Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Weirdest "Friends"

LOL! Some people I accept into my Facebook page are kinda weird! One person I accepted, I didn't even know. But apparently I had a few mutual friends with. Her name was Stephanie Jones Blevins McPeak. Try saying that name 5 times fast! I didn't know her, which is one reason I accepted her friend request to me. One thing I did notice was she didn't seem to speak to me at first. But I didn't think much of it. Some people are like that. I don't always respond to every comment I get on Facebook either. But I am always listening. Another thing about her that caught my attention was that she is a radical vegan! Oh dear! That was a bit more concerning. I've had vegan friends before, but usually when they accept me into their world, they know upfront there is no converting me to veganism. I'm not at all interested.

Stephanie was nowhere near as understanding. One day she posted something on her page about veganism, and I said "Thank GOD I am not a vegan!" Next thing I know, her friends are doing the usual typical vegan shit saying I'm not an animal lover, and one thought that comment was my farewell comment. Apparently she thought I was going to delete Stephanie from my friends after finding out she's vegan. But I am not that kind of a person. I don't mind having friends I can agree to disagree with. But it did prove she and I had almost nothing in common. I love animals, but I don't put them on a pedestal the way radical vegans do. But I also noticed Stephanie was taking the side of the other radical vegans. That kinda made me see her in a different, albeit a much dimmer, light. I told the person off who said I did not like animals. I told her "I don't need a stupid vegan bullshitter to tell me how I should or shouldn't love animals! I have my dogs, my birds and my Metazoic site to prove otherwise!" If eating other creatures is good enough for wild animals, then it's good enough for me.

I think the only reason I stayed friends with her for as long as I did was because I liked all the info and memes she posted about Trump. She was a Trump supporter. But she was so weird! It was hard to enjoy having her on my Facebook page. I spent most of the time she was there wondering why she wanted me to become her friend when I don't know her and she hardly says anything to me. But it was my own fault, I like to give people a chance. Even though I shouldn't.

Well, thankfully it ended last night. I guess she just snapped, I don't know. LOL! She posted a pic of a young woman and said she was so inspired by this girl. I didn't know who the young woman was, so I asked her who she was. Stephanie posted the shocked face icon to my question and said (kinda sarcastically) "That's my daughter of course." I just said "Oh." LOL! She seemed kinda bothered by me not knowing the woman in the picture was her daughter. So, I stopped the conversation there. That was all I said. Nothing more, nothing less. But I almost said "Well! How was I supposed to know? I never seen your daughter before!" Maybe I should have said that. Keep in mind, before a couple months ago, I'd never even heard of Stephanie Jones Blevins McPeak. Let alone never seen anyone in her family before. But anyways, she got butthurt because I didn't know who the woman in the picture was. Next thing I know, she deleted me. Not just that, she blocked me as well! LMAO!!

Well, it's just as well anyways. I didn't like her much as a person nohow. The only thing I liked about her was the Trump memes and articles she posted. That's it. But I just found it hysterically funny how her friend a few weeks ago thought I would be the one unfriending Stephanie!! But it turned out to be the other way around! LOL!!! 😆😆😆 I was laughing so hard about that last night I gave myself a side-ache!!! Stephanie is just like Karen Boegli!! She's the kind of Trump supporter that gives the decent ones a bad name.

And speaking of Karen, I had another friend from Bozeman named Caron that I also had to let go of. She posted a video on her page of a child in Kindergarten being arrested by the cops. My take on that video was someone didn't raise their kid right, so someone else had to. Next thing I know, Caron is attacking me for not feeling bad for the child being arrested. I figure that perhaps the child had acted off in class before, and this was the final straw for the teacher. Kids in schools are getting more aggressive. Don't be surprised if we start seeing more and more younger kids getting arrested from schools. Parents are not parenting their children. And kids are becoming much more violent. Someone has to step in before the child reaches the teen years, where they can become much more violent and destructive. But Caron did not like me saying that. She got rather heated. She acted like I was personally attacking her. She did the same thing to my mom the other day when I changed my bio to what Kim Sabo said about me. Caron attacked my mom saying "I don't know why you wouldn't like me, you don't even know me" and other shit like that and NO ONE was even talking about her!!! It's like every conversation she gets into, just because she posts a comment, she automatically thinks everyone is bashing her. I got sick of it!!! Not to mention it was EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!! The way she attacked my mom like that, and acting like she was thinking my mom was talking about her, when she wasn't!!!!!!! I was embarrassed FOR Caron!!!

