felt that I should tell them that some of the things their kids said about me was not true. One of the things the kids said about me that was not true, I could see them making the mistake because it was similar to how they explained it, but it just did not happen exactly how they explained it. I felt berated by them, I felt like a lower life form, and I was mad because they believed things about me that I never did. So I got my things and left.

Before I took that job, I had just gotten into listening to music. I loved such groups as Roxette, MC Hammer and New Kids on the Block, and even INXS. Roxette was my all-time favorite at that time, I saw Per Gessle the same way as I see Timmy today. After I was released from that job, I wanted nothing around me that even so much as reminded me of my time on that job. That's how pissed off I had gotten. So that meant throwing out all my posters and pictures of Roxette, MC Hammer and New Kids on the Block. Kept my pics of INXS though, and the only reason I did not throw them out was because I was not that heavily into them at the time I had that job as I was to the other groups and singers I liked. I even put away my pics of Dian Fossey for the same reason. I even sold all my birds that I had back then. It was like I wanted to completely wipe my life's slate clean and start all over again.

I did have one interest back then that I could use to start over again. I'd developed a fetish for Batman. So much so, that I began to write my own series of stories back then (with a friend) for UMG Productions. Instead of using Batman characters the way they are in their own comic strips, I used UMG characters. But that wasn't good enough back then, because I was limited to animals and creatures that are around today, not many of which were impressive enough to portray Batman characters. So, I decided to create my own animals. At first, they started out just being a few animals that I based on Batman characters, and used just for the stories. Then my interest grew from that. Most of the animals I created at first were lemurs, because lemurs are more flexible and acrobatic, and I was most fascinated by them. I did not really care about making these lemurs "scientifically accurate" because my main interest back then was only in creating characters for the stories I was writing. The stories with Batman characters. That was in 1992.

Oh and BTW, I never got back into Roxette, MC Hammer or New Kids on the Block again. But I am still a loyal fan of INXS. I did briefly get back into Roxette just after Michael died, but it was not as strong a feeling as I'd had before I took that job with Patti and Chris. And that infatuation only lasted a very short while. Like a few days at most.

In 1993, while creating some images of these new species of lemurs, I thought back to a group of mammals that I imagined up when I was in the 3rd grade. They were just imaginary creatures I created in my head, but they were also for the same reason I created these lemurs...for the sake of the stories I was writing back then (or helping to write). Well, I decided to "revive" them, so I made some drawings of these animals, and wrote out their life "script", depicting their behavior, habits and climate preferations. They became the Therapeds and Deinognathids. I did not put them together with the lemurs I created before, they stood in a class by themselves. I wanted to do a little something different with these two families than I did with the lemurs. I wanted to make them a little more scientifically accurate. At first I called them "hypothetical prehistoric beasts". Then I thought that was too far-fetched. Instead I called them "Futuristic hypothetical beasts". That way I would not have to explain to people why these animals are not buried in the fossil records. Then I thought "wouldn't this be great if I could create a whole world of animals like these that nobody has seen before and never will see in their lifetime?" Then I went to a used book store and found a copy of Dougal Dixon's After Man: A Zoology of the Future and read it from cover to cover. It sparked a bigger interest in me than was there previously. It also lit up an interest in evolution that was not there before. Before this, I used to hate hearing about evolution. Now, I could not get enough of it! The possibilities are endless!

In 1994, after reading Dixon's book, I had developed another interest, it was the predatory rats the book talks about. I like rats! I also know they are well on their way to becoming dominant among small predators. I've even seen and heard of rats that can kick a cat's ass! So, it was not too unfeasible to think rats could someday become the World's top predators. My interest in evolution began to grow, and I began creating more species for an era that I christened "the Metazoic", and I still use that name for that project to this day.

