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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Hate Deleting Friends!

I really HATE deleting friends on Facebook. It's one thing different when they delete me, I can get over it very quickly. But when I delete someone from my Facebook friends, I feel terrible. I deleted someone that I really did not want to delete! She was a very nice person, and I don't have any animosity whatsoever towards her. She is also a vegan, and she said if anyone of her friends is not a vegan and has no intention of being a vegan, then she said to remove themselves from her friends list now. So I did. I have no intention of becoming a vegan anytime in the forseeable future. It's just not for me. I'm not interested. I like a lot of fruits, but I don't like enough vegetables to make a meal of them. And I hate mushrooms! I remember when I was like 4 or 5 years old, seeing mushrooms in food used to make me cry. LOL! Yeah, I was a silly kid!

I think I had this fear of mushrooms, I heard so many of them are poisonous, some can kill in a matter of minutes. But I remember an incident when I was about 4 or 5 years old, and my family ordered a pizza, and the one thing I remember was that it had mushrooms in it, and the sight of that made me cry and scream. For many years I would never eat pizza because of it. In fact, I don't remember even tasting a pizza until I was about 12 years old. Now of course I love pizza! As long as it doesn't have any mushrooms in it. I like my pizza plain, with nothing but cheese and pepperoni or canadian bacon in it. No pineapple!!! No peppers, olives, anchovies, etc. Nothing! Just plain old cheese and pepperoni or canadian bacon. One of the things the members of Anonymous love to do is order pizzas and have them sent to the houses of people they are trolling. I say, if they are going to troll me then go for it! As long as they pay for it. I cannot have more than one in this house though, and only a medium-size. LOL! Nothing bigger will fit in my fridge. But that would be food for the week. hehehe!

OK enough of the joking around. Just as I suspected, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are picketing the funerals of the people killed in the Boston marathon. Seriously, those people make me sick!!! Don't they have anything better to do?? Seriously, watching those people I can understand sometimes why a lot of people these days are turning to atheism. They give religion a bad name for everyone! They think the world revolves around them. They think the internet was created solely for their church to use. They even went so far as to claim freedom of speech was invented 200 years ago entirely for their church to use. I don't think anything was invented for them, I don't see them out there inventing anything useful for themselves. Just their misuse of things invented by other people that had absolutely NO inspiration from the Westboro Baptist Church whatsoever. They even think they are the only people that GOD loves. No, they call it hate, and they thrive on it. Hating is supposed to be bad for the soul. So why would GOD hate anyone? The WBC calls it HIS "perfect hatred". Even their kids are hated by the parents. That's not right!

The worst thing is that everyone measures all christians up to the WBC! They say the WBC is just christians being christians. While I can think of many christians that are as judgemental as the WBC, not all of us are that bad!! I am surely not. I don't think so. I do hate some people, but I am trying to work on that! But I don't think I am as bad as the WBC! If I was, I would have picketed the apartment complex in Bozeman for letting that psycho warthog Andy live there, when really he belongs in Hell. But in all reality, my hatred is not from being a christian, in fact it is quite the opposite. My hatred comes strictly from being human. At least I think I am human. Believe me I would not be offended if someone said I am an animal! LOL!
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