Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Why I Hate Feminists and MGTOWs

Here's one I never discussed. The main answer is...I just hate radicals of all kinds. Both groups are radical groups. Though the only reason MGTOWs exist is because of radical feminists, so MGTOWs are a little less radical than feminists. But they are still radicals! I do not hate MGTOWs as much as I do feminists. Feminists give all women a bad name! Especially modern feminists. They're radicals and I hate radicals! Got it?! Good! LOL!

I've seen some modern feminists do some pretty fucked up things. Probably the worst (and the most embarrassing) is dressing up in vagina costumes. That is probably the lowest point in all humanity, when you feel the need to dress up in some private part of your body for anything other than laughs. But really the main reason I hate both groups it all boils down to the fact that I just can't stand radicals. I was actually thinking about that old fart I ran into at Fred Meyers the other day while shopping, and comparing it partially to an earlier episode I had at the Safeway store.

Back before I got Mya, I had an incident at Safeway where I was coming out of the restroom and there was a couple women standing out there, greeting and hugging each other. They appeared to be old friends who were reunited. I was trying to get out so I could pay for my groceries and catch my bus, and as I was trying to get around them, I said excuse me a couple times, and they didn't appear to hear me. So, instead of saying excuse me a third time, I squeezed by them, knocking down some toy garden tools in the process. Well, practically the same thing happened on Monday when I had the encounter with that old fart in Fred Meyers. I was trying to reach for the whipping cream and I said excuse me a couple times and they seemed not to hear me, until I told the woman I needed to get in there. That's when the man flew off the handle.

I was laughing at him then, but lately, I've been thinking about that incident and the one earlier at Safeway and I wondered if the reason the man flew off the handle the way he did was maybe because they did not hear me say excuse me. I do speak very softly and there were other people around. So perhaps my voice was drowned out by them. I think because of that, the man thought I was one of those rude, young, entitled millennials who wanted to just push him out of the way like he didn't matter. I cannot really help it that I speak softly. I think it's part of my shy nature. As for why he flew off the handle so quickly, well, that's on him. But maybe he's as tired as I am of these damn millennials always wanting to get their way.

See, that is why I hate radicals so much! And yes, millennials are another type of radical. But radicals turn people against each other, either directly or indirectly. Radicalism has grown since Obama got in office. So, I blame him entirely for all this radical bullshit. This is why I am not interested in making friends with other INXS fans anymore, most of them are radicals/liberals/SJWs. I admit I do now have a few INXS fans as friends, I asked another and I am still waiting for her to accept my friend request. But they will probably be the only ones I ask. Though I do still email others occasionally. But still, it's only a relative few INXS fans. They were fans I really got to like a lot. There's still others I used to like, but since I do not know them anymore, and it's still possible they've decided to side with the SJWs, I most likely won't add them to my Facebook friends.

It's OK. I've got enough friends on Facebook to suit my needs now. I do not need anymore. I'm on one of the INXS groups (I gave up Tim-Hutch Love unfortunately), but as I've stated before, I am not on there to make friends. I'm on there for INXS, and ONLY my guys. And probably also because of Katrina. LOL! She wouldn't be in there at all if not for me. She's not that big of an INXS fan.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So Good At What I Do

Man! I am so damn good at what I do, I can make even a seasoned MGTOW cringe! That's not easy to do either! Well! He deserved it! He's a damn SJW, which frankly I think most MGTOW men are. If not, he's alone in that, because he was an SJW. The conversation was who should pay for dates. I always said it should be the one who asked to go on the date in the first place. For example, if the man asks the woman to go on a date, he should be prepared to pay for it. That is the way it's always been, I believe that is the way it should be. But on the other hand, if the woman asks the man for a date, then she should pay for it. Simple as that. That is how I interpret equality.

Now, I did most of my dating in the 1990s, back in the days before feminism. But one thing I have never done, I've never asked a man out on a date. I never needed to. They always asked me out on a date! They would say "Hey! I like you. Can I take you out for dinner or a drink?" I would usually say yes. Why not? At the most, I might find a soulmate. At the very least, it'll be an interesting night out. But for me to ask a man out for a date, well, I'm way too shy for that. My default mindset has always been "What if I ask him on a date, and he gives me a weird look? What then?" Or makes fun of me or says "No. I don't like you! Don't ask me for a date!" So, I avoid asking men altogether. And really, the only man I've ever known I wanted to ask out on a date was Michael Hutchence. Or any band member of INXS. But they are all married, and I'm afraid they might take it the wrong way, or say "I don't have time" or some other mess like that.

But anyways, you get the picture. I would ask a man out for a date if I found one I am really interested in, but since I haven't found one I am that interested in (aside from INXS) I haven't had the need to ask any men out on a date. The men are usually the ones who find me interesting enough to ask me out on a date. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because I am shy that men are attracted to that. And since I am the one the men are trying to impress, they should make that date interesting. Whether money is required or not. Not all dates require buying the girl or guy something. But typically, that is what a date is in human society.

Personally, I liken dating to what mating rituals are in animals. The male bird of paradise calls and displays his feathers to attract a female. Crows, bowerbirds and penguins even give gifts to potential mates. Why do they do it? To impress the female they want to impress. That is what it's all about. The female always goes for the male with the most elaborate display and gifts. It is modern feminists and MGTOWs who have turned traditional dating into an evil thing that should be scorned.

Well, today I got into it really good with a couple of MGTOWs, one named Matt Sterbation and the other named Jonas Scheyrer who kept on insisting that because I said the person who initiated the date should pay for it, that I am a feminist and I don't believe in male equality. UGH!!! Nothing could be further from the truth. But I would say the same thing if I invited someone to my house for dinner and made them pay for the food I prepare. Since I invited the person over to my place, that means I'm footing the bill. Same if a man asks me out for a date. If he asks me, I will expect him to pay for the date. But they did not understand what I was trying to say. Instead they took what I said and twisted the meanings around. Kinda like what the delusional mods did. LOL!

For example, Jonas asked me if I've ever asked a man out on a date before. Somehow I knew he would ask me that. But again, I was honest. I said no. I've never asked a man out on a date. I explained why earlier in this blog. But Jonas took that to mean that I would never actually ask any man out on a date, which I never said, and never even implied. Then he went on to say that saying 'I've never asked a man on a date' and that 'I would never ask a man on a date' means basically the same thing. I don't know by what standards that means the same thing, but as far as I know, it's not the same thing. Again, as I explained earlier in this blog post that yes, I would ask a man on a date if I found a man I am interested in. And I had to explain this over and over and over to these stupid men, and they still did not get it!!!

It gets even better. Matt Sterbation (um, is that even really a name?) went on to say that because I believe whomever asks for the date should be the one to pay for it, and that the one asking for the date is the one trying to impress the other person, he took that to mean that I see all men like appliances. LOL! I thought that was hysterically funny. So all animals see their potential mates as "appliances". When a lion fights for his female, he is in a sense being her "appliance". When a peacock displays and calls to attract a female, he is being her "appliance". When a penguin presents his female with a gift, he is being her "appliance". When a baboon displays to a female, he is her "appliance". It sounds more and more stupid when you spell it out that way. So, these men I dated were "appliances" and I didn't even know it. All that time, I had maybe a dishwasher or a can opener and didn't even know it! LOL! Like I couldn't do it for myself. Matt must think I am an invalid.

Well, Matt was dumb! Fuck him! He's the makings of the next Polak joke. Yes, he said he is Polish. No matter what I said, he's always going to believe what he wants to. I tried to set him straight, but again, he kept twisting my words saying I said this and that, which I never said. They were just how he interpreted what I said. I stayed on track with him though. That's one thing I am good at. I just hate having to explain everything over and over again to some closed-minded SJW bullshitter who is simply out to troll people who have their own opinions!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Young Sprigs vs. Old Farts

Today I went shopping. I kinda debated whether or not to take Mya. So, as much as I knew I should have taken her, I decided to leave her here. A friend came by and drove me to the market. I am still just getting used to all this new association with people, but this friend seems really nice. She's a member of the church that I am going to and she moved here from Colorado. I need someone with patience, who can handle someone like me, who is totally awkward around people. Especially strangers.

Our first stop was to Fred Meyers. Things were going well. I was getting the things I needed, I got a few groceries here and there, I thought it would only take about 30 minutes, at the most. And it wound up taking just a wee bit longer. Well, I got some milk and then realized I needed some cream. I use cream to cook a lot of the items I bake. So, I needed some cream. But when I went to pick up a carton of cream, there was this little old couple standing there. I parked behind them, said excuse me to them and waited for them to notice I was there. I said excuse me again and waited. I noticed the wife looked at me when I said that and then I said to her "Excuse me, I need to get in here." I was polite, but straightforward, as I had excused myself twice with these people.

I didn't know these people, and I'd never seen them before, but they both looked like rednecks. When I said to the wife "I need to get in here", that's when the husband noticed me, and he gave me a strange look like he wanted to tear me down or something. I just smiled. But he said "What? Do you want me to move just like THAT!?" and slammed his fist to his other hand. At that moment, I looked at the wife and she got wide-eyed and her jaw went all directions at once. But she kinda laughed too. So, I laughed with her as her husband went on "STUPID!!" and "CRAZY!!" He and his wife then moved off. He again went on with "I was here first! Wait your turn!" I told him that I said excuse me. He retorted with "I don't care what you need! I was here FIRST!" I just watched him and laughed at him. He went on to call me "CRAZY BITCH!" and I said "Yeah. You sure are! LOL!" He said to me "No, YOU are!" LOL! I felt a little like we were high school kids having a scuffle. I continued to laugh at him.