OK, by now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "What has all this got to do with the title of this post?" Well, I am getting to that point right now. I still work on my Metazoic species to this day, and I still have an interest in evolution. I no longer look at the theory and laugh anymore. Now, I look at it in amazement. Creating new species of Metazoic mammals means creating new lives, lifestyles, and interesting new forms. Forms that do not exist in today's world. Or if they do, have a whole new species and family performing these tasks that make up an ecosystem. This led to the interest I have today in natural disasters. Well, actually natural occurences. Not disasters. Because if humans were not here, they would not be considered "disasters". But it is these natural calamities that shape our world. Earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, and many other natural events, they all have a hand in shaping our world. You could say it was my interest in evolution that shaped my interest in natural disasters. My interest in natural disasters started in 1996, after seeing some of Anna's specials about Mount St. Helens. Someone said "This is how the northwest was created", and that really got me started. Imagine a world of volcanos, actively throwing out lava and ash, creating new worlds, new lands, kinda makes global warming seem like a minor problem. For every land that is flooded, volcanos will create new lands for the upcoming new generation of animals to thrive in. It's a beautiful thought.

All this got started because I did not succeed in my first job with Patti and Chris. This is why I am not bitter about being released from that job. It's actually had the biggest hand in shaping who I am today.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Luke Arnold Plays Michael

Well, the word is out now, some dude named Luke Arnold is going to play Michael Hutchence in this upcoming biopic mini-series. I am excited, I cannot wait to see it. I only hope that it will be running in the USA. So far, it's the first movie about INXS to announce who was picked to play Michael. I don't know who the director of this movie is, there is a lot of talk that 3 studios want to do a biopic about Michael Hutchence. Some of my buddies say they are not going to watch this movie because they are waiting for Richard Lowenstein to come out with his version. Richard directed a lot of INXS's videos in the 80s. I am honored to call him one of my Facebook buddies, but I am just dying to see this movie about INXS! I don't really care who creates the movie, I just want to see a movie! It's been promised to us INXS fans for so long. Of course I will also watch Lowenstein's version of this movie when it comes out! I want to see every version of his life as I can. I want to vote on which one is the best version. I will be judging it by several different factors, and I will choose which one I like better. I'll be looking for the sexual appeal of the actors, how well they play the parts of the band members, stunt performance, and if I get emotional during the movie. hehehe! Cannot leave that out!

Well, it seems the fans have mixed feelings about this Luke Arnold playing the part of Michael. I even heard one person go so far as to say he's too ugly to play the part. I dunno. I don't think he's that ugly. I've seen much uglier people fans have elected to play the part of Michael. I remember a long time ago on the old INXS.com forums, someone suggested Constantine play the part of Michael. I saw his pic and he's as ugly as anyone I've ever seen! I think he is. Definitely not Michael material! I know nothing about Luke Arnold, only that he is 30 years old now and starred in a movie called The Tunnel and Broken Hill. None of which I believe are American movies. Anyway, I've never seen them. But I looked him up and this is what he looks like:

I don't think he looks that much like Michael, he looks like he'd be more convincing playing Jim Morrison. I don't think Jim Morrison looks anything like Michael Hutchence. All the other fans say he did, but I don't think so at all. But this Luke Arnold guy, his eyes are the wrong color. Of course that can be fixed with contacts. I wear those myself! LOL! Well, just to be on the fair side, here's a pic of that Constantine guy. To me, only his hair in this pic resembles Michael.

His full name is Constantine Maroulis. He looks a little more like Michael Bolton than Michael Hutchence. I personally think he's too ugly for the part of Michael. The shape of his face makes him look unimpressive. Not a good candidate for me. IMO, looks are everything when it comes to Michael. I want to see the actor almost the same way I saw Michael when I saw their videos for the first time. I fell instantly in love with Michael. I know to see the actor in the movie exactly the same way I saw Michael would be impossible. Michael had it all! There was a certain something about him that made my head spring, and my eyes flutter, and my heart melt. Neither one of these guys really have that as far as I'm concerned. But then again, who does? I've seen a great number of fans pick candidates to play Michael. Some of them looked fairly good for the part, but none of them impressed me the way Michael did when I first saw him. Damn! If he wasn't such a moronic psycho pot-head, Onision might be a good candidate to play Michael. LOL!

