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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Shit-Faced Dogs

Nowadays, most people who own dogs either have labradors, pugs, yorkshire terriers, golden retrievers, pit bulls, or some other kind of bulldog-type breed. Very rarely do you ever see anyone who has a newfoundland dog walking alongside them, or a collie, or a sheltie, or a cairn terrier, or a papillon. Someone on one of the anti-SJW groups I am on once asked why do people always go for shit-faced dogs? There are plenty of cute dogs out there, why do people always go for shit-faced dogs. Well, she didn't say it that way, she used the P-word. But you get the picture. I think mostly she was referring to pugs and pit bulls and other bully breeds. Well, personally I think pugs are kinda cute. I used to not like them either. But then I was judging them by the ugly BYB-style, skinny pugs. I like them fat, cobby with a plushy coat like you see in shows. I think that makes them look like teddy bears.

I personally think the main reason everyone today likes "shit-faced dogs" is because, let's face it, people today LOVE ugly!!! It's like the uglier it is, the more everyone loves it. Look at how popular Spongebob is. And the Simpsons. And cats and panthers. And anime. And Justin Timberlake. And Justin Beiber. What do all these things have in common? They're ALL ugly as fuck! Apparently I'm not ugly enough, which is why I am not popular. I need to do something to make myself look even uglier, then people will flock to me. LOL! But it seems today "ugly" is the new "pretty". And what is pretty, everyone else thinks is ugly. Some people say my drawings are ugly. I draw the way I've been drawing since I was a year old. Of course there have been some improvements. But mostly, I use the same technique I've always used all my life. I've tried drawing in anime-style. But it didn't look good to me. I tried drawing Uncle Martin in anime, and it made him look terrible. But I like my style of drawing. It may not look pretty to today's anime-manga-loving freaks, but it is the style I've come to learn and come to love, and took over 40 years to bring to this point.

My specialty is animals. Though I do have limits. I don't draw cats or panthers if I can avoid it. The only time you will see any kind of cat or panther in any of my stories is if they are playing the bad guys. Or if they are scared off in the story. The Black Panther logo was Trisha's idea, not mine! I also don't really do many drawings of dogs. I did tons of drawings of dogs when I was a kid, and frankly, I kinda got tired of it. Though I have been known to draw wolves and foxes. But I got bored with the drawing of dogs long ago. Though I can still do it, and I think I do it even better than I did back in the day. Most of my drawings today are of wild animals, especially lemurs. But most especially, I like to draw the mammals from my Metazoic list. Animals no one today would recognize. Most people mistake them for modern mammals. Like Davy often gets mistaken for a horse. In all fairness, he does have the body of a horse. But he has claws like a bear, a tail like a dinosaur, a head like a kangaroo, and jaws like a lion. Tim is another example. He's often mistaken for a modern cow or ox. But he is about 10-times bigger than any modern ox. Though superficially, he does look like an ox. Though his horns are more deer-like than ox-like.

There are some characters that look nothing like any modern animals around today. Like Brad. Brad kindof resembles a cross between an antelope, a camel and a squirrel. He has a long neck like a camel, feet like a camel, legs like an antelope, tail like a dinosaur, head like a squirrel, but he has a knobby horn on the back of his head like no modern mammal has. I would compare it to a cassowary horn that grew back instead of up. His closest modern relatives would be rats. Not squirrels. Those are the animals I like drawing. They're more exciting to draw than any modern mammals. Though the one modern animal that I tend to draw more than any other, besides lemurs, is the horse. If you can draw a horse, you can draw almost any type of mammal! Most mammals are built similar to horses.

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