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Monday, September 29, 2008

PETA Has Gone Mad!!

These PETA jerks have finally completely lost their minds! They are now urging Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream makers to use human breast milk instead of cow's milk. Would you seriously eat ice cream made from human breast milk? Before you answer, human's milk is not as rich and creamy as cow's milk. Human babies don't need to gain 400+ pounds in a year! Dairy is good in moderation (PETA never does any research!!). PETA states that cow's milk has been linked to diabetes and ovarian cancer, along with a lot of other maladies. NOT true!!!! Milk is actually quite healthful. Our babies are not meant to drink it, but we can as adults just fine with few side-effects. Well, maybe nothing except a case of lactose intolerance. But that can easily be fixed by eating acidophilus yogurt every day for a week. It worked for me!! Now I just simply enjoy regular dairy products. Especially ice cream. Unfortunately living here in Ocean Shores, it never really gets warm enough to enjoy it.

What I picture ice cream made with human breast milk to be like is think of very, very skim milk, and dilute it with water. There you will have the future of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, or ANY other ice cream that plans to follow PETA's rules. They've apparently got one restaurant to follow their code. Remind me never to eat there!!!! If you want to know the mentality of PETA supporters, one of the last posts I remember reading on the anti-PETA forum was one of the PETA jerks going into the PETA forum asking what she should do with her pubic hairs! She asked "Should I shave them off or not?" She thought her new boyfriend would be disgusted by them. That's not something someone should bring up on a public forum!! If a girl wants to know that, that is what parents, doctors and Planned Parenthood is for. Not a stupid PETA-supporting forum!!!!! I wouldn't trust their word anyway! PETA has always been wrong about meat being bad for us, why would anyone think they would be any more correct about shaving pubic hairs? Naturally, the anti-PETA people were poking fun at that individual. I was just stunned someone would discuss that on a public forum. The Anti-PETA people had a field day with that post!!

Well, I hope no ice cream company complies with PETA's requests! PETA thinks animals have more rights than people do. Not equal rights, but more rights. Cows were made to feed meat-eating animals. That is why their natural reproductive rate is so high. If these were wild cattle, they would be picked off naturally by wild dogs, hyenas and even wild felines. And yes, there are such things as wild cattle!! The people of the anti-PETA forum (who Pollock said most have college degrees in some form of zoological studies--which I actually find very hard to believe) said there is no such thing as wild cattle. But there is. Banteng, gaur, and yaks are ALL wild cattle. People of Asia have been taming yaks for centuries, but they still run wild as well. And they are cattle. They are within the genus "Bos", which is a genus of cattle. Many of these wild cattle are often eaten by predators. If nature intended this course of action in the wild, there is no reason why humans cannot benefit from it as well.

Anyway, anyone interested in reading this ridiculous article, plus the letter sent to Ben and Jerry's by one of the PETA jerks, here is the link: http://www.wptz.com/news/17539127/detail.html?taf=pla

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Mozart of Funk??

Well, I was looking through a story based on my old MSN blog, I titled it "How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker". I was glancing back through some of my old posts on that blog. Boy! It is simply amazing how much I have changed since then. Most of the posts were made in the summer of 2005, when Rockstar: INXS was going on. My love for INXS was quite freshened. Like putting a new refill into one of those old and working Glade air fresheners. The fresh scent of spring was all over the air around me, and I was heavily in love with Timmy. I still love Timmy! But the fresh, spring feeling is now in late summer. Well, at least it's not in winter. That would be the time I would drop Timmy completely and that is not likely to happen in the foreseeable future. But one never knows. I'm not saying I hope it happens though!! I'm just saying things change. But as far as I am concerned, INXS is still the best band and Tim is still the most handsome guitarist in the World.