But you don't want him. He's psychotic! He's a YouTube star, a vegan and a pedophile. He has his own religion and says he will kill people who do not follow his religious beliefs (he doesn't believe in GOD. He thinks he is GOD). Such a shame too. If he wasn't so messed-up he'd look not too bad for the part. But he has the typical attitude I've seen in many PETA supporters. He wants to kill all people who eat meat. He wants to bomb schools and research labs. He tells children their parents are no good, and kids actually listen to him and believe he's right. It may even be people like Onision are the reason kids today don't respect adults. Plus, he likes to have sex with children. His current girlfriend is only 17 years old, she was 15 when they first met. He's 28 now. No! You don't want him to play Michael Hutchence!

OK I don't know if many PETA supporters are pedophiles, but PETA is a messed-up organization, and a lot of the things Onision says should happen coincide with the actions PETA supports.

OK, enough about Onision. We're talking about Michael here. I don't know. Maybe it's just the pictures going around of Luke Arnold make him not look enough like Michael. But I think I found one where he does. Check this out!

That's the only pic I can find where these two look alike. What do you all think? Of course imagine Luke with brown contacts put in, and maybe longer hair, and maybe you've got it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Something In A Name

I don't know what it is but there is always something about a person's name that says so much about their personality. Does anyone understand this besides me? This morning, I gave an opinion on a post on Facebook, and a few people responded directly to me (now that Facebook has that feature). Well, this afternoon, I got another notice that someone else has responded to my comment. The funny thing is, I knew what this person's post said before I ever even read it, and I knew it was going to be something negative. Why? Because her name was Krissy. Just about everyone I've ever met in my entire lifetime by the name of Krissy, or Kristy (with a K) has always, without fail, been bitchy and negative. They don't seem to be quite as bad if their name is spelled like Christy, or Chrissy. Only if their name begins with a K, seems to make them bitchier. I don't know why.

I usually tend to totally ignore strangers on Facebook, I don't respond to their posts and rarely even read them. Why should I? We're not friends, so why should I care what they think? It was only out of sheer, morbid curiosity that I read this person's post, because, just judging by her name, I knew it was going to be a negative comment. I just wanted to see if my premonition was right, and sure enough it was! Gracious, I'm good!! LOL! Take my real name for example. Almost everyone I've ever met that shares the same name as me, usually always tends to be overweight and rather shy. I fit in to my name perfectly! And Patti, I've always had problems with people named Patti. Only if they spell their name with an "I" at the end, but not so much if they spell it with a "Y". Again, I don't know why. Patti was a bitch, the roommate I wish I'd never had, as well as Patti who was the first person I ever really worked for. She reveled in being a bitch! Not just with me, she was bitchy at her husband too.

Now, I am not saying each is the norm. I am sure there are some people out there named Kris that are nice people, I just have yet to meet them. At my age, having met many women by the name of Kris that have had the same attitude, it's pretty safe for me to assume they are a separate culture of very bitchy women. As usual, I don't care what this person thinks, she's nothing but a teenager anyway, but I just had to see if I was correct in thinking she was going to have the same attitude I've always seen in people who share her name, and she did not fail me in that. LOL!

I don't think this assumption works for every name. For example the name David. Some people I've met by that name were gentlemen, while others were obnoxious dickheads. Same with the name Mike. Some have been nice, others have been ass-nuggets. I was together with a man named David, a real sweetheart. But before him, I also knew a boy in my school (from third grade up) named David who was a complete cock-sucker. He also turned gothic in his last year in Middle school, so that may have had a hand in his attitude too. My first 2 years in middle school with him, he actually seemed to want to be friends with me, and I accepted. He just changed his attitude when my last year in middle school began. It just seems that some names seem to take a toll on a person's behavior. Or maybe it affects their outlook on life. I really don't know. All I know is that when most people behave the way Krissy did about my opinion on Facebook, it usually means they haven't come to terms with their own individuality yet. But she may have an excuse because she is a teenager, but I have also seen a lot of adults by the same name who were just like that too.

