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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Changes To UMG Productions' Website

I am working on some changes to the site. I am keeping with the idea of making some new changes, even though I have given up the idea of not selling ebooks anymore. Though I still don't sell as many ebooks as I'd like. I have decided to just keep going with ebooks and still continue with the changes I had intended to make.

One change I made was with the banner. I changed the look of the site to a more relaxing feel. People like to feel relaxed when they watch videos and read books, so I wanted to create that look. Though the banner may be a little loud. Another thing I am adding is a "UMG Graveyard". That is a character graveyard, where all the characters that we no longer use are gone to. Some characters from the past that are listed have been used recently, for example Swen. But he last teamed up with Odel in 2007 and hasn't been used since. So, he made it to the graveyard. Another example is a character named Hannaroi (pronounced like "Haw-na-roy"). I haven't seen her in stories since I was a kid! Back in those days, she was a pretty well used character. Unfortunately, I barely remember the stories she was presented in, as Katie's family has those stories, and they never made it to UMG Productions. But I did put her in the graveyard for the stories she did back in the day. One thing I do remember about her, she was a little snitch who always told on Brad and Bill in the early days. She was Katie O'hara's character.

The graveyard is accessible on the Characters page. I am however, still working on it. So, if you access it, there won't be quite that much info available on it. Another change I made is you can now order DVD copies of any movie on UMG Productions. They come complete with DVD case and all that good stuff. This feature is only available for movies though. Not videobooks. Videobooks are still only viewable on the site. I charge the same price for all DVDs. Pretty much like ebooks now.

So far, that's the extent of the work I have completed. I am trying to imagine a good logo for UMG Productions. The use of Martin's image is just a little overwhelming. I'd still like to use him for the logo, but make the logo a bit more simplistic. My partner says logos are never as detailed as the picture I am currently using. Of course I cannot do anything about the image used in the books created and put up on the site so far. I can only use the new logo in any future publications to come. But that's OK. Not bad seeing Martin's image on these books and movies.

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