But I am not here to talk about Timmy. I was reading that blog from way back when and I noticed the things I said about Andrew!! Nothing horrible mind you, but I did say he was my 6th most favorite band member (counting Michael, and not counting JD who was not yet officially a member of the band). That was dated from June of 2005. Things have really changed since then!!!! That year, Andrew went for a different look. One more different than anything he had done previously. In fact, he was the one band member whose style always remained pretty consistent. I really actually loved his new "mountain man" appearance. But he was still Andrew, the "silent" member. Well, that's all he was to me back then. Cute, but not the one in the limelight, I guess. And then I met him. Suddenly everything changed dramatically!! He was probably what I came to know as one of the nicest band members of INXS. Over the months, this caused a great boost in his position on my favorites list. He went from being my 6th most favorite band member, to being my 3rd. 3rd is not bad at all!! Especially considering I love the 1st favorite more than anything!! Except maybe my family and my dogs. Sorry, the Farriss brothers have to count first and foremost. Then there is Garry, who is a brother to the band, but not one of the Farriss's. JD comes before Michael because he is still here, and I have formally met him. Whereas I haven't formally met Michael (just kissed him), so he makes up the 6th fave.

Andrew's fans have often referred to him as a "big, cuddly teddy bear". I knew he looked like one, but his gruff exterior made me more think of the bully on the playground. When I met him and realized what a sweet, wonderful person he is, (I can really tell that by shaking his hands) I really learned to like him a lot! The whole physical outlook changed. He's been nice to me every time I've met him too. But the last time I met him, in Portland, I'm afraid I was not my usual loving self and I basically shoved my book in his face for him to sign. I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!!!!! I am still kicking my own ass for doing him like that!!!!!!! The problem was it was HOT in that darned basement, and my sis's hairspray, which she must have put a ton of it on me, was making me sick!! My belly was hurting. I didn't mean to push Andrew away, I just wanted to get out of that basement!!!! I'm still kicking myself for that!! And probably will forever until I meet Andrew again. He probably doesn't remember (which is what I am hoping), but I remember, and I am forever ashamed!!!! I mean, it's not like I was standing there smiling at Andrew and he snubbed me. I smiled at him, and he smiled and said hello to me, and I said hi back. But then I shoved my damn book at him!!!!! When all was said and done I slapped myself saying "Ohhh, why the HELL did I do that???!!!" and have been asking myself that same thing since!!!! I know he may not remember that incident (I know that would be stretching it a bit, as he probably has met thousands of other fans since then) but all I want to know is that he didn't take it the way it seemed. That's it! If I could just know that, I can sleep better at night!! LOL! (and despite the "lol", I mean this!!)

Well, I love Andrew a LOT!!!! He is forever one of my top favorite band members now! Recently he answered a question I left on Ask INXS Asks on the inxs.com site. Too bad that answer came along after I had already left there!!! But a friend forwarded it to me. I asked INXS in general how does it really make the band feel when someone says their music and videos makes them feel good. I asked this because I remember "incognito/DonnaG" said on the delusional fans forum that INXS's intent was NOT to help the fans feel good. Well, as is always the case, DonnaG/incognito has yet again been proven WRONG!!!! This was Andrew's own response, I managed to save it:
Firstly I have always been lucky to have been able to work with such a talented group of musicians as INXS , but also that , through music and song writing , I may have been able to bring a little joy and happiness into peoples life in some way ......thank God.....

Thank you Andrew for those well-spoken words!! Maybe it wasn't their original intention, but it doesn't look like Andrew is bothered at all by this pleasant little side-effect of his work. So much for those morons thinking they can effectively speak for the band!! I always said they made themselves look like a bunch of fools trying to determine what the guys in the band are thinking! Some of my most favorite songs written by Andrew himself are Beautiful Girl, By My Side and This Time. Especially By My Side. One of many songs I always dedicate to my Groucho. But because of that, now every time I hear that song, it brings tears to my eyes. Still love the song though. This Time I used to not like, until I saw the video in another "down" moment, and it was good!! It wasn't just that the song it's self, and the video made me feel good, it had a darn good rhythm too!!!! And I might add, Timmy looks particularly HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!! in that video.

**********EDIT TO ADD**************
To clarify, the "morons" I was talking about are those on the delusional fans forum, NOT inxs.com!!!!!! Having looked back at this post, it almost sounded like it needed clarification.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Interesting Evolution Vid!

