Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

What’s The Best Way To Meet Your Neighbors?

This does sound like a fun way to meet new neighbors. I need to try this myself. The problem is there is a little monster inside of me. His name is Social Anxiety. Every time I try to meet new people, he comes out and messes everything up! Either I wind up saying the wrong thing when I meet a new person, or I don't say what I should in time, or I just don't say anything at all and walk away. I'm not meaning to be unfriendly, it's just that's the way it always seems to work out. I have tried everything to push him out of the way so I can meet new people. But people tend to scare me in general. It's always in the back of my mind, what if I screw up? What if I say the wrong thing? What if I walk up to this person and they just walk away and don't want to say hi? There have been cases in the past where I have said hello to someone and they turned out to be very unfriendly and just told me to fuck off. After an incident like that, it's hard to build up that trust again to approach anyone else in that sort of friendly manner. It feels like I am a gazelle trying to make friends with a hyena.

There is also another monster inside of me, a much more welcome one (to me). Though I like this monster, other people tend to not want to invite him to their parties when they get to know him. His name is Brutal Honesty. He comes out at the cost of political correctness. I admit, I am not a politically correct person! I don't believe in that shit. I think political correctness is for wussies. Everything is there for a reason. Of course there are some things I know not to do because they would be uncivilized. But I am full of blatant honesty, and a lot of people find that to be uncomfortable, mostly because they have been lied to all their lives. But I lie to no one. Either how I feel will show up on my face, or I'll flat-out tell you how I feel. I have lost friends over the years because of this monster, but that is not as bad as it may sound. A couple of sayings that spring to mind is one I heard was quoted from John Lennon, and he said "Being honest won't get you a lot of friends, but it'll sure get you the right ones." If a person cannot handle you being honest with them, then they are weak-spirited. Imagine what having that person as a friend would be like!! They're not a real friend IMO. Another favorite saying is "Be who you are and say what you feel because the people who matter don't mind and the people who mind don't matter."

Plus, I have a serious passionate hatred of radicals, and there are too many radicals in the world! Like I said in my last video, the unfortunate thing about making friends with people sight-unseen is that you don't really know who they are. They could be radicals posing as friendly people online. And you have to weed-out the fanatics in order to find your real friends. If you don't have a thick skin (like I do) it can be devastating. Even discouraging. Though I don't let the internet define my real life. My problems with trust stem back to my childhood (before the internet). I was bullied mercilessly because I was this shy kid, and once I would start talking, would very often say the wrong things. Or do the wrong things. Face it, I was a dumb kid. But I was a survivor! I made it this far. I've about reached the status of being a hermit, but I made it to my 40s!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Hate Feminists/Paula Yates/Radicals of ALL Kinds!

This video basically puts into a little detail how I feel about radicals. You all should know by now I hate radicals! The only thing I am radical against IS radicals. LOL! I used Groucho Marx there as the thumbnail, because I like how he put his definition of politics. Yes, I do think radicals and politics go hand-in-hand. You cannot really refer to one without talking about the other. I had a little bit of fun in this video. LOL! I brought my stuffed animals up from the van (finally) and have them all lying around my living room. I included them in this video. I talk about how radicals are over-PC crybabies, because they are. I also talk about the guy who I used to be friends with, and then found out he is a radical. I am glad he is out of my life completely, even though he gave me that magazine. I still have the magazine. Not that he is getting it back. LOL! This guy Matt, I should have known he was a wussy. More than once he's talked about deleting his Facebook page due to "bullying". Well, I never saw any bullying on his page, nor did I see anyone bullying him. And, judging by his reaction to people who disagree with him, I would venture to say there really was no bullying at all aimed towards him. Someone probably just didn't agree with something Matt said, and Matt called that "bullying". Like I said, he's a wussy! To think, I even named one of my Metazoic critters after him! Well, he wouldn't be the first person that I have one of my animals named after that I don't like anymore. It was a type of antelope of the Metazoic. Oh well. It's there, cannot change it now. LOL! Generic names of animals sometimes change, but not usually the species names. I want to keep up Metazoica the way real science keeps up modern taxonomy.

Well, that incident with Matt made me look at my own position among INXS fans. I'm learning to trust people from Australia and the UK a LOT less than I used to. Though I do still have friends from Australia and the UK, I'm just going to have to be more cautious if they ask to become my friends. I think, if they are INXS fans, I should put a disclaimer on my Facebook page saying something to the effect of;

"Before you send me a friend request, you should first know I can't stand Paula Yates, I don't give a shit if she is Lily's mom, I feel ANY woman could have had Michael's child, I don't feel she is special, and I especially don't feel Paula Yates is any more exempt from criticism than any other public figure. If any of this bothers you, then bugger off and do not click the button that says "Add Friend". You are an ass-kissing radical fag and I want NOTHING to do with you! But if you are fine with me having my own opinion, feel free to add me as a friend."

This would help to eliminate all radicals from ever adding me to their friends. Believe me, I have the most awesome friends on the planet! And they get better and better as the "hidden" radicals get weeded out. In the end, I might wind up with only a few friends. But that's fine with me. I'd rather have 2 awesome friends than 400 fair-weather "friends". Quality over quantity. In fact, I think I should do a complete clean-out of my friends. If I did that though, I would have far less than 400. I think that's the way GOD wants it. LOL! I think HE wants me to only have a few good friends.

Well, I am trying to get rid of my van. Though I think I can only sell it for scraps. I've been getting the run-around. First, I called Heritage For The Blind and tried to give my car to them. I figure if someone is going to take it away from me, it might as well be for a worthy cause. And this place also gives vacation vouchers so I thought that makes it worthwhile too. They told me they would get a tow car out here as soon as the next day. The van still doesn't run, and the manager wants it off this lot, so I must get rid of it one way or another. Well, the next day rolled around and I got a confirmation letter from the Heritage for the Blind, saying a tow car has been dispatched and they would be out here that day. I waited and waited. No one ever showed up. So, I called the charity again, they said if I don't get a phone call by their opening the next day to call them and let them know. I did get nervous when on the email, it said the tow company is in Portland, 100 miles away. I asked them "Would they really come out here? They're 100 miles from where I live!" But I was always assured it is OK.

