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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Mozart of Funk??

Well, I was looking through a story based on my old MSN blog, I titled it "How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker". I was glancing back through some of my old posts on that blog. Boy! It is simply amazing how much I have changed since then. Most of the posts were made in the summer of 2005, when Rockstar: INXS was going on. My love for INXS was quite freshened. Like putting a new refill into one of those old and working Glade air fresheners. The fresh scent of spring was all over the air around me, and I was heavily in love with Timmy. I still love Timmy! But the fresh, spring feeling is now in late summer. Well, at least it's not in winter. That would be the time I would drop Timmy completely and that is not likely to happen in the foreseeable future. But one never knows. I'm not saying I hope it happens though!! I'm just saying things change. But as far as I am concerned, INXS is still the best band and Tim is still the most handsome guitarist in the World.

But I am not here to talk about Timmy. I was reading that blog from way back when and I noticed the things I said about Andrew!! Nothing horrible mind you, but I did say he was my 6th most favorite band member (counting Michael, and not counting JD who was not yet officially a member of the band). That was dated from June of 2005. Things have really changed since then!!!! That year, Andrew went for a different look. One more different than anything he had done previously. In fact, he was the one band member whose style always remained pretty consistent. I really actually loved his new "mountain man" appearance. But he was still Andrew, the "silent" member. Well, that's all he was to me back then. Cute, but not the one in the limelight, I guess. And then I met him. Suddenly everything changed dramatically!! He was probably what I came to know as one of the nicest band members of INXS. Over the months, this caused a great boost in his position on my favorites list. He went from being my 6th most favorite band member, to being my 3rd. 3rd is not bad at all!! Especially considering I love the 1st favorite more than anything!! Except maybe my family and my dogs. Sorry, the Farriss brothers have to count first and foremost. Then there is Garry, who is a brother to the band, but not one of the Farriss's. JD comes before Michael because he is still here, and I have formally met him. Whereas I haven't formally met Michael (just kissed him), so he makes up the 6th fave.

Andrew's fans have often referred to him as a "big, cuddly teddy bear". I knew he looked like one, but his gruff exterior made me more think of the bully on the playground. When I met him and realized what a sweet, wonderful person he is, (I can really tell that by shaking his hands) I really learned to like him a lot! The whole physical outlook changed. He's been nice to me every time I've met him too. But the last time I met him, in Portland, I'm afraid I was not my usual loving self and I basically shoved my book in his face for him to sign. I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!!!!! I am still kicking my own ass for doing him like that!!!!!!! The problem was it was HOT in that darned basement, and my sis's hairspray, which she must have put a ton of it on me, was making me sick!! My belly was hurting. I didn't mean to push Andrew away, I just wanted to get out of that basement!!!! I'm still kicking myself for that!! And probably will forever until I meet Andrew again. He probably doesn't remember (which is what I am hoping), but I remember, and I am forever ashamed!!!! I mean, it's not like I was standing there smiling at Andrew and he snubbed me. I smiled at him, and he smiled and said hello to me, and I said hi back. But then I shoved my damn book at him!!!!! When all was said and done I slapped myself saying "Ohhh, why the HELL did I do that???!!!" and have been asking myself that same thing since!!!! I know he may not remember that incident (I know that would be stretching it a bit, as he probably has met thousands of other fans since then) but all I want to know is that he didn't take it the way it seemed. That's it! If I could just know that, I can sleep better at night!! LOL! (and despite the "lol", I mean this!!)

Well, I love Andrew a LOT!!!! He is forever one of my top favorite band members now! Recently he answered a question I left on Ask INXS Asks on the inxs.com site. Too bad that answer came along after I had already left there!!! But a friend forwarded it to me. I asked INXS in general how does it really make the band feel when someone says their music and videos makes them feel good. I asked this because I remember "incognito/DonnaG" said on the delusional fans forum that INXS's intent was NOT to help the fans feel good. Well, as is always the case, DonnaG/incognito has yet again been proven WRONG!!!! This was Andrew's own response, I managed to save it:
Firstly I have always been lucky to have been able to work with such a talented group of musicians as INXS , but also that , through music and song writing , I may have been able to bring a little joy and happiness into peoples life in some way ......thank God.....

Thank you Andrew for those well-spoken words!! Maybe it wasn't their original intention, but it doesn't look like Andrew is bothered at all by this pleasant little side-effect of his work. So much for those morons thinking they can effectively speak for the band!! I always said they made themselves look like a bunch of fools trying to determine what the guys in the band are thinking! Some of my most favorite songs written by Andrew himself are Beautiful Girl, By My Side and This Time. Especially By My Side. One of many songs I always dedicate to my Groucho. But because of that, now every time I hear that song, it brings tears to my eyes. Still love the song though. This Time I used to not like, until I saw the video in another "down" moment, and it was good!! It wasn't just that the song it's self, and the video made me feel good, it had a darn good rhythm too!!!! And I might add, Timmy looks particularly HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!! in that video.

**********EDIT TO ADD**************
To clarify, the "morons" I was talking about are those on the delusional fans forum, NOT inxs.com!!!!!! Having looked back at this post, it almost sounded like it needed clarification.
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