Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Update On The Gibble-Gabble-Girl

Remember when I said I should have blocked Gabby Guthrie on Facebook? I knew I should have done it a long time ago. Well, I finally blocked her this afternoon on Facebook. It actually took me a while to figure out that's what I should have done, even though I talked about it in my last post, and I've thought about it before because she always pulls that same bullshit on me in that group. The thing is, I hate blocking people! I truly do. I really only block people who I think belong behind bars. Well, maybe Gabby does, because I seriously think she's a lunatic. Not just crazy in a cute way like me. But a real lunatic!! I think those dumb cats of hers got to her brain and messed it up. Not only that, but the woman keeps cockroaches!! UGH!!!

I love animals too, but cats and cockroaches are where I draw the limit!!! That's disgusting! Thank GOD I don't live with her. She'd probably sneak a tarantula under my pillow while I sleep.

Well anyway, I now have her blocked on Facebook. Now, I can post on that group and not have to deal with someone taking my opinions far too seriously. I wonder if she is like that with people in real life. Maybe that's why she doesn't have many friends and the ones she does have are losers like her. She doesn't let anyone have an opinion. She takes opinions far too seriously! And if she doesn't agree, she ridicules the other person's opinion. Most people on that group seem to agree she took it too far yesterday. But then again, what do you expect from these entitled libtard millennials like Gabby?! She looks like she's in her 50s, but she acts like she's only 11. Maybe not even that old. LOL! Maybe more like 10. Either way, I think she needs to grow up.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

My View Vs. The World

Well, I call them as I see them, I always did! That's not likely to change now. But one person on the Purebred Snobs group I occupy seems to want it to change. Not likely to happen on her whim, but she sure tried hard to change my mind, I can hand her props for that. I never seen someone work so hard to try and change another person's views before. Except maybe the Yatesfags, but that's another story. Anyway, it started on a post where someone saw a pic of a dog that is supposedly a husky, a poorly bred husky, but she was told it was a husky. The dog looked like this:

I looked at the markings and stuff and it does not even look remotely like a husky to me. At least not a siberian husky. To me it looked like an akita, like this:

At least color-wise it looks like one to me. That's just my point of view. Though I never said it actually is an akita. I know akitas never have blue eyes, and the ear-set is all wrong. I'm fully aware of that. It's just when I saw the first dog, that was the first thing that popped into my head was that it looks somewhat like an akita to me. Well, this chick Gabby Guthrie jumped in. I think she took my comment way too seriously. She posted this:

It started off casually enough. She said no it doesn't look like an akita, and I said it did to me.

Not saying it was an akita, I just said that's what it looks like to me. Admittedly, I am not an expert on akitas, I never had any interest in owning one myself, just saying, at least color-wise, that's what the OP's dog reminded me of. Gabby insisted on moving on with this, apparently trying to change my point of view:

Again, I never said the dog IS an akita. I just said it looks like one to me. But I could plainly see that Gabby does not agree with what I said. Which is fine by me. I was not trying to change anyone else's perception at all. So, I just made this comment to her:

Well, I think by this point, Gabby wanted to keep pushing for another opinion from me. So, she goes on:

Again, I could definitely see neither one of us was going to change our perception. So, I made one more post to Gabby:

Personally, I was content to let it go with this, as both of us are different people and we see the world in different ways. A couple of people understood what I was saying though.

Both hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what I was saying. The coloring is a lot like an akita to me.

But Gabby keeps insisting on going on and on and on. I hope you're all ready for a little amateur lesson in genetics from Gabby, I really wasn't paying much attention to her at this point.

But again, I say it looks like it to me. Later on I was agreeing with another outside poster, this is really a petty argument. But Gabby started it. Seems to me, Gabby has gone on about this kind of bullshit before with me. All I would say in response to her is...

I'm beginning to get the feeling at this point that Gabby is one of those entitled liberal millennials that you're always reading about that always has to be right, or that has to always have everyone agree with her. And she pushes and pushes until you finally do agree with her. But I made up my mind already, to me this dog just looks like an akita type. Not saying he is one, just saying that's what I think he looks like.

So yet, Gabby gives us another lecture on genetics. Once again, I'm barely paying any attention to it because it's not relevant to my opinion. LOL! But if you look it is an interesting comment:

Blah-blah-blah-blah-so on and on and on and on....

Really, WHO cares?!?! This is just my opinion! An opinion does not have to be right or wrong. You don't have to agree with it. It's just my opinion. It's how I saw the dog in the original post. Well, this other poster again, hit the nail on the head. Check out her last statement:

That's what I was trying to say all along. It just looked like an akita on first glance.

Well again, Gabby has to keep droning on about how wrong she believes I am.

Really, when I first saw the picture, I was not paying much attention to the dog's head. Just the color was the first thing that caught my attention. Thus, I commented on it. Admittedly, that is what I based my opinion on. Well, Kim is into siberians, and she commented on Gabby calling siberians "dominos":

But as seems to be usual with Gabby, she always has to be right. It's her way or the highway. Really, I should have someone like Gabby on ignore. I've dealt with enough bullshitters like her in my life. I don't need any more. Gabby goes on and on about genetics and akitas:

At this point, since she seems to know so much more than me about akitas, I wanted to know if she has one. I looked on her page, and saw 2 dogs, a big, hairy one and a little hairy one. Neither one looked like an akita. Well, the big one possibly could have been an akita, but to me it looked more like one of those caucasian mountain dogs with perky ears:

So, I came right out and asked her:

Well, she answered me:

Once again, she is wrong, and acting like an entitled libtard millennial. I never said, or even thought, her dog looks like a husky. But tell me, does it to you?

I'm talking about the big guy in the back. Not the cute little one. Doesn't even look like an akita to me, much less a husky. LOL! I responded to her:

Really, it is a bit too skinny to be one of those caucasian mountain dogs. But it looks more like that than it does like any akitas I've seen. LOL! So she goes on to respond:

I was actually glad she was laughing and giggling. Better than having an angry, name-calling millennial on my tail! LMAO!!! So you know me, I probe for some answers myself:

She responds:

I guess "Totes" is the dog's name. Otherwise I have no idea what else she'd be trying to say. Anyway, at least she admits her own dog has faults, I still say it doesn't even look much like an akita to me. But a good purebreed snob can admit their dog has some faults. There's some things I would change about Mya if I could. Well, I already tried, with her ears. But they just want to stand up straight. I guess I cannot change that. But it's cool. She's a pet anyways. So, I don't care if her ears stand straight up or flop down like a hound dog's. LOL! Gabby's dog is a pet too I'm sure, so who really cares if it looks like an akita or a CMD or an elephant?! LOL! In case she is reading, that was a joke, BTW! I guess I have to spell it out for her just like I do the INXS libtard SJWs if I am kidding or not. LMAO!