My final message to Caron was she was fucking weird!! Every disagreement she takes as a personal attack on herself. I told her good bye and call me when she grows up!! She was acting like a child! I don't know what got this started. She wasn't like that when I first added her to my friends on Facebook. And you ask her what's wrong, she won't say anything, but continue to bring up how miserable she is. So I told her to call me when she grows up! I'm tired of her childish behavior. So I let her go. I don't dislike her, she can come back when she decides to behave like an adult. I'll accept her. But if she's going to act like a big baby, she need not come back to me at all!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Don't Save Me

Ya know, my dad died of cancer. I remember how pitiful he looked on his deathbed when we visited him. Ever since then, I've been very big with this Cancer Sucks movement. I remember seeing how bad my father looked lying there, and the pain he must have been experiencing as he was slowly dying. I said I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to get cancer. It's not just because of watching my dad suffer like he did. But now, cancer claimed another person I admired, Marie Fredriksson, from Roxette. I remember back in 2016, Roxette was going to go on tour again, but had to quit because they mentioned how Marie had gone through treatment for a brain tumor back in 2002 and it left her somewhat unable to sing properly. It struck again at that time, so the tour had to be cancelled.

I remember thinking "Uh oh. If the tumor was that bad and affecting her again, she won't last much longer!" Well, it finally happened. She died last December, while my sis and I were in Las Vegas. I was watching a tribute to her with Per Gessle. Of course I was sad to hear about her passing. But it also made me more sure than ever that if I ever get diagnosed with any form of cancer, don't save me! Just euthanize me. I don't care. I do not want to go in pain like dad did. I don't want to suffer for nearly 20 years like Marie Fredriksson did. Just put me to sleep and I'll see you all in my next life. Just PLEASE don't make me born into a dummycrat family!!!! I don't even want to go through the treatment. I heard the treatment for cancer can be just as painful as the disease it's self! Just put me out of my misery, even if you have to shoot me.

I don't want cancer at all. But if it happens that way, I don't want any treatment, I don't want any prolonging my life, I don't want to deal with it. Just put me to sleep and I'll be happy. Maybe my next life will be a better one than this one. I'd like to think so.

Ya know, I used to hear about breast cancer a lot. I heard one thing that puts people at risk for breast cancer is not having any children before you're 35 years old. But you know what's funny about that? Every single breast cancer victim I've ever known has had all their kids before they were 35!! So, that is not even a factor. One thing all those victims did have in common was they had other relatives who died, or were afflicted, by cancer. So indeed, genetics do play a big role. My dad got cancer. I think it got worse because he moved to Arizona. He wasn't used to that kind of climate anymore. So, I think his moving to Arizona was the worst thing for him. He did it mostly to make Kathy happy. See, that's what I didn't like much about Kathy! She thought only of herself and her children. She didn't think about what my dad would want. It's like she didn't care. He told me he didn't want to move to Arizona. But she kept pestering him over and over again until he finally gave in. And I wholeheartedly believe that is what killed him.

Aside from my father, the only other member of my family that got cancer was my great grandfather. He died of prostate cancer back in 1961. My grandma actually told me a [somewhat] funny story about mom the day he passed. Mom was 11 at the time, and when she found out he died, her first comment was "Now he's gonna start stinking!" LOL!!! That comment surprised grandma because she said mom was always so close to her grandpa. Well! Kids say weird things!! At least they used to, back when kids were still innocent. It's amazing how times have changed. If an 11 year old today had said that, I would be concerned! Kids today are no longer innocent. Remember those Florida teenagers who found a baby tortoise and tortured it because they just wanted to see it die? Yup, there is something wrong with today's kids! I really think it's these violent video games, and cats and anime cartoons. I mean, look what they did to Onision. Look how they messed up his brain.

