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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble

There is a video out there of a kid crying and a cat lying next to the kid, and the person who posted it on YouTube called it "Cat comforts crying child: the cutest video on the internet". Not true! First of all, my girl Mya is cuter than any cat you can ever point out and thensome! Second of all, the cat is NOT "comforting" the child. Cats do not "comfort" people. Regardless of what the catfags think. Believe me, I know cats better than the average catfag. Catfags only think they know cats very well. But trust me when I say, catfags are severely anthropomorphic. Not felimorphic, despite what they think. I'm here to debunk these beliefs. Catfags would read this and refuse to believe it, but as a person who has studied animal behavior for the better part of 40 years, I know what I am talking about. Cats are NOTHING like dogs, who actually do develop bonds with their owners.

If you see the video, the child is crying and the cat appears to the average person to be concerned. Believe me, he is not concerned with the child's feelings. He's attracted to the high-pitched whimpering sounds the child is making in the video. To the cat, it sounds like a prey animal in agony, and that makes him happy. To an average person, it looks like concern and it looks like the cat wants to "comfort" the child. But that is actually very far from the truth.

I've often heard people say their cats can tell when they are feeling sad. I say, no they can't. They are not showing sympathy or concern when they approach you when you are feeling sad. When a person is sad, or upset, their body temperature rises. Cats can detect that, and that is what attracts them. Cats love warmth, so when the cat is near you when you are sad or upset, he is not trying to make you feel better, or comfort you. He is only attracted to the warmth your body is giving off. I once read a comment by someone who said he was down with a fever one time and his cats cuddled against him to "keep him warm and safe". I debunked that quickly. I told him, "No, YOU were keeping THEM warm and safe". Cats don't care if you are safe. If an intruder breaks into your house, the cat sure won't protect you. It'll save it's own butt and not give any cares what happens to you. This person was down with a fever, again, the cats were only trying to get themselves warm. He could have been a wood-stove and the cats would have done the same thing.

Now, one time my mom was ill, and her dog Muffin would lay outside her bedroom door, waiting for her, making sure she was OK. He actually looked concerned about her. No cat I've ever known has done that. Only if they are in the same room with the person, and they will only lay on that person for warmth. Not to comfort the person.

Also, if you watch the video, the cat claws at the child and the child says in Japanese "It hurts". The cat also tries to bite the child on the nose or mouth. So, you know it's definitely thinking the child is prey. That's not showing concern, and it's not cute!

Really and truly, cats do not want to be a part of your family. They don't really love people. There are exceptions though. But they are very rare cases. I've only seen a few cases where a cat truly loves their owners. The best way to really tell if a cat loves you is if they lick you like a dog. Cats groom their kittens by licking them. This allows them to taste, smell, and feel their kittens. These are very important senses to cats. They pass this behavior on only to people they really REALLY love. If they don't "groom" you, then they don't really love you. Grooming is their bonding tool. Any cat can purr and rub it's face on people. That's not really showing love. That's part of how they mark their territory. They do the same thing to trees in the wild. Doesn't mean they love those trees, it just means they are claiming ownership of the area they are in. And cats also purr when they are in pain or in fear. So, that's not showing love either.

Sorry to burst the bubbles of catfags. No wait! I LOVE bursting the bubbles of catfags! LMAO! But unless the cat in your house licks you like a dog, it does not really love you, and you're sharing your space with a demon who doesn't care if you live or die. As long as they get fed and warmth, they'll tolerate your presence.

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