Katrina named her new baby Christina, and I begged her not to! But I said "If you do, at least spell it with a 'C' and not with a 'K'!" So she did. I am afraid if that child's name is spelled Kristina (with a K) then that baby will grow up to be bitchier than her mom! I'd hate to see that happen. Katrina has enough problems now as it is.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

True Character

Gosh! I have a chance to win a trip to Australia, a trip I've always wanted to go on. I have to come up with a person who has true character. But the only person I can come up with is myself. I cannot nominate myself! My sis sure bums out in the character department, when we were living together, apparently she was not true to herself. That's what true character is, being true to ones' self. Katrina is full of character, but she goes to Australia all the time. This would not be a very special trip to her. It would be routine. I'd like to take someone along that has never been there. I have awesome friends on Facebook, but I don't know who among them has the best character.

I learned to stay true to myself a long time ago. WAY back when I was in the AcmePet forums. See! The internet IS good for something! LOL! I'll always remember how it felt lying to myself like I did back then. When I got into a battle with 2 people in the Chihuahua forum because I don't like the Taco Bell dog and I said he was not a true Chihuahua. Well, it turns out I was completely right. Someone else mentioned that Chihuahua was not a purebred and then I knew I was right. I also thought it was wrong of the people in that commercial to use such a bad specimen to represent the breed. It's fixed the public's mind the wrong way on what a well-bred Chihuahua should look like. Now, everyone thinks all chis should look like the Taco Bell dog did. That's wrong! A well-conformed Chihuahua should look somewhat similar to Vegas. I admit, Vegas is not the best specimen of a Chihuahua that I have seen, but he's closer to the standard than the Taco Bell dog was. I cannot even believe there are people who like that type of Chihuahua! It wasn't even a true Chihuahua. If all chis resembled that dog, I would never have gotten into the breed. I would have thought they were too ugly.

Well, because I said things like that, a couple of forum mates named Kallie and Jeri wanted to argue with me. Even though this other person named Sharon asked me for my opinion, and I gave it. I should have hung on to that. But Kallie said something a certain way that put me on the defensive. Then it went on into a full-blown argument. I said some things that looking back on it now, made me look too bad, considering the fact that I knew I was right. I shouldn't have fed into this battle they wanted to start. Kallie even went so far as to say "I've been on this forum and the German Shepherd forum for 5 years and no one has ever said anything like that!" Of course I don't know what that has to do with me! But that was the mentality of the people on that site. The worst thing was when I went back and told them that I was not the one who made those posts arguing with Kallie and Jeri. Fortunately they didn't believe me, but even if they had, I would have still felt terrible lying the way I did! It was the worst feeling I've ever experienced! I would have felt a lot better if I hadn't given in to Kallie and Jeri's trolling, and yes it was trolling, and never told them that lie! I was so angry at myself for so long, it affected my life. It affected my eating, sleeping, how I talked to people, etc. All because I felt I had to lie to some people who should not have mattered to me in the first place. Some lies are worth telling, and holding on to. But not when it involves me standing up for what I believe in.

Believe me I would never do that again. OK, I did one other time after that, when I lived in Bozeman and Anna and I played a dirty trick on Kim Hedges. When Deb confronted us the first time about that, I played dumb, but that was only because it was meant to be a joke on Kim. I later confessed I was the one who did it. I didn't feel bad doing it because Kim had it coming to her! But I did feel bad lying to Deb. So that is why I confessed to it right away. I don't like lying. It doesn't feel good on me.

Now, I am not talking about speculating, we all do that. That's not really lying. I'm not talking about when I believe something is true, but it turns out that it isn't. That's not really lying. Only the dirty dozen mob believes that is lying. I'm talking about when I know something is true, and I say that it isn't. That is lying. That's the kind of lying that makes me feel bad. The dirty dozen mob has accused me of lying, even though I know what I say is true. The only reason they do it is because they don't want anyone to believe the things they do behind closed doors is bad. They are manipulators, and they want anyone who reveals the truth about them, as bad as it is, to be seen by everyone else as habitual liars. I've basically learned to ignore them. I know they knew who this Maan was that broke into my old Hotmail account. I knew CrystalK knew that person because she tried to send me a friend request on my MSN chat because she thought Maan had taken it over. But by then, I had taken control again. She never would have done that if she knew I was still in control because she knew that I don't like her. But she tried to put it off that it wasn't her, and her dumbass friends on the forum believed her. She's a spineless manipulator. I don't believe her because I know what a manipulator she is, and an even bigger liar than she thinks I am.

