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Friday, November 10, 2017

So She's An Atheist?

Oh boy! I was watching a video done by someone else about this turmoil going on between Jacklyn Glenn and Social Repose. SR thought JG was going to be "the perfect mate because she's an atheist". LMAO!!! OMG!!! You know what, I don't trust atheists!! What the fuck does being an atheist have to do with being the perfect mate? I admit it, I used to be an atheist too. That was a long time ago, and you know what? When I was an atheist, I was a LOT more miserable than I was once I found GOD. Apparently both JG and SR are atheists. Now, I am not trying to push religion on anyone. If those two want to continue to be atheists, then that's fine. It's their lives. But I don't think it's a very safe assumption to make that a person is going to be the perfect mate because they are atheists. All that says about JG is that when she is 40-something years old, she's going to be unmarried, childless and surrounded by nothing but a bunch of DUMB cats!!!!! Because atheists, you know they're definitely libtards, and libtards love cats.

You know what all atheists have in common? They don't like commitments and they completely lack faith in anything. That's what makes them atheists. When I hear the word "atheist", that is what I think of. To me, it doesn't mean just a person who does not believe in a deity. When you look deeper, it means a person who is unfaithful, short-sighted, and a bit narcissistic. It also spells out a person who is very sad inside. That is what I see when I see atheists. Who really cares whether or not they believe in GOD. That's not the point. They are angry people inside, libtards who want what they want and want it NOW. And fuss and spread "there's no GOD" when they don't get what they want immediately.

I've actually had atheists who have heard my story say to me "Please come back to atheism!" But I always tell them I can't. I just can't. I've been touched by GOD. I know I was touched by GOD, because there was just no other explanation for what happened to me. Though I have to say, I don't think mormonism is the right thing for me. I keep getting harassed about looking up my past relatives, and while that would be interesting to see, I'm just not willing to put the effort forward for little more than getting them allegedly post-mortem baptized. My mom has been trying to get me and my sis into mormonism since she married John. But really, I don't think it's right for me. Since I've joined the mormons, I've met some very nice people, but I myself have been miserable. That is, more miserable than I was before I joined. Seems I am just happy out from under the cloak of organized religion. I just went my own way and praised GOD in my own way. It felt right to me. Mormonism does not feel right to me.

I have just too many questions about mormonism. That's what organized religion does to me! Raises a lot more questions than answers. For one thing, Joseph Smith, who was 14 when he said he heard GOD speak to him. Well, 14 year olds lie. We see it even today. Kids who are 14 want their 15-minutes of fame. I never met Joseph Smith, so for all I know, he was lying when he said GOD spoke to him. This is why I was so much happier when I was simply religious. No kind of other religion to follow, no one else's rules, just plain old GOD-given common sense! And mormonism has too many rules! I've even been told I have to eat mostly fruits and veggies. For me, fruit is a dessert item and veggies are a side-dish for the main course (meat). Nothing more. Most likely, not going to happen with me. But I humor them by saying, "I'll try".

For me, my 'religion' was based on actual facts. Facts I've seen with my own eyes and felt in my own heart. Not by what some 14-year old kid said 180-some-odd years ago! I believe in reincarnation, because it's been proven to be real. I've heard people who have talked about what their former life was like. I believe in Heaven, because again, I've heard testimony by those who were there. Though mormons do believe in "life before life", apparently, it is not the same as reincarnation. I just cannot give up the belief in reincarnation, again, because I've heard so much testimony supporting it. And frankly, I hate the term "holy ghost". They don't like it when I call it a "holy spirit". I don't like "ghost", because to me, a "ghost" is an evil being that haunts a house. To them, the "holy ghost" is basically what we normally call "instinct" or "intuition". And if that is true, then I had the "holy ghost" LONG before I ever got baptized in mormonism. So really, all that time spent, and getting baptized in the mormon faith really did nothing for me. Nothing that I didn't already have done before. My own religion, which was simple faith in GOD, did more for me than mormonism has.

But if I quit, I'll lose all my friends, and I really like these people I've met here in the church. And going to church it's self has some advantages to it too. While they are talking and singing, I'm sitting there on the bench, drawing pictures for my stories. And ya know, I actually do much better drawings sitting in church than I do here at home, waiting to get in the mood. At first, bringing my drawings was simply a way to stay awake in church. Before I started doing that, I would fall asleep before the real meeting got started. But since then, I've managed to keep myself awake. And I actually get the drawings for these stories DONE!!!!! In the past month, I've completed 5 stories. That's more than I've done in the previous 3 years! And I think my drawings are getting better too. LOL!

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