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Thursday, February 18, 2016

It Seems Men's Brains Are Unattached

UGH!!! This one thread about a man hitting a woman in the face and knocking her down has gotten a lot of attention. I did say a real man should never strike a woman. That's true. But I also believe a real lady should never strike a man. Real ladies do not go around putting their hands on other people. However I do know some women, especially feminists, take too much advantage of the idea that a man should never strike a woman. I understand that, I am not a feminist. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I may have said this before, but all those things that women have fought so hard for over the years, I don't even care about. I don't care about having the right to vote. I never vote anyways. I think politics is nothing but a bunch of baloney!! I don't care if a man thinks a woman's place is in the kitchen. I love my kitchen. As long as he does his share of the work (that is, bring me a nice paycheck home every other week) I am fine with that. I'm an introvert, so I don't care much about going outside the home. But what I get a lot of on this thread is stupid men (and I do mean STUPID) who say things like "You women need to learn your place" (as if I forgot it! This is MY home) and "Real women should not strike men", which I already stated in my original comment, and I got an especially dumb one this morning, named Evan Kirton and this is what he said:

Evan Kirton
5:51 AM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan this whole video is self defense. The "real man" striked her because she put her hands on him. She deserved to get hit because she touched him without consent (your gender has a term for that that is gaining popularity - "rape" I believe?) I read your comment and your responses. Totally nonsensical. I hoped you learned a thing or two from the people who responded to your post because if you try the foolishness that the young women tried on a man in the streets, you will be the next person we are laughing at :)

Seriously, if he had really read my comments, he'd know I never even implied anything he's saying I said. Apparently my original comment seems to have attracted the lowlifes of YouTube that only have a single brain cell between them to come in and respond. Sometimes I can understand why some women just want to smack men. They're dumb! Though not my Michael and Timmy, they're great guys! They aren't dumb at all. But surely the men who have responded to me on this thread have been nothing short of insipid. Though it is hilarious for a while. Having to spell everything out in simple terms every time someone comments and repeating the same things to each one of them over and over, gets old and boring. I think in order to save my sanity, I'm going to have to stop responding, because talking to these people is like talking to a 6-month old. They seem to know you're talking to them, but it's a roll of the dice whether or not they know what you are saying because they're too dumb to know.

Well, I did try to explain what I was saying to little mister Even Kirton in the most simplistic terms I can think of, what I was trying to say in that thread. Yes I believe in someone acting on self-defense. I've known about that for years. I knew that long before I even watched this video. Self-defense is one of our basic instincts. I say if I go up to a random stranger, and we have a verbal disagreement for what ever reason, and he strikes me just because we don't agree, that is not self-defense. But if I strike him back, that is self-defense. I'm not a violent person anyways. I'd never go up to anyone, man or woman, and just hit them for no reason, or just because I don't agree with something they said. I was brought up not to fight anyways. I was brought up to believe a real lady does not go around picking fights with anyone. Believe me, if I were the "warring" type, when I was living with Patti and she trapped me in the kitchen one night and would not let me go to my room, I'd have put her ass on the floor. But I am not that type. I wanted Patti to get to know my gentle side before she knew my dark side, even though she showed me her dark side already. She also told me her ex-husband was a beater. She would say things like "As long as you're not like my ex-husband we'll get along fine". But having lived with her for 4 days, I totally understood why her ex-husband beat her up. She stayed with him for 8 years and he beat her. I was nothing but nice and respectful to her and she kicked me out after only 3 days. So, there was something about her ex-husband that she loved. Oh well, that is water under the bridge to me, the fact is I am not the warring type. I am more the nurturing type. I prefer to nurture my man rather than see him hurt or beat him up.

And I just love it where Evan Kirton says this:

Evan Kirton
5:51 AM
I hoped you learned a thing or two from the people who responded to your post because if you try the foolishness that the young women tried on a man in the streets, you will be the next person we are laughing at :)

This comment has got to be the absolute pinnacle of stupidity. Trust me dude, I know more than you will EVER know. I knew it all before you gave your little nasty-ass opinion, which I hope I don't need to tell you where you can stick it. And prepare yourself to be miserable, because like I said, I am not the warring type. You're not going to see me going up to a man OR woman on the street and "try that". Thusly, no one is going to have the need to make me "the next person you will laugh at". :)

That is how I live my life. I live it going about my own business, doing what I need to do and just moving on. I may say hello to someone now and then, or smile, but that's it. I just continue my walk, or take my shopping cart and go, or just go ahead and do what I need to do. I don't generally talk to no one, and I don't pick fights with people. I post most of my opinions on here, my blog. So any time you would see me hitting anyone would be in self-defense. And I even hesitate to do that unless I really feel threatened.

In other news, Kanye West is seeking donations from people to help him get out of debt. LOL!! Oh GOD!!! I couldn't believe it!! So a man, who is the self-proclaimed "best musician in the world" cannot get himself out of debt??? Give me a break!! I wouldn't donate 2 cents to his shitty cause!! Let him get himself out of debt. Or suffer for all I care, I hate that guy!!! I can't stand him!!! I think he's ugly, he cannot sing, and he does not know what "real music" is so he cannot very well call himself "the best musician in the world". Rap is not real music!! INXS is real music. Queen is real music. Even Toad The Wet Sprocket is real music. Rap is nothing but a nonsensical conversation with background noise made to sound generically like "music". I would give NOTHING to help Kanye. Here is how much I hate that guy; I would give to a charity to help save the tigers before I would give anything to Kanye West!! And that would be pretty low of me!

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