Anyways, I do sometimes get a little worried because of those two people in my history who had gotten cancer and died. That's not good. And my mom said I take after my dad a lot. So yes, I am quite worried about that. But I believe as long as I stay away from the southern states, I should do just fine. That's kinda hard sometimes though. Even though those states are the hottest in the nation. They are also the most conservative states in the country! UGH!! Why does this happen? All the cool states are blue. All the shitty states are more conservative. We need more conservatives on the NW coast! Or at least the NE coast!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

56 Years Going On 3

I had a blast this morning! I gotta tell you. Remember Kim Sabo? She trolled me a couple years ago on my mom's Facebook page and I wrote about it here. She didn't like it that I said Mount St. Helens was fascinating and beautiful. She got butthurt because she thought I felt nothing about the people who died in the eruption. Basically a typical leftist. They think they can read another person's mind. The problem is they can't. They don't realize they can't. But they say shit like that anyways. I guess they think if they say it out loud that will make it true. They say the same kind of thing about Trump. The truth is, yes I always have commemorated the victims of Mount St. Helens. I think of David Johnston a lot. I know he went to Heaven with a big smile on his face! Because he saw the view of a lifetime. And he was doing what he loved to do. But that post wasn't about the people who died. It was about Mount St. Helens it's self. And I said I'd love to see it again.

Well anyways, for the past couple of days she's been at it again. It started with a post that was about Obama causing the great divide in this country. I posted it on my page and my mom shared it on her's. It's true. All the racial tension and hatred going on now, Obama started that. Racism was almost dead until Obama took office. Antifa has been around for a while, but it got worse after Obama was in office. There was no Black Lives Matter movement until Obama filled peoples' heads with all this racist bullshit. Also, Obama gave gay people the right to marry. Not saying there's anything wrong with marrying who you love. But now gays want to take over our schools and make it mandatory to teach kids how to be gay. Not good! I don't think kids should be sexualized in any way, shape or form! Let kids be kids! Now, Obama is trying to take credit for Trump's success.

Well, Kim decided to chime in as a typical leftist...

The so-called "triple down effect" has been proven to be a hoax. But leftists don't want to hear that. They think Obama was innocent. You can see I left her an angry rating. This was my response...

Yeah! I knew she was a liberal. A couple years ago when I had my first encounter with her, I looked on her page and she had 2 of the ugliest cats I've ever seen in my life! Both gray tabbies. That's usually the kind leftists get. They never have pretty cats, like Peaches. Always ugly old gray tabbies. And I also remember talking about how Obama couldn't stand right for the pledge of allegiance. Others behind him stood with their hand on their chest where it should have been. But not Obama. That told me he didn't respect our flag. That's a slap in the face to everyone who died for this country, and those who risked their lives! I was not happy with Obama after that. He didn't respect the flag and he didn't respect this country. So how dare he try to take credit for the things Donald Trump did to improve our economy!

Well, then Kim replied to my assessment...

Hell yes I do! And she basically proved me right.

I've never seen a liberal who didn't have a cat. Or at least didn't prefer cats over dogs. I've seen some with both cats and dogs. I've seen liberals with no animals at all. I've never seen a liberal though who only had a dog and no cats. Except maybe Chris Cornell. He's also the only liberal manly-man I've ever seen!

After that, my mom put in her say...

Yes, I've had cats before, and usually regretted it. The only one I really enjoyed was Amadeus, my siamese I had as a teenager. But there are a lot of good reasons I don't have cats anymore. This was my response...

I've seen so many cat people who were worse than any dog people out there. Much meaner than any dog people I know. Dog people are usually passive-aggressive. Really the only dog people I don't trust are people who prefer big dogs, and bash little dogs. Cat people are outright assholes. It didn't start with Karen either, our old bud from Bozeman. I've known MANY cat people who were like that even before Karen got butthurt and unfriended me. She's just the best example I have to prove that point. Now, even Anna believes me when I say cat people are assholes. 😁😁😁

So then Kim asks me...

Well, I don't believe she has hamsters. She has cats. And I see what that makes her. And just because she likes animals does not mean she's a good person! As I've found out over my years on the internet, a LOT of animal people are indeed assholes.

I'm going to cut this rather short, as this would be a 300-page book if I post everything. But anyways, Kim goes on...

