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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Atheists And Vegans Are Alike

This is another reason I cannot go vegan. Because I am not an atheist. I was an atheist once, but I never will be again. I am a happier person now that I know GOD exists. Atheists would argue with me and say "GOD is basically a placebo to make people feel better." Well, I say so be it! I would rather live my life believing GOD exists than to die not believing only to find out he does exist. Of course I don't think there is a burning pit of fire we would be condemned to if we do wrong. I personally think Hell is simply the grave. If we do wrong in our lives, we just die and our souls become lost in this world, don't go to Heaven. That's one of those things I think the Bible exaggerates a bit on.

Almost every vegan I've ever met has been atheist. You know why? Because vegans only see the world in black and white. In their logic, children in Africa are starving so there is no GOD. Cancer is running rampant today so there is no GOD. People are getting into car accidents so there is no GOD. Over 200,000 people died in the Asian tsunami in 2004, so there is no GOD. To me, it sounds totally dumb to blame all these things on GOD. But they believe just because GOD is said to control everything, why didn't HE stop these things from happening? Then the world would be perfect. We were not meant to live in a perfect world. Things happen. I cannot explain why, but there is always a reason that will add up in the end. I've lost friends over the years to a lot of things. Do you think I sit around and preach "oh woe is me! Why did this happen to my friend? There is no GOD since this happened to my friend!" My dad died of cancer, one of the things atheists blame GOD for. My dad did not sit around and think "Why is this happening to me?!" No way! He was strong till the end. Even went on 5 mile walks during his treatment! That's the kind of person he was. Never once did he curse GOD for him having cancer. He never questioned it. I admired that about him.

I saw a video yesterday where a vegan was confronting a dairy farmer in Australia. He said the usual typical vegan retarded arguments; comparing milk production to slavery. He was asking the farmer how does he know his dog just wants to live. Ya know, the usual black and white arguments. Vegans want to change the whole course of nature. Yet they sit home on their asses surrounded by cats. Vegans never have pet rabbits, nor pet birds, rarely pet dogs (if they do, it's usually a pit bull). Nope, they almost always have cats; the most carnivorous mammal a person can have besides a ferret. Then they totally feed them a vegan diet, which is not good at all. That is why I do not respect vegans who own cats. Well, I don't respect anyone who owns cats anyways, because they're almost always liberals.

My argument to vegans is always centered around the high number of vegans who have cats running around their house. I tell them get rid of those cats, then come talk to me about what I eat. Either way, vegans lose. They choose to keep an animal that kills wildlife, then they are contributing to the slaughter and extinction of wild animals. Or, they are feeding cats a vegan diet, which is not good for them at all, so it's considered the abuse and neglect of an animal. Or they are feeding these cats regular cat food, and are contributing anyways to the slaughter of animals like cows, pigs, chicken and fish. LOL! So, vegans lose 100% with cats. Until I actually meet a vegan who does not own a cat, never has owned a cat, and never will own a cat, I won't listen to them.

And honestly, soy is just as bad for people as the hormones many people put in meat! Soy has been linked to breast cancer. It makes peoples' hormones go crazy. Men become women and get that gynecomastia, which turns man boobs to female boobs. That's probably why so many vegan men are gay! Then there is the argument that it takes hundreds of gallons of water to raise one cow. Well I heard it takes a lot more gallons of water to raise one almond tree. And FAR more CO2 and methane gas emissions are put out by one vegetable picking machine than by 100 cows. So, there goes their arguments that it's more environmentally friendly to go vegan. LOL! If vegans would stop seeing the world in black and white, they would be able to see the whole picture of what they are doing.

But anyways, that is why I don't like vegans and I am not too crazy about atheist points of view. Though I do not deny them their right to choose how they want to live. Just don't bitch at me because I choose to live the way I want to. You live your way, I'll live mine. Hell, I may even die sooner than you, but at least I will die a happier person than you!

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