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Monday, November 27, 2017

Purpose-Bred Mutts

People make me sick! People who purpose-breed mutts make me even sicker! I mean, it makes me feel physically fucking ill!! Now, I don't mean people who breed mutts for a real purpose and know what they are doing when they put 2 dogs together. By "know what they are doing", I do not mean someone who has been doing it for 20+ years and is just putting 2 dogs together because one has a penis and the other has a vagina. People who are looking to create a real breed often do so in secret. They don't announce it to the world after just a few breedings. But the people who make me the sickest of all are those who do just put 2 dogs together just because one is an unspayed female and the other is an unneutered male, both of 2 different breeds (often the male is a larger breed than the female) just because they want to create a "new, exotic, rare mix". UGH!!!

I once saw a post from someone who bred a yorkshire terrier (they called it a "teacup" yorkie) with a pit bull terrier. And guess which one was the mother! Yep, it was the yorkshire! The yorkshire was actually pregnant with the pit bull terrier's pups! And the owner of the yorkshire bragged about it saying "We're gonna call the pups porkies". Can a dog-owner possibly be any stupider?! Why did they allow their yorkshire terrier to mate with a pit bull terrier?! Don't they realize this is not some cutesy thing?! This is a serious thing that can actually kill their yorkshire terrier!!! She's either going to die in childbirth or she's gonna burst before the pups reach full term. And believe me, it would not be a good thing to have your dog actually explode on you. I'm not even kidding you! The dog will literally explode!! Now you know why I am so against bybing. Stupid-ass people like that don't know any better! They act like they've been living under a rock all their lives!!!

People like that make me totally SICK!!!!!! I want to take a gun to that owner's head and pull the trigger!!!!! Then take that poor yorkshire terrier female and abort those pups before they kill her!!! And this isn't the first time I've heard of someone like this breeding pups like this! An old family friend of ours had a dog that was half chihuahua and half labrador. Again, guess which of it's parents was the chihuahua! Yep! It was the mom! I also heard of another case recently of someone who got a dog that was half chihuahua and half pit bull. Again, the mother of that dog was a chihuahua!!! And this time, the person who got one of the pups mentioned the mother died giving birth to those pups! People often do this on purpose solely for the sake of being able to say in an ad "Exotic mixes". Then they take a female small dog and mate it with a male big dog. Usually a dog whose pups are born as big as the fully-grown smaller dog! Yes, as sick as it sounds, they do that ON PURPOSE!!!!! They don't know what they are doing! And it should be illegal to allow people who don't know what they are doing to breed any animals!

In that aspect, America should be more like Russia. People should have to have a license to breed dogs. But really, it should go without saying that a small female should never be bred with a large-breed male. Or even breeding a small-breed female with a medium-sized breed male (since a lot of dumbasses will argue "A pit bull is not a large breed" as if that's the point!) If I ever meet someone who is doing that, I'll buy a gun and blow their brains out because they are too stupid to live!!! If they have kids, well, I don't want to hurt a child. I'll just have them taken away and put in foster care, where hopefully they would unlearn the distorted morals their stupid parents taught them!

The only people who really should be mixing breeds is in the case of someone creating a totally new breed. Those are usually people who do so in secret. They don't flaunt their actions all over the internet. The creator of the shiloh shepherd made that mistake. But keep in mind, the creator of the giant schnauzer hid in the alps of Germany for 40 years, working on that breed! He told NO ONE what he was doing! He culled pups that were not up to his standard, he did not describe what breeds he used to create this new breed with, he did not flaunt his actions to the world, and especially he did not breed 2 breeds together that DID NOT BELONG TOGETHER!!!! Like mixing a small-breed female with a much larger-breed male!!!!!! A sane person just does not do that!!!

I've said it before and I will say it again, people today just never cease to amaze me with their stupidity!

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