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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

True Character

Gosh! I have a chance to win a trip to Australia, a trip I've always wanted to go on. I have to come up with a person who has true character. But the only person I can come up with is myself. I cannot nominate myself! My sis sure bums out in the character department, when we were living together, apparently she was not true to herself. That's what true character is, being true to ones' self. Katrina is full of character, but she goes to Australia all the time. This would not be a very special trip to her. It would be routine. I'd like to take someone along that has never been there. I have awesome friends on Facebook, but I don't know who among them has the best character.

I learned to stay true to myself a long time ago. WAY back when I was in the AcmePet forums. See! The internet IS good for something! LOL! I'll always remember how it felt lying to myself like I did back then. When I got into a battle with 2 people in the Chihuahua forum because I don't like the Taco Bell dog and I said he was not a true Chihuahua. Well, it turns out I was completely right. Someone else mentioned that Chihuahua was not a purebred and then I knew I was right. I also thought it was wrong of the people in that commercial to use such a bad specimen to represent the breed. It's fixed the public's mind the wrong way on what a well-bred Chihuahua should look like. Now, everyone thinks all chis should look like the Taco Bell dog did. That's wrong! A well-conformed Chihuahua should look somewhat similar to Vegas. I admit, Vegas is not the best specimen of a Chihuahua that I have seen, but he's closer to the standard than the Taco Bell dog was. I cannot even believe there are people who like that type of Chihuahua! It wasn't even a true Chihuahua. If all chis resembled that dog, I would never have gotten into the breed. I would have thought they were too ugly.

Well, because I said things like that, a couple of forum mates named Kallie and Jeri wanted to argue with me. Even though this other person named Sharon asked me for my opinion, and I gave it. I should have hung on to that. But Kallie said something a certain way that put me on the defensive. Then it went on into a full-blown argument. I said some things that looking back on it now, made me look too bad, considering the fact that I knew I was right. I shouldn't have fed into this battle they wanted to start. Kallie even went so far as to say "I've been on this forum and the German Shepherd forum for 5 years and no one has ever said anything like that!" Of course I don't know what that has to do with me! But that was the mentality of the people on that site. The worst thing was when I went back and told them that I was not the one who made those posts arguing with Kallie and Jeri. Fortunately they didn't believe me, but even if they had, I would have still felt terrible lying the way I did! It was the worst feeling I've ever experienced! I would have felt a lot better if I hadn't given in to Kallie and Jeri's trolling, and yes it was trolling, and never told them that lie! I was so angry at myself for so long, it affected my life. It affected my eating, sleeping, how I talked to people, etc. All because I felt I had to lie to some people who should not have mattered to me in the first place. Some lies are worth telling, and holding on to. But not when it involves me standing up for what I believe in.

Believe me I would never do that again. OK, I did one other time after that, when I lived in Bozeman and Anna and I played a dirty trick on Kim Hedges. When Deb confronted us the first time about that, I played dumb, but that was only because it was meant to be a joke on Kim. I later confessed I was the one who did it. I didn't feel bad doing it because Kim had it coming to her! But I did feel bad lying to Deb. So that is why I confessed to it right away. I don't like lying. It doesn't feel good on me.

Now, I am not talking about speculating, we all do that. That's not really lying. I'm not talking about when I believe something is true, but it turns out that it isn't. That's not really lying. Only the dirty dozen mob believes that is lying. I'm talking about when I know something is true, and I say that it isn't. That is lying. That's the kind of lying that makes me feel bad. The dirty dozen mob has accused me of lying, even though I know what I say is true. The only reason they do it is because they don't want anyone to believe the things they do behind closed doors is bad. They are manipulators, and they want anyone who reveals the truth about them, as bad as it is, to be seen by everyone else as habitual liars. I've basically learned to ignore them. I know they knew who this Maan was that broke into my old Hotmail account. I knew CrystalK knew that person because she tried to send me a friend request on my MSN chat because she thought Maan had taken it over. But by then, I had taken control again. She never would have done that if she knew I was still in control because she knew that I don't like her. But she tried to put it off that it wasn't her, and her dumbass friends on the forum believed her. She's a spineless manipulator. I don't believe her because I know what a manipulator she is, and an even bigger liar than she thinks I am.

I am a speculator, I admit that. Not a liar, but I do speculate a lot. It's mostly what my Metazoic website is all about. I like speculating. That's a part of free speech. You all know I embrace my rights of free speech. I will give the dirty dozen props for one thing, when I am not sure someone has read my blog posts about them, the dirty dozen sees to it that they do! LOL! I thank GOD for that! I always want someone to know that I have written about them on this blog. That is why when I confront someone on YouTube or some other place like that, I always tell them to go and read my blog and that I wrote about them. I wasn't sure if the people back in Bozeman had read my blog or not. I know I gave the web address to some of the people there. But I was not sure that they were actually reading. Thank GOD the dirty dozen mob was there to tell them to come in and read.

Well, I am not sorry about that. I only apologized to Deb, no one else. Because I didn't think anything I said about anyone else was wrong. I didn't even apologize to Deb's husband Mike. He was afterall acting like an asshole. Besides, Andy showed his true umm.. aura and now he doesn't have any friends there. LOL! Plus, it showed me how much he stunk so bad! I never knew that before or I would have written about that on here! LOL! It's inspired me to write a comical story with him and myself. Oh! And don't worry about me hating him and mentioning it on this blog. I hated him LONG before he attacked me in that elevator. LOL! He's a hateful person. If you know how to tell who is a good person and who is bad, you'd know Andy is not a likable person. He deserves everything I say about him on here. He should have known that. The only thing that shocked me was that he didn't expect it from me. Oh yes and the fact he stunk so bad! LOL! He smelled so bad in that elevator, I didn't even want to touch him!! He was disgusting!

I am also not sorry for the events that happened between me and a couple of others on the AcmePet forum. Kallie kept telling me to get over it, but I will never EVER get over it! That was a very valuable lesson learned! Something I will always remember. I thank GOD for teaching me that lesson and showing me the way I am supposed to be. It's an event that has made me stronger, built my character, and taught me that when I give my opinion, stick to it! Unless I am proven wrong. But when it comes to the Taco Bell dog, there is no way I could have been proven wrong. And anyway, there is still the fact that Sharon actually asked me for my opinion. And I've seen people in pet forums say MUCH worse than what I said and never were argued against by the others. And no one asked them for their opinions either. They just gave it. That event has even inspired a story from me. Besides, I think Kallie was a tree-hugger, and you all know how they are! They think everything in this world should go their way, and no other way. They think everyone has to agree with them, or they've got no right to live. That's what I hate about tree-huggers.

I hope the dirty dozen finds Kallie and shows her this blog. I have no clue where she'd be at, and frankly I don't care. But I hope they find her and show her that I am still writing about her to this day. LOL! I would thank GOD for that too. She'd probably still tell me to get over this. But that won't ever happen. She can forget about thinking that! I still hold on to that experience, it gives me strength remembering what happened and how I felt, and it makes me want to stick to what I say even more.

Well, I still have no idea who to write about. Maybe I just won't enter that contest. I cannot think of anyone else.
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