I ran into him a couple more times and showed him that I was still laughing at him. He always looked at me with such anger and hatred in his eyes. But I always returned his stare with giggles and smiles. He was trying to be intimidating. But it didn't work. He does not own the aisle. Intimidation rarely works with me, especially with a couple of redneck old farts. I'm a redneck myself. I'm used to them. And it does not bother me to be called crazy or a bitch. LOL! In fact, I love it. But he was definitely crazier than I am! It wasn't my fault he refused to move his wrinkled old ass! So, if he's going to stand in my way, he's going to have to put up with me! He can't do shit about me.

I told my friend about this and she was worried by laughing at him, I made him madder. I said "Yeah, maybe I did, but I don't care at all!" Like I said, if he's gonna stand there like a dumbass, I'm going to talk to him like the dumbass he is! Fuck him and his feelings! I hope I truly ruined his day. LOL! No one would deserve it more than him and his fugly wife too. Here I thought it was the younger people who were rudest of all. But no. Young folks don't have nothing on this old fart! I hope I see him again, I'll ruin his day all over again.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mya Full of Energy!

That's my girl, so full of life!! Sometimes Mya just runs for the heck of it. She seems to love being in motion. This video was actually shot a few weeks ago when she was smaller. She's grown a bit since this video was shot.

Last night, I stepped out to put her outside and I saw a gift bag full of little toys that someone left. I assumed for Mya. So, I brought it in. I don't know who it was that left the bag, but I thank them for it. Mya loves getting new toys. Today, she is playing so well with it. There were 4 little plush toys in the bag. I've decided to introduce them to her one at a time. Like kids, dogs love getting new toys too. So, I gave her one last night and I am saving the others for later dates.

In my own news, I am just getting over a bad cold. Thank GOD it is not going to go on to last a month like the last one did! UGH!!! That SUCKED!!!! But for this one only lasting a week, it sure was a bad one! It even hurt to breathe! I've been trying to commit to going to church here. Though that kind of commitment is hard for me. But it is a good way to meet the townspeople here. Since I plan to be here for a long time, I should get to know the people here. Maybe it'll even help me with my people skills.

Let's face it, I still hate people! But my mom wants me to get over that. My sis gets along with people much better than I do. So, I've got to learn.

As for my leg, it's doing a lot better. I popped it last night. Though it hurt to do that, I think that's just what it needed. For the past month, it's been feeling like it's been pushed out of place. Maybe last night, I popped it back into place. I'm walking a lot better now. Though still not walking fast or running.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sorry, Group

Well, I had to leave my own group last night. I was looking through the members list of the group for that chick that commented here a few weeks ago and then deleted her comments, so that I could block her butt on Facebook. Since she decided to side with the libtards and SJWs, I don't want anything more to do with her. Kinda sad, but hey, that's life. I gotta protect myself. But while I was looking for her profile, I saw there are actually 2 admins now in the group. But one was not visible to me. That meant only one thing; it was one of the libtards. I sat here and thought "uh oh. Not good!" As an admin, you can see anyone's posts, and I don't even want the libtards even seeing my posts. Even though they cannot respond to me.

So, I posted to the head admin, the woman I left in charge, and asked her who the other admin is. Well, I sat here for a while, pondering who it was and I had a pretty good idea who it was. I just had a strong feeling it was Clare Aisha. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. Sure enough she got back to me and told me that yes indeed, it was Clare. Oh bother! I told her that I cannot stay because I really do not care for Clare. She's a damn SJW!! I want nothing to do with her! So, I had to delete myself from that group. I hated to, but again, I want nothing to do with Clare. None whatsoever. Well, at least I wasn't kicked out. But I left with a positive note, saying I'm glad the group is doing well.

Well, I am still on a couple other INXS groups. They are groups where I know the admins and I trust them to a greater degree. I do trust the person I left in charge of my group, I've always known her to be a sweet and fair person. But I do not trust Clare at all. Typical libtard, always sides with the other libtards! No way do I want anything to do with her. She can kiss my fat, funky ass!

Yeah I know! I'm vicious! LOL! But I do not like liberals nor SJWs. I don't want to see them again.

I was asked to do a video about oldest dog breeds. The person who recommended it wants it done NOW. LOL! Well, I am still working on the script for that video, but it's been a long process. These pills that I take now for pain and anti-inflammatories put me to sleep! And I cannot really type when all my brain wants to do is sleep. So, I really do not know when it'll be up, but it will be sometime this week. I just cannot say exactly when. Between personal things and these pills, it's hard to tell right now. Creating a video is no small task. It takes a lot of preparations. So, I have a lot to do to make this a good video, including doing some research, which also takes an alert brain to do! Something I don't seem to have lately. Poor Mya is the one suffering the most. She always wants to play and I can't for long because these pills put me to sleep. It sucks!! But they are working. My leg is getting better every day!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hmmm, What Do You Think Happened?

A few weeks ago, someone I haven't heard from in a while commented on my blog. She was one of my old INXS buds. Nice girl. But now, I wonder. She made a couple comments here on one of my posts, but now they seem to be gone. Hmmm. That's interesting. It can only mean one of 2 things; either she was one of the liberals and SJWs, or she deleted her Google account. Not sure she deleted her account, but since she probably still has contact with the old SJW INXS fans, she probably decided to side with them. They probably told her that I think cancer is a joke and she was dumb enough to believe it. Again, without asking me first. Typical of liberal/SJW behavior.

Oh well, liberals will be liberals. Nothing anyone can do about it. It's all Obama's fault. But it is kinda sad. I actually liked this girl. But see, this is exactly why I am not interested in making any INXS buds on Facebook this time around. I wouldn't know who to trust anymore. And the fact that I've moved heaven and earth to make this girl happy does not matter once the libtards and SJWs get her under their spell. She once asked me for a specific picture I had of Michael that she's never seen before, and I went out of my way to make sure she got a copy. That's where my friends tell me I am too nice. Well, that's not happening this time on Facebook. Not at all. If I have a picture they don't have, then that's their problem. I won't go out of my way for SJWs and liberals anymore. Like I said, the kind, loving TimmyHutchFan is dead. All my love now goes only to family, close friends and Mya.

I actually have more fun on Facebook when I am not trying to make friends. Really, I do. I just chit-chat. Yes, I am on a couple of INXS groups. But I do not share any of my pics with them. I post them on my own group to give myself a buzz. But SJWs and liberals are not allowed on my group. And it's a secret group, so it's not easily found in Facebook's search engine. There's only 2 people in the group in fact, that's me and Katrina. Sometimes I post some pics I have of Jon and she likes them. But that's the way I like it. Just the two of us, INXS fans who are not liberals or SJWs.

I can't believe the SJW INXS fans are actually still gnawing away on that bone. Oh wait! Yes I can. That's how SJWs operate. Once they get something stuck in their craw, it stays there for life! I still don't know how I could have known Kelly P. was ill with cancer when I did not communicate with her in any way whatsoever. I kindof believe the SJWs are upset really that the person I was talking about was not really someone they knew, nor did that person have cancer. But they want to believe the person who spread the rumor about me because they like her better. Doesn't surprise me. I mean really, let's face facts. Since it was someone they really did not know, they really would not care. But since they think it was someone they did know very well, it would be embarrassing of them to admit their own mistake. A true liberal would not want to go that extra mile and admit they are wrong. That's what liberals do. Like I said, they hear one side of the story and run with it. No matter whether it's really true or not. And instead of apologizing for their mistake, they continue to put fault on the person who tells them what they believe is wrong.

GOD I hate liberals!!!

Thank GOD I don't have any friends who are liberals! I have accepted a couple INXS fans as friends, and I am standing by to see how they are. They might turn out to be nice people. Who knows? I cannot say for sure right now. I have most of the libtards blocked. I wonder if I should block this girl too. Maybe I should. Like I said, she's probably sided with the liberals and SJWs too. I almost hate to do it though, but I don't need that in my online existence. I won't put up with it anymore. Get them before they get me. :)

Mya-Moo Loves Her Monkey!

A little video I made for the family showing how Mya just loves her toys! Don't worry about her flipping over, she's OK. She does that all the time because she moves so fast she can't stop herself. It's funny to watch her. She has this toy hedgehog that I gave her that giggles. She either loves that thing very much, or she hates it very much! LOL! Because it's the only toy she plays with that makes her growl.

This little girl moves like grease lightening! I've never seen a dog that moves so fast!! I wish my leg wasn't broken, I'd be running alongside her! It'd be so much fun!

Yesterday I went to the local church and I met some of the people. They are all so nice. They even gave me a birthday card and came with a little gift too, a pot of desert plants. I like plants, but I can never get them to last long for me. These should though. If I forget to water them, it wouldn't matter. They are so cool!! I was hoping to make some friends here, as I do intend to be here for quite a while. I hope to get close to someone. Yeah, I know! I don't like people. But now that I have Mya, some things have changed. Especially since I broke my leg!