I am a speculator, I admit that. Not a liar, but I do speculate a lot. It's mostly what my Metazoic website is all about. I like speculating. That's a part of free speech. You all know I embrace my rights of free speech. I will give the dirty dozen props for one thing, when I am not sure someone has read my blog posts about them, the dirty dozen sees to it that they do! LOL! I thank GOD for that! I always want someone to know that I have written about them on this blog. That is why when I confront someone on YouTube or some other place like that, I always tell them to go and read my blog and that I wrote about them. I wasn't sure if the people back in Bozeman had read my blog or not. I know I gave the web address to some of the people there. But I was not sure that they were actually reading. Thank GOD the dirty dozen mob was there to tell them to come in and read.

Well, I am not sorry about that. I only apologized to Deb, no one else. Because I didn't think anything I said about anyone else was wrong. I didn't even apologize to Deb's husband Mike. He was afterall acting like an asshole. Besides, Andy showed his true umm.. aura and now he doesn't have any friends there. LOL! Plus, it showed me how much he stunk so bad! I never knew that before or I would have written about that on here! LOL! It's inspired me to write a comical story with him and myself. Oh! And don't worry about me hating him and mentioning it on this blog. I hated him LONG before he attacked me in that elevator. LOL! He's a hateful person. If you know how to tell who is a good person and who is bad, you'd know Andy is not a likable person. He deserves everything I say about him on here. He should have known that. The only thing that shocked me was that he didn't expect it from me. Oh yes and the fact he stunk so bad! LOL! He smelled so bad in that elevator, I didn't even want to touch him!! He was disgusting!

I am also not sorry for the events that happened between me and a couple of others on the AcmePet forum. Kallie kept telling me to get over it, but I will never EVER get over it! That was a very valuable lesson learned! Something I will always remember. I thank GOD for teaching me that lesson and showing me the way I am supposed to be. It's an event that has made me stronger, built my character, and taught me that when I give my opinion, stick to it! Unless I am proven wrong. But when it comes to the Taco Bell dog, there is no way I could have been proven wrong. And anyway, there is still the fact that Sharon actually asked me for my opinion. And I've seen people in pet forums say MUCH worse than what I said and never were argued against by the others. And no one asked them for their opinions either. They just gave it. That event has even inspired a story from me. Besides, I think Kallie was a tree-hugger, and you all know how they are! They think everything in this world should go their way, and no other way. They think everyone has to agree with them, or they've got no right to live. That's what I hate about tree-huggers.

I hope the dirty dozen finds Kallie and shows her this blog. I have no clue where she'd be at, and frankly I don't care. But I hope they find her and show her that I am still writing about her to this day. LOL! I would thank GOD for that too. She'd probably still tell me to get over this. But that won't ever happen. She can forget about thinking that! I still hold on to that experience, it gives me strength remembering what happened and how I felt, and it makes me want to stick to what I say even more.

Well, I still have no idea who to write about. Maybe I just won't enter that contest. I cannot think of anyone else.

Monday, April 1, 2013


HAHA!!! I ain't never deleting this blog! I'm too close now to having 1000 posts! I want to make that a special occasion. Keep reading folks. I hope to make others laugh for a lot longer on here, and if not that at least, give you an example of one woman's point of view.

I think I've said all I need to say on this blog. I am deleting it tonight. In fact, I am also deleting my Facebook page. I've had a nice run on the internet for a long time now. I've shared ideas, dreams, thoughts, experiences with strangers on this blog for a good 4 years now. I think it's time I get on with my life. I want to start to travel the world. I want to see things I've never seen before. I want to go to Madagascar and see real lemurs in the wild. I want to go to Australia and see a group of wild kangaroos on the plains. I cannot do all this if I am sitting at home, waiting for my next blog idea to come along. So I want to delete this blog, and will do so tonight. I need to get on with my life. Thank you all for reading and making this blog a howling success! It became much bigger than I thought it would.