Well, the next day, I called the tow company and they told me they have absolutely NO record of having to come out to my place to pick up a car. So, I called the charity again, and I was put on hold for 10 minutes at a time while they tried to straighten this out. Well, when this business was all done, they informed me that the tow company did not want to go as far as to my place, which is what I kindof figured I would hear. But it was a big disappointment!!

So, I tried calling another charity, this one was to save lost children. This one doesn't give vouchers, but I didn't care. I need that car to go. I'm planning a move very soon and I cannot leave it here. I told them first off that I live in Astoria, and asked them if their tow company is actually willing to come out this far and they said that would be no problem. So, they took down all the info they needed, and said the tow company would be contacting me shortly. So I waited again. No one ever called. So, I didn't bother to call this one, figuring someone would call later. Well they did, only to inform me that no, the tow company does not service my area!! I just told them "Thank you for letting me know". I was so glad I didn't put too much emphasis on this one part of my day. I'd have been disappointed. But due to what happened to me with the previous charity, I thought it was best not to get my hopes up too high with this one either. So, I didn't. And it was not as big a disappointment as the first one I dealt with. So now, I'm just trying to sell it. No takers so far.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

It Seems Men's Brains Are Unattached

UGH!!! This one thread about a man hitting a woman in the face and knocking her down has gotten a lot of attention. I did say a real man should never strike a woman. That's true. But I also believe a real lady should never strike a man. Real ladies do not go around putting their hands on other people. However I do know some women, especially feminists, take too much advantage of the idea that a man should never strike a woman. I understand that, I am not a feminist. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I may have said this before, but all those things that women have fought so hard for over the years, I don't even care about. I don't care about having the right to vote. I never vote anyways. I think politics is nothing but a bunch of baloney!! I don't care if a man thinks a woman's place is in the kitchen. I love my kitchen. As long as he does his share of the work (that is, bring me a nice paycheck home every other week) I am fine with that. I'm an introvert, so I don't care much about going outside the home. But what I get a lot of on this thread is stupid men (and I do mean STUPID) who say things like "You women need to learn your place" (as if I forgot it! This is MY home) and "Real women should not strike men", which I already stated in my original comment, and I got an especially dumb one this morning, named Evan Kirton and this is what he said:

Evan Kirton
5:51 AM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan this whole video is self defense. The "real man" striked her because she put her hands on him. She deserved to get hit because she touched him without consent (your gender has a term for that that is gaining popularity - "rape" I believe?) I read your comment and your responses. Totally nonsensical. I hoped you learned a thing or two from the people who responded to your post because if you try the foolishness that the young women tried on a man in the streets, you will be the next person we are laughing at :)

Seriously, if he had really read my comments, he'd know I never even implied anything he's saying I said. Apparently my original comment seems to have attracted the lowlifes of YouTube that only have a single brain cell between them to come in and respond. Sometimes I can understand why some women just want to smack men. They're dumb! Though not my Michael and Timmy, they're great guys! They aren't dumb at all. But surely the men who have responded to me on this thread have been nothing short of insipid. Though it is hilarious for a while. Having to spell everything out in simple terms every time someone comments and repeating the same things to each one of them over and over, gets old and boring. I think in order to save my sanity, I'm going to have to stop responding, because talking to these people is like talking to a 6-month old. They seem to know you're talking to them, but it's a roll of the dice whether or not they know what you are saying because they're too dumb to know.

Well, I did try to explain what I was saying to little mister Even Kirton in the most simplistic terms I can think of, what I was trying to say in that thread. Yes I believe in someone acting on self-defense. I've known about that for years. I knew that long before I even watched this video. Self-defense is one of our basic instincts. I say if I go up to a random stranger, and we have a verbal disagreement for what ever reason, and he strikes me just because we don't agree, that is not self-defense. But if I strike him back, that is self-defense. I'm not a violent person anyways. I'd never go up to anyone, man or woman, and just hit them for no reason, or just because I don't agree with something they said. I was brought up not to fight anyways. I was brought up to believe a real lady does not go around picking fights with anyone. Believe me, if I were the "warring" type, when I was living with Patti and she trapped me in the kitchen one night and would not let me go to my room, I'd have put her ass on the floor. But I am not that type. I wanted Patti to get to know my gentle side before she knew my dark side, even though she showed me her dark side already. She also told me her ex-husband was a beater. She would say things like "As long as you're not like my ex-husband we'll get along fine". But having lived with her for 4 days, I totally understood why her ex-husband beat her up. She stayed with him for 8 years and he beat her. I was nothing but nice and respectful to her and she kicked me out after only 3 days. So, there was something about her ex-husband that she loved. Oh well, that is water under the bridge to me, the fact is I am not the warring type. I am more the nurturing type. I prefer to nurture my man rather than see him hurt or beat him up.

And I just love it where Evan Kirton says this:

Evan Kirton
5:51 AM
I hoped you learned a thing or two from the people who responded to your post because if you try the foolishness that the young women tried on a man in the streets, you will be the next person we are laughing at :)

This comment has got to be the absolute pinnacle of stupidity. Trust me dude, I know more than you will EVER know. I knew it all before you gave your little nasty-ass opinion, which I hope I don't need to tell you where you can stick it. And prepare yourself to be miserable, because like I said, I am not the warring type. You're not going to see me going up to a man OR woman on the street and "try that". Thusly, no one is going to have the need to make me "the next person you will laugh at". :)

That is how I live my life. I live it going about my own business, doing what I need to do and just moving on. I may say hello to someone now and then, or smile, but that's it. I just continue my walk, or take my shopping cart and go, or just go ahead and do what I need to do. I don't generally talk to no one, and I don't pick fights with people. I post most of my opinions on here, my blog. So any time you would see me hitting anyone would be in self-defense. And I even hesitate to do that unless I really feel threatened.