I had to post something positive now, this was an interesting vid someone posted somewhere else about evolution. It looks at 5 billion years of evolution in about 5 or 6 minutes. It is interesting to look at. I know I said I was going to keep the posts about evolution on my Metazoica blog, but this is a fun video that brings to life how all life forms on Earth got started and how we got here. Someone once told me that tails cannot re-evolve. Well, looking at this video, I say they can. At one point in this video, primates lost their tail and then re-evolved them, even for grasping tools. So, it can be done. Now I don't feel bad putting tails on my pteropods, who use them for balance when perching on branches. Pteropod relatives today have no tails at all, except for one or two species. The one species that has a long tail today lives in Indonesia and is not very numerous. IF it still exists at all. It is Notopteris, found mostly in the Fiji Islands. It is however threatened with habitat loss.

Of course my evolution project is speculative, as any future evolution project is, but I just know the animals of tomorrow will be far more advanced than they are today. That's just common sense thinking though. The problem is trying to figure out what paths in evolution modern animals will evolve to. I think I have some pretty good ideas going. I even have tiny lemurs that take the evolutionary path of flight. Well, not real flight, but pretty darn close to it! They evolved wing-like structures from their rib bones, and use them for flight. They can even fold them back like birds can with their wings. It's a strange adaptation, but certainly not implausible. There is a species of lizard in Borneo that has almost this same adaptation.

Well anyway, enjoy the vid!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In All That Exists, None Has Your Beauty!!

This is all eowyn's doing!! hehee! She got me started and now I am on a frenzy of posting these images of beauty!! The most handsome guitarist in the World!! I think I will reward myself a little for maintaining my calm in the anti-PETA forum. These pics really makes it worth all I went through. ;) Salute!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahuas

You know, nobody is going to believe this, but I was actually e-mailed a couple of years ago by a man named Michael who said he was training the dogs for this movie. Vegas was just a teeny little sprig at the time. Anyway, he sent me this picture of a very light cream, almost white, Taco Bell-looking chihuahua and asked me if I have any chihuahuas that looked like that. I looked at this dog in the pic, it was a female. I answered no. I don't breed chihuahuas that look like that. I bred chihuahuas that only fit the AKC standard, and that dog most certainly did not. But I did know someone who did breed chihuahuas like that, a woman who lived in Seabeck. Not to be mean, I was actually trying to help. He wrote back and thanked me saying he would contact that person I referred him to. I kinda wonder if she did help him. I haven't really been in touch with any breeders since just after Groucho died so I really have no idea.

I wish people would start using conformationally correct chihuahuas in movies and commercials! I mean, this is misleading!! People are going to start thinking chihuahuas are supposed to look like the Taco Bell dog, and that is not so! No chihuahua in any respectable breeder's program is going to look like anything you see in that movie. Yet people are going to see that and say "Oh I want a chihuahua just like that one in the movie!" and seek to find one. The only ones those people are likely to find that resembles those dogs are from irresponsible breeders and puppymills. Personally, if all chihuahuas did resemble the Taco Bell dog, or the dogs in this movie, I would never have got involved in them at all! One thing I always loved about chihuahuas was the baby-doll face, the saucy expression in the eyes and the teeny feet. All these characteristics are lacking in the Taco Bell specimen and the animals seen in this movie. Only to the untrained eyes do these dogs appear to have good conformation. But when you have been to as many shows as I have, and got to know as many breeders as I did, you can definitely see a difference!! And yes, before I learned what today's show breeders are like behind the scenes, I did have a lot of show breeder buds! Even though now I say I hate show breeders!! But that's because I've met too many who were like 'Truths Here' on the Pluba forum. Or like Rita Belle! But at least one good thing I could say about Rita, she sucks as a person! But she does have some lovely dogs!

