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Friday, November 17, 2017

If You Support Trump....WHO CARES?!?!?!!!!

Not this shit again!!! I had to delete someone from my friends list again this morning. She made a post saying "If you support Trump, then delete me from your friends too". UGH!! I hate Trump!!! Cannot stand the sight of that guy! But I hate Obama too, and Killary as well!!! Both have, or would have, ruined this country! Obama brought back racism. And Hillary was going to allow radical islams in this country to kill us all. I am glad she didn't make it into office either! But I am a libertarian. I'd rather have had a libertarian president. Well, this person I had been friends with for a while. I was friends with her on my last Facebook account. But I deleted her anyways, because it's what she wanted. But that's not the only reason.

I told this friend about another person I was friends with last year (remember Katy Brewer?) who did basically the same thing she did. And Katy went cat-shit loony one day and just deleted all her friends, including me, and many others who have been friends with her for many years. Even some who supported her in hard times. But Katy said the exact same thing. She said whoever on her list supported Trump can delete her as a friend too. Many did, even many who did not support Trump. I'm not a Trump supporter, but she deleted me anyways. Ya know, this is the legacy Obama left us. He completely divided the country! He made things worse. Unfortunately, the libtards don't believe that. They think he was "the best president this country ever had". It's very sad people have become this. That they make their friends choose between their friendship and their political views. I have several liberal friends. I just don't discuss politics with them. But I will not put up with another Katy Brewer in my life!! One was MORE than enough!!!

Like I said before, the old TimmyHutchFan is dead! All that kindness and friendliness I showed fair-weather people before, is GONE! That includes having a shred of patience for those people! I have a baby now. I have to spend all my patient energy taking care of her. She hurt herself last night and I had to take her to the vet this morning. That alone is emotionally draining. I was dragged out last night worrying about her! Thankfully she is OK, the only thing she is suffering is some pain and the vet gave her meds for that. But I tend to not like people much who say "If you like so-n-so, then you can't like me!" I mean REALLY!!! I don't say things like that!!! I believe in freedom of choice. I hate Trump, but if someone is going to say something like that about one person, I can imagine they'll say the same thing about a lot of things. What's next? I can't be your friend if I prefer chocolate ice cream over strawberry? How about if I prefer gold over silver? Or rain over sun? Or grape juice over wine? Geez! Do these people even realize how fricken retarded that sounds??!! Not only that, but that is fricken pathetic!

Oh and didn't Katy say I was "pathetic" because I preferred not to keep radicals in my life? LMAO! Really, she was the pathetic one, with a 30-year old boy still living with her, divorced and on welfare.

Well, truly I hate deleting people. But this person practically gave me permission to delete her from my friends. I used to think INXS fans were level-headed. I can't even believe I used to think that! There's people I don't like. Like, I can't stand Tess Obrien and Matt Burney. I hate those two with the burning passion of a thousand infernos. I do however, have some mutual friends with them. But I've never said to anyone "If you're friends with them, then you can't be friends with me!" Though I truly believe that THEY have said that to people about me. I know Tess has! But I am not like that. Not even online. I don't even tell these friends about the problems I have with them. Because it's just between me and Tess. Or just between me and Matt. It's nobody else's business. That is what an adult does. I would tell someone if they ask me, but really my goal is not to turn anyone off to them, because it's their choice if they want to be friends with them. Not mine. But they can be assured, I'll tell them the truth of what happened. To the best of my knowledge. Matt and Tess will make up stuff to make me sound worse than I really am, and pass it off as being complete truth when they don't really know.

And didn't Clare Aisha say I was the one being cruel to Tess??!!! LMAO!!! Stupid-ass libtard! Well, that's the price one pays for being a demure introvert misanthropist. LOL! The only people I like are my closest friends, family and my men of INXS.

Speaking of which, there is some good news! The INXS story is now up on UMG Productions! Paperback and ebook versions are available! Look for it here: http://www.umgproductions.com/2017/11/uncle-martin-and-gang-discusses-inxs.html

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