I've been working on the leg. I have absolutely NO intention of giving in to this. I won't allow it! Even if I have to stay completely immobile for a while, I'm going to get better enough to go on my 4-mile walks again! I won't allow this to take over my life. I absolutely WON'T!!!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I Guess It's Over

LOL!! Well, I guess I can bring this up now. But it looks like the whole business with the stepfamily is over. Not that I really care, I mean, really! My dad's gone, so that part of my life is over. I only accepted Kathy into my Facebook friends because of my father. Well, Kathy seems to have deleted her facebook account. Either that, or she's deleted and blocked me. I don't know. But again, I really do not care. I was actually going to delete her anyways after I got this alleged "care package" she was supposedly going to send to me and my sister.

Stephanie mentioned this in her all-too hateful message to my mom. She said because her mom is such a "kind, loving person" she's making up a care package for me and my sis. But claimed that because she is "mourning her husband" AKA, my father, it's a long and slow process. Now, I understand the mourning process. But frankly, I don't think Kathy is mourning that much. Before my mom sent Kathy the message that got Stephanie so triggered, Kathy had posted something up about going to a bar with her friends and "drinking it up". Umm, excuse me, but that does not sound like she's mourning that bad to me. I will agree she's probably mourning my father to a degree. But surely, if Kathy can find time to go to bars with her friends and drink it up, then she can find the time to put together this "care package" that she was supposedly working on. So, what's the hold up?

Ahh fuck it! I don't believe there ever was a "care package" that Kathy was putting together! I think Stephanie is a big-time liar. She probably just said that to shut my mom up. I think Kathy is also pissed off at me because I said Stephanie was fat. Well!! Stephanie said much worse than that about me, my mom and my sister! Calling Stephanie "fat" should be the least of Kathy's concerns! LORD knows it doesn't bother me when someone calls me fat. At least I know it's true. At least now, Stephanie knows the truth about everything. For years, she thought it was all my idea to move from Lakewood. She thought that I "abandoned" my sis in Montana. She, Kathy and Jennifer have been fed so much bullshit about me, they had some kind of distorted image of me being a monster. I've often been misunderstood because I am a no-bullshit kind of person. Liberals fear me. LOL! I should probably use that to my advantage and haunt their nightmares! hehehehe!!!!!

To the literal people, that was a joke!

Well, at least now Stephanie knows that I am not the kind of person she wants to fuck with! I'll tear her a new asshole! She hasn't said anything since I responded to her message to my mom. I guess she's not as big an idiot as I suspected, because right now, that would be poking the bear. She should know better now than to fuck with me! And my dad is not there to protect her. And I don't give a shit about her mom or her sister! They can't shut me up. But let them try.

Ya know I just realized, this year is going to be the first year I'll be celebrating my birthday without my father. It's going to be hard. Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster again. But that's why I got Mya. I'm probably still going to be at the mailbox looking for a card from my father that will never come. I know for sure I can't expect anything from that good-for-nothing stepmom of mine!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mom's Come And Gone

Well, that was a short visit! My leg was so bad in the beginning, I needed help. Having a busted leg made it a lot harder to take care of Mya, let alone myself! So, my mom came here and offered to stay a couple weeks to help me take care of Mya. She did good, but there was a problem. She had intended to stay here for a couple weeks. But while she was here, she got a couple of job offers. One job offer was unsure, the other was a sure thing. But there was a catch. In order to get that job, she had to be at the office on Monday, which is tomorrow. But it is a good job, data entry, it's in her neighborhood, and she'd get $11 per hour.

Well, if I had told my mom what I really wanted, it would have been selfish of me. I didn't want her to go. I'm getting along a lot better now, though I still have episodes where my body wants to go one way, and my leg wants to go the other, and it HURTS when that happens!!! Then I have to come in here and take another pain pill, which puts me to sleep! Thank GOD I am not one of those that is prone to addictions. But if I had had my way, I would have told mom not to take that job, because I still needed her. But that would have been selfish of me. She needs this job, and she enjoys working. As much as I wanted her to stay, I also wanted her to take that job and do good.

I will say, it was good to have her here, even though it wasn't for as long as I would have liked. We were going to go and visit Nancy this weekend, but mom had to get back home. I kinda joked a bit and said that if worst comes to worst, I would just call my sis to come here and stay for a while. But mom doesn't want me to do that because my sis has a job, and mom didn't want her to get fired. But my sis hasn't met Mya! Sometimes I do not look forward to taking her out because of the fear of my leg twisting backwards. But I am going to need a caregiver here soon because I may actually have to have surgery. Though it is not certain yet.

I went for a follow-up appointment on Friday, and after having a better look at the x-rays submitted last week, they did find a slight fracture in my right patella. I knew it had to be fractured!!! I went down awful hard! There's no way anyone could go down that hard and not have some kind of fracture going on! So, I knew it had to be fractured. The doctor said it didn't fracture all the way through, but it still hurts and is still very tender. Either way, it SUCKS!!!! I am going to need a caregiver for a while, so Mya can get the training she needs. She's potty-training nicely now. It was touch and go there for a while, but she's turning out to housebreak nicely. Well, I've often heard shelties are smart dogs. She is! She's plenty smart!

Speaking of dogs, I saw this one video I can't seem to get out of my mind. Some dumbass on the Offensive Group last week came in one day with some kind of vendetta going against dogs. It was one day before I was due to get Mya. Well, she posted a video of a puppy being fed to a python, and I have not been able to get that video out of my mind! It was such a cute puppy too. The video ended with a little black boy wailing and crying, as if to mock people who might see that video and think it's awful. Which it is!

My big question is why would someone feed a sweet, innocent puppy to a python?! I can see feeding rats, mice, rabbits, even guinea pigs to pythons, as those are their natural food sources. I can even see feeding kittens to pythons, because cats are annoying anyways! But why a puppy?! What is it with people today?! Why do they always want to be such assholes to feed something so cute, cuddly and friendly to a snake?! I can't fathom that! Is it just because it makes them feel good about themselves to want to kill all things that are little and cute?! Is that what makes them feel special? Or powerful?! Or do they just want to see a dog die?! I'd rather have seen the snake's owner get killed by the snake than a sweet puppy! Give the puppy to me if you don't want it, but don't do something so cruel as to feed a sweet, innocent puppy to a python! And if you are so messed up that you just want to see a dog die, then volunteer at an all-kill shelter! There, you can see hundreds of dogs and cats get killed because they can't find homes for them.

UGH!!! People make me sick!!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

RIP Chris Cornell

Oh man! This is going to break Katrina's heart! Chris Cornell of Soundgarten passed away yesterday. Soundgarten is perhaps one of Katrina's most favorite groups of all time. She used to listen to their album over and over again!!! She also had a big crush on Chris Cornell when she was a teenager! I wanted to call her and tell her, but she is at work and I'm afraid it might have ruined her day. I wonder if she's heard the news anyways. I don't know. I remember how she felt when she found out George Michael died, and when Prince died. She was very sad by those losses. She liked them much more than I did. LOL! But she was heartbroken then. This is really going to break her. He died yesterday, and it is believed he died of suicide. But still not sure of it yet.

Katrina, if you're reading this, I am so sorry to give you the news. Please remember to pray for his family and friends.

I just heard the news this morning myself. My first thoughts were with Katrina. Because I remember how she crushed on him as a child. I think she's even seen him in concert, though I don't know if she's met him or not. I know he lived in Seattle too. If I ever met him, I wouldn't have known it, like I said, I don't know all of today's celebrities, and all people in Seattle look alike to me.

This is very sad anyways, Soundgarten was a good group. I don't have any of their songs on my MP3 player, but I would listen to them, and boogie to their songs. Especially Black Hole Sun, which Katrina used to play over and over and over again!!! I guess that's why I don't have it on my MP3 player, because she played it so many times a day, it made me crazy! But she loved it.

Now for the dramatic subject change, Mya is doing good! She gets a lot of attention everywhere we go! She is so fluffy and cute!! Even our apartment manager, who said she doesn't even like dogs, fell in love with Mya. Yesterday I took her to Salem, and we had fun! We actually went through this thrift store and took random, cute pictures of her. I'm using one as my profile pic.

My current profile pic on Facebook. She's queen of the hill!
Now, she's today's Blue-plate Special.

Riding away on her hobby-horse.

She's met Mr. Teddy Bear.
She loves the gift her auntie and cousins sent her!
It's good to relax after a long, hard day of photo-taking.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

TimmyHutchFan Gets The Best Birthday Gift

Here is the movie I've been working on about Mya. It starts when she is born, and ends this past weekend. I filmed everything, and I even made this comical in some scenes. I think it'll be a much-loved movie.

Home-Coming Mya

Well, I have wanted to write about this, but I am currently on medications that knock me completely out! There is a reason for that, which I will explain later in this post. I am also currently working on a movie, a comedic movie, about getting Mya. Some scenes I had to do over and over again, just to get them right, but it's become an amazingly funny movie! For the most part.