I was surprised to see this movie in the theaters now! I thought it would only be out on video or DVD. Personally, I wouldn't see this movie. Not saying others shouldn't, but I would rather see a movie where the chihuahuas look a lot better than these! I'd have preferred an animated movie (with old fashioned animation, not Pixar-style) as opposed to this one!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I don't know which is worse or better. I've been hearing for years HSUS has the animals' best interests in mind, whereas PETA thinks more of themselves than the animals. I always used to think the HSUS was better, they still allow people to keep pets. I don't know about things like dog and cat shows, as it is really of no concern to me. Lately, I have been hearing some pretty bad things about the HSUS. I usually like watching shows like Animal Cops on Animal Planet when I get the chance to. I must correct one minor slip-up they made in last night's episode. Someone said they couldn't take their pet to the vet because they could not afford to. The HSUS rep said that having a dog is just like having a child, when it gets sick you have to take it to a vet. While I agree, my pets when they are ill, I sooner take them to a vet quicker than I would take myself to the hospital!! But having a dog is really NOT like having a child in that respect. If a child gets ill, there are all kinds of charitable hospitals that will take care of the child, regardless of whether or not the parents can pay them. There is no such vet as this. Those that do exist, are very few and VERY far between, and will usually not see your pet when you need them to. Most of the ones I've known of only open at certain times of the day. And, your dog or cat must be spayed or neutered. Which mine are. But it is still not comparable! So, if you are having those end-of-the-month money hassles, and say your dog is suddenly choking, or your cat suddenly fell off a ledge and is not moving yet is conscious, if that charity vet is not yet open, or if you haven't yet got your dog or cat spayed or neutered, you're screwed! With those kind of vets, even though they may be good, it's always you have to have a spayed/neutered pet, or you cannot come before 12 PM, or you have to live in a certain area of a county!

Most vets do not take payments, or even promisory notes. I've been lucky though. My vet got to know me so they always accept payment plans from me. Most charity vet hospitals are governed by the HSUS, so that is why your pet has to be spayed or neutered. I know the HSUS supports PETA, which is a sad thing. PETA is not out for the animals's best interests. They are only out for their own best interests! That's why I hate PETA!!! I can't think of a time I ever supported PETA!! All this BS they spew about how we should not be eating meat got sickening!! I've never been the type that appreciated someone else trying to foist their views on me, and that is exactly what PETA is trying to do to everyone!! I don't care how many of the rich and famous PETA gets to support them, I will never be among their supporters!! I know JD supports them and I can only hope some day he opens his eyes and sees that PETA is only using people like him to gain power. If PETA had their way, JD's dog Presley would be taken away from the comfort of his master's lap and released into the cold, cruel wild to fend for himself. Or taken to a dingy room, put into a cage and heartlessly destoryed by some murderous PETA jerk out to kill all pets to "save them" from their owners.

I heard in Canada, PETA is already stealing peoples' pets right out of their yards. Try and take my babies. See how far those dumb PETA jerks get!!!! I'll blast their butts with rock salt!! Maybe it's about time PETA became extinct. That's why I won't support any of their causes. I think their causes SUCK!! I'm going to continue eating meat, and if PETA doesn't like it, that's their own tough luck!! Their latest ploy is quite a hum-dinger! Now they want to stop Mexican immigrants from coming into the US. Their scheme is that if the Mexicans leave their native homeland, they will be leaving behind a healthy diet of beans and rice. I'm like "DUH!! Mexicans also eat meat!!" Just as people in this country do!! That's like a slap in the face to Mexican people from PETA! Like calling Mexicans "beaners"! Yes it bothers me because it is from PETA!! To think native Mexican people eat nothing but beans and rice is sheer stupidity!! My pa is native Mexican and he even taught me how to make chili!! GOOD chili! Like his ma (my grandma) made when he was a boy. With lots of meat. Good chili actually contains no beans, but sauce, seasoning and meat. It was actually the people of Texas that added beans. And no, beans don't always give you gas!! I never got gas from eating beans. hehe!!

Gosh-darn It!!

My favorite program did not come on tonight. I usually watch Evolve on the History Channel and tonight it didn't come on. Although it was still listed in the on screen TV guide! Makes me so mad!!! I love that series!! It has taught me a little more about evolution, and even changed some of my views. You know why humans are the only animals that have buns? hehe! Not just for women to admire and drool over in men (or vice-versa, whichever your point of view) It helps us to walk upright. Makes sense cuz no other animal in the world has them like we do. I don't know about the dinosaurs. But our closest wild kin, orangs and chimps, don't have them at all. Gorillas sort of have them. Why I don't know, they don't really have the need to walk upright.