Anyways, this was my response to her:

UGH!! I am so sick of these millennial liberals, and yes Gabby is the one deflecting in this conversation. In just about every comment she's made, she's done nothing but jeer at me about saying the OP's dog looks like an akita. But shoot! I still stand by my original statement! She hasn't changed that. And yes, she is acting like one of those entitled millennial libtards! So Gabby responds a few hours later:

Once again, she seems to be the one deflecting. But I can play along with that too...

Well, I am flattered. I just wish she wasn't a liberal! I don't really like liberals being obsessed with me. But she has gotten into arguments with me before, several times. I cannot seem to be able to post an opinion, not even a harmless one, without Gabby jumping down my throat. Seriously, I think she needs professional help! But what the hey!

Anyway, she goes on, and frankly, I knew Gabby was going to retort with a comment like this! LOL!

Actually, I was not insulting her. Not unless she has a problem being a liberal. Be grateful I didn't give her a real insult!! LOL! But if she has that much of a problem being a liberal where she thinks it's an insult being called one, then she should probably change her ways. Stop acting like an entitled libtard millennial! But I don't think calling someone what they are is an insult. That'd be like me saying it's an insult if someone says I am hispanic. Which I am. I have no problem with it. People today are just too sensitive. Anyway, I explained to her why I thought she's a liberal...

Well, it's true. That's what liberals are famous for. So Gabby comments. I believe she is finally understanding what I said:

Really, this can go on until she is blue in the face. She'll say it doesn't, I'll say it does. No matter what. So, I came out and asked her:

Yeah I know. She's got all those little laughing emotes all over her posts. But in my experience, someone who overuses those like she did is definitely hiding the fact that they are butthurt. I keep thinking back to the Pluba forums, people who overused those emoties often did so when they were trying to hide the fact that they were really angry. The angrier they were, the more they would use those emoties to cover it up. But you could see the butthurt in their written responses like I can see in Gabby's. Though she still painfully tries to hide it...

As she goes on and on, you'll notice more butthurt in her responses. You can already see she is the one resorting to name-calling by saying my comment was ridiculous. Well, it's more name-calling than me calling her a liberal. This was my response to her:

Well, this comment was a surprise! Check it out...

If she's a liberal, she sure isn't one of those entitled millennials like Gabby is. Political views may not have much to do with it, but that is what Gabby is acting like. But once again, Gabby puts in her opinion, and once again, she is wrong:

Again, she uses the "she's trying to insult me" argument. All entitled libtards resort to that argument! Calling a liberal a liberal is not an insult! It's an observation. But just the fact that Gabby thinks this, is enough for me to believe that yes, it did insult her. LOL! She just doesn't want to admit it. But it's not hard to get out of liberalism! If it bothers Gabby to be called a liberal, she can get out of it easy! My sis is trying to. And again, I don't care if she disagrees with me or not. If Gabby knew anything about me, she'd know I am all for someone having their own opinions. But she is the one who turned this into a petty argument by jeering at me for having an opinion. And this really is not the first time she's done this. Like I said, I really should block her on Facebook. I think if she pulls this bullshit with me again, I will block her. She can take her 5th grade-level bullshit and spread it on someone else then.

This was my response to Gabby:

Believe me, I could say a lot about her! Look at what I found on her page:

I would venture to say she is not the two conservative looking teens on either side. She's most likely the ugly old clown in the middle that's dressed like a whore. Also one thing I noticed on her facebook page, she does not have many friends. But then again, neither do I. But I only saw one like on all of her posts, and one comment. Some other dork commented on this picture saying Gabby dresses like her. Uhm, there's a lot to be said about the quality of friends a person has!! LMAO!!! I guess that's why Gabby is the way she is. She has nothing but losers for friends.

There! That's an insult. LOL! "Liberal" seems rather tame compared to what else I can say about her. That's only the beginning. But I was not trying to insult her. How does that really help my cause? It doesn't! It just brings me down to her level. And I know I am better than that! Shoot! I even feel bad saying what I just said about her! But it's only to prove a point.

Well, the argument goes on and on and on, really no point in posting all of it here. It's all basically the same shit over and over again. Gabby still does not get it. And I thought she did back there! But I guess I was wrong. LMAO!! Oh well, it's on her head. Not mine! But one good thing she said. She said I was still crazy! LOL! I said GOOD! So I haven't lost it!! And I was so worried I did long ago! LOL!!! 😆😆😆😂

Friday, December 15, 2017

Happy Holidays?

Is it OK to say "Happy Holidays"? Or should we say "Merry Christmas"? Well, I never really gave it much thought until today, when someone posted a picture saying "It's Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays". To a degree, I agree with them. Too many people now are 'offended' by the word "Christ" in Christmas. I say fuck them! I don't give a shit if it offends some creepy atheists that the word "Christ" is in Christmas! Shoot! Even when I was an atheist I didn't care! But then again, I am not a crybaby like most of today's people are. Especially libtards. During the past 2 years, I've found a lot of people find things offensive that I never would have thought was the least bit offensive. Some of the dumbest things I've heard people today call 'offensive' is the words "Christmas", "hard work" if the person saying it does not happen to be black, and "heterosexual".

But what does it mean when someone says "Happy Holidays"? I can only explain why sometimes I say those words. I start saying "Happy Holidays" around October, just before Halloween. To me, it covers ALL the holidays that occur at this time of the year from Halloween to Christmas. This time of year has the most official holidays, more than any other time of the year. That is to say holidays where people take time off from work and school. That does not mean holidays like Easter and Valentine's day. Of course Halloween is not an official holiday, but it does have the feel of fall. I love it. I actually like Halloween better than Christmas because to me, it symbolizes the beginning of the fall months, which is my most favorite time of year. Especially here in the PNW.

I usually don't start saying Merry Christmas to people until after Thanksgiving. And then there is those who only celebrate Hanukkah. They are also part of the reason I say "Happy Holidays" most times to people on the outside. Though this community does not have a lot of Jewish people. I do however have some friends who are of that faith. Yes, it's true.