I was due to get Mya on Friday night, and I wanted everything to run like clockwork. I had a car rental standing by so I could drive into Portland to the airport and pick up Mya. I caught the bus from here and went to the terminal downtown. From there, I caught the bus to Lincoln City. It was quite a bumpy bus ride and I almost got car sick! The driver took the turns and twists so fast I was getting dizzy! It'd been a long time since I'd been to Lincoln City! I mean REALLY been to Lincoln City! From there I had to catch a bus to Newport. I had to wait about an hour for that bus to come and I spent it at the local Safeway. There, I got myself a little treat and sat in their cafe and ate it. Then, when the time came, I went back to the terminal to catch the bus to Newport. I kindof expected to have lunch when I got to Newport after I picked up the car, since I had so much time to kill. Mya wasn't due into this state until 8:30 that night, and it was 12:30 PM when I got to Newport.

In order to get the car, I had to go to the Hertz office at the airport. I spent a few minutes at a local Walgreens, so I could pick up something. I like their TP, so I got some of that. I asked the woman who worked the counter that day how far away was the Newport Airport, and she told me it was only a couple miles away. I could have actually walked it if it hadn't been raining out! But she said that highway is not really safe. Well, the next bus wasn't due to take me to the airport for another 2 and a half hours, and it seemed silly to wait that long. Plus, the bus in Newport doesn't even go into the airport, I would have had to cross the highway! That would have SUCKED!!!!! So, I thought "why not take a cab?" So, that's what I did. I figured it couldn't cost much to take a cab for just a couple miles. I was wrong!!! The cab wound up costing over $20!!! But I got there safely! I saw why that highway is known to be dangerous!! It's 4 lanes of fast-paced cars! And I was told the drivers on that highway don't much pay attention to what they're doing.

It was raining and wet when I got to the car rental place. I walked in and went to the counter. Well, my credit card kept getting rejected because there was a $200+ deposit that no one told me about! Well, my sister was the heroine here and she lent me the money. One way or another, I HAD to have that car on Friday! That was how I managed to get it. So after a few more tries, I got approved! So, the attendant and I went out to inspect the car, and it looked good. So, we headed back inside. It was still wet outside, even though by now the rain had died down. We were leaving wet shoeprints in the building. It was a hard, marble floor! When I got inside, I slipped and just went down! I landed on my knees and I couldn't get up! I was in PAIN!!!!!!! What a time for that to happen!!!!  A couple of nice men helped me get to my feet, and I was able to walk to the sofa they had and sit down, finishing the paperwork. But I did it all in agony!

I thought I could slip by the pain and still go pick up Mya. But when I was on my way back home, I saw a feed store I was going to go into to pick up some food for her. But I found my right leg had swollen to 3 times it's normal size! And I was still in agony! I was in so much pain, I could not even stand enough to get out of the car! So, I had to ditch that idea and get back to Tillamook and go see a doctor. I thought for sure my knees were broken! I landed on them so hard! So, I drove all the way to Tillamook, where I stopped at the Urgent Care center. I didn't know how else I could summon some help, so I dialed 911 to send someone out with a wheelchair to get me out of the car! It's times like this that living alone becomes a big disadvantage!

Well, someone came out and helped me get inside. At the time she came, I was recording, and she kinda walked out in the middle of it. But I had to go quickly when she came out. The doctors were very nice here, nothing at all like that bitch I had to deal with back in Astoria! And that was the best physician Astoria had to offer! Then I like where I am now! Well, I found out that thankfully my knees were not broken. But I did have to be put on crutches. They work! In the movie, you can hear me trying to walk with them. It's not easy! But it is necessary for me to get around with. It did make getting Mya home a little harder.

Well, I was put on an anti-inflammatory medicine, as well as a high-dose pain-killer, which also knocks me out! So, that is why I had to wait to type this blog. Taking those pain-killers makes it hard to stay awake long enough to type any blog posts. But it is necessary, again, because I am still in pain! I picked up my meds and went on to Portland. I used my GPS to get me most of the way there. I was terrified to death that the place would be closed and I would not get Mya until Monday. I did get lost for a bit, but someone gave me proper directions to get to the place I was supposed to go and pick up my baby.

I went to cargo shipping and I saw my baby girl. I fell instantly in love!! She was so small and cute!!! She's fluffier than a marshmallow! She has eyes kindof like Jim Morrison's only MUCH cuter!!! She has whiskers that go on for days!!! She has a tiny tongue that is always going! But she is so nervous! That kinda makes it hard to train her. She won't listen when she is nervous. She's scared of the kid noises around here. Which I find odd because the breeder I got her from has grandkids. I'd have thought Mya would be used to kid sounds! Well, she's still new here. She'll learn. Meantime, I am a happy girl now. I got my baby! I also have a busted leg, but that does not matter to me at this moment.

I gotta stop this blog now, I'm falling asleep again.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dumbasses Will Be Dumbasses!

I am on a lot of free-speech groups now on Facebook. I guess that's why I rejoined the INXS groups, for a little bit of balance, as sometimes the free-speech groups can get to me. Sometimes. LOL! I usually enjoy those free-speech groups. Well, one that my sis is also on, I had a little bit of fun with a few posters last night. And a little bit today! hehehe! It all started with this girl, a 20-something year-old lesbian girl, who calls herself Britt Brittance Ann. I don't know, maybe that is her real name. But who the Hell is named "Brittance"?! Her favorite line is calling everyone a "racist". Well, last night she began attacking my sis's deceased dog Odessa. I didn't like that! I mean, I knew she was bullshitting my sis, but then she started saying my sis's dog was an illegal immigrant (because she was a chihuahua), and she killed Odessa. Then she started taking my sis's pics off her facebook page and crossposting them in the group without my sis's permission.

My sis seriously needs to make her page private! I did! Well, last night, I got into it with Britt and some dude from the UK named Davie Oi. I began making shit up about them too. I told Britt she was a racist, who hates Mexican dogs and brown birds. LOL!! Then I told Davie that he's gonna be deported because his dad was in the UK illegally. LOL! Of course it was all bullshit! Just like when they kept saying we had illegal immigrant dogs, just because Chihuahuas are a Mexican breed. Davie got a little personal when he said he was not in his country illegally like our "ugly dogs". LOL! I said to him "My dogs are not ugly like you and your dad are either!" Again, I was bullshitting him. I know I have no room to talk about someone else being ugly!!! I also told him there are no real men in the UK. Which unfortunately is true. Especially nowadays, as it seems most UK men don't like dogs anymore. Davie even went so far as to offer to meet me in a supermarket parking lot with no guns. I told him "Dude, I'm from the south! I know guns. You don't want to go there with me!" I warned him that I am a natural-born redneck, came from a long line of rednecks. Davie left that night, calling me and my sis "morons". I said "TRIGGGGGGGGGGERRRRRRED!!!"

FYI, "triggered" is the term now being used by trolls when they make their target angry. Like all trolls, they do it for the laughs. That's what Britt's and Davie's goals were last night, was to trigger me and my sis. Well, it worked on my sis, but it doesn't work so well on me. I don't allow trolls to get me triggered. I do it to them instead. I said "Davie isn't the only idiot who can play that game!"

My sis was worried about me, but I was actually having fun! Someone needs to teach these city-people respect! I'll bust anyone who says shit about my family. That includes the dogs! Well, this morning I discovered Britt did it again. She stole my sis's picture off her facebook page and posted it onto the group. It made my sis angry. And some other cityboy loser joined her in jeering at my sis, saying my sis looks like a lesbian. Britt is the one with the profile pic of herself kissing another girl and my sis is the lesbian. Oh boy! LOL! So what did I do? I jeered back at Britt. I followed her all over the page and made random comments about Britt being a lesbian and a racist. I said she hates birds and dogs. LOL! Again, it was all bullshit. She said "I hate you Dee." I said to her "Naturally you do! You hate birds and dogs!" LOL!!! I use birds and dogs in my profile pics, BTW, and I tell these people that's me. hehehe! Again, it's supposed to be funny.

WELL!!!! I'm just trying to fit in! You should see what some of these other people post and say is themselves. It's humor. Sick humor, but still funny!

I triggered Britt in a couple more posts, again, I was having fun. I even tagged her in the posts, so she would be sure to see them. Well, a short time later, I found out Britt had actually blocked me. It must have been when I posted in a video on the group of an Asian woman using a dildo-shaped make up stick to apply make up to make herself look white. I said "I bet Britt Brittance Ann uses this same thing every day to make herself look white!" Britt must have thought that was the last straw and blocked me. LOL!!! I laughed so hard when I found out she blocked me!!! I thought I would be the one blocking her in the end, but the dumb fucker blocked me instead!!!!! LOL!! Too funny!!! I laughed so hard I almost wet myself! The last time I laughed that hard being blocked by someone was when Jannah blocked me. It was so funny!!! I still feel good about it! Know why? Because...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Up To Speed

Remember the other day when I posted that I accidentally sent that message about Stephanie to Kathy? Well, I haven't yet mentioned this, been waiting, but I heard back from Kathy. LOL! The first thing she asked was why I posted that picture. I told her the story of how my sis needed to blow off steam, and she needed a picture of Stephanie to do it with. LOL! Like I said, it's better than taking it out on the real thing! Then Kathy stated "That was very rude!" My response to her was "So was Stephanie's message to my mom. Where does one draw the line at? I'm not hurting anything. Stephanie acted like an animal." I hope Stephanie got that message loud and clear. I'm sure Kathy shared it with her. I'm not exactly trying to sound polite. I already tried politeness with those people, and they hated it. So, now the wolverine is in action. And to the literal people, that's a figure of speech! I often call myself a wolverine because I am brave.