In other news, Kanye West is seeking donations from people to help him get out of debt. LOL!! Oh GOD!!! I couldn't believe it!! So a man, who is the self-proclaimed "best musician in the world" cannot get himself out of debt??? Give me a break!! I wouldn't donate 2 cents to his shitty cause!! Let him get himself out of debt. Or suffer for all I care, I hate that guy!!! I can't stand him!!! I think he's ugly, he cannot sing, and he does not know what "real music" is so he cannot very well call himself "the best musician in the world". Rap is not real music!! INXS is real music. Queen is real music. Even Toad The Wet Sprocket is real music. Rap is nothing but a nonsensical conversation with background noise made to sound generically like "music". I would give NOTHING to help Kanye. Here is how much I hate that guy; I would give to a charity to help save the tigers before I would give anything to Kanye West!! And that would be pretty low of me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Slamming Deceased Luminaries

Oh boy! I commented on a friend's thread where she posted pictures of Paula feeding Lily as a baby, and she always had her breast out in public. Now, I do believe there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, even here in the USA it is allowed. Most decent women prefer doing that in a private setting. But they are not arrested or anything if they do it out in the open. It's perfectly natural. I wish my ma had breastfed me and my sis when we were babies. She didn't believe in breastfeeding though. My mom never believed in anything natural. Paula's got huge boobs, about 99% of which are nothing but plastic and silicon. If I feel sorry for anyone, it's Lily. She was born and grew up with the taste of silicon being forced into her mouth every day! LOL! But hey, that's Paula's problem. Not mine. Though I still think Paula was a disgusting whore.

Well, I responded to one comment another friend made on that thread. Now, mind you I have nothing against this person. But he too was saying how disrespectful it was to be saying such hateful things about Paula, and reminding everyone how she was Lily's mother. I told him I don't care. Paula put herself out there in the public view (don't pretend you don't believe Paula did not tip off the press to Michael's and her whereabouts). She made herself fair game for hatred and criticism. It's going to happen. Anyone who puts themselves out there in the spotlight is opening themselves up for criticism. There are some people who are going to like Paula and some people who are not. Those who do not have just as much right to express themselves as those who do. That's free speech and that is what I stand for. I put myself on YouTube, I expected people to watch my videos and not like them and even not like me. It happens. Yes I am still here to defend myself, but I usually don't because I feel even haters have their rights to their opinions. I just don't listen to the haters. But it's like the old saying that goes "if you can't take the heat, don't go in the kitchen!" I feel if Paula didn't want to be hated and scorned, she would have stayed out of the limelight, in her home, and left Michael alone. Michael was already with Helena, and Paula was married to Bob. She should have stayed with Bob. Marriage is a sacred promise. If Paula was expecting Lily while she was still with Bob, then she's a slut who deserves nothing but scorn. In the days of the Bible, she would have been stoned to death. She was lucky western society is not like that anymore.

I feel there is no standard when it comes to celebrities. Even I expect to get slammed after I die, because I will still have videos out there. If I have kids before I pass on, I will prepare them. If they hear of people hating on me, I will tell them "Mommy set that up herself, by creating videos. Hatred is to be expected just as much as admiration." Lots of people still say bad things about famous people who have passed on. Look at Hitler. A lot of people still say bad things about him, and rightfully so! The man was responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of innocent people. But the fact of the matter is he is dead now, and there are people still saying bad things about him. No one says "you shouldn't say bad things about Adolph Hitler. He's dead and cannot defend himself, and he has kids and grandkids now." But Hitler did put himself out there, and on top of it did some rotten things. There is not much difference between him and Paula Yates. The only difference I see is Hitler was a man and Paula was a woman. Hitler killed hundreds of innocent people, Paula killed one innocent man. Hitler started World War 2, Paula started the war between Michael and Bob Geldof, which snowballed into Michael warring with the paparazzis, his family and the band too. In the end, Hitler killed himself, so did Paula. The Yatesfags deny Paula had anything to do with Michael's death, I'm sure there are a lot of people who oppose the fact that Hitler caused a mass genocide as well. Hitler was sly, so was Paula. Hitler promised the Jewish people a "better life", Paula apparently promised Michael a better life as well. Hitler ran concentration camps, while Paula lured Michael into her home with her kids. See where I'm going? But nobody says anything to the effect of "talking about Hitler being a bad guy is disrespectful. He's dead he cannot defend himself". But Hitler put himself out there. He did horrible things. So he opened himself up for criticism and hatred. There are some people who like him and some who don't. I hate him! And I hate Paula Yates too! Nothing will change that. Even Michael himself couldn't make me change my mind if I don't want to.


The man I had that conversation with, named Matt Burney, has decided he couldn't handle me having my own opinion about Paula, so he and I are no longer friends. Hmm, what a shame. I still have the magazine he gave me too. LOL! Well, I will continue to keep it. Thank GOD no money exchanged hands, and he will NOT be getting it back! So, if he is reading this, don't even try to go there dude. You gave it to me fair and square.

Don't worry, I am not bothered by it. I've lost so-called "friends" before because of my opinions. Not going to change who I am. Just continue to weed out the weak "friends" and keep the stronger and sturdier friends close.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Am An Introvert

I think I knew this all along. Well, I always thought I was a recluse, but I guess "introvert" is a better word for what I am. I am who I am. I am an introvert. So, what is an introvert? What makes a person an introvert? Well, they are many different things. Some people looking at them from the outside may say they are stuck-up, mute, or even idiotic or retarded because we have our own way of thinking that is outside the normal realm. Some people may even think we are "other-worldly". Introverts do not talk much. Usually we only speak when spoken to. We do not shake hands with people, or become "instant buddies" with people. I have tried to become instant-chummy with people before, always with disastrous results. I guess that is part of being an introvert. Few people looking at us from the outside would understand us. We are somewhat secretive people, who usually prefer to stay in our homes. We question EVERYTHING!!!!! We don't have a lot of friends at any given time. In fact, we may have only one good friend throughout our lives. Our friends are usually among the most loyal and dedicated people anyone could ever meet. I know it takes a very special kind of person to say they are my friends. The kind of people that is rare in today's world. Introverts may even go so far as to avoid people, even to the point of only going outside at night.