Well, my mom is much more of a people-person than I am. And again, like I've said on here many times before, if you want to blame anyone for the beast I am today, blame the INXS leftist SJWs! I got soooo sick of being so nice to people who only kicked me when I was down, after my father died. That's why today, I consider everyone an enemy until they prove otherwise. Especially if they are leftists. That's not likely to change anytime soon either. I've literally had it with people.

Anyways, my sis then comes in and gives her thoughts...

Later last night, I got a PM from my mom. The short conversation went like this...

OK so I promised I would try, for mom's sake.

After this, Kim went apeshit crazy!!

How the fuck did PB&J get in this conversation??? LMAO!! Anyways, I thought this was so funny I had to save it. I haven't even had the operation yet. More about that later.

Uh oh!! Now, she's done it! She insulted my mom, my stepfather and their beliefs!! That's not good!

For those who may not know, she's asking my sister if she weighs 600 pounds (which she does not). This made my mom angry. So, when I signed back on to Facebook, this was what I saw...

No, that's not any of Kim's business. Sometimes mom is too kind. But she's like a mama bear if someone insults us. And that's interesting. Kim bashes the book of Mormon, and yet has never read it. Even I saw the Lion "King" movie before I bashed it. LOL! Not that I thought for one minute I'd like that movie, as I can't stand lions.

Well, perhaps Kim never knew this, but I have seen her picture before. Believe me, she's no spring chicken! Unfortunately I didn't save that pic. She's deleted them from her facebook page now. But Kim Sabo is at least as fat as me and my sis are. Anyway she was in the pic I saw of her. But I got pissed because she insulted my mom, my stepfather and my sister! This was my response to Kim...

Believe it or not, that's the first time I spoke about her looks online. I don't usually stoop that low. But once again, she started it! I'm just reminding her she's no beauty queen either.

The numbers were Kim making assumptions about our weights. Which I found hysterically funny. Seeing she is as fat as we both are.

So now my sis gets it...

I came back with the truth!

And believe me, I am no beauty queen! But I am more of one than Kim Sabo is! LOL!

And this is interesting. Apparently after bashing my sis's interests, Kim tried to then make friends with my sister...

She never asked to become my friend, but I would have done the same thing...

Thankfully my sis declined...

My mom stated Kim has issues with being alone. So, this is my response to that...

And once again, I tell the truth. I explain why I am so grateful Kim snapped like this...

My sis then gives a good warning. She's a tough old girl!

Actually she's not a Montanan. I remind her of this in my response...

I've been known to be a real grizzly bear when I am pissed off. And nothing pisses me off more than a person who disses my family. Kim is 56 years old! She should know better than to do that. Never once did I insult her family. I always aimed all my comments at her alone. But I still never talked about how she looks until she did it first.

And my response was this...

Even a cougar doesn't mess with a grizzly bear. They know better. I will make her sorry if I ever meet her. I'm going to dare Kim to say all that shit she's said to my face. My mom knows I'll do it too. I don't take no shit from no one. I did too much of that in my life, for frivolous reasons! I'm never going to do it again. The last person I was bullied by (and just took it) was Patti. After her, I said I was never going to let that happen again. And for such a dumb reason! Because I wanted to try and keep a dying roommate relationship alive. BAD idea with someone like Patti!! And yes, Patti was a leftist too.

Anyways, my sis added this comment to Kim...

I'm the wise one here. LOL! I'm going to wait...

I don't make online threats. I may give warnings. But I don't make threats online. So, my sis then says...

Anyways, after thinking about it, and laughing for a while, I decided to make this my Facebook bio...

I told my sis to check it out and she did. This made me laugh so hard!!

Nah, I'm not insulted by Kim's rudeness. I was laughing at it when she was talking about me. I'm actually VERY hard to insult. I'm not a feminist nor into that "body positivity" bullshit. I'm not into fat-shaming, because it doesn't work with everyone. But shoot! I am fat. I don't deny it. And I am doing something about it. It does require getting a gastric sleeve. But I am not ashamed of that! I feel that's going to work wonders for me. Even my doctor agrees. So, what Kim thinks about it means absolutely NOTHING to me.

This was my sis's response...

My sis admits she's never seen Kim's picture before after I showed her my new bio...


Anna's never seen a pic of her before, but I have!

Yup, it's true! Kim Sabo looks just like Ugly Betty. Big-rimmed glasses and everything! LOL! Typical leftist cat-person. They're always ugly!