I think Stephanie was scared I was going to use her picture to torment her on here. LOL! Maybe I will and maybe I won't. I'll tell you one thing, I definitely will if she disrespects my ma again! Stephanie has only begun to see how nasty I can get! I don't call myself the human wolverine for nothing! I know my ma does not need me to fight her battles for her (she's not like Kathy). But I have the mentality that if you fuck with my family, then your ass is fair game in my book! I'll fuck with you right back! I swear, Kathy is 3 years older than my ma, and she needs her daughters to fight her battles for her?! I kinda wonder if Kathy was one of those kinds of kids that grew up being bullied, and always had other kids come to her aid? Standing alone, I may have gotten my ass beat up as a kid, but today it's made me a stronger person. I don't run from bullies anymore. But I do hate them.

Well, this is the last time I am bringing up this family on this blog. At least until step 3. I will explain about that later. But that's the last step in my communication with that family, and then that will be it. I'll wash my hands of them all completely.

Speaking of washing one's hands completely, I've noticed the Two Worlds Collided group is no longer there. Hmm. I wonder what happened? LOL! Not that I was ever on that group, I had no interest. But looking back on posts I made when I first heard about that group, did I not tell you that group would fail?! If it went under, that is no surprise to me! And I bet I know exactly what caused it. It's because Jannah cannot control her damn temper! I could have told you all that! In fact I did! Jannah was the fag to end all fags! I think those dumb cats of hers did something to her brain. They've been linked to road rage. I think they can also be linked to internet rage as well. I told you all, cats are the spawn of Satan. They cause people to turn on one another. Name me a dog owner that has such a bad attitude as Jannah had. You'll never find one. I was nicer to Jannah than she was to me, and I haven't had a cat since 2002. I'm also 40+ years old. My guess is Jannah must have been (at most) in her 20s, judging by her attitude. If not in her teens.

I don't often like to say I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO!!! As someone who's dealt with bullying, I've had to train myself to be able to judge beforehand who is a friendly person and who isn't. Most of the time, I can tell who is a good person and who's not. Jannah was NOT a good person! Bad people often hide behind occasional friendly words. I learned that the hard way! When I was 10 years old. Well, every experience in our lives brings forth knowledge. I must say I learned well. I learned more by watching people than I did sitting in a classroom reading books. I learned what school cannot teach you. Now, whether I always put that knowledge to work ahead of time is another story. LOL! When I try to give liberals a chance is when I often get into the most trouble. I sometimes don't know, or can't face, that some of the people I chose as "friends" are indeed liberals. One thing I learned, NEVER let your guard down with liberals! That's not a good idea!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

"I Want To Be Accepted"

No, I don't mean me. I don't care if people accept me or not. That's why I am getting a dog. LOL! But there is this group that I am on, it's an anti-SJW group. One of the things that was brought up in the group recently was something about using proper "pronouns" when speaking about someone who is transsexual. I know I have mentioned this before on here, but I do not care about using "proper pronouns". There is only 2 genders. That's all that is needed. I don't go for any of this "they", "them", "zhe", "zey", or whatever-bullshit! Many of the transsexuals you see today are only doing what they are doing to get attention. There is something called "Gender dysphoria" and it's a very rare mental disorder where a person is one sex, but identifies themselves as the other. It's not supposed to be a fad, it's not meant to gain attention or acceptance. I've met some people who actually do have this disorder, and the ones I've met are not happy that their disorder is now being used as a fad! They also do not give a shit about the use of "proper pronouns". Only the attention-seekers want that.

One person in the group said "We christians hate to say we told you so but WE TOLD YOU SO!" She said that this was bound to happen once gay marriage was accepted. Now, again I am all for gay marriage. If it makes the parties involved happy, I'm all for it. But now other groups of people are stepping up and want to be accepted in their own special way too. Now, transsexuals want to be accepted, otherkin people want to be accepted, and even now pedophiles and zoophiles want to be accepted! UGH!! Where does society draw the line? You know the saddest thing about that is you know damn well, eventually the liberals and SJWs are going to go for that! I told you, liberals and SJWs are DUMB!!! They'd work to accept any old group of people. Anyone who disagrees is referred to as a "hater".

Today, someone asked in another group if we miss Obama. I said Hell NO! I'm glad he's gone! And don't come back! Of course I don't like Trump much better, but Obama did everything he could to divide this nation. We used to be a nation united. Now, we are a nation divided! And it's all Obama's fault! Now, everything is political. You're either a right-wing or left-wing. If you're right-wing, you're considered a "hater". If you're a left-wing, you're a liberal or SJW. I heard somewhere that California now wants to be divided into "North California" and "South California". I'm sure the leftists are also going to go for that! Just like they'll go for giving pedophiles and zoophiles acceptance! Then watch what happens! But this is exactly why I never liked Obama! He divided the people of this nation. He started all this libtard bullshit. He wasn't even our best president! He was the worst in fact (so far).

I heard the classic liberals were actually quite decent people. But they are no longer considered liberals. They are what is now called "libertarians". I identify with this group much better myself. Though my mom thinks I am a liberal. But I know I am not. I'm what a liberal used to be, before the days of Obama. Back when people were actually decent and kept their noses out of other peoples' business.

So why not accept the otherkins? Why not accept the pedophiles? Why not accept the zoophiles? There is a man who exists and he's in his 70s, but he identifies himself as a 7-year old girl! Should we accept him too? I don't know about you all, but if I see a 70-something year old man acting like a 7-year old little girl, I'm gonna think he's a weirdo! And I don't care to see someone having sex with kids, or animals! And if I see a grown person who is identifying themselves as a different species, again I'm gonna think that person's a weirdo who should be locked up! We really need to be careful who we give acceptance to. Once we give acceptance to one group of people, other groups of people are bound to step forward also demanding acceptance. Society needs to learn to say no. Things are just going to get out of hand here.

Friday, May 5, 2017

My Baby-Moo

LOL! One of the nicknames I have for my newest member of the family. I got word that my Baby-Moo girl is coming next Friday! I could not be happier! I've been waiting for this moment since I moved to OR! I haven't had my Vegas and Minnie with me, they will be legally adopted by my sis. I've been craving the companionship of a dog, so I finally got one. She is going to be my birthday present this year. I do wish I had a playmate for her, but that will come later. Like maybe next year. I've decided to name this one Mya, after the song "By My Side" by INXS. That will be her registered name. She is a smaller-scale shetland sheepdog, which means she won't get any bigger than 12 inches and about 10 pounds. I don't really like using the terms "toy" or "teacup", unless it's official.

I like shelties. I always have. I've never had one, but I have come close to getting one a couple times. The first time I almost came close to getting one was when one of my friends had a sheltie that had puppies. Yes the pups were purebred, though not registered. She just wasn't the type that bred her dog for registering. But she offered me one of her puppies for free once, and I almost accepted, but my mom talked me out of it because she brought up dad, whom she said would never allow me to get another dog. At the time we already had Andy. And I guess my dad did not want Andy to have to deal with the competition for love with another puppy. So, I thought about it, and unfortunately I had to decline my friend's offer. I was upset! That was back in 1991, and I still haven't forgiven myself completely for turning down that dog!

The next time was in 1999, I visited a breeder who raised shelties, and she had a couple of adorable tiny babies that I fell in love with. I could have gotten both of them! They were not ready to go home at that time, so I had to wait. I don't really remember now what it was that changed my mind then, I believe this was around the time grandma got hurt really bad, and we wound up having to give her round-the-clock care. So, I figured I wouldn't have time to take care of my grandma and housetrain a puppy too. So, I gave up the puppy. I wish I hadn't! Those same puppies that I fell in love with, I recently found out, became grand-champion show dogs! UGH!!!! I've been kicking myself ever since I found out!

Well, those were 2 times I almost got a sheltie and didn't. Both for different reasons that I don't need to worry about anymore. Both my grandma and my father have passed on. And besides, I'm a grown woman now with my own apartment! I can get anything I want to! As long as I have the manager's approval, no one can make me not get what I want. I do have approval from the manager and Mya is going to be registered here as a companion-therapy animal. She's too young yet to be considered a service animal. Either way, she will be loved. She's turning into a beautiful baby!

As you all can see, she's a happy girl! Because she knows she's coming to a home she's going to be loved in! I've been smiling myself so much my face aches sometimes. But that's a joyful feeling!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I've Been Founded Out!

LOLOL!!! I've rejoined some INXS groups again. Well, the first one Katrina added me to, even though I really wasn't ready then. But I've also rejoined my old group, Tim-Hutch Love. Of course the person I left in charge has changed the name. Katrina told me she did, but man! I didn't know it was such an uncreative name! Sorry, but it is uncreative. I might suggest something a lot more catchy, like "INXS Life" or something like that. Just a thought there. The woman I left in charge, she seems to be doing well, and that's a good thing. I'm glad. She should appoint another administrator though, in the event that something happens to her. But be very careful who that other admin is!