I know I am more uncomfortable around people. Like I said, I've tried being instant-chummy with people, and it's never lasted. I've had people who have said hello to me, I greet them, shake hands, smile, try to hold up a conversation with them, and within hours, they are looking at me as if to say to me "GOD! You're an idiot!" Or "My goodness! You're a moron!" Who knows why? But I think that may be commonplace with introverts. We don't talk much. We don't make friends very easily. A person would have to work hard to keep the conversation going with us. At the same time, any person who wants to get to know an introvert, I would say would have to have the patience of a saint! It takes a lot to spark my interest. I'm a different kind of introvert. I am completely uncomfortable around people. I don't even understand people who say they are more comfortable around kids than they are around adults. I can't understand that at all. I'm much more uncomfortable around kids than I actually am around adults. Kids are cute, at a distance. But I am more uncomfortable around them than I am around someone who is over 25. Especially the little kids who cannot even talk and you cannot understand them.

Well, being an introvert is not such a huge crime. Many of us, because we are big thinkers, go on to create some of the greatest paintings, books, most mind-boggling scientific discoveries in the world. That is why I often compare myself with Da Vinci. He too was an introvert. But look at all the things he's predicted over his lifetime. My mind is also always on overdrive, so I do a lot of thinking too. I remember I was the first to bring up using buffalo urine as an energy source, because I once read that it was flammable. I remember I brought that up in a forum full of kids with scientific minds and they laughed. Well, now they wouldn't laugh so much today because scientists have actually been working on a way to turn animal urine into a source of energy. So, all I can say to those people who saw what I wrote before and laughed is "IN YOUR FACE!!!!" Before long, using urine as an energy source will be a normal procedure. It's cheaper and environmentally cleaner than fossil fuels we use today. So that is why people now are looking to begin using it instead of oil. Here's some predictions I have for our future that I've been thinking about...

We will never have cars that will fly like miniature airplanes, but we may, in about 50 years, have cars that hover.

We will begin to keep foxes as pets instead of dogs (they are cleaner and require less care than a dog).

We will have computer screens, and possibly even TVs, as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper.

We will be able to access our bank account anywhere using a single fingerprint. That includes paying for items at the store.

In about 100 years, we will be building houses on the ocean and people will live there full time.

We will have cell phones no bigger and no thicker than a credit card.

Now, do I know for sure these things will come true? No I don't. But there are many clues being given off today that makes each of these things extremely feasible in the future. Cell phones for one thing, they keep getting smaller and smaller, and people these days love things that are small and portable. I say in the future, we will have cell phones that are the same size as a credit card, being run by a single, tiny chip. I don't think that flying cars will ever happen, though we do have electrical cars. But I think that hovercars will be the thing of the future. Kindof like hoverboats, and hoverboards, though I would hope that hovercars would be safer than hoverboards. But hovercars would completely eliminate the need for tires, no skidding on icy roads, no getting stuck when driving on beach sand (which has happened to me more than once) or on mud. Accidents will have fewer fatalities, IF any at all. And I would totally love to have a fox for a pet!!! They have all the instincts to protect that a dog has, with the independence of a cat.

Friday, February 12, 2016

So What About Getting Older?

As I am getting older, I notice a lot of things are different. How the world perceives me is different. People used to just call me a fat whore. I was fine with that. But now, I've noticed a lot of people are adding the word "old" to that phrase. So now, I am not just a "fat whore", but also an "old fat whore". Getting old is different. LOL! My feelings and cares are also changing I noticed. The things that bothered me when I was younger, no longer bother me as an old person. I guess because a person gets my age, they get used to certain situations and become numb to it all. I became numb to "fat names" ages ago, and it stopped bothering me when people would call me "fat". Hey! At least it's true! I am fat. But this is who I am. I can live with the name calling, even learn to love it! Yes, you read that right; "love it!" My sis never could handle the name calling, which I guess is why she wanted so badly to lose weight. I say let them call me names all they want to. It's their right to free speech. I get called names all the time, believe me when I say it has zero affect on me. What I really want is for someone to come in to one of my videos and come up with a more creative name than just "fat old whore" or "fat old cunt". Those are pre-school-level names. I still have a $50 prize waiting for anyone who can come into my videos, without quoting any comedy acts, and come up with the most creative insult they can think of. So far, no one has been able to claim that prize. Not that I believe they will accept it.

When someone resorts to name-calling, they are either hurt or feel insecure by the person they are targeting. I am stubborn! I admit that. I'm sometimes proud of my stubbornness. Any time I haven't been proud of being so stubborn has not been because of anything that happened online, believe me! LOL! When someone online calls me names, I know I either hurt that person's feelings sometime in the past, or they see how strong I am, and how I won't back down, or I called them out on something they did not want to be called-out on, and I made them feel insecure because of it. That has almost always been the case, if not ALWAYS been the case. Name-calling is a last resort. It always denotes a weak person, which is why I rarely call anyone names. I call a spade a spade. I am fat, so I expect people to say I am fat. I have been called "fat" in a non-aggressive manner too. Though I would prefer higher-level name-callings than "you fat old cunt" or "fat bitch", I don't think that's likely to happen any time soon. I guess people these days just don't have the brain-capacity.

Anyways, what I don't understand is what is so wrong with being old? When I was in middle school, in English class, I had this teacher, who must have been in her 60s named Mrs. Gee. Well, in that class I had to sit next to a big, fat girl named Sandy Tincher, who was the most negative person I think I ever met in my life. Her whole hour during that class was spent saying things like "GOD I hate this class!" and "I hate old people!" and calling the teacher "stupid" and other things like that. Fat girls like her give fat people like me a bad name. She was worthy of the title "fat bitch" because she was fat and bitching was the only thing she had a talent for. She was the classic model of a fat girl being a bitch. Anyways, she'd be my age now. I wonder if she feels different being an old person herself. I'll tell you, I don't understand people who use "old" as an insult. Unless you plan to kill yourself when you reach 35, it's going to happen to you too! You're all going to get old. I never made fun of old people. Ever! I always found old people to be fascinating. Even when I was a teenager. But anyone who makes fun of old people, I always wonder what they plan to do when they get old? Or do they plan on just ending their lives before they get old. We don't get younger, we only get older. All these young people today who make fun of old people, I wish for them to become invalids when they reach old age, with no kids and no spouse to take care of them. Or if they do have kids, stick them in a home for old people. Maybe that will make those people think for a change.

