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INXS 2006

Seattle's Paramount Theater
January 19, 2006: I got up early and wanted to get an early start on my concert rounds. But before I headed off to Seattle, I had to stop by my favorite tire store and get my tires rotated and inflated. I was trying to save some money on gas, in case parking became too much. I never have drove to Seattle before by myself and I am by no means a city person. I'm strictly a country girl and there is a reason for that. I'm scared of big cities. I have an unnatural fear of strangers. Being in an area surrounded by people I never seen before kept me in a panic.
When I got to Seattle, I found the Paramount Theater. I haven't been there since 1991 and then another friend drove me there to see Roxette in concert. I parked in the Paramount's event parking garage, 3rd floor. After I parked, I went out to see if I could tour that portion of the city. But just as I was afraid of, there were panhandlers everywhere and wierd-looking, junky people everywhere. I went into a Barnes and Nobile bookstore nearby and browsed the books. I did see the Modern Drummer magazine that had Jon on the cover! I almost got it too, but I was trying to save my money at this point.
After looking through this store for about an hour, I decided to walk back to the Paramount Theater and ask if they were seating for INXS just yet. They said not until 7 PM. I had about a 6-hour wait at that point! So, I walked up this alley, still very scared, and just wanted to get to my car. Up ahead in the alley, I saw huge motor homes. I also saw people who were bouncers, stage managers, and tour managers for INXS there as well. I also saw a couple of women whom I never seen before in my life. I was curious about the motor homes, but none of those people I saw looked very friendly to me, and I was scared enough as it was just being in that alley. So, I did NOT stick around!!! I didn't care how much I wanted to see who was in the motor homes. I got to my car, which was 2 blocks away in the parking garage, and decided I had plenty of time to take a nap.
I slept for approximately 4 hours, waiting for seating for the concert to begin. I woke up and I still had a couple of hours until the actual seating for the show. So, I just sat in the car and looked at my pictures of the guys that I had with me, especially Timmy, who is still my favorite band member. About 30-40 minutes until seating came and I decided it was time to head on down to the theater to wait in line. I was even more terrified this time walking up that 2 blocks to the theater than last time because this time, it was dark out. The worst was walking up that alley. Or, it would have been.
The huge motor homes were still there. They were dark and made the alley seem smaller, darker and more threatening at night. Once again, my curiosity got the better of me, and I started to walk up to one of the motor homes. All of a sudden, there was Tim Farriss, my most favorite band member!! Instantly, he recognized me and said, "Well Hello!!! I'm glad you made it back!" I was instantly glad to see him!! I knew this would be the one chance I might ever have to get a picture taken with him, which I have been agonizing for since the days of Rockstar: INXS.
I called to him. He turned to me and said "Yes, sweetheart!" I asked him if I could have a quick picture with him and he said "Sure, sweetheart!" Unfortunately all I had with me was my camera phone. When he saw that, he said "Oh, another one of those things again!" And kinda half chuckled. I said "Sorry, that's all I have with me." He said "You don't have to be sorry, sweetheart!" I LOVED IT when he called me "sweetheart"!!!!!!!! I handed the camera to one of the managers who was nearby and cuddled up to Timmy's chest. He put his arm around me and hugged tight, and for that instant, I completely forgot how scared and alone I was in a big, strange city surrounded by panhandlers, criminals, and low-lifes. It was like it was just me and Timmy. The manager snapped one picture of us. But I had fun!!!
When we parted company, I thanked Timmy and he said "It was my pleasure, sweetheart. Enjoy the show!" I said "I sure will!" And I did! I LOVED the show!!! JD gave a remarkable performance. I was blown away myself. I was hoping I would be because I was still hesitant about JD fronting INXS. That is until I heard him sing and saw his performance. The Lovehammers (with Marty Casey) opened for the show. But I didn't go there to see Marty, I went there to see INXS! So, I just stayed seated until INXS came on.
INXS opened with Suicide Blonde, and it sounded wonderful! Like I said, JD gave a marvelous performance! I didn't even care that that night, he got a verse in Kick mixed up. And I didn't even notice how he was a little off-key on Mystify. Some other fans that night noticed it though. But I didn't care. I still head-bopped and flexed and retracted my arms to the music. During Don't Change, JD saw me doing that, and called up to me and said "You up there in the top row, I saw you doing this" and he started flexing his arm like I did. He then added, "Let's see you do it some more!" So, I did, just for JD!
Don't change was the last song that night. As I understand it, that's always the last song on INXS's adjenda. I had a blast that night! But the best part was finally having that photo op with Timmy. And it isn't everyone who hears their most favorite celebrity call them "sweetheart"! It was a night I will always remember for years to come.