Well, next week, my sis, Mya, Vegas and Minnie and I are all going to Reno to visit my mom and stepfather. I got a special surprise for all of them. The big problem is I've been sleeping all day every day for the past week! That sucks! Because I am supposed to help my sis drive to Reno. I cannot let this happen! I need to wake up and it's been difficult! I don't even know why I've been doing nothing but sleep. I think it's the new meds. But it could also be an infection. I did have a bad infection develop on my arm after I got 2 vaccinations in the same spot in the same day. It was red and painful, but it's gone now. The doc told me to put warm compresses on it and that got rid of it pretty good. But the next time someone tells me they are going to give me 2 shots on the same day, I'm going to tell them to shoot up in opposite arms! NEVER the same one again for 2 at once! I mean that SUCKED!!!! I could barely move my arm most times because it hurt so damn bad!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Looking For Roommies

This is a tough job, but it may be the one way I get to stay here in OR. I have an ad up now looking for someone to share this house with. But it's been tough. I send them the application and it scares most people away. But there is a method to sending those applications to potential roommates. The main thing is I don't want another Patti in my life! So, the application process I have is very rigorous, maybe even a little intrusive. But I want to know the applicant inside and out. I've heard so many stories of people getting cheated by roommates, and I already had one bad roommate before, and I sure as Hell do not want another one.

In the application, I even ask about the family. Sometimes you can tell what the person is going to be like by knowing what the family is like. Patti once was married to a man who beat her up, that's not normal. She also had a sister who was a hoarder, and that is not normal. So, if someone has that in their family, I want to know about it. Sometimes, a person may sound too good to be true. That's another reason I send the application out and do interviews before I even allow the person in my home. The application gets rid of the riff-raff. I am also looking more for a long-term tenant, I'd really prefer someone who is going to be here for a lot longer than a year. As this may be the only way I'll get to stay here.

But this is not easy. I've come across a few people who I'd like, but they either only want the room for a few months or they don't want to fill out the application. But I am not that desperate, so I can afford to wait for the right tenant to come along.

Just needed to vent.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hear Me Ror Bullshit

Recently I got into it with some kid named Ror on YouTube. I could tell instantly he was a very angry teenager. Usually when they resort to name-calling firsthand, you know they are extremely angry. Kids get on YouTube when they're angry and troll, especially when they have no one else that will talk to them in real life. This kid apparently is from Russia, and he said his name is actually Ror, short for something. Probably Rory. He was so angry, he even started attacking my name. He said "at least I use my real name and not a fan name". Shoot! I've been using TimmyHutchFan for a long time. Or at least Timmyfan. I'm proud to be a Timmy and Hutch fan! Ror also was one of those that kept trying to convince me I'm stupid. LOL! Kids do that all the time too. They think it's a quick way to make grown ups feel as miserable as they do. Plus, they think if they say it enough times, we will actually come to believe it's true. LMAO!!!! Well, I didn't tell Ror (he was not worthy to know), but I probably have a much higher IQ than he does. I do not need to call people names to get my point across. Intelligent people usually don't.

Most times I've called people names, and I have sometimes in the past, I felt stupid afterwords. Well, I tried to be nice to Ror, but you can't be nice to someone who is dead-set on spreading bullshit. Ror would keep on "roring" in defiance. LOL! He kept up the name-calling. Obviously, he did not have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, so I blocked his butt on YouTube. I said "I had no idea Russia had libtards!" Ror said something that perked my ears up when he said it, he said "We have feminists here too." I thought "That's what his problem is! He's a damn feminist!" He was butthurt because I called out Jacklyn Glen as a liberal snowflake for calling Elaine "they" instead of "she" like she is! I do not believe in using "they" pronouns unless you are talking about more than one person at once. Not to satisfy some silly fantasy someone has about hiding their true gender. Especially when said person has been pregnant and had kids!

If anything, I feel sorry for Onision's kids! They have parents with no morals and Onision has no shame, whatsoever! He does not know humility and that's a bad thing! That's a bad example to set for your children.

I'm shocked at Ror. But it showed why he's such an angry teenager, because he wants to be a feminist. Or a supporter of feminism. He obviously did not know he was arguing with an old woman. A woman too old to get into his bullshit. He probably thought I was a young male teenager like himself. The name "Timmy" in my online persona does tend to throw people off. Well, for a young, male teenager, I think I handled him pretty good!!! A weaker person would have stooped to his level and called him names back. Well, I guess that proves I've got my strength back! Thank GOD!!! After the bullshit I went through last year with the blind sheep libtards!! Now these people are doing the same thing to Kirk! Damn feminists!! Once again, other INXS fans are acting like high school kids! That doesn't surprise me! It seems they always have. But to now take it out on Kirk!!

Kirk never even said that he was the one who went around slapping girls' behinds!! Yet the libtards are blaming him for saying it. They're making it out to be worse than it really is! Which is what libtards typically do! I likened this whole thing to being like when I was attacked by the blind sheep libtards last year. Everyone remembers that. Saying how they were so mean to me. I said well, it made me a stronger person! Made me a lot meaner and more hostile, but it made me stronger too! But that is exactly why I want nothing to do with the fans anymore. I actually have a lot more fun on the groups when I am not trying to make friends. I can just be myself. Those who are OK with it can have fun along with me. Those who don't like it can kiss my ass and get over themselves!

Women are not supposed to behave like this! This is for feminazis and tards. Women are supposed to be gentle, kind and understanding. But you notice women are worse than men when they get something stuck in their craw. Even myself! LOL! I can carry a grudge with the best of them! Men are the ones who are usually not like that. Usually when I've been unfriended and blocked on Facebook, it was almost always by women. The men never blocked me. Well, then there's Matt Burney. But I don't believe Matt Burney really counts as a man. I bet if I were to ever talk to him, he probably has a high, squeaky voice. You know what that means. LOL! It means he most likely has a vagina between his legs! LMAO!!!!! Or he's nothing but a big man-baby. Typical libtard! But the real men (I guess) have never blocked me on Facebook. I always had them blocked if I believe they are radicals. But that's because I don't care to see, or hear from, any radicals. I don't want radicals in my life. My life is hard enough without radicals being in it.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Clouded Judgment

Faith No More. I'm sure everyone knows the group. They became popular in the 1990s right after Mike Patton joined and they created the song Epic. I heard the song on the radio, and I played it all the way through without turning it off. It was not bad, but it was not great. And I saw the video and to me, Mike Patton looked like a monster. I didn't think he was at all handsome. A couple years later, I heard their song Easy, about a Sunday morning on Beavis and Butthead and it did not sound too bad. It was an interesting little ballad. I never would have known, after hearing their previous song, they made ballads like that. But there it was!