Well, my instincts have been talking to me, and I believe I've been found out. My instincts are usually quite keen. And they've been talking to me. It started when I found a couple of posts have disappeared. I think the posters of those comments blocked me on Facebook. They're not even people I know, so I'm not bothered by it. But it was the first indicator that I've been found out. LOL! Oh well, who cares! I'm done giving any shits about what a couple of worthless SJW losers think of me. Like Katrina would say, I'll file that under the category of fucks I don't give. LOL! Another indicator is I've noticed the group has gotten quiet since I've been found out. So, I know the SJWs are in the background talking. But hey! That's OK. Again, I don't care. I'm definitely NOT in that group to make friends.

I have learned some things since I've been in there. For example, I found out that Paula Yates was NOT the culprit in killing Michael. Not even Bob Geldof is. It was actually some bitch named Piers Morgan. Apparently the head-honcho for the tabloids in London! It was Morgan who told the press where Michael and Paula were every day. But why Paula looks so nonchalant in the tabloid pics, I don't know. But there may be a possibility Paula was tricked into telling Morgan where they were going. Maybe under the presumption that Morgan was a friend or something to that affect. I'm still not a Paula fan, so don't mistake me for becoming one! But all these years, I thought it was Paula who killed Michael. I knew nothing about this Piers Morgan dude. But I wish it was him in the ground instead of Michael!

Yeah, I know that's an awful thing to say! But Michael did things that brought joy to a lot of people. By contrast, who the hell needs tabloids? Michael was a god! Piers Morgan is a dumbass!!! HE killed my Michael! And for that, I'll never forgive him.

And here is the fat slime that ruined my Michael's life! Feel free to take this picture, blow it up, and throw darts at it. I'll give a prize to the person that gets him right between the eyes!

Also, check out this picture...

Notice the cool roos in the pic?! THIS is how INXS should be represented, with kangaroos. Not with stupid panthers! Only catfags use cats and panthers to represent INXS. Unfortunately, a lot of INXS fans are also catfags. Not sure what the connection between INXS and cats is. I don't see a connection. INXS are all dog-lovers! Timmy has a border collie, and he's had several of them. Kirk's daughter has chihuahuas. Paula's daughters have labradors and chihuahuas. Jon has a couple of small, shaggy, poodle-type dogs. Garry has a boxer. Even Michael had a dog. So, I don't know why these dumb catfag SJWs associate cats with INXS. Seems kinda stupid to me. But then again, that's what SJWs are; STUPID! LOL!

Well, if I seem giddy in this post, it's because I am. I'm about to join the ranks of INXS and get a dog of my own. My girl Mya is coming home in a couple weeks! I named her Mya, after the song By My Side, by INXS. That's what I am going to do from now on, naming all my dogs after INXS songs and lyrics. I'm very excited!! Been waiting for this day to come since Mya's been born!! It overshadows all else in my world. I'm a happy girl again. After the shit I'd been through this past year, I need this!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Are These People Getting Nervous?

Check out this post on Kathy's wall on Facebook. It's a picture of my dad's gravestone. But also note the conversation underneath.

My big question is, what the hell is Stephanie gonna do? Have me thrown in jail? For asking a question? You don't get thrown in jail for asking a question. Stephanie cannot answer the question. She wasn't there with dad when the Vietnam war was going on. My ma was, and she said dad was never in Vietnam. I thought he was too, but ma said he wasn't. Is Stephanie going to sue me? LOL! I've seen enough court to know (plus I have a cousin who is a lawyer) that I have free speech rights. I can ask Kathy anything I want to. Stephanie cannot do shit about it! She can take me to court if she wants to, but all that will be the outcome is she'll just be wasting all that money in court fees and she won't get anything out of me! And I can sue her for the court fees myself. Because this is a free speech case. So, bring it on bitch!

I'm definitely NOT afraid. I know what my rights are. I'm telling the truth. Stephanie accused me and Anna of telling lies, so now, I'm gonna give her nothing but the truth. She asked for it! She has no qualms about saying how she feels, neither do I. And if she does take me to court, I can get her on slander charges too, for implying I don't take care of my dogs. As long as Kathy has me on her Facebook, I can say anything I want. It's not harassment (because I am still on her friends list), it's not slander, it's not threatening. It's free speech. Nothing more. That is how a judge will see it.😁 So, go for it. Take me to court. I dare you. I'll get a high-priced lawyer (which Stephanie will pay for too if she decides to go through with this) and he'll confirm my rights.

*************************LATEST DEVELOPMENT**************************

HAHAHAHA!! Tonight I made a mistake, but it was a funny mistake. My sis was pissed after reading this post, so pissed she slammed on her refrigerator. I told her she needs to get a sand bag. She said they have one at the gym. I told her to go there and beat on that thing for a while. If need be, tape a picture of Stephanie's face to the bag and pretend it's her. It's a lot better than taking it out on the real thing! LOL! Or possibly on another person. Anna didn't have a pic of Stephanie. I told her I'd get her one. So, I got one, off Kathy's Facebook page. I had to open up chat with Kathy to get her Facebook address though. I didn't intend on chatting with her, but I accidentally posted the pic of Stephanie to her in chat. I said, "She's the fat one on the bottom". Then I realized it was Kathy I was posting that to. LOL!!! My face was red, but oh well. Stephanie didn't want us to lie anymore, so she got the brutal truth. hehehe!!

I admit, I am fat myself. But I did not start this thing. Stephanie did, by poking her nose in someplace it doesn't belong. I admit Kathy also needs to grow up, but this is Stephanie's thing. It's no longer about Kathy. At least not where I am concerned.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Done With The Damn Stepsister!!

Well, since Stephanie decided she wanted to throw stones, and said she had "no qualms" in doing it, Anna and I had, for the past 2 days, been doing the same thing back to her. Well, at least everything I said was true. Well, I finished it off today, and now I am done. Stephanie brought up some old bones about my mom, and said she is going to Hell for those sins. So, I decided this morning to remind her that nobody in this world is without sin. Not even her "perfect" family! It took me a bit of soul-searching to finally bring this up, as I really did not want to include Stephanie's children in this. But I figured since she had no qualms about what she said to my ma, I should have no qualms about setting Stephanie straight. Dad, GOD forbid, I hope you're not listening!

Jesus stated in the courtyard, "Ye without sin can cast the first stone". Well, Stephanie casted the first stone and she is definitely not without sin! I reminded her that she has, not one, but TWO illegitimate children. My mom committed a sin once, and it has not repeated. But Stephanie committed the SAME SIN TWICE!! And she was proud of it! Both her kids have different fathers, none of which Stephanie was married to. In the eyes of GOD, Stephanie should be stoned to death, as should her kids. But I don't want to see that happen. I'm not that fricken heartless! And I know Stephanie raised those kids well. I won't state what I don't believe is true. But I just brought that up as a reminder that she should not throw stones, seeing she lives in a glass house. And to the literal people, that's a figure of speech! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

My dad would NEVER have stood for me nor Anna doing that! If Stephanie had been raised by my father, he would have probably disowned her. Probably would have taken a shot gun to Stephanie's boyfriends.

I just had to mention it to Stephanie. I didn't really want to, but I felt I had to. It took a couple of days of soul-searching to come to the conclusion that this needs to be said. I don't know what goes through that family's mind, but I think they believe they are perfect and that their word is the be-all-say-all of GOD's word. Then they sit and judge me, my sister and my mom based on snippets of second-hand opinions. Possibly on what they saw themselves 30 or so years ago. But at least nothing I ever did was so terrible that the Bible would say I need to be stoned to death. I don't even bear false witness against my neighbor. I get facts BEFORE I say anything about anyone. I hear both sides of the story before I make any judgments on anyone. As we have seen in the past, I never make any final assumptions based on just one person's word. That's the difference between me and Kathy's family.

But like I said, that's what liberals do! They listen to one side of the story and run with it! They never realize there are 2 sides of every story. I saw it all the time among INXS fans too. Well, my sis said anytime you have band-worship, you have liberals. I must be the only non-liberal INXS fan in existence. LOL!

See, I still learn a lot from my sis, even though I am over 40. And I listen. That's why I am not accepting any INXS buds on Facebook anymore. Because the majority of them are liberals. Though I think I have all the fanatical libtards blocked, though I am not sure. There's some people I am still not 100% sure about. As for Stephanie, I know deep inside her there is a good person somewhere. She was very nice to us while we visited them in AZ, and I would never say or do anything to deliberately harm them. But they should learn respect, and learn not to judge people they barely know. And also learn not to take everything they don't believe in as a personal attack! I was angry when I saw what Stephanie wrote to my mom, especially after I saw the message mom sent to Kathy, and how it was not threatening nor harassing in any way! Yet Stephanie said it was! Just because my mom was straightforward and got to the point. Typical libtard!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Turning In His Grave

My poor dad, he must be turning over in his grave about now. All these people all around him, spitting on his grave like they are. Well, my loony stepsister, Stephanie, wrote a very threatening response to my ma after my ma respectfully asked Kathy for some of my father's things to come to my sis and me. Stephanie was so hateful in her response to my ma, she sounded like she was insane! And it doesn't seem like Kathy is really mourning my father. But since I am not there, I won't assume that is so. I don't want to be like them. See why I've adopted Katrina and Eva as my stepsisters, instead of Stephanie and Jennifer! LOL! Well, Stephanie and Jennifer, for as long as I've known them, have never been ones for being discreet. They tell everything, to a point most often that my sis and I had no privacy from them. That's why we moved out of Lakewood was because of them. Or that's one big reason.