Or what about their parents? How do these people, who hated old people when they were younger, feel about their parents getting old? Well, that would be hard to say as it seems kids don't love their parents anymore. Maybe they would be happy when their parents die? I don't know. I do know a lot of people who are the same age as me who have lost one, or both, of their parents. I've been lucky so far. I don't have any grandparents anymore, but both my parents are still here. However I do know, and dread, that inevitable day when my parents are going to kick the bucket. I feel bad for my friends whose parent, or parents, are deceased. That is why I thank GOD mine are both still here today. I'd like to enjoy the time I have left with them, however with both of them living so many miles away from me, that's harder now. My father is now the most untouchable, because he lives in Arizona, which is too hot for me! And too far south. And dad told me he would never move to Arizona!

Well, that's one of the many mysteries I will never understand about people. Fuck me! LOL!! But I am an old person. I am happy with the person I am, young or old. I don't care!

Let me tell you all, I wouldn't be a teenager today if someone were to pay me! The schools suck today, the TV shows suck, the music sucks!! Everything teens are supposed to love today SUCKS!!! I love being old. I love looking back on the things we had when I was a kid and remembering how lucky I was to have it in my life. I'll tell you, I probably never would have known about INXS if I had grown up in today's world. When I was a teenager, (most of the time) kids were innocent. We had better cartoons coming on TV in the mornings and afternoons. Sesame Street was still Sesame Street, the way it was meant to be with the little cartoons and skits and everything. Music was real and true, and came from the heart of those who sang it. And captured the heart of those who played it. We didn't listen to fanatics, whiners and radicals. Everyone had a dog, few people owned cats or paid them any mind at all. There was no such thing as "political correctness". We had better role-models. We went outside to play at our friends' houses instead of playing on the internet or video games.

But what have today's kids got?? Nothing! They're dumber than they were when I was a kid, far less innocent, the only role models they got are crappy ones today, all the good cartoons are no longer played on TV because they had to give way to "political correctness". Sesame Street should change it's name full-time to "Elmo's World" because that's the only character they seem to highlight nowadays. Kids today don't watch cartoons that are good and genuinely fun, but instead want to watch anime-style cartoons, which is nothing but crap! There are no real musicians today, Michael is gone so there is no INXS. Just Beyonce who does not sing about subjects she believes in, but instead has a group of writers to make up songs for her to sing just to keep her paycheck coming in. You couldn't pay me to buy a Beyonce album! She is so phony it's unbelievable!! And Kanye West is terrible too. Seems the only musical genre anyone today thinks is worth anything is rap and RnB and that is totally SAD!!! Today's schools are nothing but crap, and they are serving salads now instead of burgers and pizzas for lunch, which I also think is sad! Part of the fun I had in school was sitting down to have a nice burger and fries or a slice of pizza. If all that had been served back in my days was salads, I'd have rather brought food from home! And who are their role-models today? Donald Trump and a stupid grumpy cat!!

Yup, you couldn't pay me enough to be a teenager in today's world!! I'm glad I am old and we had the things we had when I was a teenager.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Calling All Nations!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Michael could be immortalized with his own star on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood? I think it would be. I would love to see this happen! So they need more people to contribute. Michael's sister Tina and another helper have put together a campaign to help make this become a reality. I think Michael deserves it. I for one would love for this to happen as soon as possible. There is no reason why it shouldn't. Michael was the #1 trending subject on Facebook for his birthday this year, that's a very good sign. Maybe this will be the year Michael gets his own star in Hollywood. The fact he was from Australia should not stop something like this from happening here. Lots of foreign celebrities get their place in the Walk Of Fame. So why not Michael? Why not INXS as a whole? I loved these guys! They deserve to have lots of attention. They deserve to never be forgotten or left out of anything. So why not make this become a reality? Tina has been so nice in responding to all the contributors too.

When this does happen, I would love to be there to make a film of it going in, and maybe make a film of the celebration, if there is going to be one, or if it's just a simple gathering, get that on film too. Either way, I want to be able to make a film of this for my friends who may not be able to be there. This has been an on-going idea for quite some time now, I cannot wait for it to come forth. This may take as much as a year to come to life, but I totally want to be there when this thing is revealed to the world. I want to be one of the first to catch it on film. That will be the ultimate make-up with Michael. All those years I spent ignoring him, this will kindof make up for it. I did contribute what I could to the campaign. Believe me, if I could give more to it, I would! But I am doing all I can to spread the word, and I would hope other INXS fans would do the same. Meanwhile, I will try to save to get myself down there so I can make a little movie of it to put up on YouTube and show my friends. I think I will more display this film on my group, Tim-Hutch Love, than on my page. It is, afterall, a group for people to go into to remember Michael and Timmy.

Now, I wonder if Timmy would be there for something like this? Not sure, as he still lives in Australia, and he and Michael's sister were apparently not on the best terms. But it would be a great idea if all the guys of INXS could be there to see this come to life. I know I want to be there. I know Garry lives in LA. I don't know about my partner, but I would love to make it down to Hollywood just to attend this little gathering. I will bring it all to you live from my site! If you'd like to contribute, click on the link below.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

An Interesting Experiment

Well, I can honestly say, this trolling for fun has taught me some interesting things. But ya know, I think it's time to move on, because I have an even more interesting idea in mind. Not sure when I will do it, I have to prepare myself emotionally for it. The idea came to me yesterday from an encounter with a hit-and-run troll who called herself Nini Beauty. I was thinking what if I were to go into a video for dog-lovers and do exactly the same thing with them as I have been doing with the cat-radicals? How would they react? I don't mind the cat-lovers. It's the radicals I hate. By doing this trolling for fun, I've found that the cat-radicals are no different than any other radicals. But what about dog-radicals? How would they respond to a person who hates dogs? Are they as bad as the feline radicals? Are they worse? Do they even exist? I've never encountered them myself, probably because I have 2 dogs myself and I love them more than life it's self. But this Nini Beauty implied they are very bad. So, I am kinda interested to see for myself.

