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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

AGH!! Fricken Libtards!!

I've made too damn many posts about fricken cats this month! I was so upset someone replaced MC Hammer's picture with a picture of an ugly gray tabby cat!!! Well! I hate gray tabbies. I always thought they were the ugliest cats. Red and brown tabbies tieing for second on that unenviable list. I just don't like tabbies. Though I used to have a brown tabby persian. But that was before I was a reborn INXS fan and before everyone I knew had cats--ALL of them, gray tabbies! That's why I don't like them. They're too common, and too plain, and too ugly. They all look the same as one another to me. No variety at all. Almost all of them I'd wager, have unknown heritages too.

More than the cats themselves, I hate catfags. I post this because I love arousing them. LOL! I remember a couple years ago when I posted this video of a stupid cat in the process of torturing a mouse, I got a very angry comment from someone. First name was Fredericka. Last name was some italian type name. It came from a troll account. I looked on that person's google plus account and it had just been created the same day. She came in that video, calling me every name in the book. LOL! She was TRIGGERED!!! I think "Fredericka" may have actually been this character I used to be friends with who called herself Linda Memphis. Or someone who had some connection with her. "Linda" may even be some kind of pseudonym. She got very butthurt when she found out that I hate cats. Obviously she was a liberal catfag. I should have ended the "friendship" then. I think she was also upset because I was not impressed with her celebrity meet-ups. I was happy for her when she finally met Tom Jones, but I was not impressed.

Sorry but, celebrity meet-ups do not impress me at all. My mom also met Tom Jones, and she met him when he was young and handsome. Not when he was old and looking like an old clown. And seriously, all Linda did was go to an airport and stalk him. She wants to be praised for that?! Fuck no! He didn't even look happy to meet her, to be honest! He never smiled in her video. The only time I'd be impressed by any celebrity meet-up is if the person meets Dian Fossey. Because she was a much harder person to meet. And, like me, was very hard to talk to. She was even hard to engage into a conversation. Just like me! That's how us introverts are. We take a lot longer to warm up for a conversation, and we don't put our trust in just anyone. Dian Fossey is my ultimate hero! Even more so than Michael and Timmy! Much as I love them, I admire Dian Fossey more. Anyway, people like Linda are the reason I don't want anything more to do with the fans. Because I was nothing but nice to her. I even grieved with her when her mom died last year. It was all a big mistake on my part! Because she turned out to be one of the libtard blind sheep SJWs.

I should take that all back now and say fuck her mom. She's in Hell now. LOL! Shoot! That'll get me a LOT of hates from the SJW INXS libtards. But, not sure that I care anymore. 😁 In fact, I encourage it now. WELL!!! She never once sent condolences to me when my father died! And she followed the lead of the blind sheep. So, fuck her and her whole family! Including those dumb cats she lives with. That was another thing, she also got upset because I never complimented those cats she lives with. But they are very "ho-hum" cats. In other words--DULL! They're either brown tabbies or gray tabbies, and they're nothing but mongrel alley cats that you see every day. Nothing special. In fact, the only INXS cat person I've seen with something different is Ollie Oleson. He has siamese cats, and they're beautiful.

Well, I finally got to see the new MH documentary. I even downloaded it. LOL! I downloaded it and put it on a DVD. I ain't that stupid! I knew better than to let that run without downloading it first. I know YouTube! I knew YouTube would eventually delete that video! So, I had to hurry up and save it. One fan was hinting that she wanted a copy of the videos. I didn't say anything! I wasn't going to post it! I'm done doing things for the fans. I made that mistake before, I'm not going to make it again! I posted the video of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong for the fans last year. And even though I did that, and did LOTS of other favors for the fans, I still got trampled by the blind sheep in my time of grieving. So, sorry. I'm not helping them out anymore. I wish to GOD I could take back my posting of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong!! But it's all over the INXS community now! UGH!!! I just wish I hadn't posted it. If I'd known what the fans really thought of me back then, I wouldn't have. Well!!! Really, that didn't come as any surprise to me. Like I said, it's hard to get to know an introvert, like me. And the fact that I don't like people probably doesn't help me make friends easily either. LOL! And remember too, we're dealing with libtards. Libtards are pretty famous for being a hateful bunch of people. They always hate people who have their own way of thinking, who are not PC, and who do not agree with everything they say, do or like. The sad thing is, the libtards don't know they are hateful. They blame other people for being hateful, but don't seem to see they themselves are hateful. They just think they are spreading positivity by speaking out against the "hateful people".

That's nothing but bullshit.

Snoop Dog is a liberal. He made a video depicting the assassination of Donald Trump. He's sent death threats to Trump and his administration. That sounds exactly like something a liberal would do! Now, I've never seen any INXS fans making threats like that (not recently anyways). But they do feel hate. I see it all the time among INXS fans. I get accused of hating all the time by the libtard INXS fans. I am also hated for it. That actually kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it? LOL! A libertarian knows you don't defeat hate with hate. I don't hate other INXS fans. They make me mad because they act like such dumb liberals, and I want nothing to do with them. But I don't hate them. Not even the ones who are stupid liberals! More than anything, I feel sorry for them. They are clueless. That makes them deserve nothing but my pity. That's why when they attack me with their hate, I don't counterattack with more hate. I should, but I don't. I should call them every name in the book when they do it to me. But I don't. I do not like calling people names. The worst is I'll just tell them they are dumb when they act dumb, then beat them down with facts. 😊

One person on this thread in an anti-liberal group I am on said he has friends who are liberals and they don't make death threats. I told him "Then, they're not true liberals. If they don't make threats, and don't hate on anyone, then they're more likely libertarians." I am a libertarian. Though I think I am also a little on the conservative side. But libertarians are what liberals were back in the 1960s and 1970s. Something I am working on. LOL! We're not supposed to be against other parties, we just don't believe in the government.

Hard for me though. LOL! I'm simply against other people. But that's the introvert in me coming out.

I can hear the "ignore" button being pushed many times by more libtards now! LOL! Because I said Linda's mom is in Hell. But not one person ignored her when she did not send condolences to me when my father died. Says a lot about INXS fans who think they are "perfectly positive". Nevermind that I grieved with her when her mom died. I wish I could take that back! But I can't. Bummer! But that is why I will NEVER help out the fans again. EVER!! I hope those people enjoy the video I posted for them last year about Michael's trip to Hong Kong. Because they will never get anything like that from me again! I will post this movie as soon as I can (as soon as I can find a platform that will allow me to post it without censoring it in other countries!) I was hoping to do it by the 22nd. But like I said, only if I can find a good platform that will let me post it in it's entirety.

Ironically, the video is about Michael's fans. Not Michael himself (much). I do say a bit about Michael's life. I figured I had to. But for the most part, it's about the fans and their feelings for Michael. I wanted to do something no other fan has ever done. Lots of fans make videos flashing pictures and INXS's music. So what?! I wanted to do something completely different.

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