Chinook Winds Casino
January 20, 2006: This time, I got up late and arrived there late. I was hungry. I was in such a hurry to get there that I didn't have time to eat anything. I was afraid I was going to be a bear!! I didn't want Timmy thinking that I am always like that at all. I tried to loosen up and not think about how hungry I was.
I was lucky to have even got a ticket to go to this event. I got the ticket from a young woman in Texas who was also going. I called her my benefactor, because if it weren't for her, I'd have never been able to attend this concert. For that, I am eternally grateful. I decided to leave the X-stalking out this time around. But just as I was driving up the road to the casino, I found out one of the buses I was behind all along was one of the INXS tour buses!! It drove around back of the casino and stopped. Around that time, I heard girls shouting and screaming. I knew it was either INXS or the Lovehammers. Well, I went inside and waited for the show to begin.
While I was in there, I got to talking to a woman and her husband who were 60 years old and fans of INXS!! She is a "with-it" kind of person, and I told her I liked that. We got to talking for a while and I found out that she drove all the way up there from Tumwater, which is very near where I live! I never got her name though.
When we got inside, I got to my seat. I was in the 4th row on the right side, where Timmy usually stands. So that was a perfect seat. They had packets of earplugs on the seats, and so I immediately put them in my ears and prepared for Marty's half of the show. I didn't care to hear the Lovehammers. It was a while before the show would begin, so I just sat there and kept the plugs in my ears. LOL!!
Later, I think I saw my benefactor, but we said little more than hello to each other. She said hi, I said hi back. She asked me how I was doing and I said "I'm fine." Then she turned her back on me. Which was a shame, I never got to thank her for selling me that ticket!! Not only that, but I was going to let her be the first from the INXS Switchboard to see the pic of me and Timmy together. But I guess she wouldn't have been interested.
Just like in Seattle, when the Lovehammers came on, I stayed seated while everyone else around me stood up and boogied. I was saving my energy for INXS. When The Lovehammers were through, my benefactor disappeared. Which I think was a lucky thing for me, because when New Sensation was being played during the part that goes "Love, baby love, is written all over your face!" I pointed directly at Timmy and sang that to him. He saw me do it too. And it earned me his guitar pick. He threw it right at me and it landed near my foot. If she'd have been there, she'd have got it instead of me!! It was obviously meant for me!!
Once again, JD's performance was superb! And this time, he didn't make any mistakes at all! His words, voice and movements were sleek and fluid, and Timmy well he was the star of the show as far as I was concerned! The same songs were sung that night as the night before. But I didn't care at all! I just wanted to see and be near my most favorite person on the planet, Timmy Farriss.
On the way home, it was dark and I was tired and hungry. I did stop on the way home, in Tigard, for a chicken sandwich and nuggets. But that was all I had to eat. I was fine with it though. Pretty much all my dreams came true for this concert tour plus more! My only regret for this show was that I didn't get a chance to get to know my benefactor better or even thank her again for the ticket.

Schnitzer Hall
June 5, 2006: I bought myself a platinum package for this concert. The package contained a meet and greet and a photo op with all members of the band. I needed this now more than ever because in May, I lost my Groucho. I needed to at least see Timmy again! He's always pulled me through when I was sad before, on television. I thought that seeing him in person would be much better. I was really looking foreword to seeing Timmy again.
Timmy and I do not really know each other, but whenever he sees me, he always remembers me, and that always makes me feel good. I was on meds at this time because I was still sad about losing Groucho. I think the meds messed me up completely. It's the only explanation I could think of to describe why I was so nervous, when I had never been nervous around these guys before. Not to mention the basement where we had the meet and greet was incredibly HOT!!! Heat makes me cranky! Which is why I hate the summer months.
When it came time to have our pics taken with the guys, I knew where I wanted to stand. I walked right up to Timmy. I had "INXS" painted on my fingernails and I wanted to drape my nails over his shoulder so it would show. Timmy put his arm around me. Unfortunately the nails did not show up in the picture. But it was a fun day anyway, in spite of everything else that went wrong. My picture I've found to be the most unique of all the fan meet and greet photos. In all the others, the fans are standing in front of the guys. I wanted just as much of Timmy in my picture as myself, I wanted to display interaction between me and the guys. And I succeeded.
The actual meeting with the guys, where they handed out their autographs, was wonderful. I met with Jon first, and he is always so sweet and kind. The rules for the meeting stated we were allowed to bring one small, handheld item for them to autograph, and all I could think of to bring with me to have the guys sign (besides a poster I bought) was the autobiography. I heard that JD would not sign the book though, but he signed mine, no problem. Jon signed mine with my name and a heart with an arrow going through. I loved it! Timmy was next and he didn't say much. But I didn't care. I'll always be crazy about him. At least he said something! Kirk didn't say nothing at all. He signed and then moved on. I used to be one of his biggest fans but after that meeting, not no more! He had a look on his face that told me he didn't want to really sign my book, that he was only doing it because he didn't want me to think he was a colossal jerk. But unfortunately for him, I can read facial expressions pretty well. Garry was much better. I even shook hands with him, and I thought he was very sweet. I always loved him after meeting him in LA, and he is letting his beautiful hair grow.
JD surprised me with a totally wonderful greeting. He said to me "Hello darlin'!" and he had that ultra-adorable smile on his face! I said, "Well, hello yourself." and smiled back, and handed him my book. He signed the title cover, no problem. Andrew was last, and I always loved him! He is so warm and sweet. He and I smiled at each other. I kinda forced a smile because at this time I was hot!!!! And I wanted out of that basement. I love Andrew with all my heart, and I always will. But I just can't tolerate heat too well. I was about to pass out from the heat. I handed Andrew my book to sign and he did.
I cannot blame INXS for that meeting going wrong, it's not their fault I was suffering from the heat, or that the smell of my sis's cheap hairspray was making me nauseous, or that my dog died and I lost all trust in humans. I blame no one for the meeting going so wrong except myself. The staff were all very nice! It was just me who was screwed up. At least I got to meet all of the guys, it's just everything was so rushed! I think that may have been the reason they turned the heat up in the basement. It was already hot outside that day. But I wouldn't blame the guys if they never wanted to speak to me again. Especially Timmy! He didn't like my sis's hairspray either!!! I don't blame him.
Well, the actual concert was fabulous! I couldn't wait to hear JD sing Amazing Grace. It was a glorious moment. I went all that way basically just to hear him sing that. Some of my internet stalkers from the delusional mods forum were there, but I basically just ignored them for the most part. I only went to see my favorite guys. No one else.

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