Well, I had fun. My mom thinks we had too much fun. But hey! I loved it. And hopefully this shows my mom the kind of person Kim Sabo really is. Though the last I looked they were still friends on Facebook. It's mom's choice really. But this is why I say Kim is 56 going on 3.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mystify Me

Well, I finally did it. I got myself a copy of Mystify coming. That's the new documentary by Richard Lowenstein. It's out on DVD now and I have it on it's way from Amazon. I cannot wait to see it! I'm kinda mad at Richard Lowenstein though. He did a remake of the video for Way Of The World by Max Q, which starred Michael Hutchence. I'd have never suspected Richard Lowenstein to be a follower. The original video came out in 1989. But this new one, Lowenstein put images of Donald Trump next to Adolph Hitler. At first, I thought he did it to show Trump is the polar opposite of Hitler. But then one of my buds said Richard Lowenstein hates Trump. So, I don't understand it. Why wasn't Trump put in the video back in 1989? Isn't it funny? People like that didn't think there was anything wrong with Trump until he became our president? Is this what happens to politicians who keep all their promises? And have the guts to stand behind their promises?

But you wanna know something else? Another one of my buds posted that Richard Lowenstein said he would take legal action against anyone who posted any of his material from his documentary. I said "Fine. He has a right to protect his property." It's because I believe in capitalism that I say that. But if Lowenstein is for Bernie Sanders, and against Trump, then that makes him a hypocrite. Does he realize that if this was a socialist society then everything would belong to the government, and that includes his personal clips for the documentary? So, if he tried to take legal action against someone who got their hands on his documentary, in a socialist society, the courts would not rule in his favor! They would rule in favor of the person who stole and posted the clips. That's what socialism is. Believe me, he would not like it!

But I am not planning to steal his clips. I'd never do that if he doesn't want me to. And again, it's because I believe in capitalism. See, capitalism is not so 'evil'. It's socialism that is evil. Look what it did to the people in Venezuela. They even took to eating their pets and animals in the zoo just to get nourishment. Venezuela is socialism that has run amuck. And it wouldn't take long for the USA to become that if Bernie Sanders wins the next election. Which reminds me, to all republicans out there; GO VOTE!!!! Trust me, your vote will count! And vote for Trump! Don't let him slip through our fingers! I don't want Bernie as our next president! That would be a nightmare!

But you know the leftists are going loony now that the next elections are coming up. I've heard of a guy in Florida who rammed a republican tent with his truck. The police got him and took him to jail, and it was said he was laughing and smiling all the way. Downright crazy! And in New Hampshire, a 34-year old man assaulted a pro-Trump teenage boy and another Trump supporter who tried to intervene. I'll tell you, if I was that boy's mama or dad, I would wait for that thug to make bail, stand outside the courthouse with a rifle and wait for him to come outside and blow what's left of his brains out. He's an ugly son of a bitch too...

UGH!! The face only a mother could love. Typical of leftists. Not a surprise he'd harass a teenager. For no other reason other than the fact the kid supports Trump. Anyways, his name is Patrick Bradley, and he is currently in jail. I suggest the parents of the assaulted teen buy a rifle and wait for this guy's family (if he has one) to bail him out. Like I said, that's what I'd do. NO ONE would assault my child and live to tell about it! And especially not some punk little Bernie Sanders supporter!!!

Well, I still have every plan to vote for Trump this year. Nothing is going to stop me. I want to see him win. I don't want to see this country become a communist country. People can assault me all they want to. I'll just pick myself up, shake off the assault, go to the polls and put in my vote for Trump! Try and stop me!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

For The Love of Kaitlin Bennett

These days, I've been seeing a lot of people on YouTube talking slam about Kaitlin Bennett. All because she did interviews with college students and asked them if they say yay or nay to putting urinals in women's restrooms to be inclusive to "women" who have penises. No real woman has a penis. And those who do don't belong in a woman's restroom. If I were to walk in to a woman's restroom and see a man standing there at a urinal, I would walk out! Several students in the video said "It's none of my business". Maybe it's not, but it does become my business if the man is a pervert and tries to rape me or leer into the stalls while I am sitting there. I'm uncomfortable with men in places like restrooms and locker rooms. Always have been. I don't think that would change with a man who thinks he's a woman.