Well, I was never a big fan of Faith No More. I don't have any of their songs on my MP3 player, and never did. I'd hear their songs off and on while listening to the radio, but that's it. I'd just listen. Not really boogie to them. To me, their songs were entertaining to listen to but not good enough to head-bop to. Basically, I just thought nothing about them. They were just another band out there, with mediocre men, singing average songs. Nothing spectacular.

Well, recently I heard an interview someone did with Mike Patton, and the subject of INXS came up. Patton said that the men of INXS approached him about singing with them once. He said he'd never expressed interest in the band, he was never friends of theirs, and said he'd never even met them, so he did not know why they came to him with regards of having him sing in their band in place of Michael. Face it, Michael was hard to replace! Timmy even said so himself, the lead singer is the hardest band member to replace. He's right! Because the singer becomes the essence of the band. And Michael's voice was unique. I got to one point when I would hear a song I'd never heard before, and I could tell who was singing just by the sound of the singer's voice. INXS was one of those bands I could tell right away.

Well, the fact that Mike Patton turned INXS down on their offer to sing with them does not bother me at all. I've been attacked by FNM fans because they believe I was "butthurt" because Patton turned them down. Which was VERY far from the truth. I am such a believer in freedom of choice, I don't care that Mike Patton does not like INXS and chose not to work with them. That's his choice! What I don't like is what he said in the interview, some joke he made about one day showing up to rehearsals with something around his neck! THAT is what pissed me off!!!!!!! There would have been no need for that unless he was very sick in the head!!

Bottom line is I do NOT like suicide jokes!!! The interview was from 2002, I don't know if perhaps Patton has grown up and matured since then or not. But this is proof that rock stars are assholes! I've always known that, ever since I "met" dustingrey. Well, I kinda knew it beforehand too, because musicians are artists, and artists are typically assholes anyway.

Does this affect my view of Faith No More? Perhaps. But I didn't like them much before, I just dislike Patton even more now. Should this affect my view of Faith No More? Well, if I was a real fan, no it would not. I told Katrina about this, and she said it was a shitty thing for Patton to even think, but she still likes the band. She likes their music. Shit! I taught her too well! But face it, people pin their personal feelings onto their feelings about that person's work. It happens all the time! It's human nature to do so. If it wasn't, my INXS compilation story would have been flying off the press!! But it didn't. I did not expect it to either because I know how people are. And I'm kinda infamous in the INXS community now. But it's their choice. It's their loss! But it is also their choice.

The thing is though, that if everyone went around and judged all artists' work by their own personal feelings about how that artist behaves, then NO ONE would buy paintings, read books, watch movies, or listen to music. Granted there are some artists who are not assholes. But they are very rare actually. The most talented artists are always the ones who do not like to hang around people very much. That's something I've learned over the years in meeting with artists of all kinds. That's just the way it is. That's why I used to go to these starving artist shows and wonder why they were starving. They had some good works out there! But they were also very reclusive. If Facebook had been around back then, I'd swear they were typically in turmoil because of something they might have said that was taken offensively by all that person's friends. LOL!

Speaking of which, this lady I got Mya from, ya know all she talks about on her page is how much she HATES Donald Trump!!!! I don't blame her for that, but that is ALL she ever talks about on her profile page!!!! Today she posted some shit about Trump siding with the Russians or some kind of bullshit like that. Shoot! That was Hillary! That wasn't Trump! The only reason the liberals don't believe it was Hillary is because she deleted all the emails and refuses to admit it! But I am all for it. It's her page afterall. But it's getting boring. She doesn't even look at any of the bullshit Obama left us with! But then again, liberals usually don't. They blame all of Obama's shit on Trump now. But when Obama was in office, doing the bullshit he became famous for, it was always "Oh it was Bush's fault!" by the liberals. Bull SHIT!!!!! Obama just blamed Bush because he didn't want to take responsibility for his own bullshit, like all liberals! The ONLY good thing that came out of Obama's administration was he brought worldwide attention to a nearly extinct dog breed; the portuguese water dog.

Well, I'm OK with this person posting on her wall how much she hates Trump, but like I said it is getting dull. But as long as she does not become one of those kind of people who say "if you like Trump, then delete me from your friends now" I don't care what else she posts. The next time I hear one of my buddies say that on Facebook, I am deleting everyone except very close family and friends!!!!!!!!! Or I will make them delete me! One or the other. Not that I give a shit about Trump! But anyone who would say that about a Trump supporter will say that about anyone who likes things they don't like. I'm sick of it. I'm a believer in freedom of choice. I would never force anyone to choose me or their political views. If they happen to, then that's their choice and it's their right to do so. But I will not make them do it!!!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Agreeing With Kirk

There was an article that was called to my attention the other day, and Kirk is a little peeved that women today have become what they've become. Radical feminists. That's basically all it was about. Kirk was criticized for missing the days when a man could "slap a woman's behind and not get called a rapist". Ya know what, I actually agree with him!! Gone are the days of courting and flirting. Now, if a man even looks at a woman, or GOD forbid, pays her a compliment, he is considered a creepy rapist. Now, I am a pretty good judge of character, I don't believe Kirk is the rapist type. A bit flirty perhaps, but not a rapist.

This is what the article had to say:
[Kirk] was recently asked about the wide-ranging sexual misconduct allegations making headlines in recent months and said: “I really loved the ’60s and ’70s when life was so simple and you could slap a woman on the butt and it was taken as a compliment, not as sexual harassment”.

Read more at http://www.nme.com/news/music/inxs-kirk-pengilly-sexual-harassment-comments-criticism-2167232#FqlVSxEAgzeYU8Ir.99

I said to some people who brought this up in a group I am in, You know exactly who you can foot all the blame for this on? Radical feminists! It's another move by radicals being used to divide the people. Marriage is dead. Having kids will soon be a thing of the past. That is unless a woman uses a man (or men) to get pregnant like Stephanie did. Men these days get caught up in this MGTOW thing and they say to women after a night of sexual passion "Hey, I got what I wanted out of you. You're on your own now! Sayonara!" And leave the woman, never to be heard from by her again. Men don't even want to pay for dinner anymore when they take a woman out on a date. In fact, men do not even date anymore. For all this, I blame radical feminists.

