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Monday, April 22, 2013

People Getting More Rude Online

I know this is true. People are bolder online than they are in real life. According to this article, most of the friendships started online end pretty quickly. A lot of people don't like what I say about them in my blogs, but the thing is I gripe and make fun of everything in my blogs, including myself. My blogs are my place to rant. That's why I seem bolder on my blogs than I am in real life. Though if something really matters to me, and I would think to the other person, I have no qualms about saying it to the person's face. But if it's something I believe the person would say a big "so what" to, I generally tend to keep it to myself and talk about how I feel about that subject on this blog. That is IF it has anything to do with the other person. If it's just something like how I feel about panthers, I just give my opinion of that anyways. Anyone says "so what" or "who cares", I just say "fuck them!" LOL! I keep that attitude on Facebook. I see people posting a picture of a panther, I am going to say "EWWW!!" and tell them I hate panthers in no uncertain terms. They have a right to post the picture, and likewise I have a right to comment on it. So there it goes. :)

Well, Trisha is telling me I now have to write this cat book. I wish I didn't have to! Let someone else do it. I have to write it in a totally unbiased view. I cannot say things like "cats are disgusting, useless creatures that are not worthy of love", or "if you like cats, you are going to Hell because they are Satan's tools". LOL! I cannot say things like that in this book. I have to write this book as if I am running a breeding facility and give people the good points of owning a cat, and any negative feelings have to be completely justifiable and explained, and cannot be based on my own personal opinions. In short, I have to write this book as if I LOVE cats. That alone is going to be hard. I cannot even say cat people are crazy. LOL! No insults allowed according to my supervisor.

I remember I faced this problem back in 1997 when I first wrote that St. Helens story. The story depicts Candi as a young woman, who has the hots for David Johnston. So, in order to get the feel for the story, I had to get to know David Johnston. I mean, better than I already did. hehehe! Not only that, I also had to get to love him (in a way). I had to put myself in Candi's place. I always thought it would be better to make her a sort of groupie of his, so that is what I did. In the original story, which was completed in May of 1997, I first had Candi not like him in the beginning and later on learn to like him. But I didn't like that. So I redid the story, and made her a volcanologist groupie. That worked very well. I was afraid the love-hate relationship I delineated before would have made Mr. Johnston seem like an evil person, and I know he was not. I did have them become friends.

But anyway, that's it. I have to write this book, as I am the group's animal expert. I'm still going through the dog book! I'm finding I made quite a few mistakes in this book! Well, in all fairness, most of what is in that book now was compiled back in 2000, and a little more carelessly done. So I should have known I would have to redo it. Alls I need now is to find a payment platform. Then I am on my way!
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