Before I change my mind about trans rights, we need the leftists to shut the fuck up, and learn more about what goes on in a real trans person's mind. Some people are trans because they are gender dysphoric. But that is not always the case. Take Jonathan Yaniv for example. The only reason he is trans is because he wants to look at naked girls in locker rooms and restrooms. He is the kind of trans person I fear the most. If you were to scour his brain activity, and the activity of a real transgender who is actually gender dysphoric, there would be a huge difference. Because Yaniv is not really trans. He just uses that excuse to leer at naked girls. I know we should not judge all trans people by the actions of one bad apple. But there is a saying that says one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. Yaniv is that one bad apple who makes me not want to trust transgender people at all. Some, like him, are trans because they want access to women's private spaces, or take over women's sports, or other perverted, fashionable reasons, or for acceptance. Those are the people I really think we should beware of. If I were a young woman, competing in women's sports, and they allowed trans "women" to compete with the real women, I would boycott! I'd leave women's sports altogether.

More research has been done, but retracted because domestic terrorist groups like Antifa, doxx the authors of those studies, and label them as "transphobes" because they don't like what the scientists have to say about transgenders. Well, telling the truth is not transphobic!! I say more of it needs to be done. More biologists need to study real victims of gender dysphoria and decipher what the difference is between them and someone who is faking. Until that time comes, I refuse to accept trans rights. And I don't give a fuck if I am labeled a "transphobe". I don't care! More needs to be learned about the condition before I accept it. Too many fakers out there now!

Anyways, back to Kaitlin Bennett. A lot of people have been giving Kaitlin Bennett a lot of shit because she did those interviews and they are calling her a "transphobe". But I don't think she cares really. Just like me. But since calling her a "transphobe" or a "homophobe" does not really faze her, they resort to talking about how she accidentally took a dump in her pants at a frat party. Someone asked why people are always bringing that up and my response was because the libtards need something to heckle any conservatives about, and all they got to get under Kaitlin's skin is the fact she dumped in her pants at a frat party. Seriously? I've yet to see a liberal who didn't bring that up at some time in their videos. It's getting to the point where it's become a weak argument. Libtards use that incident against Kaitlin like it's their lifeline. Like the last of the straws they have to grasp and they cling desperately to it.

Personally, I don't give a fuck that she shit her pants! It happens to the best of us at some point or another. And taking a dump is natural. I laugh more at the libtards who keep bringing that up, because its come to a point where it sounds perpetually ridiculous coming from them. You know the rules of karma don't you? Those who make fun of Kaitlin because she dumped in her pants will grow up to do the same. You never know. And karma can be a bitch! It's not even Kaitlin's fault some hack took her picture without her permission and posted it to Twitter or Instagram or whatever the fuck it was! That was likely done by a libtard too. I don't go to parties, not with young people, but I am sure if I did, people would find something about it to heckle me with too. My thing would be though, what kind of people are doing the heckling? Would it be libtards who just want to grasp at straws for every little thing? Or would it be conservatives? Or would it be both? I think I'd be more concerned if it was conservatives, or both to be honest. But I'd definitely not worry if it was libtards alone heckling me for something. Because libtards are always going to grasp at something small just to get a rise out of me. And they are hypocrites.

Well, you know all the queers are going to slam Kaitlin for her journalism. The biggest disappointment I've seen is Hunter Avalone slamming her. Now, let me say first, I know Kaitlin Bennett is not perfect. There's some things I don't like about her too. I don't care that she shit her pants. I lost more respect for Kaitlin when I found out she has a cat and no dogs! Cats are liberal pets. Cats are for wimps, wussies, ugly people and soyboys. That's why libtards prefer them. Dogs are for strong, but still feminine, women and real men. But the way Kaitlin talked about Hunter (and vice-versa) made him sound like he's become a liberal now. I waited to hear his response to Kaitlin's video this morning. But in the meantime, I went to his channel and asked if it's true he's a liberal now. But he responded this afternoon, saying Kaitlin took everything he said out of context from months-old videos. But I admit I was scared there for a while. I waited though until I got his side of the story before I decided whether to unsub him or not.