Personally, I like men doting on me. It always made me feel good. When I was younger (and much more attractive) men would whistle at me and I took it as a compliment. Not as sexual harassment. This proves (and it's good to know Kirk agrees with me) that people today are nothing but crybabies! If Kirk wants to come up and slap me on the behind, I would not mind it. Uhh IF he wants to!!! LOL! I couldn't even get him to say hello to me. Let alone slap me on the butt!!! Coming from him, at least I'd know it's a compliment. Someone I don't know, I might be more wary of, but Kirk is OK. I still would not think of it as sexual harassment. I've seen worse that should have been taken as sexual harassment, but a simple slap on the behind by a friendly guy, that's not harassment!!

Poor Kirk has now been plagued with some nasty-ass remarks by radicals who were offended by his comments, especially those on Twitter...

WTF? Who the fuck is this Chloe Sargeant chick? Ugly name too. It's not so unusual for a 12 year old to eyeball older chicks. I've seen many young teens having crushes on their teachers (for example). "I miss being able to slap girl's asses in the 60s and 70s" WHERE DOES IT EVEN SAY HE SAID THAT???!!!! He said he loved the 60s and 70s when life was so simple. And so on.

Maybe not the kind of women Kirk was used to, like say biker and rocker chicks. I don't believe I've met one that didn't mind a cute bum-slap now and then.

I don't think Kirk meant it that way. Just simple flirting is all he's talking about.

HEY!!!!! Kirk is not like that! Not like he's going to drag you into the bushes and rape you! Come on, the man has a daughter! Now, this post kinda is going too far...

What does he mean exactly by "A bloke looking like this"? You mean "looking innocent"? Or is he taking a crack at Kirk's looks. I think Kirk is kinda cute. I don't think his looks really have anything to do with his opinions. This needs some clarification I think.

Not this woman. I'm not a radical feminist.

These were all quoted on the article, the link is above in the quote. Kirk has not responded to the criticism. Maybe that's just as well. Probably better he not say anything. I know it's better for me. Just brings stress into your life. Well, I will always stand with my favorite guys. Especially against radicals!!! I love my baby guys of INXS! I HATE radicals!!!! Geez you feminazi fuckers, grow a fricken backbone!!!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Another Fatherless Christmas

Well, it is now another holiday season and dad is not here. It's only my second without him. It is this time of year that I seem to miss him the most. I miss him calling me on Christmas, I miss him playing Santa Claus, I miss being able to talk to him on the phone. It's only been a couple months that I was able to finally delete his phone number from my phone. I deleted Kathy's number right after dad died. The instant I heard dad was dying, I knew all ties to Kathy and her family was going to be broken once he was gone. I just knew it. We were never that close to Kathy or her family. So, I knew the instant dad wasn't there anymore, me and my sis would never hear from Kathy or her family again. And for the most part, we haven't. I always believed my mom to be right about Kathy's way of thinking. My mom said that in Kathy's eyes, it'd have been better if me and my sister did not exist. But I am glad I didn't have Kathy as a mom.

I look at how Kathy's children are, and I look at how me and my sis turned out. We have differences. There's some things they admittedly have that I don't have, and there's things they have that I am glad I don't have. And sometimes they do things I would never speak of! Part of the reason me and my sis wanted so badly to move away from dad was because of Kathy and her family. Kathy, Stephanie and Jennifer all had a lot of friends, or people they knew, all over town. My sis and I could not turn a single corner without coming across someone who knew someone in Kathy's family! That may not have been so bad, except for that person would tell Kathy or Stephanie or Jennifer they met up with one of us, and tell them what we were doing. In turn Kathy, Stephanie or Jennifer would tell dad what we did that day. That was the one thing about them that always pissed me off! Because they would never ask us why we were doing what we were doing. Just tell dad. Then dad would come to us, usually angrily, and confront us about it. Usually, they were things we did not want dad to know about. Like, if we went out of town or something.

I have a story relating to that. I once had a job at a dog grooming parlor, and I used to believe it was going to be all poodles and small dogs while I was working there. But no, they had a lot of big dogs too. I used to be kinda scared of big dogs. But in that job, you could not be afraid of any dogs! So, my employer got the idea for me to go to the local animal shelter and spend some time with the bigger dogs to kind of get the feel of them. Well, I wanted to see if that would work, so that afternoon, after I got off work, I went to the local shelter and spent time with the biggest dog in that shelter at that time. It was a huge malamute, which is a breed I actually like a lot. But it gave me an idea of what it feels like to be near a large dog. Well, apparently Stephanie was there, but we never spoke. In fact, I never saw her. I didn't know she was even there until I got a very angry call from dad asking me why I brought home another dog.

When he said that, I was like "What?!?!" He told me that Stephanie saw me at the animal shelter with another dog. Well, the first thing I did was curse Stephanie all to hell. Then, I told dad I was not there to adopt that dog! I explained to him about my job at the grooming parlor and how I was scared of the big dogs. But my boss did not want someone working there who was scared of big dogs. So she sent me to the pound to get to know some bigger dogs. Well dad seemed to take a sigh of relief. At least dad was no longer upset, but I was still mad at Stephanie for causing all this bullshit, and never once coming up to me to ask me why I was at the animal shelter in the first place! But that's the kind of things Kathy and her family did to me and my sis. I wasn't ever going to tell dad about that, but Stephanie did it for me, without even me giving her permission to. I honestly do not have any idea how it was Stephanie, Jennifer and Kathy have so many friends if they go around blowing things like that to other people! When I was growing up, I always learned anyone who can't keep a secret can't keep a friend.

Well, I "met" one of Kathy's close friends when my sis and I were visiting dad on his deathbed there in Arizona, and I did NOT like her! She was nothing but conceited trash. So that there was a pretty good indication of the kind of friends Kathy, Stephanie and Jennifer have. Stephanie sure as Hell ain't no angel! She had 2 kids out of wedlock, both with different fathers, NONE of which Stephanie was ever married to and had no intention of ever marrying. And for a while, she even had a homosexual relationship with a woman named Patty. Stephanie sure as Hell is not bound for Heaven when she leaves this world! Jennifer at least waited until she was married to have her kid, but she did not raise her right. I think though Madison is like me, the odd duck of the family. She has piercings and tattoos all over her body. I predict it's only going to get worse and she'll most likely shave her head and go around bald. Jennifer lets her do it. Well, first of all it's anti-religious to get tattoos. Madison is WAY too young to get tattoos! She got them before she was 18. Not only that, but Madison has run away from home before. So, Jennifer is a lousy mom.