I knew this was going to happen. I absolutely knew it. I knew there would be turmoil if my pa went before Kathy. So did my ma. She knew it too. Mostly because Kathy has never treated me and my sis as much more than castoffs. Ma once told me that Kathy would prefer it if my sis and I weren't in the picture. At first, I didn't believe her, because I did think Kathy was a good person. But then my father dropped a bombshell. He basically told my ma that Kathy didn't like me. Stephanie refuses to believe it, and Kathy probably won't admit it, but I've found it to be true. Mostly because of the way Jennifer looked at me the whole time I was there, and the way Kathy's friend talked about me and my sis while she was there. Kathy's friend has never met us, so she had no reason not to like us. None except that possibly Kathy said shit to her about us.

After getting Stephanie's response to my mom, I got curious. You know me, get both sides of the story before I make any assumptions. I asked ma if her message to Kathy was as nasty as Stephanie's message to my ma. Because the way Stephanie made it sound, it was like my ma was threatening Kathy's life and family, calling Kathy every name in the book, and totally demanding that Kathy send some of my dad's possessions to me and my sis. Except for threatening our lives, Stephanie did all that to ma. She didn't threaten our lives, but she did say my sis and I were horrible to my father. And I do admit, when I was in my 20s, my dad and I did get into battles a lot. But in truth, they were always instigated by him. Much as I loved my father, in those days, he was not a totally loving person all the time. Sometimes he would come to the house in a completely bad mood, no matter how nice we looked and how clean the house was. I admit, I am not the best housekeeper. I never was. But I try to keep everything as tidy as possible. Though I was much more sloppy when I was in my 20s than I am now. LOL! But in my 20s, all I wanted to do was have fun. I spent very little time at the house. I mostly went out, gallivanting around town.

Well, I couldn't believe if my ma had sent such a rude message to Kathy because when we were on our way back here from Bozeman, ma and I did a little role-playing. I told her to pretend I was Kathy. I asked her what she would say to me if I was Kathy sitting beside her. She was very matter-of-fact, but not impolite or nasty, and by no means threatening! Of course I could not really predict how Kathy would respond to my ma since I am not Kathy, and not a liberal. Well, I asked ma to show me the message she sent to Kathy, and she did. Sure enough, ma got to the point, but she was very nice and polite about it. I don't know how Kathy took that message, but Stephanie obviously took it the wrong way. I don't even know how Stephanie got that message! My ma said she sent it only to Kathy. She was quite shocked that Kathy would forward it to Stephanie, and possibly Jennifer too. This has nothing to do with them, and my ma never once mentioned anything about either of them in the message she sent to Kathy. She didn't bad-mouth Stephanie nor Jennifer at all. But Stephanie made it a point to bad-mouth me and my sister AND my mom.

Well, what do you expect from liberals? With them, one opposing word and they take it as a personal attack!

Yes, my mom is not totally innocent, we know that. There were things she did that I wish she hadn't. I won't mention them here, as it's family affairs only. But Stephanie seems to think that my sis and I had a hand in what happened. Stephanie barely knows me! I've only seen her a few times since her mom and my dad got together. And she hasn't been to visit my home since we lived in Lakewood. Stephanie also implied that I didn't take care of my dogs. Oooohhh I wanted to rip her throat out when she said that! She's lucky she wasn't standing in the same room with me when she said that, I'd have put her ass on the floor! But I'll save that for another time. Here's a tip, my dad exaggerated! LORD knows he was a great man, but he exaggerated the truth sometimes. Some things he said, one had to take with a grain of salt. Maybe he did exaggerate when he said Kathy doesn't like me. But Stephanie would never know, or believe, he'd say that. Whether or not it's really true. But she wants to blame my ma for saying that. Not my dad.

Stephanie also said my sis and I didn't take out our own trash. What's up with that??? I don't EVER remember getting my dad to take our trash out for us. Nothing except voluntarily. If he did take our trash out, he decided to do it on his own. I never asked him to. When we lived in Lakewood, it was different. That was his house, he came over every week, and it was his responsibility. Looks like every assumption Stephanie made was based on when we lived in dad's house. I wasn't happy there myself. Neither was my sis. Come visit my house today, then talk to me about not taking my own trash out, not cleaning my own house, and not paying my own bills. A lot of changes have taken place since I left Lakewood!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Changing Your Birth Certificate???

Oh GOD!!! This is totally dumb! I mean, I thought the INXS SJWs were the dumbest creatures on the face of this planet, but I think there is actually maybe another group out there that may be able to give them a run for their money. LOL! Some transsexual guy wants to go back to Idaho where he was born and have the state legally change the sex on his birth certificate. The man is now 28 and has identified as a girl (he claims) since he was 6. He said he went through the total "change" when he was 15. I call bullshit! If he's 28 now, then being gay was not the "in-thing" when he was 6. Being gay didn't become fashionable until the mid-early 2000s, when the liberals began running off what is natural to put up what is "socially acceptable" in the human world.

Yes, I do know there are gay animals in the wild. Though more likely, they are not really what would be considered "gay" in our world. Mostly, what they most likely are, is just bachelor groups, which is quite common among social animals. You're never going to see two male animals having anal sex with each other. "Humping" does not always constitute a sexual act. Animals do this to establish dominance. It's not necessarily a sexual thing. And I find it perplexing that lesbians do not exist in the wild. Same-sex attraction seems to only be prevalent in male animals in the wild. Why is that? If gay is so natural, howcome it only happens among male animals in the wild?

Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being gay. I'm all for same-sex marriage if it makes that person happy. But let's face it, there were never as many gay people in the past as there are today, so, it HAS to be just a fad. TRUE gender dysphoria, which is what causes homosexuality and transsexuality, is actually very rare. It only happens naturally to about 1% of the population. The people who do have it for real, usually are upset by people who are using their disorder as a fad. But what this is about is some guy who wants to change the natural gender on his birth certificate to the gender he currently identifies with. He's suing the state of Idaho because they won't let him and he believes that is a violation of his First Amendment rights. UGH!!! BIG facepalm! I mean, there isn't a hand in this world that is big enough to cover this facepalm! You can't change your birth certificate. I'm sorry, but babies can't talk! Babies do not identify as the opposite sex. That's something that does not happen until puberty. Or it shouldn't happen until then.

But if this guy thinks he's going to be able to change his birth certificate to match his current identity, he's got another think coming. Like I said before, he was born a male, and that is what the doctor saw between his legs when he emerged from his mother's body. If he has a problem with that, he needs to take it up with GOD. Not the state of Idaho. Maybe he might get lucky and GOD will reassign him female organs. Yeah really! Like that's really gonna happen! LOL! IMO, you're not officially a female if you can't have a baby, or at least have a period. And men don't get periods! Women's bodies are designed to bear children. Though Katrina would argue that her body is not designed to bear children, because it's too painful. LOL! But we were indeed designed to have children in ways that is not possible in a man's body. Unless you are a seahorse.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

TimmyHutchFan Does Montana: Return to Bozeman

Family reunion! While my ma was here, she got an idea to go to Bozeman and have a little family reunion with my sis and the dogs. We had fun while we were there, we took a little trip to Philipsburg, had a dinner party at my sis's and my ma got a nice surprise on the last day. Though the trip to Philipsburg was a little bit marred when my sis revealed a dark secret about her past to ma. Ma got so ticked off, she even took it out on my favorite pic of my guys! I won't reveal what that secret is, but it was one my sis refused to tell my mom for many years because someone that ma considered a friend threatened to harm my sis if she told.

We stayed at a very nice hotel too, no second-class crap! LOL! But the room was a steal! Almost literally!

Anyways, it turned out to be a pretty good feature-length movie. Enjoy it!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Viral Lily Bud

Ya know I got this article today that was sent to me by a friend, and it was about a picture I have seen of Lily, Michael's daughter. There is a picture of her going around where she is standing in skimpy shorts and a t-shirt. And another of her that has her in a bikini on the beach. I've seen both of these pics. And you know where I saw them? On the MH and His Life Fan Page on Facebook. Ya know I never approved of them posting those pics. My first thought was "What if someone from Anonymous sees these pics?" You know what they do to kids posing half-naked on the internet! They trash them relentlessly. Another thing that came to mind was "What would Michael be thinking of pictures like this of his daughter going viral like they have?" I think he'd be furious! I know for sure if Lily was my child, I wouldn't like a picture like that circulating the internet!

Well, I remember when the MH And His Life group posted those pics, I did not approve of it, but when I said something about it, I was accused of being "negative". GOD I hate liberals! I didn't approve of those pics being posted then and I have not changed my mind today! See, this is why I hate the MH and His Life page on Facebook. They are, to INXS fans, what puppymillers are in the dog breeding world. They're disreputable, and they're doing everything for all the wrong reasons! They hide behind the guise of being "respectful". But they are far from being respectful. At least where Lily is concerned. I haven't posted those pics here, nor do I want to. I won't! I don't want to play any part of spreading any pics of Lily that should only stay among herself, friends and family.