Few modern primates have to walk upright like we do. Apes can for short periods, but they typically walk on their feet and knuckles. Gibbons (or lesser apes) can also walk upright, holding their disproportionately long arms above their head, but since they spend almost no time on the ground in the wild, they almost never need to. Baboons too can walk and even run on their hind feet for short periods. Mostly to see over the tall grasses or to cross a river or stream. Aside from humans and gibbons, the only primates that regularly walk on their hind feet are a group of lemurs I called the Propithecines on my Metazoic website. It was actually their method of movement that led early Europeans to believe some of these lemurs were small, wild men of the jungle, as depicted in this pic from the 1600s:

That's called the cynocephalus, or dog-headed man. It's actually a depiction of a rather good-sized lemur known as the indri or babakoot. At first it was thought to be a depiction of a baboon, but baboons have tails, and do not walk on their hind feet for very long periods. The most likely subject for this pic is that of the babakoot, as they don't have tails, and do walk upright for long periods, giving the impression that it could be a person (to early Europeans), and the head does resemble that of a dog. Babakoots rarely come to ground levels, when they do, they stand upright and actually bounce from place to place, as their sister species, the sifakas, do.

Tonight's episode of Evolve was supposed to be about communication. Funny just last week, or so, I was talking about animal calls. I thought it was cool how I've heard some songs that seemed to use the sounds of animals as inspirations. Whether they really do or not it's still an interesting concept. Whales and primates are the only mammals that can truly sing in different pitches. Take the babakoot it's self. It gives off a series of hoots that can sound different from one call to the next. Their calling sessions are like those of tree-climbing wolves, and for the same reason--to lay claim to territory without the need for physical battles. I think humans picked up the ability to sing from our early primate ancestors because just about any primate can sing.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Name A Species

There is a site that offers species names for sale. I like this idea for some reason, people get to have living, unnamed species named after themselves for a price. The price ranges from $600 up and the money goes to scientific research. I do this too with my checklist of mammals of the future, only I name species after people I like and know. It's free, and my friends are immortalized forever in the names of my animals. I even have species named after people I have not spoken to in years (no one since 2002 though). It's about time I made some more. It'd be awesome to have species named after my favorite men of INXS!! hehe! I have a species named after Dian Fossey. I didn't know her, but she was the biggest inspiration of my life. I also have species named after David Johnston and Harry Truman (both well-known figures if you know about Mount St. Helens), but I did know those people, and liked them. David Johnston, if he had survived the eruption of St. Helens, would no doubt by now be a world-renouned scientist! He was damn good at what he did! And he was a genuinely nice man. I gladly named one of my species (listed as Orochoreutes johnstoni) in his honor. I have one named after Harry Truman, but I cannot remember at the moment which one it was.

Though I know INXS are rock icons, it'd still be awesome to have some species on my checklist of mammals of the future named after them. Though I don't know about Beers! LOL! I kinda wonder if that really is his last name? If I named one after JD, I would have to use his real last name, Bennison. I can't use Fortune. Kirk, forget about him!!! I would never name anything for him!!! But I can definitely use Farriss! And I might even use Hutchence. hehe! Then there are also my Facebook buddies. IF they don't mind of course. Think of it as the highest honor a person can have to have a mammal of tomorrow named for them. hehe! Of course most of them like felines, of which there will be none in the Metazoic. The dominant predators of the metazoic are the deinognathids. But hey! When you compare modern large felines to tomorrow's large deinognathids, the deinognathids are more impressive! But really I have enough predators for tomorrow. I need more non-predators. Or smaller predators. It's an idea anyway. Of course those who want modern species named for them, they can pay the $600+ fee and have something of today named for them. Last time I looked, there were only mosquitoes. I think I'll pass, myself. I can't stand mosquitoes!! I don't want my name associated with an evil creature like that! But that's me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I Forgot Yesterday!


Thanks to The Star Celeb for posting this message for JD Fortune. DUH!! Why didn't I see this yesterday?? Well, there are 2 reasons actually. 1) I was still downloading songs onto my little mp3 player, and 2) I was stopped dead by that article about MJ that I quoted yesterday. It was a shock to see him as a good-looking, young, whole man again. That's the MJ I miss. Anyway, my apologies and thanks to the admins of the Star Celeb!

Gotta love JD!!!!

Jacko Feels Wise. So What?? The Damage is Already Done!!