The reason I bring all this up was because of how Stephanie was saying my mom was going to Hell, for one sin she committed almost 30 years ago. And Stephanie and Jennifer thinking their family is perfect. Fuck that! They are FAR from perfect! As far as far can get! And I told them so! Shoot, I ain't afraid to say it to them. They can't do shit because it's the truth. But yeah, I knew me and my sis would never hear from Kathy and her family ever again once dad was gone. That kinda went without saying. I was lucky to get that care package from Kathy. At least I now have something of my dad's to remember him by.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

People Making Threats And Creating Bullshit

What is the matter with people these days? My landlady was out for a while with a fever, and when she came back to the office, she found this thing on the door to the office...

No one really knows what it is or what it means. Some think it's possibly connected to voodoo. Or maybe even witchcraft. Who would do this kind of thing? And why? It's weird! You know, it got me thinking. About a month ago, I opened my door and found a dead bird right in front of me. It was one of those Oregon Juncos. They are small birds related to finches, and they look like this...

Anyway, I never thought anything about it, but it did look like it was just placed there. Not that it just fell there. I thought at first that maybe it was just a young victim of the cold weather. That happens sometimes. Young birds who have only been out of the nest for a few months do good during the summer, but when colder weather sets in, they cannot adapt and they die off. I've seen it happen dozens of times here. But seeing this voodoo thing on the office door got me thinking, maybe it was put there by someone. It was too perfectly placed to have just fell there. I think someone killed it and put it in front of my door. I thought if anything, some kid put it there as a joke. I just kicked the damn thing into the bushes and forgot about it. Until now.

I kindof wonder how many other people here have received little signs like that. If it is someone, I might actually know who it is. Now, I don't know for absolute certain, which is why I can't say anything to the police or to the manager. But there is this woman who I've seen walking this big-ass dog, it looks kindof like a wolf dog. And that woman HATES Mya!!! Because Mya makes her dog go crazy. I don't know her name, I only recognize her by her dog. And I'm not even sure it's her. I can only guess. I do not know any other person here who would place a dead bird in front of my door, I don't hurt anyone. Neither does Mya. I keep to myself more or less.

I have another theory who it could be. But I'm not too sure this is even remotely true. There is this woman who lives in the apartment right above me. She's a young, Mexican woman. She's fucking WEIRD!!!!!!! I don't know her name, but I do know her kid's name is Mario. But she is the actual weird one. I think it rubbed off on her kid too. She creeps around, never talks to anyone, no one except her kid and the other woman in that apartment who I think is her mother. And she is always wearing this purplish hoodie, even on 80-90 degree days! Almost as if she's hiding something. The only time I really see her is when she is out front smoking a cigarette. I've met her mom, she seems really nice. But the young woman herself, just seems weird. I don't think she even speaks to a person when she is spoken to. I don't know though, I never tried. She kinda scares me. LOL! But she may also be the culprit.

Another thought came to mind, it could also be someone who gets around on the bus. There's a lot of freaks who get on that bus, and surely one of them might come around here and cause trouble. When I get on the bus, I still usually keep to myself. I rarely, if ever, talk to anyone. That's because I am not trying to make friends. I'm just trying to get where I am going. But I haven't been on the bus in about a month! I don't ride the bus in the fall/winter months, because I don't want to get caught in the rain and cold. And the buses have been so slow-coming because of this construction on the highway!! So, sometimes, I'm out there waiting for a bus that comes 30 minutes later than it's supposed to!! So, until this construction stops on the highway, or until summer, whichever comes first, I'm taking the dial-a-ride where I need to go. Or asking friends for a ride, if I can.

I personally don't believe in voodoo. So, whoever is doing this shit, cut it out!!! Your bullshit curses are not going to work on me! You're only making yourself look foolish!! Not to mention, setting yourself up for some serious jailtime!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Purpose-Bred Mutts

People make me sick! People who purpose-breed mutts make me even sicker! I mean, it makes me feel physically fucking ill!! Now, I don't mean people who breed mutts for a real purpose and know what they are doing when they put 2 dogs together. By "know what they are doing", I do not mean someone who has been doing it for 20+ years and is just putting 2 dogs together because one has a penis and the other has a vagina. People who are looking to create a real breed often do so in secret. They don't announce it to the world after just a few breedings. But the people who make me the sickest of all are those who do just put 2 dogs together just because one is an unspayed female and the other is an unneutered male, both of 2 different breeds (often the male is a larger breed than the female) just because they want to create a "new, exotic, rare mix". UGH!!!

I once saw a post from someone who bred a yorkshire terrier (they called it a "teacup" yorkie) with a pit bull terrier. And guess which one was the mother! Yep, it was the yorkshire! The yorkshire was actually pregnant with the pit bull terrier's pups! And the owner of the yorkshire bragged about it saying "We're gonna call the pups porkies". Can a dog-owner possibly be any stupider?! Why did they allow their yorkshire terrier to mate with a pit bull terrier?! Don't they realize this is not some cutesy thing?! This is a serious thing that can actually kill their yorkshire terrier!!! She's either going to die in childbirth or she's gonna burst before the pups reach full term. And believe me, it would not be a good thing to have your dog actually explode on you. I'm not even kidding you! The dog will literally explode!! Now you know why I am so against bybing. Stupid-ass people like that don't know any better! They act like they've been living under a rock all their lives!!!

People like that make me totally SICK!!!!!! I want to take a gun to that owner's head and pull the trigger!!!!! Then take that poor yorkshire terrier female and abort those pups before they kill her!!! And this isn't the first time I've heard of someone like this breeding pups like this! An old family friend of ours had a dog that was half chihuahua and half labrador. Again, guess which of it's parents was the chihuahua! Yep! It was the mom! I also heard of another case recently of someone who got a dog that was half chihuahua and half pit bull. Again, the mother of that dog was a chihuahua!!! And this time, the person who got one of the pups mentioned the mother died giving birth to those pups! People often do this on purpose solely for the sake of being able to say in an ad "Exotic mixes". Then they take a female small dog and mate it with a male big dog. Usually a dog whose pups are born as big as the fully-grown smaller dog! Yes, as sick as it sounds, they do that ON PURPOSE!!!!! They don't know what they are doing! And it should be illegal to allow people who don't know what they are doing to breed any animals!