I thought about maybe finding a video somewhere on YouTube, which is like this one about people who hate cats, go to that video, and tell everyone I hate dogs. I want to see how they would respond. See if they act the same way the cat-radicals did. Or if they are worse. Or if no one responds at all. This would be a very interesting experiment! But like I said I have to prepare myself emotionally for this, it's going to be hard pretending I hate dogs with such passion. I hope Minnie and Vegas never reads my responses. This is going to be much harder than it was to pretend I hate cats with such passion. I mean, teasing the radicals is fun, but to be honest, I really don't hate all cats as much as I portray on that video. I still love siamese cats. I like black cats too. It's really just tabbies I hate. I just did it because I love to harass the radicals. LOL!! It's fun pissing off radicals. OK, so I turned troll for this venture, but if I do the same in a dog-loving video I would have to turn troll there too in order to get the full-effect.

There are some things about dogs that I do hate. I hate their butt-sniffing behavior! That is the worst thing about dogs. Cats are butt-sniffers too. That's why they hold their tails in the air. Its a mutual-exchange "You sniff my butt and I'll sniff yours and we'll both be happy together forever!" It's just that cats are daintier than dogs when they poke their nose in your butt. I used to have both a dog and a cat, and I slept with the both of them in my bed occasionally. I woke up in the middle of the night once, and felt someone's nose in my ass. I thought it was the dog. I felt down there and grabbed the nose out of my ass, and it turned out it wasn't the dog at all, it was the cat!! Up until then, I never knew cats did that either. I thought that was strictly a dog-thing! Over the years of dealing with cats, I've seen many cats poke their noses in peoples' behinds. So, dogs are not the only ones who do that. Dogs though also like eating crap, and I hate that too! That's something cats don't do. Big dogs are especially notorious for that! I'm not saying smaller dogs don't do that, just that I've seen that behavior more from the bigger dogs. I once had an australian shepherd that would stick his nose in the cat's behind while the cat was trying to take a dump, and lick the crap as it was coming out, and eat it. Obviously, if you are eating right now, you may not want to read this blog post! LOL!! But those are a couple things about dogs that I do hate.

Well, one of my friends (and only one) has a siamese kitten and he posted a picture of himself holding that kitten, and I said "That is the cutest dang kitten I've ever seen!!" It's an extreme wedge-head too!! It's a beautiful siamese!! Good to see at least one of my friends has a cat that isn't an ugly old gray tabby!! Another friend recently got a cat and announced it to everyone, and it's an ugly gray tabby! I didn't congratulate her. I just thought "is that the best you could find in a cat??" An ugly old gray tabby!!! I hate them! They are the biggest eyesore in the cat world. I find black cats to be the friendliest of all. Yet, people still have suspicions about them. Oddly enough. Oh well. Not my problem, I still would never have another cat myself. But I cannot tell the people on this video thread that I don't hate cats as much as I portrayed on there. LOL!! That would tip off the radicals. Well, some have already got the message that I am trolling for fun! But it's also added a great deal to this experimental thing. I accurately predicted Superior Scream's actions, and I am proud of myself for that! I still got it!! LOL! I'm still good at pinpointing a person's personality. And back in the days of the old INXS Fan Forum, Penny said I was "way off" in knowing what people are really like. LOL!! I would say on her I was definitely right, but I always judge how a person is by their actions on the internet. Of course I know you cannot judge a whole person by their actions on the internet. But you can get a good idea. Especially when you've never done anything bad to said person, and they still treat you harshly. Penny did. I didn't like Penny! She was something of a bully. And an asshole. Anyways, that was the way she presented herself on that forum.

Well, everyone on that video now thinks I am the wicked witch of the west because of the way I talked down at the radicals. But I do truly hate radicals. I got to have my fun with them, but I think I want to prepare myself for the next experiment. But if I am going to do this, I need to create a mock-account because if I don't, people will see I have dogs in my videos and know that I am lying when I say I hate dogs. But still, I have to prepare for this emotionally because it's going to be hard for me. But if I am going to receive the full effect of this experiment, I must hold my ground! I don't know when I will begin, and I have no idea which video I will do this on. But let's see what happens. It may be a while. I have to cut all ties to this cat-haters video. LOL!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Trolling For Fun

Yes I admit it. I am trolling for fun on this thread on YouTube. I love having fun with the fags/tards/radicals whatever the fuck you want to call them! This one person on this thread confronted me with it yesterday, some dude who calls himself Superior Scream. I told him yes I am trolling and I am loving every minute of it! For one thing, it's good mind-exercise. I am loving trolling these catfags and I love when they troll me back. LOL! I know that sounds strange, but when they troll me back, it gives me a chance to exercise my creativity. This Superior Scream guy was especially fun to work with. I was upset yesterday because of some things that have been happening so far this month, but I must say, Superior Scream made my day!! LOL!! He's been the most fun to work with so far. Another good thing about trolling, it's great training. It's interesting to see how well I hold my ground when faced with people slamming me and cussing me out for having my own opinions. That's the purpose of the fags/radicals, whatever! The day I start losing that ability to hold my ground, that's the day I give up the internet.

Well, if they want to point the finger at anyone for me being this way, I'll tell you, one person is my mom. Now, I am not blaming anyone, my mom had a huge hand in making me the person I am today. She always taught me to speak my mind. I can be nice about it if I want to. I don't go into a thread outright calling random people names. I only troll the radicals. The ones who deserve it. My mom had a positive impact on me growing up. But it was my encounter on the Acmepet site in 2001 with Kallie that had the biggest impact on me. Kallie taught me that if I am going to give my opinion, I'd better be prepared to stick to my guns! If she were to read this today, she would say "Oh NO! Don't try to pin this on me!! You are acting on your own!!" I know that is exactly what she'd say, or something to that effect. But yes, I can actually pin it on her. She totally, and possibly, inadvertently taught me to stick to my guns. I know this because up until I had that experience with her on the chihuahua forum at Acmepet, I gave my opinions, but never really took standing my ground seriously. The worst feeling I ever had in the world was the feeling of having to lie to her just to get her to like me again. It feels much better to be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not. Believe me when I say a LOT of people hate me because I give my opinions and stand my ground. Happens ALL the time. I've completely come to terms with it though. But on the other hand, there are lots of people who like me for it too. I've become a powerful person, so you can believe it when someone says "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I am a much stronger person and I am still alive today. If I die, I hope to still be strong in my next life. Hopefully stronger than I was in the beginning of this life. So, if anyone wants to point the finger at anyone for me being the way I am, you can thank Kallie. She is why I am so stubborn with my opinions. It was a lesson well learned!