So Michael Jackson is learning to be wise huh? Big deal!! It's too late to do his face any good. He went and ruined himself. Of course his reasons for feeling "wise" in this article have nothing to do with what he did to himself, he says he is getting more into seeing his children having fun. Well, who doesn't? But if you ask me the wisdom is coming on a little bit too late. If he was wise, he would still have his own face, instead of trying to look like Madonna!!

What happened to him? Must be an illness. You know, the people of the delusional fans forum are such "experts" on mental illness (rolls eyes) maybe they know what this disease Michael Jackson has is called. NOT!! LOL! How many years of studying psychology have they had? None, I'll wager you! GOD willing they're too stupid!! Well, I cannot say I hate MJ, I even have downloaded a few of his songs. I just think he's a weirdo!!! Too weird for me! I just wonder what the heck happened to him! He used to be at least somewhat cute. But why would anyone want to change themselves so radically?! MJ went from this nice-looking guy:

To this:

Oops! Sorry! Wrong picture! I meant this:

He used to look nice. He's a clown now! A freak!! And a phony!! What kind of message is that sending to his children? I cannot understand why MJ would want to look like this, and why he'd want to be white? I've seen how people of different races have been scorned before, including my own. But no matter what, I've never once wished I was white. That's pretty dang low! Pretty low when you let society get to you so bad that it makes you feel inferior about the color of your outsides. Especially when it brings you to the point it brought Michael Jackson!

I found this video I thought was funny enough to post here. It's one person's view of what MJ should look like now. It's set to MJ's own song "Black or White". I downloaded that song onto my little MP3 player simply because it makes me think of this little cartoon.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday JD Fortune!!

I just wanted to take some time to say happy birthday to JD Fortune. May all your wishes for the year come true!! I cannot wait to see you all again. JD has been a great "alternative" for Michael. I don't want to use the word "replacement" as it sounds a bit crude--makes me sound like those dim-witted fans who resents INXS because they now have JD as their lead singer. I don't want to use the word "substitute", it makes me feel like Michael is on vacation and will be back soon. I'd hate to see JD replaced in any way. So he's INXS's delegate lead singer. I love him anyway! He's a great guy! He was sweet to me when we met anyway. Looks like the guys taught him well. :) And I love his new do! I think he looks great!

I cannot wait till INXS goes touring again! I miss them so much! But I think even if they did go touring, I'd still be missing them. I don't think they will be coming back to this state. They didn't during the last leg of the tour. Why I don't know. But I have the feeling it'll happen that way again. I partially blame Kirk. Someone said he got into a fight at a bar in Portland. That may have been exaggerated a bit, as I think Kirk looks more like the type that would have his ass handed to him by Urkel if they fought! But still, it could be why he doesn't want to come back here. Well, there is a way to solve even that problem. Leave Kirk at home!! hehe! I don't miss him anyway!! Well, this time I'll have to do without meeting the men of INXS. I love these guys (most of them anyway). I'll be in the front row when I can, and I will cheer my favorite men on, but I will not approach them apart from that. That was cute for a while, but I want to hold on to and keep the happy memories I have of the men, and let nothing take them away. I don't want the incident with Kirk to repeat it's self with one of the other guys. I'm a fan of the band now, I want to stay that way.

You know it's funny. On the Pluba forums, Mcgillicutty, Rhonda and Sheltieluvr all have called me names in reference to my weight. But coming from them, it's like being scratched by a declawed cat! They make repeated swipes, and you know they are trying to inflict pain, but they just cannot even leave a scratch on the surface. I even found myself laughing at them quite a bit for their failed attempts and child-like repeated stabs. The reason they could not bother me is because I never loved them. I never even liked them! Someone I never even liked, can never hurt me at all, no matter what. But coming from Kirk, who I used to love a lot, it hurt deeply. I don't think he even realized how his attitude looked to me. Well, in reality, Kirk's attitude is stemmed from nothing but ignorance. Like him or not, Kirk Pengilly is ignorant and shallow!! Anyone who judges all fat people without knowing their true situation is nothing more than ignorant. And as for me being fat, I wasn't always this way! I used to weigh no more than 100 pounds. But the surgery I had a few years ago slowed me way down, thus caused me to gain weight.