In that aspect, America should be more like Russia. People should have to have a license to breed dogs. But really, it should go without saying that a small female should never be bred with a large-breed male. Or even breeding a small-breed female with a medium-sized breed male (since a lot of dumbasses will argue "A pit bull is not a large breed" as if that's the point!) If I ever meet someone who is doing that, I'll buy a gun and blow their brains out because they are too stupid to live!!! If they have kids, well, I don't want to hurt a child. I'll just have them taken away and put in foster care, where hopefully they would unlearn the distorted morals their stupid parents taught them!

The only people who really should be mixing breeds is in the case of someone creating a totally new breed. Those are usually people who do so in secret. They don't flaunt their actions all over the internet. The creator of the shiloh shepherd made that mistake. But keep in mind, the creator of the giant schnauzer hid in the alps of Germany for 40 years, working on that breed! He told NO ONE what he was doing! He culled pups that were not up to his standard, he did not describe what breeds he used to create this new breed with, he did not flaunt his actions to the world, and especially he did not breed 2 breeds together that DID NOT BELONG TOGETHER!!!! Like mixing a small-breed female with a much larger-breed male!!!!!! A sane person just does not do that!!!

I've said it before and I will say it again, people today just never cease to amaze me with their stupidity!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Riley Needs to Get Over Himself!

UGH!! You know, Riley J. Dennis is helping with this great country divide! Look him up on YouTube! He's a fucking moron! Well, no more so than any other SJW! But he is a moron of another caliber! He is basically the reason a lot of people today laugh at queers. Now, by "queer", I don't mean the typical gay person or trans person who is confident and sure of themselves. I mean these crybaby SJW queers who take little things and make them seem bigger and worse than they are. For example, I was just watching a video someone did in response to Riley J. Dennis's apology video. Yes, Riley did a video on how to give a proper apology. His reason for doing it is what I am talking about here.

Apparently on some modern sitcom, a woman asked another woman to go steady, and the other woman said she liked the first woman, but only as a friend. Well, Riley got butthurt over that, and he said a lot of queer people did. A gay person, who is confident and sure of themselves, would have just let that go. But not someone like Riley J. Dennis! Nooooooooooo!!!! He has to gripe and complain and bitch and moan because one woman did not want to date another. That is so STUPID to get angry over something like that. Such a trivial thing! Riley would hate me if he ever met me! I don't mind being friends with gay people or trans people. I don't mind it at all. As long as they are legit. What they do does not offend me at all. But if say a trans woman thinks, dresses, and acts like a man, but is still a woman, I don't want to date her!!! No way! I'm not that intimately interested in her! She's still a woman! She still has a vagina. I got no need for that! If my thinking that offends someone like Riley J. Dennis, then too bad!! Fuck off and get over it!!!!! I would gladly be friends with her, but I will never date her in anything more than a friendly outing. Because I am not interested in pussy. I want the cock! I've always been a cock-sucker (in more ways than one)! If she wants pussy, she can go find it in someone else. Perhaps another female SJW who will accept her advances.

In fact, if I fell in love with a dude, who turns out to be a trans woman and did not tell me to begin with, I would be absolutely FURIOUS!!!!!!!! I'd walk away and never speak to that person again! And believe me, there are trans women who would do that just to get what they want. I've never come across them personally, thank GOD! Most of the trans people I've met have fortunately been very honest. But it did happen to my mom once right after she and my father divorced.

Now, to give you the TimmyHutchFan advice about giving a proper apology. It's simple......................


Believe me, just walk away. No matter if you are friends with the person or not. Especially if you're not. If you're not friends with the person you offended, just tell them to shut the fuck up and get over it! They won't believe you anyway when you try to apologize, no matter how sincere you are. It happened to me more than once, and I gave very sincere apologies. So, don't waste your breath! If you do like the person, just don't say anything, walk away and if it is meant to be you will work it out eventually. In my experience, apologies only make your friends angrier. Is it really worth it?

I once read a quote from someone who said "make it a rule never to apologize. The right kind of person won't need one, and the wrong kind of person will take a mean advantage of it." I've seen both happen, and believe me, the wrong kind of person makes you cringe. You apologize, admit you are wrong, I've even sometimes shed tears because I felt so bad about hurting the other person. And they still did not believe I was sincere enough. It used to be if I was wrong, I admit it, and I learn not to do it again. Not anymore! Now, if I am wrong, especially if I was not friends with the person to begin with, I just tell them now to fuck off and get over it. I'm no worse off then than I was before I offended them. And most likely, they've been in PMs, or talking amongst each other, saying shit about me and not telling me as well. They don't deserve apologies from me.

My last apology I gave publicly, I said to the INXS SJW libtards "Sorry for the confusion". That's it. I did not say sorry for offending Kelly. Because my comments were not in any way directed at her. She just thought they were because in her own little twisted mind, she is somehow obsessed with me. So, all I could say was sorry for the confusion. Nothing else. And she wasn't even really sick! Lying fag!

Well, that's how I've become in today's world. One has to adapt. Even if it means stepping on someone else's toes to get there. If today's people are going to be this way, then so be it. I'll just remain an introvert. I may be hated by other people, but in today's society, that seems to be a good thing. I got Mya, I have plans to move in with my sis, even though it means moving back to Bozeman (at least they are getting a Winco!) so I'll have plenty of company! Well, I'll have enough.

I couldn't ask my sis to move here. She has a job there that she loves. It would be selfish of me to ask her to move here! And I cannot afford to live here by myself anymore, so I am moving in with her. I've asked advice from all my friends and even my counselor, they all agree with me. Apparently my sis said something similar to her counselor, and she thinks I am being selfish. But I know my sis! She most likely relayed it wrong to her counselor. My sis, GOD love her, but she sees things differently. I'm afraid she is becoming like my grandma! Most likely she over-embellished on the financial reasons I gave. But that is only part of the reason I am moving in with her. However, it is plenty enough good reason! A lot of people do that. We had someone here after the rent was raised, had a yard sale, and I was chatting with her. She said herself she cannot afford to live here anymore either, and she is moving in with her sister too. And one has to admit, the both of us would struggle a lot less financially if we lived together and combined our incomes. Maybe I can even get a small job. Who knows?