Well, Superior Scream completely lost his shit last night because he said:

"So in short, you like to make people feel bad, basically because you can, and you're not ashamed to admit and endorse your actions because "catfags" do it too?

Ah. You're one of the best people I have ever met. Know what? You should kill all cats and the people who like them because they're scum and you're correct about everything. 

You're an awesome person."
Well, my response to him was this (his full response included):

+Superior Scream So, in summary:
1. People who like cats or people you don't like in general are "lowlife scum."

Catfags are not just cat-lovers. I have friends who are cat-lovers. Catfags are a whole different story.

2. You coin a new term to offend both gays and "cat people" and you're "okay" with that because you THINK they deserve it.

A "fag" is basically a cigarette. It has nothing to do with gays. That's something modern society made that word to be. But it's the perfect metaphoric terminology to describe hot-headed wussies like yourself. And yes, they deserve it!

3. You're judging/trolling people to get the point across that judgments are wrong? So you're hypocritically assuming that your opinion is the only good and useful opinion? 

I'm saying fight fire with fire. If they can go around saying "if you hate cats then I hate you", then they are willing to accept the consequential actions of making such judgments.

So in short, you like to make people feel bad, basically because you can, and you're not ashamed to admit and endorse your actions because "catfags" do it too?

Hell yes! Let them see how it feels. Just telling them not to judge would most likely not work.

Ah. You're one of the best people I have ever met. Know what? You should kill all cats and the people who like them because they're scum and you're correct about everything. 

So why don't you do that? I personally don't think it's right to stoop to killing people for what they like, but it seems you think that is OK. People can learn. But sadly most don't unless it is put on themselves and someone comes and says "now, you didn't like that did you."

You're an awesome person.

Thank you. :p I would say the same about you, but I don't like fags (radicals). Sorry dude.

Where he says "You're an awesome person", I knew he was bullshitting!! LOL! That's why I trolled him, and that is what set him off. His next response was this:

+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan 

Go to hell. You're a dog rapist in denial. Stay away from dogs, you nasty troll.

And I said to him this is the part I love the most. The part where the radicals completely lose their shit! hehehe! I had to do my nightly workout on the treadmill, so I left him alone for a while. But before I got back online, I said Superior Scream was going to have done either one of 2 things (or possibly both); either he was going to go to every post I replied to and call me things like "stupid", "idiot" or "moron" or all 3 --OR-- he's going to go to my videos and watch several of them and leave hateful comments on them. So I said "Let's see which of them he does" when I signed back online.

Sure enough, Superior Scream's predictable behavior went on a tirade throughout the video, saying things like this:

+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan 
You're a special kind of stupid. You need to get smarter. Maybe go to college and major in biology? 

Or give a stray dog a blowjob? Make your lips useful for once.


I'm done arguing with a delusional retard. I hope Dee, in time, sees how stupid they truly are.

This went on for several posts. I was right! I am always right!! LOL!! It never fails. When they cannot have their way, people like Superior Scream always resort to calling people who are right things like "stupid" and "idiot", and then usually it's followed by some kind of comments about sex. Well, this was his closing response to me last night:

Superior Scream
Yesterday 6:07 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

Because you're a coward hiding behind internet anonymity.

This was how I responded to him:

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 8:03 PM
+Superior Scream Well seeing as how I have videos of myself on YouTube, I wouldn't say I was "hiding". :) So, do you have any videos of yourself? Let's see.

So I went to his channel and looked. There were no videos or even pics of him at all! So, this was what I said...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 8:05 PM
+Superior Scream Hmm no. So using your own logic, I'd say you are indeed a coward hiding behind the internet dude. Sorry to burst your bubble :) LOL!

Well, this seemed to make Superior Scream even more angry. His response to this was...

Superior Scream
Yesterday 8:10 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

How's that smiley face working out for you? You use them way too much when commenting.

You stupid, immature jackass. I would love to see you walk in PetCo and yell "catfags" at the top of your cum-filled lungs. You'd be called out about how offensive and stupid you're being. You wouldn't have the balls. Fuck you and fuck your poorly lit videos. I'm done with you. Go to your dogs. Maybe they'll "love" you and overlook your stupidity.

LOL!! He completely lost it. Well, I left the room for a minute, came back and watched a few videos on YouTube. But I also said to myself that sooner or later some sock-puppet is going to come in and pat Superior Scream on the back. I knew it was going to happen. Sure enough, it did! Someone who calls himself Victor Nega-Bunny (who I later would refer to as "the bunny-guy") came in to stroke "Superior's" ego...

Victor Nega-Bunny
Yesterday 8:14 PM
+Superior Scream
Nice burn, bud.

I was still laughing at Superior Scream. I gave 'the bunny-guy' only one response, because I knew he was just there to make Superior Scream feel better. This is all I said to the bunny-guy:

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 8:17 PM
+Victor Nega-Bunny Nice try anyways. Didn't burn though :)

No, there is no way Superior Scream could "burn" me. NO way whatsoever! I never take radicals seriously. In fact, I was having the most fun with Superior Scream! Got me laughing again last night after what was a hard day! Well, now that this sock-puppet, the bunny-guy, was here to stroke Superior Scream's ego, I knew they were going to start griping to each other about me. That's where it really got funny! They did not respond TO me directly, they just talked to each other ABOUT me. It was funny!! I guess they were hoping I would give them further responses so they could intentionally ignore me, but that wasn't going to happen. But I did look in on their griping about me and laughed a LOT! LOL! Sure enough I was right. The next time I saw them, this is what "the bunny-guy" had said to Superior Scream:

Arguing with trolls is pointless. In their minds, they either justify their actions or literally don't give two shits about how stupid they sound. Or things like common sense and reason. Personally, I like dogs and cats. Who's hating but Dee?

Just FTR, I do not hate people who like cats. I have friends who like cats. I even told this to Superior Scream, but it seemed to go way over his head. But I have no friends (and don't want any) who are cat-radicals. The radicals are the people who say "if you don't like cats, then I don't like you". Those people are the ones pushing others to agree with them. They are the ones who bully others for having their own opinion. If you were to look carefully at the comments I made on that video, you would see it's the radicals I am mostly trolling. Not the true cat-lovers. In fact, you could say I am downright sweet to the people who are just cat-lovers as long as they are not radicals. Radicals ruin everything for everybody. They always do! They are scum!!

