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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jacko Feels Wise. So What?? The Damage is Already Done!!


So Michael Jackson is learning to be wise huh? Big deal!! It's too late to do his face any good. He went and ruined himself. Of course his reasons for feeling "wise" in this article have nothing to do with what he did to himself, he says he is getting more into seeing his children having fun. Well, who doesn't? But if you ask me the wisdom is coming on a little bit too late. If he was wise, he would still have his own face, instead of trying to look like Madonna!!

What happened to him? Must be an illness. You know, the people of the delusional fans forum are such "experts" on mental illness (rolls eyes) maybe they know what this disease Michael Jackson has is called. NOT!! LOL! How many years of studying psychology have they had? None, I'll wager you! GOD willing they're too stupid!! Well, I cannot say I hate MJ, I even have downloaded a few of his songs. I just think he's a weirdo!!! Too weird for me! I just wonder what the heck happened to him! He used to be at least somewhat cute. But why would anyone want to change themselves so radically?! MJ went from this nice-looking guy:

To this:

Oops! Sorry! Wrong picture! I meant this:

He used to look nice. He's a clown now! A freak!! And a phony!! What kind of message is that sending to his children? I cannot understand why MJ would want to look like this, and why he'd want to be white? I've seen how people of different races have been scorned before, including my own. But no matter what, I've never once wished I was white. That's pretty dang low! Pretty low when you let society get to you so bad that it makes you feel inferior about the color of your outsides. Especially when it brings you to the point it brought Michael Jackson!

I found this video I thought was funny enough to post here. It's one person's view of what MJ should look like now. It's set to MJ's own song "Black or White". I downloaded that song onto my little MP3 player simply because it makes me think of this little cartoon.

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