Atheists And Vegans Are Alike

This is another reason I cannot go vegan. Because I am not an atheist. I was an atheist once, but I never will be again. I am a happier person now that I know GOD exists. Atheists would argue with me and say "GOD is basically a placebo to make people feel better." Well, I say so be it! I would rather live my life believing GOD exists than to die not believing only to find out he does exist. Of course I don't think there is a burning pit of fire we would be condemned to if we do wrong. I personally think Hell is simply the grave. If we do wrong in our lives, we just die and our souls become lost in this world, don't go to Heaven. That's one of those things I think the Bible exaggerates a bit on.

Almost every vegan I've ever met has been atheist. You know why? Because vegans only see the world in black and white. In their logic, children in Africa are starving so there is no GOD. Cancer is running rampant today so there is no GOD. People are getting into car accidents so there is no GOD. Over 200,000 people died in the Asian tsunami in 2004, so there is no GOD. To me, it sounds totally dumb to blame all these things on GOD. But they believe just because GOD is said to control everything, why didn't HE stop these things from happening? Then the world would be perfect. We were not meant to live in a perfect world. Things happen. I cannot explain why, but there is always a reason that will add up in the end. I've lost friends over the years to a lot of things. Do you think I sit around and preach "oh woe is me! Why did this happen to my friend? There is no GOD since this happened to my friend!" My dad died of cancer, one of the things atheists blame GOD for. My dad did not sit around and think "Why is this happening to me?!" No way! He was strong till the end. Even went on 5 mile walks during his treatment! That's the kind of person he was. Never once did he curse GOD for him having cancer. He never questioned it. I admired that about him.

I saw a video yesterday where a vegan was confronting a dairy farmer in Australia. He said the usual typical vegan retarded arguments; comparing milk production to slavery. He was asking the farmer how does he know his dog just wants to live. Ya know, the usual black and white arguments. Vegans want to change the whole course of nature. Yet they sit home on their asses surrounded by cats. Vegans never have pet rabbits, nor pet birds, rarely pet dogs (if they do, it's usually a pit bull). Nope, they almost always have cats; the most carnivorous mammal a person can have besides a ferret. Then they totally feed them a vegan diet, which is not good at all. That is why I do not respect vegans who own cats. Well, I don't respect anyone who owns cats anyways, because they're almost always liberals.

My argument to vegans is always centered around the high number of vegans who have cats running around their house. I tell them get rid of those cats, then come talk to me about what I eat. Either way, vegans lose. They choose to keep an animal that kills wildlife, then they are contributing to the slaughter and extinction of wild animals. Or, they are feeding cats a vegan diet, which is not good for them at all, so it's considered the abuse and neglect of an animal. Or they are feeding these cats regular cat food, and are contributing anyways to the slaughter of animals like cows, pigs, chicken and fish. LOL! So, vegans lose 100% with cats. Until I actually meet a vegan who does not own a cat, never has owned a cat, and never will own a cat, I won't listen to them.

And honestly, soy is just as bad for people as the hormones many people put in meat! Soy has been linked to breast cancer. It makes peoples' hormones go crazy. Men become women and get that gynecomastia, which turns man boobs to female boobs. That's probably why so many vegan men are gay! Then there is the argument that it takes hundreds of gallons of water to raise one cow. Well I heard it takes a lot more gallons of water to raise one almond tree. And FAR more CO2 and methane gas emissions are put out by one vegetable picking machine than by 100 cows. So, there goes their arguments that it's more environmentally friendly to go vegan. LOL! If vegans would stop seeing the world in black and white, they would be able to see the whole picture of what they are doing.

But anyways, that is why I don't like vegans and I am not too crazy about atheist points of view. Though I do not deny them their right to choose how they want to live. Just don't bitch at me because I choose to live the way I want to. You live your way, I'll live mine. Hell, I may even die sooner than you, but at least I will die a happier person than you!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Celebrating Michael Hutchence With Specials and Mya

Today is a good day to celebrate Michael's life! Now, I've got some specials to post. Damn! If only I can embed posts from my other blog. As you know tomorrow is my Thanksgiving (always on the 22nd). So, I may not be in. I'll be too busy cooking that day. I do still give thanks, but it's for Michael. Well, him and family. So, I still call it "Thanks-giving". Thank GOD for giving us Michael for those relatively few years he was here. I wish it had been longer, but I guess GOD had other plans for him. I love Michael so much, I just cannot let him go. I'm still angry though that he got with Paula and she practically aided in driving him over the edge. The libtards can hate me for that all they want to. I don't care! But in some small way, I still feel like she was responsible for driving him nearly crazy! He was so protective of Paula to a point he became vindictive (his therapist's words). That's not good! Such ugliness does not look good with such a handsome man! But I think Paula drove him to it.

It's cool she agreed to give Michael a child (A child). But still, I think she did have a hand in driving him over the edge! Though I do mostly blame that Piers Morgan guy. I could see why when I saw one of his interview shows. He's so fricken annoying!!!

Anyways, here are some of the specials I have going on UMG Productions to celebrate Michael's life...

20% off Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses INXS

In honor of Michael growing his wings 20 years ago today, I am offering 20% off on a printed copy of this book. This book contains the stories "INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens", and "One Day In November..." and also a previously unreleased short graphic novel story "Jon's Nightmare". Link will open in a new window. Only available from today until November 24th.


50% off all streamed videos

Also until November 24th, I am offering 50% off any video streamed on the site. Use the coupon code HUTCH20 at checkout. This includes videobooks. These are like podcasts, or like audiobooks, only they have pictures and sometimes video. Check it out! So far, I've only done 3 videobooks for the site. But they are all stories also inspired by INXS. I'm getting those out of the way first 😀👍

You can access regular video movies here.
Or, you can stream videobooks here.

Now, I got something else to share. Mya is also helping me celebrate Michael's life. It's her first holiday with mommy! We are both celebrating. She never met Michael but she's heard a lot about experiences with him from me. Check out how she is celebrating Michael's day!

Did you ever see such a happy baby? She is loving INXS as much as I do! I've taught her well!

I've seen people do this with the Kick album cover. LMAO!! I'm too fat to do it. But Mya is just right! Look at how cute they look together. Well! At least I got the eyes right. Dogs are not like cats. When they look straight at you, the length of their nose hides their mouth. I always liked that about dogs. Cats have a flatter face and frankly, I think that looks rather ugly. But there's my girl celebrating Michael's life with mommy!