Well, I toned down the use of the word "fags". LOL! I actually got that from Encyclopedia Dramatica. But one person who I did respect on this video asked me not to use the term "fag" negatively. He said please. LOL! That does get my attention better than anything else. I could call them "cat tards", but that makes me think of cat turds. LOL! Then I thought "Well on the other hand, maybe that is a better terminology!" Call them "cat turds". They are full of shit afterall. LOL! But all-in-all, they are radicals, so I guess to fit with modern society's meanings, I'll call them radicals.

Radicals are shit-heads! They do ruin everything for everybody! Look at what feminism has done! Chivalry is dead because of them. And all the things feminist radicals fought for, I don't even care about!! I have never voted, in all my years of being old enough to vote. I love my kitchen (obviously more than I love any cat that has ever been in my house) so I don't care when someone says "A woman's place is in the kitchen". I would never strike a man, so I don't worry about being struck by a man. Besides, for self-defense, I could just sit on them until they turn blue. I actually laughed my ass off last night watching one video where a feminist slapped some man, and then practically begged him to slap her back, and when he did she started crying and walked away saying "How could he slap me??" She asked for it though!! Men do not care anymore. Feminists want to be treated like equals, so they have to take the bad along with the good. Or what they think is good.

That's why I hate radicals. They *think* they are doing the world some good. But in reality, they are just ruining everything for everybody. I hate radicals with a passion!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Speculation and Michael

I hear this all the time, people who were close to Michael do not like people speculating about his life and stuff. Even the guys of INXS avoid it. I know it's not right, as I did not know Michael that well, and only spent like one second with him. But what can I say? I was born to speculate. We all want to seek some kind of pattern in something, even in what happened to Michael. When Michael got in with Paula though, so many things about him changed, and I am the kind of person who just wants to know why. What happened to Michael? Why did he become so immensely depressed? Why did he always look so sad in pics after he met Paula? In his early days he looked like the hard-rocker type. After he met Paula and got in deep with her, he always looked so sad, even "not all there", in pictures. It could be the change in his hairdo that gave that illusion. Or maybe he "toned down" the attitude because of the kids. But he doesn't appear to ever smile as much in pictures after he got in with Paula as he did before he got in with her. I loved Michael more than anything in this world! I wanted to marry him! And when I saw him, he was the last person I would have ever expected to even dream of killing himself. He had a smile that lit up the room! Naturally, I am going to look for some kind of pattern in what happened. I have nothing personal against those people who were close to Michael and don't like people speculating about him. It's just this is my natural response to what happened. I know it may be wrong, and Michael would be hurt by it, but its in our nature as humans to seek patterns in anything.

I grieved for Michael from the moment I heard the news. To this day, I still blame Paula and Bob for Michael's death. That may be wrong of me to say that, but I cannot help it. No amount of bullying, yelling, screaming or anything from the Yatesfags will change that. Believe me when say I want to truly believe that Paula was innocent, I want to say she was not like the wicked stepmom from Cinderella, but more like Mother Teresa. But I look at pics of the two of them from the tabloids, and how Paula looks and acts so indifferent, while Michael is completely losing it, and hear stories about how Paula tipped off the press to their whereabouts, and it makes me just hate Paula even more!! She knowingly did something to Michael! Exactly what, I cannot say, as I don't know. But I can tell you this; it was obviously something I never would have done!

I recently confronted another Yatesfag who said that Paula was smarter than Michael. Well, as much as I hate to say it, it is true. She was indeed smart enough to trap him in her sick world. He replied with "He was dumb enough to fall for it." I just stated "For a dumb guy, he sure knew how to sing! Something I don't think Paula could do at all." I think Michael was plenty smart. I think he just was desperate for a family. See, there I go speculating again. I cannot help it. My life centers around speculation. LOL! I never said though that Paula was stupid. That's one thing no one can ever honestly say that I have stated. Paula was smart, like a fox. A crafty fox. She was also a filthy whore with bad hair! I would say she had no fashion sense and wore the ugliest clothes I've ever seen! But let's face it, I don't exactly have the best-looking clothes either. LOL!! I remember some dumbass on Youtube told me that once, that DaPhil character. I said to him "My clothes may not be pretty, but they are very comfortable. To me, that's all that counts." LOL! That shut him up right away! I haven't seen him since. And I think he deleted his account. Even the blanket Paula kept Lily wrapped in was ugly, with those dumb leopard spots!! YUK!!!

Well, there are a lot of people who hate Paula. She committed a sin! She should have stayed with Bob Geldof, the two were made for each other! They're both filthy gutter rats! Or whatever the fuck you call them! Paula should have left Michael alone. I think it is safe to speculate about celebrities, as long as it doesn't go too far like that Mark Chapman did! And that is one thing I would never do! Whether I like someone or not, I'd never kill a person. But celebrities put themselves out in public, Paula was not special. She is not exempt from criticism. Well, what else should she have expected putting herself on TV doing celebrity interviews wearing nothing but her underwear?! Of course any decent person is going to look at her and think she's a filthy whore! Who is going to think otherwise? No one with any ounce of decency, that's for sure! Her show would be banned in the USA. If she had done the interviews in a night gown, or a robe, that'd be different. But she was in her underwear!! That presents the picture of a skanky whore.

I'll tell you, I go on YouTube wearing far more than Paula did in her programs, and I still get a lot of shit from viewers. Believe me I do! But I expected it when I began putting myself out in the public view. I knew there was going to be some people who like me and some who hate me. I accepted that. I mostly just laugh at the haters and say "fuck them!" and move on. Those who enjoy my videos, I appreciate them. And I let them know I appreciate them. I respond to them. I don't respond to the haters. Though I admit sometimes I am tempted. But when I feel I am tempted to, I usually just remove their comments so the temptation goes away. Although I truly hate removing comments! But it's better in the long run than responding to the haters. I don't want to encourage haters to keep watching me. I was saying to one viewer that I would rather have just one loyal viewer who enjoys my videos than 100 viewers who are just coming in to hate my videos. I'll take quality over quantity any day!