The problem is you never really know who is in your group. A picture of Lily half-naked should never be posted in a group of more than 3000 members, unless you actually KNOW each and every person in the group. I'm keeping my group small. Of course it's uncensored. Those liberals would never want to join my group! LOL! At least not for long. But that's a good thing. Paula probably would not care if those pics were posted (we're talking about a woman who did celebrity interviews in her underwear!) But if I were Michael, I wouldn't want my daughter's half-naked body displayed to GOD only knows who on the internet!! When Lily is 25 years old, she can post all she wants to. But she was only 17 when that picture was taken. She's still a child! Or she was still a child.

Even if they had Lily's permission to crosspost those pics, it still doesn't make it right. Like I said, Lily was just a child. Even at 18, you cannot completely anticipate what is going to happen when you post a picture like that online. Not even a smart person like Lily can fully anticipate what will happen. You NEVER know what kind of people are in those groups. Especially a group of over 3000 members! And as we've seen this past year, there's even bad people among INXS fans. Many of them are also hiding behind friendly words and a sickening redundance of positivity! One can be too positive! Just like one can be too negative.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Creep Just Won THIS?! SERIOUSLY?! | Rob Thoughts

OMG!! This is the same exact thing that happened between me and the INXS SJWs and radicals. They were all so loudly positive that I was making fun of Kelly P. being diagnosed with cancer, that they did the exact thing Rob Dyke explains in this video! And they had absolutely NO proof of whether or not I even was talking about Kelly! Absolutely NONE! All they had to guide their verdict with was their own personal feelings. They naturally assumed I was an evil person. And I know exactly what they based that on. They based it on the fact that I speak my mind! I say exactly what I feel. SJWs HATE people like me, who tell it like it is! And I am one of those types. But I love being the one who speaks her mind. Someone's gotta do it!

The SJWs probably went into their little secret clique and said "Dee is such a horrible, nasty person and I hope she gets struck down dead for what she wrote about Kelly on her blog!" In fact, I am almost positive they did just that exact thing. Without a single shred of doubt in my mind, they did that! I'd bet my life on it. If you ask me, the only bad person in this whole scenario is the one who started the rumor. I think it was Tess Obrien. But it could have also been Kelly Poulter herself. But is anyone going to call them bad people for starting this rumor, and spreading it against a totally innocent person? No. They're not. They're going to demonize the person they don't like as much, ME. Just because I speak my mind and I am honest in my opinions. I find it hysterically funny that Rosanda told me before that one of the things she liked about me was that I have spunk and fire and I am totally honest. But yet, she was one of the first people that turned on me. Yes, she contacted me about my blog post, but it was to accuse me. Not to ask me if it was true or who or what I was thinking about when I wrote that post.

But then really, you can't go by Rosanda! Like I said before, I think she was really just angry because I don't like her friend Vincent Lamaro. I still don't! Like Katrina would say, fuck him! Those two deserve each other. They're both dumb as dirt!

Even Rob Dyke indirectly called those people dumb, because it is true they were all followers. Only a few people asked me what I was thinking about when I wrote that post, and I can tell you exactly who they were. Well, it is true, they are dumb! If they went along with what the accuser said and didn't drill me themselves for the facts. That makes them total morons. That's why I say they're dumb as dirt. Dumbest of all are those who knew I had just lost my father to cancer, and still thought I was making fun of someone else having the disease! Those people are so dumb, it's laughable! The funny part is, they're so dumb, they probably don't even know they're dumb.

Well, I am still on that one INXS group. Though I rarely post. I'm sure some of them have figured out who I am. Or maybe they still think Katrina is me. Who knows really? Only they know. But like I said, to Katrina, it doesn't matter. I haven't seen her post in that group for a while. I don't even know if she is still in there. But that's how she is with groups, she joins, and then almost never posts. Even when I had her on my own group! It was uncommon for her to post in the group. Though whether she lurks in or not, is a different thing.

Well, I am working up to posting more often, though I don't think I'll ever accept any INXS buds anymore. My sis said anytime you have people who worship bands or movie stars, they're almost always going to be liberals. So, I want to stay away from that! They can think I'm a rotten horrible person all they want to if it makes them feel good. I'm not really going to worry about it until they've actually met me and spent some time getting to know me. THEN, if they still believe I am a rotten, horrible person, only then will I allow it to shatter me as a person. But I can tell you, I've met NONE of those people yet. I came frightfully close to meeting one of them, but I invited her to visit me here. Whoopee. LOL! It was when she came to this state to pick up her own sweet puppy. But she never came here. And really, I never expected her to show up. That's one of the reasons why I said I would discuss attending her little INXS gathering when she gets here. I knew she wasn't going to show up. And really, I can't attend that gathering. I'm glad I never even made the commitment. I got too many other things in the works this year! Things that mean more to me than going to a gathering to listen to mindless, senseless gabble by a bunch of liberals and SJWs!

Ah well. I really wish no harm to these people. I don't like liberals and SJWs, and I still believe those people are dumb as dirt. Hopefully they will see the err of their ways the next time they encounter someone like me, who speaks their mind. We are not always bad people.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My girl is getting so big!! I can't wait to bring her home!!!

She's beginning to look like the breed she's supposed to. All dogs look the same when they are born, but my girl is starting to look like an individual here. She looks GOOD!!! 💓💓💓💓

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ma's Arrival

Well, my ma arrived here on Saturday night, and she says she is here for maybe 3 weeks (at the most). Oh goodie!! This is going to be loads of fun!! Got plans all planned. All those things that I couldn't do before because I didn't have a car, now I can do them. The only problem I have with this is that when she leaves back for home, I'm going to feel very sad. No more fun! No more company. Since ma arrived, I've had so much fun with her, I've actually not even thought about any troubles I've had in the past. A lot of the sadness I've felt since my pa died, is mostly gone. I've been laughing again. One of the reasons is because my ma has been telling me about this little friend of her's from work, named Lisa. She sounds like a character! She sounds like ME!!!! LOL! She's one of those people who speaks her mind and doesn't give a care. I remember when I was like that! LOL! Before my pa even got stricken down with cancer. I think I would really like ma's friend Lisa. Not many people like her either, because she's always speaking her mind, and she's a no-bullshit kind of person. Just like me! I hope to get back to that point in my life again.

I know not a lot of people like me, and that doesn't bother me either. If everyone likes you, there's something wrong with you! LOL! I know that sounds strange. But IMO, it could mean that person's a kiss-ass. No one takes those kiss-ass people seriously. I'd rather be hated for being who I am than loved for being who I'm not. Then there are those people who only like someone because of possessions they have. Or for things they've done. I saw it all the time in the INXS community. A lot of those fans would only cling to someone just because said person has met (or even befriended) Michael Hutchence. Now, I am not saying most of those people are bad people who met him, and I am happy they had pics taken with him. But that was never the reason I liked those people. I would never make friends with someone just because they were friends with Michael! That's not my style! I never was "jealous" of anyone who met Michael. I guess because I got to kiss him myself. I'm also just not the "celebrity-stalker" type. I never was. Any time I ever met any celebrities (and I've met many) it's always been by pure dumb luck! Believe it or not. I've always just been in the right place at the right time. It was never planned nor nothing. So, that is why I never felt jealous of anyone who has met Michael. Now, if you ever met Dian Fossey, THEN I would be totally jealous!!! Michael Hutchence was always easy to meet. Dian Fossey was extremely difficult to meet! And if you did meet her, it'd be pure magic if she liked you!

Like me, Dian Fossey was an introvert, she didn't make many friends herself. In fact, she only had 2 or 3 that I can recall she talked about. But I like her, I'll always like her. I admire her for being the kind of person she was and laying down her life for what she believed in. Those are the kind of people that legends are based on. Not saying Michael wasn't a legend in his own right, but Dian Fossey made history! Notice how people still remember her. But not everyone really remembers Michael. Well, those that do, seem to only remember him as being "the man who died having kinky sex". It's terrible that that is how Michael is being remembered, but let's face it, that is how he's remembered. Not for his talent, moves or even his beauty! Though he was probably the most handsome man in rock n roll history!! But people mostly remember him as being the band member that died having kinky sex. UGH!!!! The only people who remember Michael for his talent are those of us who genuinely LOVE INXS.

Well, today ma and I are going to Portland to have some fun. Going to look in some local thrift stores (not that I can get anything, but I'd like to at least try and look around). Going to have a blast today! This is what I miss, going out and having some fun with someone. Just let my hair loose and have fun!

On a funny side-note, I got a surprise call from Loretta, the woman who was supposed to drive me to Salem so I could catch a bus to go see my father in AZ. But she said she dialed my number by accident. At first, I didn't remember who she was because it'd been so long since I heard from her, and I was half asleep when I called back. Next time she dials my number by accident, I'm going to call her back and tell her to delete my number from her cell phone's contact list. I really do not want anything to do with her anymore. Not after the stunt she pulled when my father was dying! I still believe, to this day, her stupid-ass husband hurt himself on purpose! Because he wasn't getting all the attention. That's the problem I have with them. They both are selfish, irresponsible people who never think of anyone but themselves!