Well, I can understand that. My views change all the time too. Things I said back when I began this blog are not really relevant today, now that I've grown some. I've changed my point of view on a lot of issues I thought differently of back then. But I believe my views changed for the better. I'm more comfortable in my own skin nowadays. I've learned some more things, and more things have happened that have molded me into the person I am today. Some might say I didn't change for the better, that I got worse, but that's OK. I didn't change to suit anyone else. I did it for me and my own growth and sanity. That's why it should always be done. If you do something to make other people happy, believe me, you will be disappointed in yourself.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Big And Sweet Ears!!

Ears! Ears! Ears all over the place!!! I love it!! Big and sweet ears! I do have a fetish for dog ears and feets. I always call them feets. But I only love dog ears and feet. I don't care for human ears or feet. Human feet are not as sweet as dog feet. Especially little dog feets! Anyways, it looks like I chose the right breed to recover. I'm calling this Operation Save Our Skyes. I don't know how many reputable breeders will go for this. But in all honesty, they should go for it. It's the best way in the world to save this breed from extinction. Sorry, not sorry. I don't want to see that happen. But somebody is out there breeding them. I did a search for Skye terriers and found out there are even some in shelters in this country, and even some crossbreeds. Shoot, the designer mutt community has even come up with names for Skye crosses!

Skyes have also been used in movies before. Disney's The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) featured a Skye terrier they called Charlie.

Also in a 1947 cartoon titled "Scent-imental Over You", at the beginning a Skye terrier makes a very brief cameo appearance...

They are considered to be the oldest of the terriers. For a while, Cairn terriers were known as "short-haired Skyes", and at first were even born in litters with regular long haired Skyes. But they split apart around the 1900s due to backlash from regular long-coated Skye breeders. In 1912, the short-haired Skye terriers were named Cairn terriers. The word "Cairn" is actually the Scottish word for a pile of rocks at gravesites, where rodents could be found.

Today, the Cairn and the Skye are recognized separately. I personally love both. But Cairns are already popular. Maybe someday down the line, I would love to own one. But for now, this is going to be my concern, getting Skye terriers back on their feet where they belong. Some tempting pics for tax. First, some teeny little puddies!!

Look at those EARS!!!!!!!

Here's some adult dogs for your viewing pleasure...

Most skyes these days come in 2 basic colors. They can be black, or wheaten. Those are the most common, but there are also blue, cream and charcoal individuals. I love their ears! Skye terriers are a lot bigger than they look in pictures. One might expect these to be small dogs. But they're not. They're actually pretty good-sized. Though Sir Knight was a lot like the one on the Absent-Minded Professor. But Skye terriers can weigh up to 40 pounds. Their fur is long and silky, with very little undercoat. They do not shed a lot. But like most terriers, must be stripped by hand once a week.

For you mixed breed lovers, here's some Skye mixed dogs I've found...

This dog is half Skye terrier and half Pomeranian.

This baby is half Skye terrier and half Scottish terrier.

This dog is half Skye terrier and half Basset Hound.

This baby was labeled half Havanese and half Skye terrier.

These sweet puddies are half Skye terrier and half Lhasa Apso.

This adorable baby is half Skye terrier and half Shetland sheepdog.

This dog is half Skye terrier and half Boston terrier.

This dog was labeled half Skye terrier and half Miniature American Shepherd.

This sweet baby is half Skye terrier and half Maltese.

This beautiful dog is half Skye terrier and half Papillon.

This baby is half Skye terrier and half West Highland Terrier.

This sweet baby is half Skye terrier and half Wheaten terrier.

This baby is half Skye terrier and half Yorkshire terrier.

This little angel is half Skye terrier and half poodle.
Amazing! There seems to be more mixed breed Skyes than there are purebreds. In fact, did you know there are more Giant pandas in the wild than there are Skye terriers in domestication? That says a lot about the rarity of this breed. But every once in a while the breed does seem to see a brief surge in popularity. I did see more of them back in 1999-2000. Both pure and mixed. They were very popular in the 60s and 70s. These days, people like ugly things. They don't look for cute breeds like Skye terriers. They look for ugly breeds like Pit bulls and other bully-type dogs. Its sad too. Skye terriers have so much to offer. They are among the most loyal of the terriers.